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Ahn Chil Hyun 안칠현 (aka Kangta 강타)


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From H.O.T to Solo to Acting
ANNOUCEMENT: It has come to our attention, that our translations have been posted in other forums without giving the translator PROPER CREDIT. We don't mind sharing our hardwork, but we would expect to see BASIC COURTESY frm people who want to take our translations ELSEWHERE. PLEASE remember to CREDIT PROPERLY whenever you take out whatever PORTION out of soompi to post. OTHERWISE, we just simply STOP translating altogether. THANK YOU. 2006060811583990008_1.jpgPROFILE Artiste Name: Kangta Ahn / 강타 Real Name: Ahn Chil Hyun [安七炫 / 안칠현] Birthdate: October 10, 1979 [Lunar]; 29th November 1979 [actual] Birthplace: KyungBuk, South Korea Height: 178cm Weight: 65kg Blood Type: B Family: Parents, one older sister and one older brother Star Sign: Libra Languages: Korean, Chinese, (English?) Hobbies: Dancing, singing, collecting CDs, and listening to music Favorite Color: Black Favorite Food: Gae lan gook, chung gook jang Favorite Music: Hip-hop, R&B, and rock Favorite Artists: Yoo Young Jin, Babyface Favorite Flower: Moo gung hwa. National flower of Korea. (Rose of Sharon, in eng. Botanical name: Hibiscus Syriacus L.) Mugunghwa literally means the flower of prosperity, symbolizing the infinite cycle of life. The word "mugung" in Mugunghwa means "endless", and therefore it symbolizes the perpetuity of the country and people. The Mugunghwa is characterized by a tenacious vitality because it can bear the cold and blossoms one after another ceaselessly.Therefore, the flower may well represents the character of the Korean people who are generally reputed to be persevering and diligent. kangtafavflower3.jpg Favorite Season: Winter Education : Gil Dong Geum Gang Preschool Oh Lyon Elementary Oh Geum Junior High Seoul Oh Geum High School Dong Guk University *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Career/Achievements KangTa was previously in a korean boy band named "H.O.T" which also stands for "High-five of Teenagers". They were considered one of the hottest and first boy band in Korea during that time. group030ru.jpg He was the first member to be discovered for H.O.T. The head producer of SM Town(famous Korea recording company) Lee Soo Man, discovered KangTa when he was playing in Lotte World with his friends. Although his father disapproved of him being a gasoo, he took up training at the age of 14. Initially, he began as a backdancer for the artist Yoo Young Jin. And not long after, another H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun was discovered and joined him as a backdancer as well. Soon, the other 3 members were discovered through various ways, and they formed the ever legendary kpop band H.O.T. KangTa was the lead singer of the group and he showed not only just singing talents but composing talents as well. Sadly, H.O.T announced their breakup in mid-May 2001. Many of their die-hard fans found it very hard to accept as it was too sudden, causing a protest outside the company's building, hoping to bring H.O.T back together. Moon Hee Jun and KangTa began their solo careers from then on while the other 3 (Tony Ahn, Jang Woo Hyuk and Lee Jae Won) joined another recording company to form another boy band also known as JTL. KangTa participated in his first album production and the album Polaris, sold more than 15 million copies. KangTa won the MTV Asia Awards Best Korean Male Artist in 2002. From then till now, KangTa has never stopped producing good music. His second album Pinetree, did well in sales as well. He held his first ever concert in Korea in 2002. Which after that, he robed in 2 very good friends of his Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon to form a band called "S". They are all from the 1979 Club where KangTa is the leader of the Club. KangTa was honoured in Singapore by the first-ever MTV Awards in February 2002. He was one of the artistes who won an award that starry night, honoured by many of the best in the industry. He beat four other nominees - GOD, Shinhwa, Finkl and Yoo Seung Jun - to clinch the MTV's viewers award for favourite artiste of Korea! 12/01/2003 - E-news : KangTa was one of the artistes that won an award at 'Andre Kim's Best Artist Awards' held in Seoul on 08/01. 03/01/2003 - Congratulations to KangTa for winning these awards: "2002 KMTV Korean Music Awards - Best Artist" "2002 SBS Awards - Bon Sang" "2002 KMTV ARS - Best Popularity" "2002 KBS Music Awards - Bon Sang" "2002 KBS - Best Radio MC" "2002 MBC Awards - Bon Sang" "2002 17th Golden Disk Awards - Bon Sang" "2002 SBS Netizen Best" "2005 MKMF - Overseas Viewer Award" "2005 Award from Ministry of Foreign Affair and Trade" "2006 Public Entertainment Field - Korea Ministry of Culture & Tourism" "2006 Halyu Star - 13th Korean Ent Art Award" "2006 Halyu Star - Seoul song award 2006" He then went on to film a Taiwan drama where he got to act with taiwanese actors Ruby Lin and Alec Su. The drama "Magic Fate" is said to be released during mid-May 2005. KangTa released his third album Persona, during mid-March 2005. His third album has been rated with high ratings and good reviews, with the song "Just One Day" as the Taiwanese drama theme song. He also acted in his first ever Korean drama, Loveholic. credit:esthyun87, Spikey, French Angelfish@sgpkangtarism *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Solo Albums POLARIS [2001]

polaris0le.jpg *6 songs written by him. 01. Falling In Love 02. Longing (Interlude) 03. Polaris Polaris MV - click me to watch 04. Thanks God 05. My Life Lyrics 06. Last Winter 07. In Your Eyes 08. Still... 09. Doobidub 10. I Will 11. Late Summer Night 12. Blue Moon 13. With Your White Face 14. Rainy Day 15. Polaris (Instrumental) PINETREE [2002] pinetree8tm.png *8 songs written by him. 01. Spring 02. Happy Happy 03. Memories 04. Propose Propose MV - click me to watch 05. Summer 06. Confession 07. The Best 08. Autumn 09. Memories #2 10. Flower 11. 2032 In Cuba 12. Winter 13. Nocturne 14. One Snowing Day 15. Pine Tree PINETREE SOLO MINI CONCERT solominiconcert2cj.jpg 01. Opening 11 Love you for sentimental reasons 02. My Life 12 Dream a little dream 03. The Best 13 Polaris 04. Blue Moon 14 Wild Flower 05. One Snowing Day 15 Hope 06. Doobidub 16 Full of Happiness 07. Falling In Love 17 Memories #2 08. Happy Happy 18 Memories #1 09. Confession 19 Pinetree 10. Last Summer Night 11. Love You For Sentimental Reasons 12. Dream A Little Dream 13. Polaris 14. Wild Flower 15. Hope 16. Full Of Happiness (Heng Bok) 17. Memories #2 18. Memories #1 19. Pinetree GROUP S Project [Lee Jihoon and Shin Hyesung] [2003] groups0ir.gif *9 songs written by him. 01. I Swear I Swear MV - click me to watch 02. Love Is Love Is MV - Click me to watch 03. Just One Moment 04. I Believe 05. Tears of the Moon 06. Stay 07. I Was.. 08. Never Knew 09. Love Is What I Need 10. Sentimental 11. Prayer 12. Emerald (Streaming TRAX) PERSONA[2005] persona9av.jpg

*composed 8 songs 01 Persona

Persona MV - Click me to watch 02 Illusion 03 Agape 04 Paralysis 05 Just One Day 06 No More Than My Dream 07 Reminiscence #1 08 Blue Snow 09 Always 10 Prayer 11 Agape (Instrumental) 12 Always (Instrumental)

tanba21he6po.th.jpg Product Information Product Title : Kangta & Vanness First Single - Scandal Singer Name(s) : Kang Ta | Kang Ta & Vanness | Vanness Wu Release Date : May 25, 2006 Language : Mandarin, English, Korean -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description of "Kangta & Vanness First Single - Scandal" s10043088709ih.gif source: http://global.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/...pid-1004308870/ Click me to watch SCANDAL MV tracklist8kw.gif


eternityan2.jpgProduct Information Product Title : Kang Ta Mini Album - Eternity Singer Name(s) : Kang Ta Release Date : March 12, 2008 Language : Korean For what seems to be an eternity for many of his devoted fans, Kangta is finally back with a mini album, in time to mark the commencement of his upcoming 2-year military service on the 1st April 2008. The talented singer-songwriter has dedicated Eternity as a sweet consolation to his fans worldwide. Filled with his soulful voice and memorable instrumental tunes, the title track Eternity and song tracks seem to reflect the emotions of Kangta's devoted fans worldwide. On March 29th & 30th 2008, Kangta will be holding a concert at Yonsei University in Seoul before bidding his farewell to his loyal fans. 1. 어느날 가슴이 말했다 (Eternity) Lyrics, Composed by 강타 / Arranged by 강타, 송광식 2. 너를 닮아 (Still With You) Lyrics by 윤경 / Composed by 이현정 / Arranged by 정병규 3. 책갈피 (Reminiscence) Lyrics by 윤사라 / Composed & Arranged by 하정호 4. 그래서 미안합니다 (Since you've gone) Lyrics & Composed by 인영훈 / Arranged by 송광식 5. 7989 ( Duet: 소녀시대 -태연) Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by 강타 6. 가슴에 남아 (Still my heart) Lyrics by 김지수, 권윤정 / Composed by 김지수 / Arranged by 배영준 7. 어느날 가슴이 말했다 (Eternity) - INST Lyrics, Composed by 강타 / Arranged by 강타, 송광식 8. 책갈피 (Reminiscence) - INST Lyrics by 윤사라 / Composed & Arranged by 하정호 "Kangta, we will always love and support you for eternity wherever you are.... we will wait for you to come back. Please come back safely....." c1010710904hn1.png

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* H.O.T Albums H.O.T. 1집 H.O.T. 2집 H.O.T. 3집 H.O.T. 4집 H.O.T. 5집 H.O.T. Live Concert 1 H.O.T. Live Concert 2 H.O.T. Live Concert 3 Age Of Peace O.S.T Songs Composed/Written by Kangta H.O.T. 3집 빛 (Hope) H.O.T. 3집 Techno Love H.O.T. 3집 Wedding X-mas H.O.T. 4집 나의 너 (My Girl) H.O.T. 4집 축 복 (Celebrate) H.O.T. 4집 환 희 (It's been raining since you left me) H.O.T. 4집 고마워 미안해 (Together, forever) H.O.T. 5집 신 비 (Delight) H.O.T. 5집 그래!그렇게 (We Can Do It) H.O.T. 5집 꿈의 기도 (Pray For You) H.O.T. 5집 ILLUSION H.O.T. 5집 늘 지금처럼 (Always My Love) Age of Peace O.S.T The best Age of Peace O.S.T TTTrack #1 Age of Peace O.S.T TTTrack #2 SM TOWN 졸 업 (Graduation) FlytotheSky 1집 In my dream FlytotheSky 1집 사랑을 닮은 노래 FlytotheSky 2집 I Want [Featuring 강타,보아] FlytotheSky 2집 Shy love 이지훈 4집 천 애 이지훈 4집 친구라는 이름 이지훈 Special With.. 인 형 이지훈 Special With.. My romance NRG 4집 비 (悲) NRG 4집 비 (悲) Instrumental Version NRG 6집 어깨동무 신화 4집 ‥ 바 램 (I Swear) [작곡 : 강타] 아틀란티스 O.S.T 꿈 아틀란티스 O.S.T 꿈 Instrumental Version 강타 1집 북극성 (Polaris) 강타 1집 스물 셋 (My Life) 강타 1집 당신이 알고 있던 난... (Still...) 강타 1집 그 해 여름 (Last summer night) 강타 1집 북극성 (Polaris) Instrument 다나 1집 Pretty... SM TOWN 3 White SM TOWN 3 The first noel BoA 2집 늘.. (waiting) BoA 2집 난 (beat it!) BoA 싱글앨범 'Double' 이별풍경 (Always) BoA 싱글앨범 'Double' 이별풍경 (Always) Instrumental 강타 2집 사랑은 기억보다(Memories) 강타 2집 Propose 강타 2집 THE BEST 강타 2집 추억은 기억보다(Mmories#2) 강타 2집 Flower 강타 2집 야상곡(Nocturne) 강타 2집 이별후에는(One Snowing Day) 강타 2집 상록수(Pine Tree) 그룹 S I Swear 그룹 S 사랑니(Love is...) 그룹 S 쳤었죠(Just one Moment) 그룹 S 달이 꾸는 꿈(Tears of the Moon) 그룹 S 왜...(I was...) 그룹 S Sentimental 강타 3집 가면(Persona) 강타 3집 쓰레기(Illusion) 강타 3집 느리게 걷기(AGAPE) 강타 3집 마비(Paralysis) 강타 3집 하루만큼만(Just One Day) 강타 3집 Blue Snow Lyrics by 강타 강타 3집 그녀의 목소리가 들립니다(Alwas) Lyrics 강타 강타 3집 잠든 기도(Prayer) Lyrics by 강타 / Composed by 강타, 송광식 '외출' O.S.T 27. 숨(Breath) Performed by S SM TOWN 1 Jingle Bell SM TOWN 2 Silver Bell SM TOWN 3 여름날의 추억 SM TOWN 4 Silver Bell SM TOWN 5 연가 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

DRAMA MAGIC TOUCH OF FATE [Alec Su, Ruby Lin, Kangta - 2005]

Magic Touch MV - Click me to watch ----------------------------- LOVEHOLIC [Kangta, Kim MinSun - 2005] Link to Loveholic Thread - click me Kangta latest collaboration drama[2007] - title TBA Click me for synopsis


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Guest BiTa Stone


3rd: Resurrection

track 1: Hope written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 4: The Promise of H.O.T written by Kangta & YooYoungJin composed/arranged by YooYoungJin

track 8: Techno Love written/composed/arranged by Kangta english words by Tony

bonus track: Wedding X-mas written/composed/arranged by Kangta

4th: I Yah!

track 7: My Girl written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 14: Celebrate written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 20: It's Been Raining Since You Left Me written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 24: Together, Forever written/composed/arranged by Kangta

5th: Outside Castle

track 2: Delight written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 3: We Can Do It written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 4: My Mother written by JangWooHyuk arranged by JangWooHyuk & Kangta original title: Careless Whisper original composer: George Micheal & Andrew Ridgley

track 5: Pray For You written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 9: Goodbye For The Last written/arranged by JangWooHyuk composed by JangWooHyuk & Kangta

track 11: Illusion written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 14: Always My Love written/composed/arranged by Kangta

OST: Age of Peace

track 5: The Best written/composed/arranged by Kangta (guessing rap was written by Tony, but doesn't say)

track 6: Techno Time Track #1 (TTTrack #1) written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 7: Techno Time Track #2 (TTTrack #2) composed/arranged by Kangta

1st: Polaris

track 3: Polaris written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 5: My Life (23) written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 6: Last Winter essay written by Kangta

track 7: In Your Eyes written by Kangta composed/arranged by ShimSangWon

track 8: Still... written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 10: I Will essay written by Kangta

track 11: Late/Last Summer Night written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 12: Blue Moon written by Kangta composed by EunBi arranged by LeeHoongRae (<--???not too sure about the spelling???)

2nd: Pinetree

track 2: Happy Happy written by Kangta & LeeYoonJae composed by LeeYoonJae arranged by SongKwangSik

track 3: Memories written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 4: Propose written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 7: The Best written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 9: Memories#2 written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 10: Flower written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 11: 2023 In Cuba written by YoonHoSang & Kangta composed/arranged by SongKwangSik

track 13: Nocturne written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 14: One Snowing Day written by Kangta composed/arranged by Kangta & SongKwangSik

track 15: Pinetree written/composed/arranged by Kangta

3rd: Persona

track 1: Persona written/composed/arranged by Kangta <-(this is what it says in the jacket, but according to ssk, and myself, say it is questionable).

track 2: Illusion written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 3: Agape written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 4: Paralysis written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 5: Just One Day written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 8: Blue Snow written by Kangta composed/arranged by SongKwangSik

track 9: Always written by Kangta composed/arranged by SongKwangSik

track 10: Prayer written by Kangta composed by Kangta & SongKwangSik arranged by SongKwangSik

S (Supreme): Fr.in.Cl (Friends in Collabration)

track 1: I Swear written/composed/arranged by Kangta english lyrics by ShinHyeSung

track 2: Love Is... written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 3: Just One Moment written/composed/arranged by Kangta rap lyrics by Eric

track 5: Tears of the Moon written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 7: I Was... written/composed/arranged by Kangta

track 10: Sentimental written/composed/arranged by Kangta

all credits goes to me: kangtagreen27 (ktgn27)

or to: dedicatedtohot.cjb.net (DTH)

all credits : kangtagreen27 (ktgn27)

or : dedicatedtohot.cjb.net (DTH)

2005 : Received an Award From The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Kangta receiving plaque of Thanks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade today for his contribution in promoting the Korean Wave



Translations To Selected VOD/News Clips

Kangta @ TVS3 meirenyu programme


credit: pics frm OMK/up by me/ translated by bita stone/stoney

*KT walking towards the studio*

A mad/crazy chinese fan insist on seeing him.....

and tried to touch him when he came in........

BUT his expression was so cute instead of shocked!!!

He greeted everyone:

Hello , everyone, i'm Ahn Chil Hyun.......


Which male and female artiste does he admire most in China???

He admired Shinan, a singer (who is he?????).....

KT said there was once, while he was waiting at the backstage during one of his performances, he heard him sing.....

said that his voice is very unique, very few Asians have that kind of vocal....

For female artiste, he admires Cecilia Cheung frm HK

(aiyoo....why must he mention her again!!!)

That he was mesmerised by her beauty after watching one of her movies ....

finds her very beautiful...therefore became her fan!!!!!!!

