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[Hong Kong TVB Drama 2006] Under The Canopy Of Love 天幕下的戀人

Guest jessica1907

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Guest Frothy

I just finished this series, I really like it in the beginning, but then it just seemed to drag on, quite predictable too. Overall I thought it was just alright, TVB really needs to get some new plots.

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Guest sWeEteSt.eTeRNiiTy

you guys...i LOVED it..i just finished watching it dubbed in my language and i wanted to see if cud dl it and own it FOREVER!! BWAHAHAH..i love the storyline..even tho predictable...but it was a cool drama.. haha. the cast was great...i thought it was a good cast for once.. and the theme song and opening was a MUST watch for me..i watched it ever 30 mins..lolz. overall..i LOVED iT, I LOVE it, I'm LOViN' it. XD

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Guest oOAnnaOo

i thought this drama was great!!! yes...though u could've expected the ending....tvb does have predicting endings...BUT COME ON...GUYS....wouldn't you have been disappointed anyway...if niki ended up with bosco??? that's just my opinion. i loveee kevin cheng..he's sooo hottt... niki is so lucky to be with him

hmm..let me ask are the people who dislike this serie are from hongkong? I find that people from hongkong like to look down their countries series. I only started to watch TVB not long ago and addicted to it. I don't understand cantonese at the same time by watching TVB series i can learn cantonese.

Before i watched TVB, i actually addicted to korean drama but lose interest because they are too boring, storylines alway the same and they only involve love stories and nothing else. while TVB series interest me because they are more fast-pace, i like those police or solving mystery series. I know that TVB seldom has drama involve in love stories and i find this series pretty interesting. Maybe because i speak mandarin and i find taiwan series even worse than Hongkong series. But i have to admit that TVB series should stop asking actors to sing the theme and sub theme song and they really need to improve their song and find a better composers.

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. In the beginning...i use to watch all TVB aka Cdramas....but happen to be bored of it..so I moved on to Korean Dramas..and I absolutely love it...but that doesn't mean I have lost all respect for Cdramas...i honestly believe..tvb series has actually gotten better..especially the ones based on love! I guess in all dramas..u gotta be open mind about it

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Guest happipplrock

i thought this series was pretty good. not my favorite kevin and niki drama but their scenes together were very cute

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Guest fanatic520

I don;t remember much about this show since I wasn't really interested in it to begin with. All I remember is that Kevin was very very boring in it.

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Guest xiangmiyu

i was meaning to start watching this after seeing bits of it at my mom's shop, but after seeing the previews, my interest is gone. :/

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Guest lovefromtavia

the cast are so-so, goodness Kevin always play similar roles. I want to see him playing an evil character.

<3 Bosco tongue.gif

he did. 

he played the villain in "The Ultimate Crime Fighter"

but he starts his story near the middle end of the drama.

look it up :)

its a pretty good drama. i enjoyed it. xD

but i cried LOL then again, im an easy crier so it's alright 

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