Hopes to cooperate wif her coz she has a unique voice too when she sings!!

(really?? Is that so?? I don't find it so!!! I thot she croaks more than she sings!!...seeing green here, perhaps?????)


What is the chinese movie/drama that leave a deep impression for him??

Justice Bao

Then the 3 MCs told him that they have always wished to sit beside him during an interview....

they asked him to choose one of them to sit wif him......

Oh mai...so difficult to choose!!!!

Finally he chose that gal coz she has a beautiful pair of eyes.......


What does he look for in his g/f??

He likes gals wif beautiful eyes....that she must understand his job...

that she needn't be good in cooking....coz he can cook well.....

He's good in one of the Italian dish (dunno the name)and fried rice!!

and he only cooks for his g/fs...not guys!!! B)


What's the diff between Korean and Chinese fans??

He said koreans fans have grown up wif him, so he's more familiar wif them...

plus most of them are older and more matured now......

unlike the chinese fans, some of them have crazy behaviour......

(referrring to the earlier incident...actually it was a prank played on KT!!!)

Now the gal pretended to faint........

The crews carried her away........KT is concerned and asked after her........

the other 2 MCs said it cud be stressed coz they haven't eaten for a day...


Why does he have so many fans even after the split wif H.O.T.???

He said he's shokced and surprised actually......

he was worried initially when he goes solo coz now he has to do everything himself ...............

unlike in H.O.T...if anything goes wrong, the rest are there to cover up for him!!


Which part of his body does he like and dislike??

He loves his hips......

when asked why...he said he doesn't know why...he jus likes it..........

*i love it too...it's so shapely and sexy!!!!!!!!!*

He dislike his cheekbones.......

and they asked if he ever has the idea of going for a facial surgery to improve his cheekbones??

Yes...thot of it when he was younger...but his family members were against it....so he jus leave it...

and since he's older now, he doesn't see the need to....

and he doesn't mind if his g/f goes under the knife........

That nowadays, man of his generation is more open minded and loving....

they treat their g/fs like princess!!!!! :rolleyes:


Can he accept one night stand????


He said depends on the situation.....he may go for it!!! :w00t:



Will he do a movie if he needs to expose his whole body........??

(RA, perhaps?????)

He said he will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He will tone up his body if he needs to strip!!

*oh mai....cun wait for it!!*

He broke up wif his g/f a few months ago and his feelings are reflected in Persona....

now they are no longer in contact wif each other......

Now they have invited a fan to meet him, to present him a present and a hug on behalf of all his chinese fans........

*she refused to let go of him during the hug!!* :tongue2:

Now....the tricked is exposed......

the gal exposed her fake illness......saying that they want to make this interview more memorable for him!!!!!

*his expression is so adorable!!!!*

But instead of getting angry, he said it's a relieve that she's fine!!

And he broke out laughing when he realised that the drip is filled wif water.....

and he will remember them always...

and jokingly said he will not come to this programme again!!

He said the next time if he's invited here again, they hafta be careful coz he will be the one to trick them !!

*so cute!!!*

He'll always remember this memorable prank done to him!!!!


Interview wif Kangta after Charity Event


translation by bita stone/stoney

Translation to the interview

It says that tata received the interview the very next day after the Charity Concert.

Question 1:

What was his first most memorable moment in China?

He said the filming of Magic Touch.

Though there was language barrier, the casts were very friendly and supportive of him.

He praised Ruby Lin and said she's very cute and nice by korean standard.

Talking abt Rain again!!!

He said he's not a threat to him at all, hopes Bi will be really big in Asia so that he can

bring the korean culture out of Korea.

Tata's dream wife is Cecilia Chang (frm HK)

He said he was mesmerised by her beauty in one of her movies (dunno which)....

and wud very much like to invite her to be his guest in one of his concerts!!

He admired her pair of eyes and wud like to have some work collaboration wif her!!

Talking abt kissing on screen.....

what role wud he like to be if he's acting opposite Cecilia Chang??

"Wud you like to have a passionate kiss scene wif her, so shiok right?" the reporter asked....

then tata said: I wud like her to act as my wife!!!!!!!

And everyone broke out in laughter!!!

He said he's very satisfied wif this year's performance......

that is, he has won a lot of awards, plus his Beijing Concert was a huge success....

the only regret is he couldn't concentrate on one project at a time, example....

he had to juggle his time between filming Loveholic and recording Persona in the beginning......

He continue to talk abt his new album wif that chinese singer for next year.......

and he will invite a beautiful singer to be his guest in his next Concert in Shanghai and Guangzhou!!

(Wonder if it's Cecilia Chang?? Can she sing???)


frm H.O.T days to now......

plus his outfit now......wif his black shirt, smiling face and that pair of specs,

he gives reporters a feeling that he has finally grown into a matured young man!!



Translation by bita stone/stoney

it basically said that he wud like to settle down in China one day and hope

to find a chinese wife there...that's why he's working very hard to perfect his mandarin!!

*Shucks!!How can he do that??? S'pore and S'poreans are better choice!!*

*No wonder he was so friendly towards his fans!!!!!!!!!*

He said he's not afraid that he will be overthrown by Rain/Bi...in fact he hopes Rain will

do even better than he is now!!!

*Wow!!! So generous and sweet of him!!!*

He was told Magic Touch did very well in China during the screening and he goes on to say he will

do another k-drama next year to improve and polish up on his acting skills.

*Wow!!Another tata's drama to look forward to!!*

He will be holding another charity concert in Shanghai and Guangzhou next Sept.

(so far off??)

Oh ...does that mean he won't be going off to army yet?????


Interview conducted by a Taiwanese Talkshow Host - Matilda Tao in 2002


Translation by Bita stone/stoney:

Momo is so cute when she aded some korean words in her speech!!!!!! :w00t:

She started introducing KT as in H.O.T.....they started in the year 1996....5 albums altogether....

That his first album sold 500, 000 copies in 1 week....and she loves his singing...his music...his voice!!

She's amazed that his album includes not only ballads but jazzy music as well!!

That his jazzy music is very soothing to one's ears.....

She asked how he decides to go into jazz.........

He said jazz is a very simple,easy, soothing music and is good for those who knows nothing much abt music...

(is that so?? I still cun/dunno how to appreciate jazz....) :tears:

Momo fell in love wif his music after listening to his album one rainy nite.....

she felt he's very talented and asked if he's willing to try different types of music.....

he said he will write to cater/according to his fans' taste.....

She said KT is so gentle esp when he's speaking......loves the way he speaks korean.......

and that KT sud know how to alter his voice since he hosted on the radio station before.....

he said he needs to soften his voice coz the programme he was on was telecast in the nite....

(meaning to say, he needs to sound soothing and of coz....seductive!!) :w00t:

Then he pointed at Momo's pimple on her head......

(he's so cute here!!!)

He admired her attitude towards it coz when she first went on air, she told the viewers abt it, din even

bother to cover or hide it when most of the korean female artistes would!! That she's so natural abt it!!

He finds her very cute and adorable!!!!

(Momo's expression was so cute here too!!! She said "Let me leave you my phone number!!)

She really admires his talents......

finds it's rare to find a guy who's so talented and at the same time, charming as well......

(and of coz handsome/sexy/irresitably cute/adorable/lovable/gentle/kind/warm/fun loving......

oops...i run out of adjectives to describe him....er....sorry...added some hot spices to it!!) :sweatingbullets:

He said his change in his outer appearance is not too difficult as of now and in HOT.....

coz time changes one's outlook.........and his music reflects the internal change in him.......

She admires his spoken mandarin.....he's so quick in learning the language!!

she said most foreign artistes who come and visit Taiwan, only know how to say thank you and I love u.....

BUT KT is so different frm them, he bothers to learn further......he speaks in longer sentences......

she's shocked when she hears him speaks....hoping to hear him speak more of it.....

Now they are exchanging korean and mandarin words....like pretty, have you eaten, handsome etc....

He said he has plans to hold a concert in Taiwan similar to Pinetree Concert....

(so has he held one yet????)

And he said he's surprised to see so many of his fans here ......thank them for their love.....

hopefully he can come and hold a concert.......


she wants him to teach them some simple korean.......


Interview With Kangta


translation by Bita Stone/stoney

He said that he admires Suh Kang Wook's character....he's cool on the outside....

but warm on the inside......

Then he goes on to talk abt his acting skills.....

said this is the first time his acting in k-drama......he has no confidence in his acting.....

so he tries very hard to polish his acting skills, hopefully one day he will improve......

He asked viewers not to see him and be influenced as Kangta in the show but see him as an actor, Ahn ChilHyun...

(does he mean not to watch his drama jus to support him as a singer??)

He wished to use Ahn ChilHyun in his drama (as an actor) and Kangta on stage (as a singer)

The reason he started to work out was becos of health reason.....

he was very sickly in the past....but is fine now due to regular exercise.

Everyone told him he looks good and manly wif his toned up bod....

so he decides to keep up this 'muscular' image of his !!

He mentioned that he missed the casts of Magic Touch, that they are very warm and friendly.

The difference between acting and singing is......

he's fully responsible where singing is concerned....

In acting, he has to work and cooperate with the rest of the crews and casts....

so he can enjoy the joy of working with others!!

2 years ago, he has modelled with uniforms.....(i supposed it's the Ivy Cf??)

so he should have no problem and is confident in portraying a student in Loveholic.


SM 10th Anniversary on 15th February 2006


Translation to the SM interview on the 3 TV news clips by Esther @OMK.........

YTN STAR Interview 1

Q. What are your thoughts/impressions on/about the

SM Entertainment 10th Anniversary Celebration?

A. Yes, well, of course, it would be the H.O.T. members.

Unfortunately, today I'm the only one remaining at SM. What I

remember the most are the 5 or 6 years we worked together -- the

H.O.T. members are in my memories...

YTN STAR Interview 2

Yes, YTN Star viewers, I'm very happy to be here speaking to you.

Again, today you came/tuned in/are all here with interest and care.

I'm very thankful that you all are here to congratulate and celebrate

this event with me/together. You can count on all the artists at SM

to do our best and work hard (KT is referring to future projects)...

YTN STAR Interview 3

SM fighting!

YTN STAR ("Greetings from SM, by a singer

on behalf of all SM artists")

I would like to share with you an interesting story...when I first entered

SM...entered? (laughter, due to the fact that celebrities are contracted, rather than just entering...

(note from Esther: I'm not very familiar with the Korean word for "entering a company" --

sorry...but my guess is that the others laughed because KT made it sound like he entered

at his free will?? like he applied for a job at a company?? sorry, not sure...T_T).

When I first met/came to SM, including Mr. SooMan Lee (I think he's the CEO??) there were only about a total of 7 employees at SM.

However, today, of all entertainment companies in Korea, SM Ent.

is boasting proudly as the ent. co. with the greatest scale. I'm very

proud of SM.

M.NET ("Greetings from SM, by a singer

on behalf of all SM artists")

Hello! I'm Kangta.

When I first entered SM...entered? (laughter)

Looking forward, I believe that today is a new start/beginning.

As if (With the attitude of) our resulting outcomes/happenings

up until now (heretofore) may seem like nothing (or seem "not as important" as once thought in the past while living through those happenings^^) we at SM will strive harder and work harder -- as

SM becomes one and strives together.


2003-09-16 M.net Wide with S


Translation by Esther@OMK

The hosts mention that S is sitting next to them (pointing to their right).

The male host asks S to wait just a few minutes and the female host

adds, "yes, today is Tuesday and we will be meeting S shortly"

and then the male host steps in again to continue with, "but first...

let's watch and meet them through this [videotaped footage] VCR."

That's why you see a very surprised S because they didn't expect the

cameras to come on them at that moment!^^

The male host says, "instead of [viewing the tape] the VCR, let's

meet them first in person. Everyone, here's S!! Hello, how are you?

And who would like to introduce himself first?" Then KT, JH and HS

each introduced themselves by saying their name and that they are

from the group S.

The female host comments that this is the first time 3 very handsome

men came onto their program together. The male host then asked

S what it was that they wanted to say before...

Then HS responded, "it's not what we wanted to say, but we wanted

to [do something with their fingers onto the screen]..." To which the

male host jokingly responded, "you wanted to do that corny thing?!"

(laughter from all).

Male host: Well we're very happy to have the 3 of you here and so

I hear the 3 of you are all born in 1979, right? The Year of the


S: Yes, the Year of the Sheep

Hosts: So you know how some even though you're the same age, some make a big deal about being older by a month or 2, etc...so how

about the 3 members of S?

HS: Well, I'm the youngest...and JH is the oldest...and actually KT is

just barely older than me...one month.

JH: Yes, I'm MUCH older than both of them and actually, I hear that

I ate alot when I was younger...(note: JH may have been joking/pun

about being older vs. eating alot...not sure?...in Korean, to indicate

you are older, the literal words said are "I ate more") --so I think JH was being corny and then finished his joke with-- "...they say I drank

a lot of milk from the bottle too..."(???)

HS: That's why you see JH in the middle...

Hosts: You know how when you have a team/group/band, during

interviews and such, you'll see that the members usually have a

set order/formation of seating -- is this how you usually sit too?

S: yes.

HS: JH is S' main vocalist and so he's in the middle.

JH: (jokingly)...and we have to my left, "Ja Pil Gyu" and to my right,

"Woo Chil Hyun" (Ja indicates left and Woo indicates right)^^ not sure

what "pil gyu" means...perhaps this is HS' real name too?? or a


Male host: This is not the first time the 3 of you worked together,


KT: Yes, previously, with the song "Doll"...I wrote it and these 2 friends

sang the song. Then it was really more of a special surprise project...

HS: Yes, as it was introduced, Doll was a project.

KT: But with S, we actually did a complete album as a group.

Male host: Let's watch the footage now...here's how S was

created... (then the tape plays...)

As you see footage of JH, HS and KT during their debuts, each

member laughs and comments, "oh no...what are you doing?!"

As Doll is played, the host asks S if this is when they started

discussing doing the S album...

JH: Actually, we started talking about it from before Doll...

Then footage of JH dancing^^ (JH is screaming, "Oh, why do you

keep showing that! Oh no, don't!!")

After the clip, JH fans himself and says that he's sweating...

Male host jokes (after HS says, "why am I clapping?!") that HS

must have enjoyed seeing those earlier clips, to which HS jokes,

"no, not really..."

Hosts: Wow...so you might say that the birth of S took over a 2 year

period of pregnancy... then the male host mentioned that his wife

is currently 9 months pregnant and some female is 7 weeks

pregnant (perhaps the female host?) ]..."Why am I talking about this?"

JH: Oh, congratulations!

HS: Yes, we were talking about music and all of a sudden we're

now talking about pregnancy...

HS: Actually, the discussions of the 3 of us doing an album

together was a long time before...

KT: Yes, about 3 years ago...

HS: Yes, and when we actually started working on the album

was about one...

KT: Yes, it's been about one year... and actually, this album is

a project album, but we wanted to really make this a special

album with good music for future musicians and for our purpose

of us doing this project album to be expressed... so of course it

was very fun doing this album, but we also really took it serious

and worked hard to put it together.

Female host: KT, you have been producing others and JH is a

solo artist...and HS is a member of Shinhwa...was there a

particular reason why you chose HS to be a member of your group?

HS: (laughter) Oh, you don't know why?

JH: (jokes) I finally agreed to it at the last minute...

Male host: So what type of combination was created by the 3 of you?

JH: (jokes) Actually, you can say that HS and I chose a producer

(pointing to KT).(laughter)

KT: Well, since this is a project, we wanted to have fun...and so we

thought that working with real close friends would be good - and

the 3 of us have been good friends for a long time...and with

HS, since he's a lead vocalist for Shinhwa...

Female host: Have you ever considered having a female

vocalist in your group - S?

HS: Oh...well the thought...(hesitation)

Female host: How about hearing from the others?

JH: Then we'll fight...

Male host: With most teams/groups, there's usually a leader --

of the 3 of you, which would you say has the loudest voice?

HS: Well, when we're recording in the studio, since KT is our

producer, we'll tend to follow his direction...but when we're

performing, there's really no need for a leader and so...

JH: We each know what our parts are and so we really don't

say there's a leader...we each compromise well with each

other and we have good teamwork.

Male host then says that there's going to be a little break and

asks if S watches Wide Mnet...JH says, "why of course" then HS

says, "oh yes..." as JH and KT look on...but HS doesn't finish his

sentence -- JH and KT tease HS asking him to finish what he was

going to say...but HS responds that he doesn't know what he's

saying...then while the camera is off of S, JH and KT ask HS,

"are you mad? Oh...he's mad now." teasing further...^^

Then you see the screen with the arrows...it just says:

1st line: Meeting at the studio (Wide Star)

2nd line: Group S' 3 charming men!

3rd line: KT, JH, HS

4th line: An even more exciting meeting --


Kangta in Wuxi on 15th April 2006 (news Clip)


Translation done by Bita Stone/stoney.....^^

KT greetings.... saying he's very happy to see everyone....

He landed in Shanghai's airport before proceeding to Wuxi...

The interviewer was invited to go into his hotel room to interview him...

Question 1:

How many times has he been to China??

KT: I began my China activities since 2000, so i can't confirm how many times,

just that I've already been to many places here but Wuxi is the first time that i have been here.


How does he feel about China entertainment industry/scene?

KT: I've been in China Entertainment Scene for quite a long time now, I feel that being a korean, I'm responsible to bring korean culture to the the chinese here.

Though i'm a korean singer, when I'm in China, I tend to forget that i'm a korean singer, i always feel that i'm a chinese singer!!!

(Gosh!! Kangta....don't ever forget your roots!!)

Question 3.

What's the difference between chinese and korean dramas?

KT : For chinese dramas, the filming is finished filming before airing it on TV,

whereas for k-dramas, the filming is done at the same time as it is being aired on TV...

sometimes when they have just finished fliming the scene today, the eps will be

aired the next day!!

That's why I feel more at ease/less stress filming in China, whereas I will feel more tense up, more stressful filming k-dramas.

Question 4.

Any intention of doing a drama in China???

KT: There are many filming offers proposed to me currently, but everything is not confirmed yet. I have not decided which offer to accept.

My chinese fans really wish to see me do another chinese drama, so i will definitely try to do it. But currently, i have no confirmed plans yet.

Question 5.

How does HOT feel about their chinese fans??

KT: At the airport today, I can feel that fans are very supportive of HOT.

I'm very grateful for that. I also feel very honoured to be a member of HOT

in the past.

Now most of the HOT members have plans to promote in China but

there are no plans of reuniting.

But the members have expressed their wish to visit China and i really

hope they will make trips here more frequently.

Question 6.

What are your future plans ??

KT: My new album will debut in May and it will debut at the same in some Asian

countries like Korea, China, Taiwan, HK and Japan. I wish to meet fans in these countries too.

I would also like to do dramas and to compose OST for my own dramas.


Kangta - 2003 B/D Fan Meet News Clip


translation by Esther@OMK

Host(VJ Minee) introduces that they're at S' KT's bday party where

about 3000 fans have come to help celebrate. She also mentions

that she heard that S' JH and HS have also come to celebrate

KT's bday.

Fans are shown saying, "Happy Bday KT!" and "I love you"

with heart formations with their arms above their heads...

Host: Today is the day KT turns 25. Yesterday, one day

before his actual bday, KT held a bday party with his fans.

Then fans are shown singing something in unison that they

prepared for KT -- host mentions that KT was very touched

by this.

Host: Happy Bday!

KT: Thank you very much! And thanks for being here -- I

really appreciate it.

KT then says to the fans, "Everyone, do you know which bday party

was the first that I celebrated with you all? (while pointing at the

cake candles) It was when there were 18 of these. (then he blows

out his candles as the fans scream).

Host asks KT if he received presents.

KT: JH gave me a (top of the line?) cell phone. And HS is currently

buying me some clothes. Ahhh...(something to the effect of

"I feel so good")^^

Host: We have a present for you.

KT: Oh really?

Host: Here's my present (as the man with the giftwrap around

his head walks in).

KT cracks up as he sees who it is. The caption on the screen

says that if we continue watching this news that we'll later

find out who this secret person is...

Then back to the actual party...where KT looks at the blue

sweater gift from a fan. Host mentions that there were so many

gifts that KT needed to get a truck to transport them all!

Then you see HS and JH enter...I can't hear the audio so clearly

when HS speaks, but I think he's responding to a question about

where his clothes gift is...HS says something about 30 of his

younger friends who are out shopping right now...JH adds, "yes,

all those 30 people are currently at Dong Dae Moon right now"

(Dong Dae Moon is a place where a bunch of people sell clothes...

from when I visited, you can get boutique-like clothes for cheaper

here....it's very Swap Meet like, if you know what those are...

the shops are pretty much on the street or several next to each

other in one big warehouse-type building). Then you hear the

fans laugh.

KT: These days you see me laughing a lot, right?

Fans: Yes!

KT: A big reason is due to my friends (I owe a lot to my friends).

JH then talks about when he goes somewhere with KT and the

fans go crazy over KT...then JH says he finds himself walking

behind KT as if he's KT's manager...then JH asks the fans that

next time, to also look JH and to give him some love/recognition

too...^^ :w00t::sweatingbullets:

Then the clip of the fans and KT crying. Someone is reading

in the background a letter from a fan and KT and the fans are

touched by the words -- that's why they are so emotional.

Because the host is speaking over the narration, I can't make out

what's being read -- but then KT makes some comments after the

letter is read. Host was saying that KT is so touched by celebrating

his bday with his fans -- that this is his first(?) bday party with his fans

as a solo artist...

First KT jokes to break the somber mood, "why are you crying?" (not

sure if he's referring to himself or to his fans -- maybe both?) Then

KT says, "Please don't trust me. Don't trust me -- just trust my

music." Then he says thank you...

Last interview, KT says, "My fans throw me a bday party every year

and I'm so grateful to them. And to JH and HS...during my tough times

they have really been there for me and have given me a sense of

courage as we've worked together and I'm so thankful to them. And to

everyone who has come to my party, I hope that you always have

happiness. And I will strive to be a singer that is recognized as a

singer because of my music -- and not be a singer who just calls

himself a singer for the sake of being one...Thank you everyone.

I love you."

Then the host says that she looks forward to lots more good music

and again wishes KT a happy bday!

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Guest BiTa Stone

Translations To Selected VOD/News Clips

Translation to the MTV In Control wif S clip by Faith @KTF

MTV In Control Part 1



" When and how do they make up their mind to organize "group s" ?

They have always been together in private life since 1998, though

those days Kangta was H.O.T. member and Hyesung is Shinwha member.^^

It was in 2000 that they first had it in mind to make a team.

So whenever they met, they talked about this or that kind of music

which they wanted to sing together.

The song " The Doll" that Kangta composed and Jihoon and Hyesung

sang together was a prelude.

It was in the car that they talked about music most of the time.

If they listend to all good songs,pop songs , K-pop, or whatever songs,

they often used to say

" we can sing better !!  You, Kangta can compose better songs!!" like that *^^*

They prepared about for two years.

Of couse, they are not entirely satisfied with "S" album but

Jihoon said Kangta's ability to compose songs improved greatly,

"group S" also improved gradually from now on.


" What is the opinion that other 79 members think of S album ? "

In fact, they.. three boys are so close to one another that other 79

members feel that they can't approach them easily.

Sometimes 79 friends are sorry about that. ^^

Anyway, 79 friends cheered them, and Lee gIchan composed a song for them.


" What kinds of music are in S album?"

S album is composed of cozy style of music.

They wanted to make a team in which all members are vocalists.

These days in Korea, R&B and black music is more popular, but

they wanted to sing "pop music, more comfortable, sweet songs"


" in 'I swear' music clip, what do they express? "

They wanted to show us some different characters from as they are.

In the video clip, Kangta is a successful CEO , Jihoon is a ceramist and Hyesung is a professor.

A behind story.. ^^

In the clip, Kangta's office..

Actually, That place is one corner of Incheon airport.

Kangta was surprised and felt so funny. ^^

Jihoon pretended to ride a motocycle... in fact, he can't ride it -0-

I think mtv in control is so funny program..

they talked very easily and much about their confidence( secret thing^^.)

MTV In Control Part 2


There are several True&False questions.


" Hyesung is the most popular man of the three among the girls, right? "

Kangta and Jihoon said yes. Hyesung didn't know what to say.

They said Hyesung is so cute, gentle and a bit mysterious.

He didn't reveal his character much on air.

They think girls like that kind of man. ^^


" Jihoon is the most envious man of the three, right? "

Kangta and Jihoon said no. Hyesung said yes.

Kangta said

" If we have to choose one envious man, I think it was me.

I think Jihoon is not a envious man.

Jihoon said

" I think you have desire to do well, you don't have envy.

You have ambition to be the best. It's not bad. "

Kangta and Jihoon said Hyesung also has a little envy

Question 3

" Kangta is the best counsellor of the three, right? "

All three boys said no.

Kangta did well in his work, and is a perfect man.

But in his private life, he talked about all the trouble to his friends.

He wanted to share his problem with his friends.

Friends have only to listen to him ^^ They don't give an advice, but

listening seriously is the best thing for Kangta.

Question 4

" Do you have any spirit of rivalry to each other?"

Jihoon and Hyesung said yes. Kangta said no.

Hyesung and JIhoon said...

If my friend has something that I don't have, I want to learn it from him,

For example, Kangta has a driving force. If he started his work, he did it powerfully

and effectively. I want to learn that point.

Kangta said.

Jihoon and Hyesung is my close friend like my family.

So I've never had a rivalry.

Jihoon said

Kangta wants to give friends everything he can do.

Question 5

In 79 club, do you have any ideal girl??

All three boys said no

They said... for them 79 three girls are like other boy friends.

They don't have any lovely feeling for the girls

Question 6

If they drink, Jihoon is the member who talked much, right?

All three boys said no.

If they drink much, they all are silent.

They feel comfortable in that mood, but other friends asked them if they had some

trouble one another.

At first, Kangta kept silent and then Hyesung... Jihoon tried to cheer up..

but in the end he became also quiet.

MTV In Control Part 3


In this part, S talked about their demerits.

One member went into a small room and listened to music in order not to

hear other members talk.

The the rest members talked about his demerits.

But you don't misunderstand they really think so.

Even if there is a little truth, they only wanted to give fans some pleasure.

The first member is Kangta.

JH and HS said you fans maybe know about Kangta's merit.

You know Kangta is a charismatic person.

But he is always crying when he drinks.

He is such a coward. eg. when an insect approached him, he shouted loudly

and throw away his cellular phone.

His legs are a little thick and he didn't want to open his shirts because he

didn't want to show fans his chest hair .

His body is not balanced well, so he didn't try new fashion style.

And he persisted his old own style, so S always wear suit.

About Hyesung

JH and KT said.

He always has his own way.^^ He made managers tired.

He thinks he is the first and he is a king.

JH and KT are like his servants, they usually concede to him.

If they had some dissatisfaction about their fashion style, they didn't say

anything to their stylists because HS uses too strong languages to stylists.

HS is a quick-tempered person.

And HS forced friends to drink much, even though they didn't want to drink.

And he drives so carelessly, he thinks he is very stylish.

But If his managers drive carelessly, he is very angry.

About Jeehoon

KT and HS said.

JH thinks he is like a saint, and he is like a big brother.

HS said sometimes, JH hurt stylists' feeling hard, he made them cry.

And when manager drives badly, JH shouted him loudly.

At that time, Kangta laughed loudly, because the story is the same to HS

HS didn't know why Kangta laughed,

JH laughed only because friends laughed loudly, not knowing what they said .

soooooooooooooo funny!!!!

Kangta said, KT is badly hurt because of JH

When he made a song, and let JH listen to it, but JH recommended a song which

other composer made, and said.. why don't you make this kind of song??

JH was a hot-tempered person, but now he believes in God..

So he changed a lot, HS and KT thank God for this point.

God save KT and HS as well as JH .

After that talk, they hug each other and said

We are best friends and believe each other. Let's go and drink !!

What day will this talk broadcast??? That day, we don't meet.

(It's joke. ^^)

KT said.

" It's only joke, don't believe all the story.

you fans only think one fifth of the story is true. "

JH said, " but you believe HS's story. "

HS said, " What?? what did you say??? I will have to watch this program,

What day will it broadcast????????????????? "

And they said goodbye to viewers.. and then.

They said to each other, " come out!!!!!!!! I heard evething!!!!!!! "

hahaha, that's all. they are so naughty. They speak in fun. *^^*

I think they are real, true, trustful friends. ^^

I hope their friendship last forever. T.T


At Seajumo's Wedding


Translation by Faith@KTF

Yesterday at 6:00 in the evening, Kangta appeared at Seajumo's wedding .

He is ex H.O.T. manager, so Kangta went there to sing a lovely song for him and his wife.

There are many fans there to see Kangta and Tony.

Do you all see the photo???

He is so sexy and handsome and pretty.

The day before yesterday, he had a recording so stayed up late

so he looked much tired but so pretty

When he entered, he sat at the talbe near the piano.

He smiled and laughed when he saw couple.

At the wedding, Tony was MC and introdued Kangta to guests.

There is an event for bride and groom.

Ex H.O.T. member, my best friend , Kangta will sing a celebration song."

When Kangta smiled and got up and went to sing,

suddenly so many camera men appeared and took Kangta!!

So surprised....

Kangta said,

" Let's applaud Tony who is Today's mc"

and introduced Song kwangsik, his pianist. ^^

then he said bride is so beautiful and thanks her for marryng him.

Yesterday he was a naughty child. *^^*

He said to Seojumo

Now I will sing " I love you for sentimetal reason."

whenever I said " I love you~~". you must push up three times..

Everyone attending the wedding laughed loudly and was very happy to see

groom push up so many times. -0-

As you know, there are so many I love you in that song;;;;;; Poor Seojumo ^^

Kangta was very pleased to see him push up when he sang and smiled^^

and then at the end of the song, he said..

" This is the last " I love you~" when I sing, you must kiss to your bride, hahaha "

So when Kangta sing the last " I love you" , Sea kissed to his bride and

in the wedding hall, so good and happy mood ^^

Kangta lead a good and pleasant event for guests as well as bride and groom!!!

Sooooooooooooo cute guy!!!!


News of Kangta on Valentine's Day (14th February 2006)


Today 9:00 am in Korean time..

He left Korea for GZ,China.

This time he takes photos to advertise a clothes company.

Its name is NEED JOIN which is a Chinese new brand clothes.

He only takes photos ^^

Today he arrived at the ariport at 7:50 am.

For a while he stayed in his van and then his manager, Leewooyong

came and then he got out of the van.

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! so wonderful!!!!

He wore blue jeans and short T-shirt and long kintted black jacket.

The knitted black jacket looks like the one for girls....

It fit him wery well !!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo pretty.

Today is Valentine day.. so all fans gave him chocolates.

He took all the presents himself...

But today... Incheon airport was so crowded with people

so he said to fans on the way to the gate.

" So sorry... but today airport is so crowded ..

so don't follow me any more.. today we say good bye here right now.

I will do my best in China and come back sound and safe."

So fans stopped following him and said to him.

" Oppa!! Good luck!! Take care!!!"

He answered " OK" and he went on..

What a considerate man he is !!!! T.T

Credit:Faith @KTF


Radio interview on 2006-02-13

Last Friday a radio program on MBC called Kangta.

Because many fans want to know what he is doing these days.

I summarized his interview.

Today, we call Kangta.

These days what he is doing?

Hello.. so late to say but Happy new year.

I was busy acting in China... now I am proceeding my new album, about 50-60%.

In this album,, there are also lyric and romantic songs but a little different from

previous ballades and more polished style besides songs with a little beat rhythm.

I wanna arrange this album is made up of various kinds of music.

Last year S performed very short time in Japan with the song " Breath"

S album is supposed to come out at the end of this year.

I spent last two year acting in China, this year I will be more active in Korea.

So this year you can see me on TV much.

This year I will release albums and also act in other kind of field.

Expecting my activity and back me up.!!!

DJ asked Kangta to recommend songs

He said.. If he recommended his song,,, so shy things..

so he recommended Super Junior " Twins"


Translated by Faith @KTF


Kangta 3rd fanmeet on 3rd Dec 2005


The event name is "A short tree".

It is name that he direct made. (¡çDo you understand this sentence??;;;)

That is, Kangta made the name.(A short tree)

He said, "Our(kangta and fans) relationship is ¡¸A short tree¡¹, yet.

Because we will be together for many time in the future than we had time of the 10years. We will be make the more memory. So, we must continue give water and sunshine for A short tree.

And I hope see that the short tree grows into a big tree."

His speech produced a great impression on the fans.

Actually, most fans was like him during the 10 years.

Nevertheless, he express our relationship that ¡¸A short tree¡¹.

He said "We are partner" in birthday party the year of 2004.

And now we are ¡¸A short tree¡¹.^^

During the past 10 years, we grew together.

He made his debut as a singer the time when he was a boy.(then he was only eighteen years old.)

And now he was 28th. Time flies like an arrow.

Fanclub gave a birthday present to him. It's a notebook.

But at first, he not accept a present because he think sorry that he receive expensive present from his fans.

But fans scremed the "Receive!! Receive!!"

Thereupon, he did very embarrassment.

Just then, his manager said "I think A Notebook is a necessity in the modern life."

The Fans was excited by his speech.

And (unavoidable) kangta received present from fans.

So, we are happy^^

next, he try to open the notebook. But he didn't open it.^^;;;;;;

He was perplexed over the situation.

Then His expression was very cute~^________^

last.. he sang his song a medley. It's polaris, one snowing day, rainy day, and polaris again.

When he song "one snowing day"...

one of the lyrics....

"Although today is pain~~~ tomorrow is always with you."(¡çpoor of expression. T.T)

Later song part of "Although today is pain~~~"....... he stop song.

And he said "Do you like today? or tomorrow??"

We said "Today~~ Today~~".. And then, heard that from some fans.

They said "Now~~ now~"

And he said "Now??" ... We said "Yes~~~"

And He sang next part. "Now is always with you~~~~~"

And When he song "rainy day", he sang change "rain" for "snow".

Because the day had first snow.

Our meeting had the blessing of first snow.^^


translated by Poem@kangtathailand


2005-03-25 | (Radio)The our early life of joy


Translation to the above interview by Esther@OMK ^^

Q1. What have you been doing lately?

"In 2004, I was in China. I was active for a long time in China

and didn't do much in Korea, but I had a real difficult time [in China]

because the language/communication barrier."

Q1-1. Did you learn more Chinese?

"Now I am able to go somewhere and order food/eat and buy things."

Q2. Within 2 1/2 years, you came out with your 3rd album. The CD

jacket photo is the talk of the town. Your muscles are highlighted

in your bust nude pose...

"I wasn't trying to change my image or anything...I was more concerned about my health and started aerobic exercise and weight

training...but after I started seeing the results, it was kinda fun.

I was actually quite embarrassed [with the whole idea of this "new image" for the new album]. I never thought that my body was perfect

or anything --I just started exercising regularly to form healthy habits,

but others happened to start noticing...many asked what I thought about

the idea of this "new image" -- since many wanted to go in this

direction, I did end up agreeing, but I was a bit embarrassed, to tell you

the truth...because, those who weight train will know, but I have a long

ways to go before making a good/pretty body. I'm still at an

incomplete stage."

Q3. The music [on the 3rd album] is different from your first two albums

and has gotten even better.

"Before, due to (something about the title tracks?) I chose music that you

could LISTEN to...now, I chose music that you can SEE..."

Q3-1. What do you mean music that we can SEE?

"Music that I can perform on stage, such as with dance -- I kept this in

mind while choosing the music and ended up with music with a different

feel (from the first two albums).

Q4. What is the title of the new album?

It's Persona. Actually, Persona is a philosophy term. After deciding

on Persona as the title track, the album was going to be titled "GaMyun"

(GaMyun is the Korean title for Persona), but when looking it up, it meant

"mask"...it just seemed too much like a direct translation to use...

GaMyun/Persona was originally going to be titled "Multiple Personaltiy" --

someone with multiple personalities wearing a mask...and I discovered that

there was a philosophical term with this meaning -- Persona.

- 너무 좋네요. That's very nice.

네.. (단어가)너무 예쁘고.. "Yes...and the term is very pretty too."

The song's concept is about men breaking up with their girlfriends while

telling them "yes, I'm a terrible man so leave me...don't even turn and look

back at me...[just run...and forget about me]" but many times, deep inside

men really don't want them to leave and hope they'll stay...

- 그런 다중인격이군요. 참 멋있네요. So it's that type of multiple personalities...wow, that's a great concept.

네, 그런 가면이고.. 제 인생을 봤을때, 나이가 들면서 예전만큼 순수하지 못한 행동을 많이 하는것 같아요. "Yes, and it's that type of mask/persona...when

looking back at my own life, as I get older I'm noticing that I'm doing more

things that are less pure(??) than before (when I was younger).

For example, as I get older, it seems that certain true feelings are relayed

through a mask(?) when facing others...Men probably feel this tendency

more often since as we get older we need to accomplish worldly wisdom/success in life(??)...and this album is about the bitterness and the

unsatisfaction about these tendencies..."

Here's Q5...

Q5. I've heard that this 3rd album was to describe a sad/lonely man's

loneliness. Does KangTa ever feel lonely?

"Actually, I am/tend to be a bit miserable. Those around me worry.

Even when there's nothing that particularly made me feel bad or sad

I will sometimes drink alcohol by myself..."

- 혼자요? By yourself?

네.. 혼자 바(bar)에 CD를 싸들고 가서, 친한 바텐더(bartender) 분이 있는 바에 가서 제가 가지고 온 CD를 틀어달라고 부탁한 다음에 혼자 술을 마시곤 하는데,

그런 제 생활적인 부분을 많이 담고 싶었고

그런 남자의 쓸쓸함, 고독함이 절대 슬픔만이 아닌, 낭만(romanticism)으로 표현하고 싶었어요. 낭만과 멋(gusto? flavor?)이 있는 거란걸 표현하고 싶었어요.

"Yes, I'll sit at the bar with my CDs where I know the bartender and I'll ask

him to play my CDs while I drink...I wanted to pour into my 3rd album

this side of my life...and also the loneliness of a man - but not that the

loneliness is so sad, but rather to show the romantic side of this...I wanted

to express that [this loneliness] is very romantic and a bit admirable(?)....

Q6. This album has a variety of genre...from pop ballads to jazz, bossa

nova, even some funk -- how about the songs Kangta wrote?

"I included many of my own songs. With the "feel" of my first two

albums and with the title song (of 3rd album) I'm trying for a stronger

image...(the difference from first two albums). Jazz and Bossa Nova

are types of music that I've always wanted to do and so I included

them on the first two albums -- I also included some on this 3rd album.

많이 힘들었나봐 (It must have been very difficult)

The tone of the album seems a bit melancholy...a bit ash gray.

It seems this comment was made because of the melancholy(depressing) lyrics.

- 팔에 매달려 볼래 (Test arm strength?)

Q7. After building your physique, have you ever tested your strength

on anyone?

No, but I did arm wrestle a lot. Since I exercised, my arm wrestling

ability improved.

The DJ made a special request (to KT) to form a muscle so that he

could test KT's strength -- the DJ said "Everyone! He's really very

strong! (with laughter)" after personally feeling KT's muscles.

- 다운받음 후회해 (Regrets of downloading...?)

These days, it's very difficult...it's this way with other singers too,

and when I went to do a music program I noticed that managers

and others involved with singers all seemed to have a certain

darkness (dark expression). All of you need to really help us

in order for more good music to come out.

Q8. Any instance where you recognized and greeted someone, but that

person didn't recognize you?

I greeted this one person 3 times...but this person didn't respond

because that person didn't recognize me...

oh, you're here?...then some other chatter... (then a little louder)

oh, you're here??....what did you do today?....

After all that, this person still didn't look my way or respond...

others standing by saw what was going on and continued to make

fun of me and the situation...

Q9. Any instance where you couldn't recognize a woman when she

had makeup on and then when she didn't have it on?

Yes, there was, but I can't talk about her here...because she's

famous (laughter)...and she's a friend...a very close/good friend...

there was one time when I noticed this with her [referring to the difference with makeup and without]...that's why I continue to tease


Q9-1. Do you prefer a woman with makeup? or without makeup?

I like makeup that isn't overdone -- just enough. Of course I like

women who look pretty with no makeup (the natural look), but

a little makeup on the face can be rather charming/enchanting.

Q10. In what type of instance do you want to put on a mask?

It was during the H.O.T. days, and there were a lot of fans around.

It was winter. And on this day, I happened to step out striking a

pose (trying to impress...)

The clothes I was wearing were new and they were saying, "Oppa,

your clothes are so pretty!" -- so I posed for them as I approached

the car we needed to get into...as I was walking I slipped and fell

like I've never done before -- the worst fall ever -- the road had a

downhill slope and had a layer of ice on it... at that time, I really

wanted to put on a mask.

Q10-1. I can imagine that many fans must have been concerned and

asking if you were ok?

In such situations, where most others may just laugh, our fans were

different and always cared and worried about me.

Even in situations where others looking on may be thinking that this was the funniest fall they've ever seen, our fans would be concerned

and say, "Oppa, did you get hurt?!"...but even these fans laughed at

this fall...

[in this part of the interview, Kangta was asked to only respond

with either "Yes, of course, obviously" or "No way, never"

Q11. No matter what anyone says...I'm the founder/originator

of the Hallyu Wave...

--For real...truthfully...why yes, of course! (he laughes)

--Is it ok if I give some excuses for that remark? I'm embarrassed, but

I responded this way because I recalled my former H.O.T. days.

Q12. I spent the night crying due to heartache over my love...

--yes, of course

I think all men do this. I even have a song called "Sse Reh Ghee" (it means "trash"). I've had instances where I felt like trash.

Because of women, we can't get a grip on our work, and every night

it's so painful and we're constantly reminded and so we get drunk...you know what I mean? Because we want to forget, we get drunk thinking

it will make us feel better... and sometimes we decide it's best not to call (phone), and then we decide to call, when it's the most

inappropriate time...we dial her number and hang up before it rings

on the other end...it's these types of situations...

Most men do this when they fail at their first love.

For me, that's when I felt like trash.

- 정말 순수하신것 같아요. 표현이 되게 리얼하시네요.

- You really seem ___. The way you expressed this seems so real.

남자분들은 한번쯤 느끼실거예요.

All men feel this way about once/at least once in their life.

Q12-1. If you like her so much, why can't you contact the woman? And

you just hang up (the phone)?

There are women that have strong pride too, but when it comes to men

this is the type of thing men will try to protect. There's really no good

reason why we don't call...even though we really do want to call, we

don't do it...

Q12-2. While crying in front of a woman, have you ever told her that

you miss her?

I did do that once while I was drunk. I didn't have the nerve to say that

I missed her, but I did cry a lot.

- 여자분이 뭐라고 하던가요?

- What did she say?


She was a bit uncomfortable(??) (not sure what this word means?)

Because of that response I think I can't express those types

of feelings anymore. That was with my first love...during

college...after that incident, I don't think I have ever been able to

tell any girlfriend how I really felt inside...

Q13. Depending on the situation, I have more than 3 different

masks I put on...

No way, never. I don't think there are up to 3...maybe 1 or 2?

When going to the broadcasting network stations...or when

I need to speak to an elder...probably in those types of instances.

With friends, I don't need a mask...so maybe I have about 2 masks.

Q13-1. Women tend to pretend like their naive/innocent in front

of men...do men do this too?

There are others that may do this, but for me, since I don't have

many opportunities to meet and get to know women...I can't do

"So Gae Tings" or "Meetings"....so I don't wear a mask when I'm

talking to women...

Q14. What trait of Kangta's do you wish you had? That you want to be

like him! (Telephone call connection with Hye Sung Shin)

When with friends, [KT] is like the leader/boss. Not because he

fights well or anything like that. It's because he's so responsible

when it comes to work or if anyone puts him in charge of anything.

He's this way with his own work, and with things he does with

others...with personal things as well...because his responsibility and

leadership are very strong, these are the type of traits that I would

want to learn from.

Q15. What do you do when you meet with friends? (type of activities)

We play games...and we watch movies together too. Because we've

known each other for such a long time, when we drink we don't really

talk and laugh because we know each other so well....we just drink

quietly...without really saying much to each other...(like: no words

are necessary -- they know each other so well). And even with

so little words being exchanged, it's not uncomfortable...so I think

that's why when we meet, we don't really say much...


Photodocument interview


Translation by Esther@OMK ^^

Interview 1.

Recognition in China...

"About one week out of every month, I am in China or travelling here

and there...each time I do, I notice that many countries air dramas

that Kwon Sang Woo is in. Even in China, the recognition is great.

Of course, in Japan, he's very well known and famous there.

Interview 2.

An Episode with Kwon Sang Woo...

From morning to night, in one day, 6 showers were taken. He seems to

enjoy contact with water and bathing. Shower after exercising, and then

after enjoying the sauna at a health club another shower... next, since

he enjoys receiving massages, another shower after his massage...

finally, at night another shower after going to another sauna

where we spent time talking and having a good time...since we sweat

and then showered, I remember we must have showered about 6 times

that day.

Interview 3.

Because of Kwon Sang Woo, I laughed after sleeping...

After I woke up from sleeping, I totally cracked up!

In a sauna room, if you sleep there, they turn off the lights and all you

see is the emergency exit sign lit up. Like this (and he posed like

the exit man guy on the sign with his arms up and in walking pose)

as if a person is walking -- that's all you see in the dark.

While sleeping, he must have been dreaming a nightmare because

when he opened his eyes slightly, he looked up at the exit sign

and he yelled, "Agh! That man was running! Running!" That's

what he was saying to me...

"Hyungnim (polite way for a male to address an older male), you

must have been having a bad dream... how can that [man on the

exit sign] be running?" And then he replied, "no...that Sang Koo

hyungnim was running!" (note: in Korean, the exit sign is called

"Bee Sang Koo" -- so Kwon Sang Woo cleverly created Sang Koo

hyungnim from that word, as if it were a name -- of that running


(Kwon Sang Woo's 'Sang Woo' / Bee Sang Koo's 'Sang Koo' ;

humor with the use of names)

Interview 4. Caricature

We went to a restaurant and in front of it were white papers... He

took a ballpoint pen and started to draw something.

He started drawing something like a caricature (quietly, like KSW was

in his own world while drawing)...

That image of him was very cute to me.

It was cute and that image was very delicate/sensitive looking.

I was thinking...KSW has this charm/attraction about him as well.


GROUP S - STAR FOCUS 2004.01.06


Q1. How was Group S formed?

HS: S was formed very well (he says jokingly)

JH: S was formed by a group of friends

Q1b. (clarification) Actually, the question is "HOW was S formed?"

HS: (jokes further) The question is "HOW"

KT: (adds) Yes, HOW...

JH: Oh, sorry, I don't understand so well. (responding to the joking)

HS: Let's hear from someone who does understand....(pointing the mic to KT)

KT: A while back, when HS and JH worked together on the song Doll, the 3 of us

started discussing the idea of doing an album together.

Q2. Regarding the S Album...

JH: Yes, the album has a pop feel, a very comfortable feel, somewhat like the

white boy bands...very comfortable music...created by this man (pointing to

KT - did you see KT's cute surprised look?!)

HS: Yes, a comfortable feeling...like a comfortable sofa that you've been

using for 10 years...that's the type of album we made.

Q3. How do you practice?

KT: As each song was written, we all discussed what works well for each of us

and what doesn't....fixing and changing the music as needed -- therefore,

it was like practice as we created....

HS: (agreeing)

JH: also, our practice time was spent many times in the van or car...

Q4. How is it working on the album while working on your drama?

JH: (comment on the screen about JH still not understanding the questions...

JH answered something off base so KT jumped in to clarify with joking

frustration, then JH responds): oh, yes, it's very difficult juggling both...

but fortunately, the S members are lenient with me and I'm grateful that

they are so understanding and are patient with my current schedule. I'm

doing my best and managing...

Q5. Comparing S with Shinhwa...

HS: Actually, it's very similar. Because both are a group of close friends.

With Shinhwa, when we work together it gets real loud and chaotic in a

fun way...

Q6. ?? something about S being limited to "real close" friends...?? not sure...

KT: like friends who want to and drink together, and friends who want to and

play games together, we're friends who wanted to also make music

together. We're thankful that you see us this way, actually.

Q7. ??something about S planning to stick around together for a while, or if

it's a temporary thing? not sure....

JH: not sure of his response but it seemed like he was answering in a

real diplomatic way....not really answering either way...safe answer

Q8. Any plans to do dance music?

JH: (jokingly) why yes, of course (as he busts a move!)

KT and HS look on as JH makes a fool of himself (jokingly of course)

and they joke back: uh...no....we purposefully did not...(haha!)

To the fans:

KT: We're thankful that you all enjoyed the S project. Please look forward to

more and to our individual projects in the near future.

HS: (says something very similiar to KT)

JH: (says something similiar, but also adds to watch for him in dramas, etc...)

^^by Esther @kangtathailand




The show always brings on celebrity guests, but also experts

in the health field, like doctors specializing on the topic of the show.

This one happens to be about the liver and it's potential problems

and causes... So S was invited and the doctor started by asking

some random liver-related questions. JH answered most, with

some input from KT and HS...they got 2 out of 5 correct (the "X"

and "O" flash cards). The questions were mainly to see how their

basic knowledge was about liver health -- such as, "is it better to

drink alot on one given day or better to drink a little bit every day?"

The correct answer is that the liver works a lot when processing

alcohol, so it's better NOT to drink every day -- the doctor suggested

that drinking be limited to 1 or 2 times a week...

Then when you see S walking through the hospital, the show

is showing clips of previously recorded footage -- when they

had blood tests done to check their blood sugar level,

cholesterol, and liver functions. Did you see the nurses looking

on with girly anticipation? hee hee and then they noticed the

cameras on them and then they ran away...

Fortunately, KT's liver, blood sugar and cholestorol are all good!

Same with HS. But JH has some potential problems with his

liver...not sure how serious, of course, but the show displayed that

JH needs to be careful -- also, when you see the numbers (KT

had 22 yrs, JH 34...): this represents how old their respective livers

are... again, shows that KT is in real good shape, as his liver is

younger than his own age.^^

^^Summarised by Esther@OMK


Kangta@Lee Jae Won's Concert on 9th April 2006


Singer Tony Ahn and KangTa came to JaeWon Lee's first


On April 9th, 6pm, Tony Ahn and KangTa were at

the first solo debut concert "Extension" of JaeWon Lee, also a member

of the group H.O.T., which took place at Seoul's Children's

Amusement Park.

The three of them were on stage and performed H.O.T.'s hit song

"Candy" which the fans reacted to with excitement.

After the song ended, JaeWon Lee said, "Tomorrow on the internet

there will be pictures of the 3 of us with stories about H.O.T. reuniting"

This made the crowd burst into laughter.

JaeWon further joked that Tony Ahn was here as a guest because

he also is a CEO of a clothing line.

Tony Ahn released his second solo album and is currently promoting it.

KangTa is planning on releasing his next album in May. KangTa even

introduced a short version of one of his new songs at JaeWon's concert.

JaeWon said, "In my heart, H.O.T. is still there"..."the members are all

being drafted to the Army and when we all return from service, it's quite

possible that we will reunite and perform together again. You never know

what can happen in life. When all your hearts and all our hearts are earnestly

yearning for it, such a dream can be possible." The fans were really

touched by his remarks.

^^News Article translated by Esther@OMK


KMTV CD Jacket Photo Shoot Aug 2003.


^^Translation to the above vod by Esther@OMK

S was at some studio in Korea for their CD jacket photo shoot.

The 3 of them were trying to bow and greet the viewers together

at the same time and they were laughing because when 2 did

1 didn't, etc... and KT had to lead with a count and said "start!" ^^

Q1. Regarding today's activities...

KT started by saying that they were at a studio for their shoot

and HS added that they had already completed their location

shoot in Czechoslovakia(spell?) and Austria.

Q2. Which of the 3 of you would you say is most like a model?

HS touches JH and says that JH's body may do for a model,

but then as he goes up to his face he pauses and laughs

(joking that maybe his face....) [how mean, huh?]^^

Then HS turns to KT and goes from his beautiful face and

down his body until he stops at KT's thighs, joking that

they are too thick...? Then JH points to HS' stomach

area, joking about the imperfections...

Then the Interviewer asked, "We asked the photographer as

well and who do you think he selected?"

HS and JH answer that they think he picked KT.^^ They said

that KT listened and responded well to the photographer's

directions and that the photographer seemed to really

like and gel well with KT. Then KT joked, "yes, and the

camera loved me too!"

The photographer (the guy with long dreads) responded,

"Personally I think KT is most model-like. And this is the

first time I worked with JH and contrary to my previous

belief, JH wasn't as ____ as I thought." (haha!)^^ And

the photographer worked with HS before with Shinhwa

so he knew what to expect and his final words were

that everything went well with all 3 of them.

Q3. A request for KT's charismatic pose...

After KT laughs he showed the pose.

The reporter then commented on how KT's solo shots were

so good -- with KT's piercing eyes, which looked like

they could beam through the monitor...and his great poses.

Q4. Are you aware that the photographer commented that you

[JH] are not as ____ as he once thought?

JH said, "yes, I'm aware..." (they all laugh) and she requests

JH for a pose. Then HS says, "ok next question" anticipating

that she will also request him to pose...then before she even

asks, HS starts to pose...KT and HS point and crack up because

then she starts asking if he'll pose -- the caption on the screen

says "Ah! HS started to pose even before being asked!"

Then reporter comments that HS has such nice long fingers

and therefore he took many pics with his hands emphasized.

Q5. Special remarks regarding the album...

HS was commenting that there are new things that we can

look forward to and KT commented that the music is like

that of white boy bands and JH speculated that it's quite

possible that the 3 could do future albums together<

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Guest BiTa Stone

Translation To selected VOD/News Clips

Kangta's 3rd Fanmeeting on December 3, 2005


Translated by Esther@OMK

(Part 1 - through Q4)

(From an article...?)

The meaning behind the Fanmeeting Title "Kee Jak Eun Namoo("Short

Tree" or "A Tree that is not full-grown yet"), which Kangta decided on personally...

This year marks KT's 10 year anniversary from his debut and as all

his fans have always been supportive of KT throughout the 10 years,

KT is looking forward to many more years together with his fans

and to make many wonderful memories through his music...this is

why KT named his Fan Meeting as "a tree that is not full-grown yet."

This "not yet fully-grown tree" that has been made until now with the

fans will always continue to be made with the fans and as memories

are made, KT wants to create together a "tree of wonder"(??) from

which a large shadow can be cast down...(?) after much thinking,

and considering his love for his fans, KT decided on this title.

- Intro 영상 (a clip played...)

- 공연 < The Best > (performance: The Best)

KT: It's very cold and you all had to wait so long! What, you didn't wait

very long? It's been 3 years since our last meeting, right? Have you

been disappointed during this time? (or, in other words...did

you miss me?)" ^-^

The Fans: (very loudly) Yes!!

KT: yes, well.....(a bit surprised)^^

Actually, I thought you may have been disappointed and so I prepared

a bunch of new things to tell you about and songs to sing to you, but

I can sing you songs during concerts -- today, I'll spend most of the

time talking and updating you on things.

But I wasn't just resting and playing during the 3 years away...(he

laughs) You do know this, right?

I worked hard on projects and thought a lot about how I can

make you all proud... the result is that in China, many of your partners

have come to be. As I've always said, it's not just about things that

are right in front of you, since they are my partners...I hope that you can

be the kind of partners that can look onto a far away place with me. In a way, today is a meeting with my partners.... KT incorporated's

director/partner meeting...^^ I thank you. And I'll be back after I change

my clothes...

The Fans: (cheering, screaming...)

KT: You want me to change my clothes here? One moment please...

because I have a lot of hair on my body that....

The Fans: It's O.K.! It's O.K.!

KT: ...you can all stop now. (he laughs)

If you look at the screen, you will see what I was doing in China while

I was away from Korea...While you're watching, I'll be back after I

change my clothes.

- photo slide show presentation (during Thailand Fan Meeting)

KT: Did you like the presentation? It's been a long time since I struck a

pose and took pictures like that.

Today, until the night gets deeper, I plan to spend time talking and

having a good time with you all. At this time, I think I better introduce

the Special MC for tonight, who will facilitate the talks between you all

and me...

I think you all like this person very much...it's someone who you really

like...in fact, you may even like this person more than me...

Ok, I would like to introduce the MC for tonight! (pointing to himself) it's

Ahn Chil Hyun! (he laughs)

Yes...Tonight's MC is me, Ahn Chil Hyun. I am here in order to help

foster a deeper bond between you all and KT....(he laughs). Sorry...

Today, there's probably a lot that you all are curious about me...if you

take all of these...

The Fans: (all laugh because of KT's pronunciation/accent)

KT: (with an even stronger accent^^) if you take all this curiousness,

if you dig them all up/out...

As we talk through the night, all the personal incidents that happened

will probably be discussed...I have your questions prepared on this


Q-1. Whenever we see Kangta Oppa at the airport, or at the end of

some event and we [fans] wait to greet you, most of the time you

are on the phone... we are curious if you are really talking on the

phone? or if you are just acting like you are on the phone?

KT: Am I mentally abnormal? Why would I act like I'm on the phone?

The Fans: Ae-ee! (response indicating disbelief...)

KT: Bee-ee! (KT uses this phrase often...KT humor!)^^

Actually, after an event ends, that's the time when I need to squeeze

in a lot of calls...in fact, I have more calls to make then when I

had a girlfriend...If I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone a lot

or if I was spending a lot of time with a girlfriend, I'd probably have

less time for the other calls and I'd have less to make...but these days

I'm a bit free...(he laughs) That's why I think I have a lot of phone calls

coming and calls to make...

Am I always on the phone? When I'm departing [from the airport],

there isn't anyone I need to check in with... anyway, I'm not acting like I'm on the phone. I'm really talking on the phone and if you all don't

like this, I'll try my best to decrease the talk time.

OK, I just pulled the second question. (noise/stir from the fans)

Today it's a bit chaotic/out of control...Everyone is talking about and

to themselves...Please, let's have some order and control ourselves

(he jokes and laughs).

Q-2. Because of work you couldn't spend time with your girlfriend

for a long time and so she's mad....what is KT oppa's own secret

method of sweet talking her [so she's not mad anymore]?

The Fans: Show us! Show us!

KT: I usually imitate what I see on the gag/variety programs.

It seems that women like these type of programs more than men...

The Fans: That's not so.

KT: It's not? Yes, it is a bit out of control/chaotic here...(he laughs)

These days, I watch a gag program called "Woot Chat Sah."

(Not sure?? but it seems that KT saw something funny on the

show where a plastic surgeon of some type made something...and

KT imitated this scene to an upset girlfriend in order to make her

laugh and so she won't be mad anymore)

(Cinderella comic version)

When Cinderella was young, she got her eyelids done (cosmetic

surgery). She told her stepmom and stepsisters that it was

natural.... Shyaba Shyaba Ahee Shyaba, "how much do you think

she got her eyelids done for?" Shyaba Shyaba Ahee Shyaba,

"19,990,000 won/U.S.$20,000").

The Fans: (go crazy)

KT: If my friends saw me doing this, they'd probably curse at me...

Q-3. Please tell us when you plan to hold a concert in Korea.

KT: I will be very honest with you all. Right now, I'm in the midst

of working on a duet album with a singer who's very popular in

China, which you all know as well.

The album will probably be released in the beginning of next year

sometime. That's probably the soonest you will see me in performance

and then will also be the soonest time you can hear my voice -- through

that album.

And as soon as that album is done, I will be working on and releasing

an album full of ballads and jazz music. A concert will probably done

sometime in between those times when it gets a little warmer....you will

all come to the concert, right?

The Fans: Yes!

KT: Thank you. In 2006, I'm planning on many different things for all

of you to enjoy. Please look forward to them. Like in 2004 and 2005,

I'll probably be in other countries as well, but I plan to make this a year

where I can show you me personally...

The Fans: (Because KT mentioned that there will still be a lot of

travelling to other countries and events there....the fans start making

noise again)

KT: OK...now sounds of "straying/cheating?" (he laughs)...(not sure??)

Q-4. This is a phrase that I use pretty often...but during your 27th

year in life, how much do you think your mind has grown/matured?

The Fans: oh....

KT: Ssa... (another phrase that KT uses frequently emerges...KT


The Fans: (They go wild!)

KT: I too will try to control myself. As time passes, my mind/heart's

height doesn't grow, like your bodily height may grow...the mind/heart

is different...for instance, the mind/heart could even shrink at times...and

could shrink often. This year though, I feel that my mind/heart's height

has grown a bit.

The Fans: Wow!

KT: That's not really something that should be screamed about...but

anyway, thanks! This past year, I personally had many things happen.

However, I think that I didn't take these things so serious as I would

have in the past. I didn't have as a difficult time as I would have

in the past...and didn't have as much pain as I would have in the

past...I think that I learned a lot through these incidents...

You might say I got a little more cunning/sly? (he laughs)

I feel that my mind/heart has grown quite a bit and I have more

peace in my mind/heart. That's why, I'm not as weak as before

and so I don't create hurtful situations...As a result, I feel that my

mind/heart has grown a bit...

Q-5. Who is the person with whom you talk to the most on your

cell phone? Who do you send the most text messages to?

KT: The person I talk to the most on the phone is JeeHoon Lee.

The person I text messages back and forth with the most is

HyeSung Shin. Sounds pretty depressing, right?

The Fans: Yes!! (more noise/talking from the crowds)

KT: I can't understand what you're saying. Wait just a moment.

I always feel this...when you talk from their (in the audience)

you may think that your message is being sent loud and clear to me

up here, but from here it just sounds like "uh-ae, uh-ae" (as KT

mimics the sounds from the crowds)^^

The Fans: (laughter)

KT: When I'm talking on my cell phone, I don't have a wide range

[KT's referring to his contact base...] I do have a lot of people saved

in my contacts address book, but I don't talk to those people so often.

There are some that I talk to just once in a while and then there's

JH and HS, whom I talk to all the time...and JaeWon Kim, my younger

brother/dong seng actor friend...also, there's MinJong Kim (singer),

SeungHoon Shin (singer)...

Q-6. "Kee Jak Eun Namoo/Tree not yet fully grown"...is there anything

that you'd like from us?

It's always the same thing.

I would like for all of you to be calm cool and composed.

The meaning of being calm is really a good meaning.

In everything that you do, I wish that you would do it calmly without bending..

For instance, when you, the fanclub members, are watching me...

when you come to the network stations and you at times hear my stories...

or if I'm doing a program... and in the many different possible situations

where you may be upset or happy...

I would hope that you would all be able to minimize

the bending(straying from or opposite of "being calm")

and be calm/not anxious in those instances...

You might say that being calm is saying that you're mature...

I hope that you all can grow/mature a bit more and also be able to look

beyond what's right in front of you, as trees that are not yet fully grown.

I wish for all of you to be trees that have the ability to grow much.

Not so that you can all boast/brag about this ability...

we should all see the big picture, right?

To see beyond and to see outside of the box and to see the big picture.

Looking forward, we shouldn't just look at the music scene/market

or entertainment of just Korea....

There are a lot of unauthorized copying/piracy of album, aren't there?

In these types of instances, we should all sympathize together

and share information and support each other....

this is the type of trees not yet fully grown that I would like you all to be for me.

Until that time when we will grow/mature....

hmmm....there are a lot of questions hanging (from the tree).

The Fans: Please go through them all.

(as if it were obviously the case) Yes, I will go through all of them (as he laughs).

Here's Q7 and Q8:

Q-7. If one wants to give birth to a son like you(oppa), what type of prenatal

care is necessary? Please ask your mother.

KT: (he lowers his sunglasses slightly and looks to the audience from the

stage and called out...) Madam Yang YoungHee? Madam Yang YoungHee --

where are you? Madam Yang YoungHee...please come up on stage for

a moment.

The Fans: (KT's mother comes on stage) "Ommouni! Ommouni!" (they cheered

"Mother! Mother!")

KT: What does one need to do to give birth to a son like me? When I was

in your womb was there some prenatal care that you did?

(KT's mother didn't quite understand and started whispering something

to KT in a very cute manner!) Omma(Mom), when I was in your womb,

prenatal care??

The Fans: (go wild)

KT's Mother: I read a lot of books and...with calmness...

KT: I will answer the question from my point of view. Marry my father.

(to his mom) Mom, you came up here so please say something to our

fans who I appreciate so much and who are like your daughters.

KT's Mother: I am very grateful that so many of you have come today and

for your continuous support [looking out for KT]. Thank you very much.

KT (to his mom): Be careful going down [from the stage].

KT: Yes, that was my mother. She said that she read many books -

I can't believe that. Then how is it so that when I read books I get so sleepy?

The Fans: (go wild)

Q-8. You look great in Korea but what is the reason that when you go to

China you especially look so pretty?

KT: Really? Is that so?

The Fans: Yes!!

KT: The food there is oily. I like their food. I'm just kidding.

In China, the stage/set is usually more grand and bigger than in Korea,

right? When you're on one of those types of stages, I think it makes

people look prettier.

The Fans: (you hear them saying that it's not the case)

KT: When I go to China, actually, I still can't communicate with them

very well. That's why I must be laughing/smiling more there than

when I'm in Korea. Like a "Babo"/Dummy. (he laughs)

Because I can't speak Chinese, there are many times when I just

respond by laughing and smiling.

When foreigners come to Korea, we tend to communicate with them in their

language, if we know their native language, otherwise we speak in English,

or just use body language, right? And we don't speak in Korean to them.

But in China, no matter where you're from, they start speaking to you in

Chinese first. Whether you're a foreigner...American...European...they

start speaking in Chinese to you.

Because of this, I always respond with a smile. "%^&#$%^" If it's something

I don't understand, I smile and say Xie Xie(= Thank you).

There's a saying that if you smile/laugh a lot that you become prettier.

When I go to China, I spend two days/one night there laughing and smiling...

perhaps this is why? [the reason he looks prettier in China]

In order to give you music that matches tonight's feeling, I have invited

a special someone. This is someone that I highly respect...and he's my

piano teacher and our country's best jazz pianist...Song KwangShik!

Because there's only one Christmas tree, it doesn't really feel like

Christmas, but I have prepared a song that has much Christmas feel

to it...one moment please.

One moment please. Just one moment.

Song KwangShik and I have written a new song a few days ago...I'll

let you hear a little of it.

(the first part of the new song plays...)

It's saying to go well...now it's saying to not cry...

It's saying to meet someone nice and be happy....

That's the hardest thing for me...I'm worn out/tired and out of

strength...and now I'm even more in pain...

I guess I'll be waiting here for a long time...that would be the easiest

thing for me to do right now.

Just the first part!^^ Later, when the album comes out you can hear the whole

song. So what do you think?

The Fans: We like it!!

I will now sing a Christmas carol that exudes/gives out lots of Christmas flavor.

The lyrics are in English...if you know the words, let's sing together...yes?

I'll make this request [that the audience sing along]. (laughter)

- song < Christmas Song >

- Fanmeeting congratulatory video clip (SM Family)

Here's Q9...

Q-9. Of all celebrities, Kangta is well known for not accepting expensive gifts

[from his fans]...is there a special reason why you refuse? (question from

Manager Lee Woo Yong)

KT: I just feel that it's best not to take/accept those types of gifts from the fans.

Because, it's not like I'm having a fanmeeting in order to establish a home --

that's just a joke. (the idea: he's joking about collecting such expensive gifts

-if he were to accept them- in order to build up his belongings to establish a home

with those gifts...) Since I'm a human being too, if I were to receive expensive

gifts then I would become greedy...if I don't receive expensive presents the next

time, I'm saying that I would sulk and be upset. I'm not going to accept expensive

gifts. Just your thoughts....I will delicately(?) receive your thoughts. From now

on, I will only accept gifts under 5000won (currently about US$5.00)^^

- birthday party: cake cutting and birthday song from the fans...gift...

(the birthday candles do not get blown out easily...)

KT: these candles aren't blowing out well...

Thank you. I'm very thankful. It's been quite a while since my birthday,

but on the actual day I didn't have anything like a party...it's usually like

that...but you the fans are taking care of me like this and for that I'm

really grateful.

When will I finish eating this cake?

hmmm...then why don't you cut and share this cake with me~^^

(Club K.I.T. gave a apple laptop/notebook as a present because they heard that

KT enjoys watching movies/dvds...)

A notebook? Oh, you shouldn't have...(or: Oh, I can't receive this...)

The Fans: (make noise)

KT: To tell you the truth, I heard a story about presents...

"이런 고가의 선물이 아니라고 얘기를 하셨었거든요."

(??)**MOOJUK님!! 도와주세요...ㅠㅠ

(To the FanClub - ClubKIT) If you have an excess of expense funds

remaining like this, from next time, share it and use it (**MOOJUK님!! 이 부분도

잘 모르겠어요..."나눠서 이렇게 이끌어 가주시거나"), or spend it on a dinner

meal for Club K.I.T.

The Fans: (make more noise)

KT: Ah...just moments ago I was talking about not receiving such expensive

gifts...how can I accept such a gift without shame....

The Fans: Take it! Take it!

KT: Thank you. I will use this notebook with care. However!!! From now on,

please don't! (no more expensive gifts...)

- To wish KT a happy birthday on stage: DongBangShinKee, SuperJunior


KM NEWS 4/27/2006



KT: Greetings! I am Kangta and I am here in Wuxi, China.

Host: Korea's Hallyu Wave founder, Kangta! Our Kangta was in China

and his presence there had a great impact!! We at KM News are

here to report on the event...(the scene where KT gets out of his

car)...Here, Kangta is in Wuxi, China and hmmm...what do you

suppose Kangta is here for? In order to see Kangta, many people

came! Kangta's popularity in China continues to be really "kangta!"

(definition: strong, like a strong punch/hit!)

Q: What type of event is the event that you will be participating in?

KT: In China, May 8th is -- well, in Korea it is Parents' Day -- but

in China it is Mother's Day. This day is for appreciating mothers and

to celebrate their love. And of all the events celebrating this special

day, I am honored to have been invited to the biggest celebration.

Host: Well, Kangta was invited to Wuxi's meaningful celebration event

and wow....his popularity in China continues (to be strong). Oh!

I'm so envious! The fans fondly/warmly welcomed Kangta with white

balloons and signs with KT's name in honor of KT....and it wouldn't

be a surprise that such a welcome led to KT's passionate concert

performance! From Korea, KT was the only singer invited to this

huge event.

Q: What will you be doing on stage/at the event?

KT: I will be singing and giving my best for the mothers of the fans

in China.^^

Host: Oh...KT's charm....

Q: Your plans/schedule going forward?

KT: I have been working on some Asian projects for some time now

and starting in May you will see many of them. And also in Korea, you

will be able to find me on local broadcast network programs and music programs, where I will be giving my best efforts.

Host: We have heard that this concert was for the mothers of the

Chinese fans...on stage, everyone would agree that KT's

performance was that of great fervor and passion! We all are aware

of KT's charm/charisma!

Q: To the viewers of KM News...

KT: I will strive to be diverse in all that I do and give my best

always -- I'm counting on your support. This was Kangta (as he


Host: That non-stop charm of KT! This May, we look forward to

a strong/kangta explosion/wave throughout Asia! KM News will

be there with KT and you.........

translated by Esther @OMK


S in Science Park

translated by Esther@OMK

After each of the members of S and the two other female celebs

are introduced, Lee MoonSei (main MC/host=Lee) welcomes the

guests to the show Science Park and thanks them for coming even

with their busy schedules (looking specifically at S).

S: Oh, thank you for having us (as they bow/greet the MCs)

Lee: You do know that this is a competition? (S replies "yes")

Did you prepare for the show? You do know this is science?

(JH laughs...)

KT: Actually, we came not knowing what type of competition this

will be. I'm thinking that the MCs will probably have an advantage

over us....

Lee asks Ah YuMi (singer from the group Sugar?=Yumi) whether

she was aware of what this show is about and the competition.

Yumi replied that she knows this show well, but that she's worried

since she was so terrible in science in school.

ShinJee (female singer from the group Koyote) replies jokingly,

"There's nobody that's good (in science) here!" (all laugh)

Tak JaeHoon (Gagman/Singer=Tak): But I guess the MCs here

would be better (than the guests)...we invite guests to the show

but you'll never see those guests win! (all laugh)

ROUND 1/First Game:

Then a clip plays, explaining the first science game they will

compete in (the first to shoot water through and tear their opponent's

paper hat wins!).

Lee explains the game briefly and says to shoot at the paper hats.

JH: So we can dodge the water shots and avoid getting wet, right?

Tak: Dodge my shots? You think you can keep from getting hit

by me?

JH and Tak start to spin.

Lee: Do you feel yourselves speeding up? Don’t shoot right away.

After you spin for a while, listen for my, "Ready, Start!" before

starting to shoot the water guns at each other....ok START!!

After a while, Lee tells JH and Tak to stop shooting at each other

but the two continue to shoot at each other!^^

After they stop spinning, Tak takes off his hat and...

Tak: Look at what JH did to me. (He’s all wet!)

Female voice (Shinjee?): Oh! JH oppa’s face didn’t get wet at all!

Lee: JH penetrated Tak’s paper so JH wins!

ShinJee: Actually, as she (the other female host) took off the hat

it ripped...

Tak: Well, it’s fine that the paper has a hole in it, but what are you

going to do about me? (Laughter...then Tak shoots water at

JH saying, “You bad boy!”)

Then Shinjee (MC team) beats Yumi (Star Team)...because of 4

or 5 tiny drops of water on her opponent’s paper!

Next up - HS and Kim SangHyuk (MC Team)

Lee: HS is, contrary to his looks, actually a tough guy – is this not true?

(looks at HS and asks) Do you cry after you drink alcohol? (HS laughs)

Tak then talks about how Sang has never lost a game.

HS: Since Sang never lost, I will make him lose today.

Sang: When we compete among ourselves (MC Team), I may win,

but when with others...well, I’ve lost many times (hmmm...feeling

a little stress?^^)

HS does very well and after HS and Sang stop spinning....

Tak: Oh, HS’ (hat) looks like it’s been dried. But Sang’s looks

like it’s been dunked in water!...Oh, what’s this? (As Tak intentionally

rips the hat).

Then Chung JeeYoung (MC Team) beats Lee JeeHyun (Star Team)

in the next female match. (Score is now Stars 2: MCs 2)

Next up - KT and Lee!

Tak jokes about Lee’s long face (this is a longstanding joke

about Lee - people joke that his face is like that of a horse...long)...

Tak: You may try shooting up and down like this (Tak moves his arms

up and down)...this strategy may work well for you! (to KT)

Lee: (reminding Tak) But don’t I need to win for the MC Team?

So..how do you suppose I should shoot at KT?

Tak: Hmmm, I wonder...well, KT, since Lee is older than you

and since he will get really cranky if he gets wet...just keep that

in mind (and KT just keeps on smiling)^^

Lee: So it’s 2-2 (tied) now, right?

Shinjee (to KT): Lee has never been through any embarassing

situations (where he looks foolish or disoriented) during his

entire time on Science Park – today with your help, it looks

like we’ll be able to see such a situation! (KT laughs)

Tak: Ok, I’ll start you off (and even before the spinning begins)

“Start!!” (Laughter)

As KT and Lee spin and shoot each other, they are both very

good and both actually shoot holes through each others’ paper.

Voices: Wow! KT, you’re good!

When they are told to stop, Lee quickly shoots water at

KT’s face – KT laughs.

Voices (to Lee): Hey! You can’t do that! You’re cheating!

Tak: Wow! This was the best competition! And KT shot a hole

through Lee’s paper first – so KT’s the winner!

(A very surprised Lee says, “oh really?”)

KT: Since I won, I want to shoot him once! (Ah...sweet revenge!^^)

With KT’s win, Star Team gets the winning point for this round.^^

ROUND 2/Second Game:

Clip plays and explains the “remove a block until the blocks

tumble game.” The team who causes the blocks to fall

loses. (There’s just talk about which block to pull

amongst the teams, so there’s really nothing to translate

in this game) MC Team wins the point for this round.

ROUND 3/Third Game:

Explanation: Grab the rice cake with your mouth while kneeling

and with your hands behind your back.

KT goes first^^

Tak: (jokes) I just found out the fact that KT kneels very well,

don’t you agree? (Joking that KT does this often – in Korean

culture, kneeling is done when you’re asking for forgiveness

and you want to show that you have no shame in being in such

a humble position.)

HS: (adds jokingly) Yes, when considering the whole act of

kneeling, KT is our country’s best expert kneeler!

KT succeeds in this game!^^

Then Tak succeeds too – but barely (he has a hard time)

HS then succeeds and with great ease!

Lee: Wow...you know...that’s the difference between “dance”

singers and “trot” (folk song) singers (I guess Tak is a trot


Then JH is up!

Tak: (jokes) JH will have no problem with those lips of his.

They stick out about 3 cm.

JH looks real serious and just stares at the rice cakes while

he strategizes...

Tak: Actually, don’t just look at the cakes...you’re supposed

to grab one of them. (JH cracks up and blows flour everywhere

– he doesn’t succeed...T_T note: they are getting further and

further away from the plate of cakes with each player)

Next is Lee.

Tak forms the cake long with his fingers.

Shinjee: yes, long...like your face.

Lee: Why are you touching the cake and making it dirty?!

(looks to the producers of the program) - Can you please

give me a new piece of cake please?

Then those that succeeded go another round...

KT is up again but at a much further distance... he fails T_T

After everyone gets through, because Sang (MC Team) is

the last to succeed with nobody left, MC Team get the winning

point for the round. (Current Score: MCs 2/Stars 1)

ROUND 4/Fourth Game:

Explanation: Run across the thick clay quickly, eat the cookie,

and run back – it’s a relay! The quicker team with the better

time wins! Note: this clay hardens if you put force against it

(like hitting it or pounding on it) but you will sink if you slowly

press in (like with your weight!).

The MC Team take a long time due to someone sinking....

Lee: Star Team, do you think that we were fast or that we

were slow?

KT: You were slow.^^

Then Lee tries to make excuses that the time was affected

by one teammate falling in...and that their time was in fact

really good, considering....

Then HS says that they will run in the order of man-woman-

man-woman-man. Tak responds by joking that it’s really

woman-woman-man-woman-man....(because HS is so pretty?)

Then Lee pours water into the clay! HS tries to stop him.

Lee says that he’s doing so because the clay became

hardened due to their team’s running on it...(cheating??)

Then the Star Team does really well and beats the MC

Team’s time!^^

(Did you see how fast KT and HS were?! Such ease!^^

How about the cute way JH ran? What a crack up!^^)

Because the Star Team wins this round, the overall

score gets tied 2-2...

Lee and Tak chat about the score being tied and that they

want victory...Lee tries to make excuses that the Star Team

won this round since the MC Team went first. Lee said that

the Star Team learned from what the MC Team did wrong

and strategized accordingly...

HS: But you even poured water before we went.

Lee: (contradicting his earlier comment about pouring

the water because the clay was too hard) Actually, pouring

water makes the clay harder...you know, like the concrete

pavement hardening after rainfall....

Then in order to break the tie, the teams pick their best 3

players for a quick short relay. Unfortunately, the Star

Team (KT, HS and Yumi) lose by 2 seconds

(37secs vs. 39secs)! T_T

At the end of the show...

Score recap: MCs 3: Stars 2...

Tak: (jokes) Again, today, because the guest team didn’t win

I’m so very happy (laughter).

S (HS?): This clay is really amazing...

Shinjee: yes, the first time we did it, we thought so too

(see.....they did this before....but this was the first time

for S – they did great!!^^)

S (JH?): I want to take some of that clay home! (Laughter)

Then the penalty to the losing team.....Eating some strange

cookie with smoking fumes...(did you see the fumes

coming out of their noses as they chewed?! Yikes!)


Translation To Suh Sae Won Vod





Kangta & Vanness Radio Interview ( Haha's 1010 Club )on 16th May 2006


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney

haha: (during introduction) Korea has H.O.T. and Taiwan has F4....

In between these 2 groups, looking and smelling better than flowers,

2 best singers from them have

met and have formed another group to 'rock' the whole of Asia...

They are now in SBS studio....

They are........

Korea's Kangta, Taiwan's Kangta, Asia's Kangta guy named Ahn Chil Hyun,

my friend in HOT!!

If i can listen to him live, i'll be very touched!! He's so chamring when

he sings 'live'...

a guy with a voice so gentle is ......my dear friend, Kangta....

KT: Hello, nice to meet you.

haha: And...and..and....

from Taiwan, a charming guy from F4....

(jokingly) how are you ? who are you?? Actual name is Wu Jian Hao...

what a handsome and charming guy!!

With a good voice and smooth complexion...how can you have such

a good complexion???

Really, really very handsome!!!

I'm wearing the same T-shirt and shoes as yesterday's...

KT: What a shame!!!!

haha: Oh....i want to be sandwiched in between 2 handsome hunks,

let me join in!!

I'm not alone on stage today....i'm now holding an album not yet released....

Let's welcome Kangta and Vanness...Vanness and Kangta......

(Gosh!!What a long winded introduction!!!!)

KT: It's been a long time since i went onto radio program, so i'm very

happy now!!

Though i feel ashamed for letting Vanness see haha's dressing/outfit

(coz he hasn't changed his clothes since yesterday!!),

but i hope we can enjoy ourselves tonight!!

I told Van that the former DJ was RIPO , he didn't do a good job, so the

DJ has been changed to another handsome, charming and successful guy

named HaHa....i want to give Van a surprise!!

I'm very happy to see everyone, hope everyone will like this new album

which has taken a long time to prepare and record...and will try to promote

it as much as we can.

Van greeted everyone (i won't translate his part as they are in english....)

haha: What's Van's first mpression of me??

Van: Very handsome....

KT: I think he's lying.....

Haha : what's the album about ? What does it make up of??

KT: It's a modern music, ballads ...though there aren't a lot of lyrics, but

it gives off some charms...

going by the titles, Crunk and B (what's that???) is very popular nowadays....

in order to let more fans enjoy their music, their songs comprise of

different styles....

Tonight is the first time we are listening to songs from this album....

so i'm very nervous!!

haha: The album hasn't been released right ? Then what's this???

KT: It's the master tape/cd....

haha: Wow...master tape...making me nervous too!!!

How did you guys decide to come togther to produce this album??

KT: We met in 2004....(talking about their histroy...how they met etc...

sorry.....to lazy to repeat)

And Van has the intention of developing his career in Korea...

so thought might as well have an album together and it's done after

after 1 year's preparation.....

Van: (speaking in english)

Van is now talking about what he likes to eat in Korea....

Haha: Oh...our BBQ pork..the best in Korea!!!!!

Now alot of people has text me to ask Van whether he's nervous

facing me!!

I'm very curious what's your first impression of each other???

Be truthful, ya???

KT: Please think before you speak in english!!(jokingly to haha!!)

Van : *speaking in english....* (i love how he said KT's so pretty!!!)

KT: My first impression of Van is he's a very friendly and kind person....

haha: I'm shocked and mesmerised by his body!!! His muscles are so huge ??

KT: Oh....you can see his muscles even better during rehearsal....his body is

very beautiful !! (Oh...er.... he looks too bulky to me!! KT's body is better!!)

haha : Kangta!! Don't you have it too?????

KT: (i can't understand what he said about himself.. ??)

haha: I'm very curious.....how do you rate yourself in F4 ??

including KT....

Van : *answered in english*

KT talks about how this album is refreshing.....a different approach altogether...

how he hasn't been singing fast numbers for a long time....

so there are dance numbers to look forward to...

Scandal is being played........

haha: We have received a lot of textes saying Chinese and Koreans are

very proud of KT now....

So when was your first peformance of your new songs??

KT : Last Sunday (at Inkigayo show) we were very nervous....

and we are glad the repsonse was pretty good....

haha: Oh...our KT is so handsome....although he has been all along...

But he's especially handsome today....looking like a representative from Korea!!!

KT: I'm also very proud of haha...i'm not joking!!

haha is a fantastic DJ in Korea...good in english too!! I'm proud of you!!

haha: Oh...my hyung!! (my brother!!)

Van: Talking about the quality of korean music....

They had a gather together with a singer (What's her/his name?? ) and

they kept talking about their album...

that through his conversation with Van, he realised the quality of korean

music is pretty high..and he's proud of it....


(i don't quite understand this part too...)

haha: I've learnt chinese before....still can recall some...

but don't know the meaning...care to explain ?? I learnt it from school.

KT: (introducing 127 days) I wrote/compose this song through my personal experience!!

Haha: Wow...personal experience????

*127 days being played*

haha: ok...now that we have finished listening to Scandal, let's go back

to our questions.

Beside me is our cute and lovely Kangta....and our charming Vanness!!

K&V's music is universal, there is never an end to love, mystery and passion!

Fans said that tonight is my opportunity to learn english and at the same

time be with 2 charming guys!!

Wow....after meeting Van, i find his english is really good....

KT: Before this interview, haha did communicate with Van in english...

and he can't understand or can he ?? oh ..his english is good!!(jokingly)

Van: *replied in english*

haha: Fans said you are a great guy (to Van) and are happy to see him in Korea.

Fans also said that Kangta's voice is still as mesmerising as before even though

he hasn't been performing in Comeback for a few years...his voice hasn't died!!

Van, do you know the song 'Never Say Die' ??

(It's a song that haha invented/compose in the studio)

It can also be heard in karaoke lounges...sang by KT!!

KT: Oh...so the composer for this song is our haha then??

haha: Let us listen to our F4, Van sing it now.....'Never Say Die'...

*They are singing the songs now*

haha: KT...you said you wrote 127 Days through your personal experiences...

You met her 127 days after breaking up.....tell us about your feelings truthfully..

Let's listen to KT's love story...what type of girls does he like...

KT: My blood is type B...belongs to a very passionate category of character...

so i really treasure friends, they are very important to me....

but that's where the problems come in...

his girlfriend complains he's always with his friends and doesn't

need her as much as them!!

haha: After breaking up, you met her after 127 days....

KT: I'm one who doesn't cling onto her, i'll be very careful with my actions...

even if i can't bear to let her go, i respect her decision to break up....

and this recent girl...i met her coincidentally again after 127 days....

I was like a different person, not myself....felt very nervous...

even when i wanted to pretend to be natural, i can't do it....

haha: Did you greet her???

KT: Yes..i did....i was sooooo nervous that i shivered......

words just couldn't come out from my mouth....

so i went for a drink with my friends with that kind of feelings....and wrote

the song 127 days after reaching home!!!!

haha: If she decides to come back to you now, are you willing to accept her??

KT: I don't think it's possible in reality.....and after such a long break...

i really don't know....

haha: If there's a possibility, i'm sure you won't miss out this opportunity right?

KT: I don't know!! (ah...his laughter is so shy here!!)

haha: ah...that's it! that's it!!!

Now it's Van's turn to talk about his first love.....

*Van's scene now..*

KT to Van : I think she's from America, right??

haha: Oh...i'm so touched by KT and Van's love story!!

haha: KT...what's the most stressful thing for you when you are doing

activities in China ? Loneliness??

KT: Yes... i'm always alone there....no partners around me....

so feel very lonely...and when i'm performing alone, i really feel very lonely...

Though i have learnt some chinese but i still can't communicate freely...

that's why it's inconvenient and am lonely then!!

haha: So what's the most encouraging thing that spur you on then??

KT: It should be my chinese fans...coz they always bring food for me when i'm

there....although we differ in language, they are still very loving

and very supportive of me!! So i guess this is the reason i don't feel

discourage easily....

haha: Oh...i'm so proud of kangta!!!!

KT: I'm very proud of you too haha...except for your dressing!!!!!

haha talking about Van's joining Sori concert...etc.....

I love the way KT speaking english..the way he said 'i think it's 2006'!!

so cute!!!

Go on to talk about the lyrics of One Day...

Then KT go on to sing Becoz Of You in Xman....

Haha: Now this song can be dl from the internet.....

KT: (after singing) I'm sorry...my throat is not too good today...

can't continue any longer....

Van saying how he's so mesmerised by KT's singing.....

KT: I'm happy to be your program....i always hear other artistes saying they are

happy being here...and i do listen to your program in my car...

but I only realised that this is really a great radio program after being here

and experiencing it myself!!!

haha is really a very charming DJ....except please take note of your dressing!!

Both Van and i will work hard by going on programs....not only in Korea but

in Asia as well so that more people will take notice of us.....



Translation to MusicWave Talkshow....

translated by Bita Stone/stoney

Sorry if some words don't match the exact meaning coz my chinese sux.... :(


^^this is the part where he's suppose to demonstrate how he sweet talk his ex-g/f...


MC: (to V) Heard you are a fan of KT??

V: Yes...Yes...

KT:Really?? Really??

V: Yes...yes....

MC: Can you rememebr any of his songs then???

V: *sang a short verse frm Polaris*

KT: Oh mai....Don't sing...don't sing....it's ok...(love his expression here!!!)

MC: Let's test them on their personality now.....get to know them better....

Q1. Where do you wish to go and have fun right now??


V: Beach

MC: Let's see what the opposite sex finds you attractive with this answer...

For KT, you chose mountain.....the opposite sex will find you very hardworking...and that you will

put your heart and soul in everything you do and is very passionate!!!

Wow.....it has truly described you....a very humble Kangta...

MC: Now it's Vanness's turn.....you chose beach...

oh mai....the opposite sex is attracted to your sexy body!!!!

(so this is the part where tata laughed tilting up his legs!!)

MC: Tell me how is your ex-g/f attracted to you?? In what way???

KT: My ex-g/f is attracted to the way i sweet talk her...(i cun really translate this word...)

MC: Can you demonstrate to us ??? Let our fans see how you sweet talk her....

tata is soooo shy here....

KT: ok...i'll just use my voice to demonstrate...

*so shy...covering his head with his hands*

"Darling....where are you now??"

MC: How about V ??

V: Lips....

Then you see tata touching his lips!!! :sweatingbullets:

Q2. What flavour ice cream do you like?

KT: Chocolate

V: Strawberry

MC: In this test, it shows that KT (who likes chocolate) likes a romantic date out....

Likes to date his g/f in a serene, romantic Coffee Cafe and a walk in the park under the moonlight....

MC: V's choice is very intellectual...likes to bring her to musical and cultural shows...

MC: Which place would you like to bring your g/f to on your date??

KT: Amusement Park....go on rides with her and accompany her on rides that she's afraid to try on....

V: Europe.....

MC: Wow....that's a very cool answer!!!

KT: Hey....me too!!! me too!!

i also wanna bring her to Europe!! (his expression is soooooooo cute here!!!) :rolleyes:

Oh mai...why is my answer so normal/common compared to his??

(sounding like a little boy here!! so adorable!!)

MC: But now..their greatest scandal is their song Scandal...

Now let us watch them perform Scandal....

^^More Translation to the above VOD (Music Wave Talkshow)

It's a series of notes done by a Korean fan who attended the MusicWave event @ 01/06/2006. Original text is by faith27 @ KTD, Chinese translation by monmon @ AnQiXuan.com | 安七炫.com, English translation by yours truly, damouse. I'm just going to translate the whole article, so the "I" used is referring to the fan herself...and yeah. Brackets () are my own notes either to clarify things or just to be stupid, and brackets [] are faith27's own words.

BEGIN TRANSLATION ----->Translation done by Demouse

I wasn't picked for the (SBS MusicWave) event, but luckily someone I know was, so I got to attend the event. We were there from early morning until 1PM, then we got our number. Just after we got our number, coincidentally KangTa and Vanness arrived for their rehearsal. From the window, KangTa was looking to be very handsome. (^^;;) They were hurrying in, and then someone called them, and they went to the waiting room.

Me and the other latecomers went into the studio, and we heard the live version of Scandal...KangTa's voice is very strong and seemed to carry through walls...I'm really touched! Today, besides Scandal, what else will they sing? I'm just thinking. After Scandal, they left the rehearsal hall (for another event?). There are two events today, and the other event also required their live presence (I think, I'm not too sure of this part). KangTa and Vanness were working really really hard.

The fans were getting excited and a little restless in the studio...after seeing their lively rehearsal and the joking/playing around atmosphere, they needed to leave again...for lunch? No, they needed to go to another studio for another rehearsal. It was really tiring for them! Around 5.30PM, I reached the (second) hall. KangTa and Vanness' rehearsal was finished, and they needed to be at the other event, so they had to hurry. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to make it live for this event, but fortunately they made it.

(I'm so sorry if this part is confusing, but I don't know how to translate the names of the studios/halls!)

Around 6.30, I finally settled into the hall (where MusicWave was going to take place), I found my seat and was really excited to see our KangTa perform. KangTa finally appeared, and eh, he was alone? Where's Vanness? As I was thinking, the music started, and KangTa was singing Park Myung Ha's "Only Love". At that moment, my feelings were like when KangTa sang "WildFlower" for the first time, that kind of rush of emotions....I really want to thank KangTa (for choosing a different song), for I thought it would be Scandal, and then 127 Days, and then maybe WildFlower...

Of course I really want to listen to the live version of 127 Days so I was a little disappointed, but I'm sure I'll have a chance next time! But it's important to be able to listen to KangTa singing Park Myung Ha's song.

There was a guy sitting in front of me, before taping started, they decided to confess to KangTa on stage [of course it was a joke]. One of them kept looking at KangTa, and saying "He's really too good looking". I sat there and laughed to myself.

When KangTa was singing, Kim Ryun-Ya (The hostess of the show) looked quite emotional, as if she wanted to read KangTa (haha). After he sang, KangTa said that he hadn't taken part in Korean music events in a very long time, so he was really nervous, therefore he didn't do a good job, and he apologised to the fans. Fans disagreed with him, and he thanked them again. He went on to say that he wasn't here having activities in Korea alone, he had a partner, but he wasn't a Korean partner...and then he introduced Vanness, saying that Vanness will sing the Korean song "Missing/Thinking Of", and KangTa walked off to the sidestage.

The set-up of the sidestage has a table, a long sofa and two armchairs, and Kim (calling her Kim for short, I don't know her real name anyway ) sat at the left armchair, and the translator sat at the right armchair. KangTa exchanged pleasantries with Kim and then sat down. KangTa then rested his hand on his chin and watched Vanness sing with a serious expression on his face. At times he will look at the audience, and hearing Vanness' fans calling his name loudly, he would smile happily. [i was waving my lightstick and I just turned towards KangTa, I couldn't help it. KangTa was too beautiful.] In the middle of Vanness' performance, Kim was asking KangTa questions, and he replied as he was watching Vanness perform.

After Vanness' song, he came over and sit down, and they started the official talk. Both of them asked after Kim. Kim asked them how they came together to form a group. KangTa gave the answer he always gave (I presume the whole Golden Melody Awards thing etc etc). Kim then said that she heard Vanness is KangTa's fan? Vanness said yes. After he heard Vanness, KangTa widened his eyes and asked, "Really? Really?" Vanness answered, "Really." Kim said that they looked like brothers, and KangTa asked, "I'm the big brother?" and everyone said no. Kim then asked how do the fans cheered Vanness on, and KangTa said, "One, two three, Vanness Jia You!" KangTa explained that it meant "FIGHTING". (I'm guessing that he spoke Mandarin here? )

Kim asked Vanness to sing one of KangTa's songs. Vanness thought for a while and started to sing a small portion of Polaris before forgetting the lyrics. KangTa laughed and pat him, telling him it doesn't matter, please do not sing anymore (XD). Kim asked them to say what is attractive about each other. Vanness said, "KangTa? Very handsome." KangTa said that Vanness had lived in America for a very long time, therefore he looks a little Western, he looks good and his face is pleasant, and he has a good body, and he is very good at RAPPING. KangTa is abundant with his praise for Vanness.

After that they were asked to do a psychological test.

(Additional notes to the first psychological test part) Kim and KangTa both agreed with the "sexy body" statement for Vanness, and I feel that Kim and KangTa are like a pair of very well-matched MCs! KangTa looked really good when he was talking. Kim comforted KangTa by saying even though that is Vanness' profile, that didn't mean that KangTa wasn't sexy (I AGREEEE!!).

After that they were asked, what kind of girl would they like to meet? KangTa's reply was that he liked girls with a weak (??) side even if they act strong. It was once commented that KangTa looked 'cool' but he is actually very friendly and down-to-earth. Kim agreed, that KangTa doesn't look like a typical 'star', he's friendly and has a good personality. (I think...I don't get this part very well). Kim didn't ask Vanness and was about to move on, and fans protested. She apologised and asked the translator to translate to Vanness. Vanness thought for very long, and then said he wasn't sure. KangTa helped him say that he likes interesting girls, someone who looks a little like an actress for a drama. KangTa seemed to have have taken over the translator's job! Vanness was working hard, he worked very hard to sing "Missing" just now, and even showed off a range of high vocals. Kim asked him whether did KangTa teach him that? KangTa said that they were watching TV and learnt it together, Vanness was interested.

(The ice-cream test portion)

(Additional notes) Vanness said he liked STING's concerts, and Kim agreed, so they were chatting for a little while and neglecting KangTa. KangTa interjected and said that they were getting along very well, and he was feeling jealous [??].

When asked about the place they would really want to go for a date (besides the amusement park/Europe bit), Vanness said "Car." and continued to say "Like that...EVERYDAY...DRIVE..." and immitated the movements of driving a car. KangTa laughed at him again, and said Vanness has a special skill where everyone can understand the English he says, and he immitated the driving movements along with Vanness, really cute! KangTa's English was limited, so Vanness used very simple English to get his point across. Vanness is really considerate!

And then they were asked about their live scandals. KangTa said, six years ago, his "scandals" were pretty wild, even his love life is a huge scandal/rumour. Vanness' answer was special, he said, "the promotion of this album is a big scandal." KangTa immediately said, "I agree!" (in the same manner he responded when Vanness said he wanted to go Europe, I think).

After that, KangTa and Vanness prepared to sing Scandal, and had their make-up retouched. KangTa apologised for taking such a long time, and asked Vanness to apologise as well. Vanness then dutifully apologised. It was really funny and cute! Fans were calling for Vanness, and then suddenly, a pair of voices from the back called out "KANGTA JJANG!" very loudly. And then Scandal started.

They sang another song after Scandal, "Live's Fate/Destiny", and asked the audience to sing along. After that, they thanked the audience and exited.


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Guest BiTa Stone

Translation to Selected Vod/News Clips

Taiwan Press conference interview


Translated by Demouse

KangTa & Vanness, the cross-country singing sensation group, have started the Asian promotion of Scandal. In this show, they performed Scandal live. The energy on the dance stage was powerful, showing the power of the duo.

During their interview, one can tell from the number of microphones in front of them, that heavy emphasis and importance are placed upon this duo. KangTa's mic even 'flew' out of his hands, causing the superstar to have a shock. This powerful duo will not only have promotion in Taiwan, they will go to China for promotion during the weekend.

Vanness: June 17th, will be TaoYan and TaiZhong, June 18th, Taipei and Tainan. (All details at) Sony Website. Thank you (some guy).

KangTa: (In Mandarin) I'm very happy to see you all in Taiwan. Thank you. I love you all.

2006.06.12 Showbiz Wan Quan Yu Le Interview


Translated by Demouse

Hosts: Welcome, Vanness and KangTa! How are you...?

KangTa & Vanness: Thank you, thank you, and how are you?

Host 1 (guy with the baseball cap): Actually, I personally am looking forward to this interview. Because this is a cross-country project, and both of you are very good at dancing, and singing. And now you're working together as a duo! Can you tell us, how did the idea come about?

Vanness: We met during the 2004 Golden Melody Awards, and our companies...and then we were talking about it, and then we realised that we can have...uh...

Host 1: This sort of plan (to collaborate)?

Vanness: Yes, and the companies asked us, whether would we be interested? At that time I have no complaints, I just said yes.

KangTa: (In Mandarin) Me too.

Host 1: (laughing) "Me too!" (repeating what KangTa said)

Host 2 (the other guy): So the two of you share the same situation.

[Note: Is Host 2 Kingone Wang? Just wondering...I might be way off base]

Host 1: I'm just wondering, what are some of your thoughts/feelings on working together? Because both of you came from groups, and now you just formed a new group together, what are your feelings towards each other?

Vanness: Feelings towards each other...well, I only have good thoughts towards him.

Host 1: Good feelings eh? In what particular aspect/area that you admire about him...?

Vanness: I was in Korea before this, and the whole album was produced in Korea, recording, photo-taking...and KangTa took good care of me all the while. He was afraid that I'll be bored alone, and he would take me out for good food. And this time I feel a bit apologetic towards him because our time in Taiwan is not long, and every day we have a lot of work to do. So what I do is, I stuff him with Xiao Long Baos everyday. *laughs*

Host 1: Haha...Xiao Long Baos...

KangTa: (In Mandarin) Thank you...Xiao Long Bao(샤롱바오^^;)...thank you!

Host 1: So what are KangTa's feelings towards Vanness?

KangTa: 아.. 일단 뭐 너무나 자기관리가 철저하고, 그런 모습에 제가 반했구요.

그리고 대만에 와서도 형처럼 잘 챙겨주셔서 너무나 좋습니다.

KangTa: (translated from Korean) I like Vanness' orderly life and (I can't quite catch this part...it's either 'necklace' or 'principles' and I think principles made more sense x.x) in Taiwan, Vanness is like a big brother to me, he treats me very well.

Vanness: (in Korean) 정말? Really?

KangTa: (in Mandarin) Really.

Vanness: (in Korean) Thank you.

KangTa: (in Mandarin) Thank you.

Host 1: Oh...I feel that the two men are quite similiar. But on second glance, I feel that you might also be a little overly polite with each other! I'm also wondering, what are the feelings you want to present to the fans?

Vanness: Actually, the most important meaning to our project is that...I feel that being an entertainer in Asia is quite difficult, and at the same time, it is concentrated, like, Taiwan artistes based in Taiwan, Korea in Korea, Japan in Japan. Asia is quite scattered. Not like American artistes and European artistes, they can work together and they are united. So I hope that the Asian entertainers can be united and work together, and we hope Japan can work with Korea, Korea with Japan, Japan with Taiwan...and Asians can...

Host 1: Can be reunited, right? And there's no discern between countries of different artistes. And have more powerful performances, there'll be different feels when artistes of different countries collaborate.

Host 2: Yes, right, and now I am just wondering, what does Scandal represent in terms of music style and such, what do you want to send as a message?

Vanness: Uhh...this one I'll let KangTa...

KangTa: 남자다운 터프함도 있지만

그 반면에 숨어있는 부드러움과 스마트함, 이런걸 보여드리고 싶었구요.

노래에서는 강하지만 편하게 들을수 있는 그런 컨셉으로 해봤어요.

KangTa: (translated from Korean) I want to show a side of two men that is tough, but they have their soft side and their 'smart side'. From terms of music, I want to show something strong, but also can be comforting music.

Host 1: So from the music aspect, both of you discussed it?

Vanness: Yes...actually, two songs in the album are written by KangTa, music and lyrics, and I wrote the rap lyrics.

Host 1: So this brings a closer aspect of both of you towards the album. And also, there wasn't any difficulty about the band name, right? Just KangTa & Vanness - which is the group name, and you'll be having a lot of activities in Taiwan and meeting all the people, so let's just quickly run through the schedule!

Vanness: The schedule is, June 17th 3PM at TaiYuan, 7PM at TaiZhong. And on June 18th, 2PM at Taipei Xi Men Ding and 6PM at Tainan. If there are any problems, you can log online onto the Sony BMG website (www.sonybmg.com.tw).

Host 1: I hope everyone can make it, I think everyone is looking forward to this cross-country collaboration. If you are there live, maybe you can see even more amazing performances, and you can listen to their messages from their music.

Host 2: Please support KangTa & Vanness at the weekend activities!

Host 1 & 2: Thank you for coming onto our program today!

KangTa & Vanness: Thank you.

[Article] TVBS News 2006-06-12

Translated by Demouse

From Korea's legendary H.O.T., KangTa, to Taiwan's F4 member Vanness Wu, they have formed a cross-country duo, breaking into the entertainment market. Their album will consist of three languages, Chinese, Korean and ENglish, and they aim to let the whole of Asia to listen to the album. When asking how do the two of them converse, KangTa laughed and said he didn't manage to learn any Chinese, but there was significant improvement to his English.

KangTa: Being together with Vanness, I didn't manage to learn any (additional) Chinese but there has been improvements to my English. My English was not good at all to begin with, but it is improving as of late.

Even if their nationality and language are different, but both men loves music, therefore there wasn't any great barrier to their communication.

Vanness: When there are 4 of us (he meant F4), I got along with them very well. I also get along with KangTa very well, there wasn't any big difference. Maybe I am just an easy person to get along with!

Mentioning the GMA performance and the MV, how come Vanness is the only one that shows off his body? KangTa was generous with his praise, saying that Vanness has a good body, therefore he should show it off.

Vanness: Listen to KangTa sing, and look at my body! Haha! Nah, I'm kidding.

KangTa: His body is better than mine!


After Golden Melody Award Red Carpet interview


Translated by m1d0r1j4d3

R[reporter]: Please ask Kangta to say greetings in Chinese.

V: Please say hello to....

K: Hello everyone. I'm Ahn Qixuan. I'm very happy to meet you all.

R: You've recently formed a duo collaboration. Could you please tell us how you feel so far and what are your expectations.

[i'm trying really hard to listen to the reporter's question, but it's rather hard coz the volume isnt good]

V: We're very nervous and happy because we feel that we're slowly achieving the goal/purpose of our collaboration.

R: Can you tell us more about your outfit.

V: Our outfits were designed by Korean designer - Lee Seung Hee?

K: Lee Seung Hee.

V: We actually wanted to wear it earlier, but since we felt that it's rather unique, we decided to wear it for today's occasion.

translator: 레드카펫에 섰는데 기분이 어때요?

How do you feel about the Red carpet?

K: 너무나 기분좋구요. 그담에.. 생각보다 많은 팬들이 반겨주셔서 너무 반갑고, 또 이렇게 취재진들도 나와주셔서 반겨주셔서 너무나 기분이 좋았습니다.

(I feels very happy. And then.. many fans and repoters give me a warm welcome than I had expected. So I feel good.)

K: (tru translator) He feels very happy to be here, didn't think there would be such a crowd turnouts. He feels really fortunate to be able to participate in such event.

R: Thank you.

K&V: Thank you.

Backstage after performance interview


Translated by m1d0r1j4d3

H1 [Host]: How are you feeling up there?

V: Good! Not bad at all. The stage is abit slippery, but it's ok.

H1: Ah, you're still panting. Wow...your body's really in good shape!

(Kangta appeared)

H1+H2: Welcome to Taiwan, taipei. Aneyohasaeyo.

K: Hello. Nice to meet you. Aneyohasaeyo!

H1: Wanna say 'hi' to the Taiwan people out there?

K: Hello. I'm Kangta. I'm very happy.

H2: This is the backstage special interview. You've just performed on stage, how do you feel about the 'chemistry' between the the two of you. And what do you think of each other's dance? Do you feel there's room for improvements for each other's dancing?

V [to K]: How do you feel about the show?

K: very good.

(H2 - says smtg...but I cant quite catch it.)

V: Dance level? I think so far so good. We feel compatible. Fully dedicated to our work.

H1: Do you usually go out for fun as well?

V: yes. He[referring to KT] would bring me out and show me around when I was in Korea.

H1: How do you feel about Vanness? He was talking shi*t- he was saying that you played with him. Did you take him out when he was in Taipei..ugh..Korea?

K: just a little bit

H1: What do you want to see about Taiwan.

K: um...beautiful Taiwan girls?

(Everyone laughed.)

H1: Ahhh you found the right guy. Taiwan's pimp, right there! [pointing at V].

(note: KT looks abit confused...dun think he understands the word pimp)

V: Nah! you're the pimp, man! We're just going to get you some good food, and continuing with our work.

K: Xiao Long Bao. (샤롱바오(소룡포) - 만두, 딤섬과 비슷한 거예요.)

V: Xiao Long Bao - that's right. He really likes Xiao Long Bao.

H1: Let's take a walk and talk.

So, apart frm eating Xiao Long Bao, any other place you would like to visit? eg. Night market...

V[to K]: Have you been to Night Market?

K: No.

V: I don't think he can go. When he arrived, he's lots of fans waiting for him and following him around to the hotel, at the rehearsal and they were like "oppa! oppa!" I so happy for him.

H1: How do you guys came up with the idea?

V: Actually I think to form a collaboration is not an easy thing to do between Asian artists. We're hoping that our collaboration will bring about more future collaborations amongst all the Asian artists.

H1: This is absolutely marvellous.

I think the entire S.E Asia should be able to see this show.

Is there anything you'd like to say to Asia fans? Not only Korea/Taiwan.

K: 감사합니다. 감사하구요.

앞으로 열심히 하는 강타와 우젠하오가 되겠습니다. 지켜봐주세요.

(Thank you. Thank you.

Kangta and Vanness will worked very hard. Please watch.)

H1: Ok, thank you. Take care, man.


Taiwan GTV Yu Le Bai Feng Bai


translated by demouse

F4's Vanness Wu and the ex-lead singer of Korea's biggest band H.O.T. KangTa, the two good looking-men have collaborated across countries and produced their album, Scandal. For this album, KangTa and Vanness broke the language and barriers and the album is presented in Korean, Chinese and English. Because of the language barrier and the fact that they are working together for the first time, at first they were strangers but they admired each other very much, especially KangTa, who has a lot of praise for Vanness' figure.

KangTa: "Vanness is a very orderly and disciplined person. Because of keeping fit, he can not eat the food that he really likes. He spends a lot of time keeping fit. This is one thing I want to learn."

Vanness also has a lot of praise for KangTa.

Vanness: "You listen to the album, he practises very hard to perfect his Mandarin pronounciation, and he's very diligent in learning Mandarin. He did promotion in China once and he did sing songs in Mandarin back then, so I feel that he is very hardworking in this aspect. He really want to create something different, so he treats me very..."

KangTa: (in Mandarin) "I'm very happy to see you all in Taiwan. Thank you. I love you all."

They were happy working together, because since the initial stages, they told each other to be honest.

Vanness: "I told KangTa, that if I do something you felt was bad or if you have an opinion on something I did, and he said the same thing, so I feel that this is quite important."

KangTa & Vanness, this wonderful new cross-country collaboration, will be sure to impress both cultures with the Korean and Taiwan mix, everyone please anticipate them!


Hosts: Welcome, KangTa & Vanness! Welcome, please sit down! And Miss Translator...thank you for your hard work! Oh, please sit next to KangTa!

Host 1 (in white): Ah, the cover for the album is very special, it looks like a magazine cover...

Vanness: Yes, yes...

Host 1: Just wondering why is it on one side you're facing downwards and he (KangTa) was facing the camera and on the other side, it's a frontal shot of you and a side-shot of him? (drops the CD booklet)

Host 2: Ah, be careful.

Vanness: This is...this, uh...

Host 1: Printing?

Vanness: No, uh, Photoshop.

Host 1: So it was put together (on computer).

Vanness: Yes, it's put together.

Host 1: So you didn't take the photo together?

KangTa and Vanness: No...it's put together.

Host 1: It's put together ya. It feels like a movie going up for screening soon, superhero feeling...

KangTa and Vanness: *laugh*

Host 1: So for the photo-taking for the cover, it was done seperately?

Vanness: Yes, some of it were done seperately, and some of it together.

Host 1: And then everything was put together. I feel that this is quite special, the feeling of a book, and let's see the contents. This is a sample, because the album is not released yet. How many songs are in the album?

Vanness: There are 10 songs.

Host 2: The lyrics booklet really look like a magazine.

Vanness: Because "Scandal" in Korea means...Best Issue.

Host 1: Rumours?

Vanness: No, that's the Taiwan translation. In Korean translation, it's "best issue", best news and most explosive news.

Hosts: Ah, best and explosive. So that means the Taiwan translation is wrong?

Vanness: Haha, I guess...

Host 2: No, it's just a problem of translation.

Vanness: Yes, because if you look at the American dictionary, there are a lot of different translations, so...

Host 2: So it just means popular news?

Vanness: Yes...

Host 1: And during this time's GMA awards, KangTa, is it the first time you attended such a grand-scale ceremony (in Taiwan)?

KangTa: (in Mandarin) Uh, it's the second time.

Hosts: Oh, it's the second time! The first time was also GMA awards, right?

Vanness: That's right.

Host 1: This time, what is it like performing with Vanness?

KangTa:(translated from Korean) The first time, I felt pressure because I was alone. This time, with two people on the dance stage, and I can perform more and let the people see more, so I feel happier.

Host 1: Actually there's a very "fight" feel to the music. When I was watching the MV, there was this scene with pushing when you guys met each other, was it done very roughly?

KangTa: (in Mandarin) I was hurt...(does the shoving motion)...when he...I was hurt. (hurt as in physical pain)

Host 1: Oh, you understood me?

Host 2: Oh, he said "I was hurt" (in Mandarin)! "I was hurt"!

Host 1: "I was very hurt?" Wow! So he really pushed you very hard?

KangTa: (nods) Yeah...

Host 1: But you need to apply some power to the push! So is there any competition between the two of you while filming the MV? Because when KangTa was in H.O.T., he was good at both singing and dancing, and you (Vanness) are in F4...

Host 2: Also good in dancing and singing.

Host 1: Right, so was there any form of competition/comparison of skills?

Vanness: A little bit, but I think it's a healthy way, because two men are challenging each other so they can become better.

Host 2: Right, so how do you feel, KangTa?

KangTa: (translated from Korean) In the MV, there was a lot of dance, and car-racing and it shows the competition between the two.

Host 1: This time you sang in Mandarin version, was it difficult?

KangTa: (in Mandarin) Yes, difficult, difficult.

Host 1: But your pronounciation was very accurate!

KangTa: (in Mandarin) Thank you!

Host 1: Yes, I was watching the MV and I was like, "Oh, it's Mandarin!" and there were lyrics appearing on screen, it was very accurate. So how do you (Vanness) feel about his enunciation?

Vanness: It is very good, I feel it is very good. When I first knew him, when he spoke, I can understand him. He is very diligent in learning Mandarin. Before this, he promoted his third album in China and he sang in Mandarin...so for this, I really admire him for this.

Host 1: Do you guys, like, have an hour at least where you speak only in Mandarin?

Vanness: No, that's not possible. Maybe I won't talk so much next time!

Host 1: So the way of communicating...mostly through English?

Vanness: Mostly English, a little Korean, and a little Mandarin...

Host 1: Yes, because you've filmed in Korea before, right, and you've worked with a Korean artiste before...?

Vanness: Yes, and when I was young, I had a lot of Korean friends, and they do sing, so I learned a bit of Korean back then.

Host 1: That's nice (and I couldn't catch what he said here).

Host 2: So on this sample, it says it will be released on the 16th...?

Vanness: Yes, the 16th.

Host 2: And you'll meet up with the fans, what are the activities?

Vanness: It's all here...wait...

(And it's all the same promotions they were talking about, 17th @ TaoYuan and TaiZhong, 18th @ Taipei and Tainan.)

Hosts: So please support them, thank you for coming onto the show!


Press Conference Translation by demouse

Korean singer KangTa and F4's Vanness Wu released their new single in Korea back in May, and now are in Taiwan to promote their album. They are performing their main theme, SCANDAL, which composes of the popular Crunk and B style now. With KangTa's energetic and strong vocals in addition Vanness' spot-on/gentle rapping, the two matched each other very well and the song is very catchy indeed.

Vanness: "I'm very happy to work with KangTa, because we share the same goals, we want to make this album a good one. So when I'm asked whether do I have the wish to work with him, I said yes, no problem. We work hard everyday, and we encourage each other when we work hard, and we feel very accomplished. Even if we speak different languages, we can still share the same thoughts, so I'm happy about that."

Korea is a new place for Vanness to work in, and he wasn't very used to the working conditions, including staying up several nights to film the MV as well as taking part in a lot of radio shows. And also he was needed to sing in Korean, which proved to be a little difficulty to him.

Vanness: "On our days off, we'll hang out together. There's this special place in Korea that is a massage parlour and it's very comfortable (for men). That day there is a funny incident. We have a small language barrier, so when I speak to KangTa in English, I try to speak it his way so he could understand it better. "

(I think he never finished the funny incident...the reporter interrupted him)

Reporter: "Do you know any phrases to sweet-talk girls in Korean?"

Vanness: "Sweet talking girls...!! Still okay...still okay..."

Despite the language barrier, both men share a good friendship. Vanness said that it's the same with F4 and with KangTa, he is naturally a friendly person.

Vanness: "I got along well with 4 people, and I get along well with KangTa. Maybe I am just a good person to get along with! When I was working with KangTa, I told him if there's anything you don't agree with me, please let me know, and he said the same. I feel that this is important, because of the language barrier, so if we have problems, we need to talk it out to improve our communication."

KangTa and Vanness also received an invitation from GMA to perform live, kicking off the first of their many promotions in Taiwan.


2006.06.14 Taiwan UFO Radio "黃子佼 's 音樂奇葩"

AOD Link : http://hompy.ollio.com/play.asp?fnm=hompy52433.wma

Translated by m1d0r1j4d3

DJ started with brief intro of the guests today, Kangta & Vanness. They made their greetings.

DJ: I'm sure some of you already know about it, but we're going to learn more about the background of this collaboration - how you end up collaborating, how the names come about, etc. We'll get Vanness to answer first.

V: I believe alot of people are surprised when they heard about the news for the first time. We first met back in GMA 2004. We talked about music and ended up wanting to work together. So, this idea only materialized after 2 years. I immediately agreed when asked about the collaboration.

DJ: ah, so their company contacted yours, first?

V: Not really, it's both management companies discussed it together.

DJ: So they didn't ask you?

V: No, they sorta discussed it first, then. But I think it's really a good idea, because all along I think that most Asian artists are too scattered. Unlike the America and Europe artists.... so I'm hoping that in future Asian artists would be more united. So why not having collaboration between Japan and Korea, Taiwan and Japan, Korea and Taiwan. I find during working together that we have same working attitude. He(referring to Kangta) is very hardworking. So I'm very happy about this collaboration.

DJ: Ok, so this is Vanness' view on the collaboration and what he hopes to achieve by it. So now let's ask Kangta about his view.

Kangta[tru translator]: The plan is to have this album spread all over Asia, so he feels very happy to be able to participate in this activity. Working with Vanness is very pleasant, overall, he's satisfied with what they have now.

DJ: So, how does the name come about?

V: Name?...

DJ: Aren't you called SCANDAL? [DJ who didnt bother to do his homework before interview ]

V: SCANDAL is the name of our title track

DJ: Oh, not the name of your group.

V: No. No.

DJ: So, you don't have group's name.

V: Group's name is made up of both our names. We wanted to keep it simple.

DJ: Ok...in this album we'll get to listen to Korean, Chinese and English songs.

SCANDAL song playing in the background - volume increased

DJ: Ah nowadays, we usually get call-ins and seldom we get faxes.

We have a fan of Kangta, faxing in. She said she's very happy to know that Kangta is here today.

She's now 28 yrs old and she's been a fan of H.O.T since 19 years old. She loves Kangta because

he's very talented and his voice very attractive. She wants to thank him because of him, she has taken interest in Korean language, liking Korean learning more about it. And she actually got to know her boyfriend in language class and she's getting married.[ ] - anyway, everything is because of of him [referring to Kangta]. So Kangta has caused a great change in her life.

Kangta laughs She said, although now she's living in Korea she doesnt have much time to watch Kangta's performances in Korea and this time, she actually returns to her home-country Taiwan to give Kangta much support. Especially now that Kangta is working with a Taiwan artist, she feels that she should give more support. Ah... I guess she's hinting whether you[Kangta] wants to attend her wedding party []

Kangta: Xie xie [thank you]

DJ: Kangta's been in the music industry for a while now, hasn't he?

V: yea, he's been in the industry for 10 years now.

DJ: How does Kangta feel towards Vanness? Before you get to know each other? Please be patient, it's in the midst of translation now. That's problem we often face because of language barrier....

V: How do you feel about me? your thoughts....... [trails off]

Kangta [tru translator]: He feels that Vanness is a kind person and he[Kangta] can learn alot of things frm Vanness. And Vanness is very serious towards his work.

DJ: Yes....I mean to say, before he[Kangta] get to know Vanness....what was his impression of Vanness.

Kangta[tru translator]: After watching METEOR GARDEN, his impression of Vanness is that he's a very gentle person, but after getting to know him, he[Kangta] think that Vanness is a very masculine man.

DJ: Ah...a man full of muscles...

Kangta: His hair is long.....

DJ: Yes, Vanness hair was rather long at the time. How about you, Vanness, what was your first impression of Kangta, before you get to know him.

V: Before I get to know him, he's already very popular - even in Taiwan, so I already paid close attention. Amongst the group member, I think his voice really stands out. He's got a very unique and attractive singing voice. After we work together I then learnt that he composes and wrote the lyrics of his songs - I feel he's very talented.

DJ: very talented indeed.

V: And he took a good care of me when I was in Korea. So much so that I felt rather embarassed. Thank you.

Kangta: Bu ke qi [ you're welcome].

DJ: So now it's his turn to come to Taiwan, so what have you done for him?

V: What have I done for him.... - what have I done for you? What did I...[directed towards Kangta]

Kangta: Ah..... he gave me Xiao Long Bao. Xiao Long Bao is very delicious. I love it. So everyday....., now I like Wu Jian Hao. [ Kangta actually said the whole sentence in Chinese ^^]

DJ: Haha, he's so cute. [referring to Kangta] So you treated him to Xiao Long Bao, how about him then? What did he do when you were in Korea? Did he bring you to eat anything special?

V: He brought me to eat seafood. There this crab dish..... all covered in chilli, sort of stir fry....and they stuff beansprouts in it. Ah just the thought of it. It's absolutely delicious!!! Sweet and spicy. And the crab meat is so tender...ah....

Commercial break - chinese version of 127 Days playing on the background followed by chinese version of GOOD VIBRATION.

DJ: Today we're interviewing Kangta & Vanness. Since there's Korean, English and Chinese songs in this album...so you [Vanness] sang in Korean and he[Kangta] sang in Chinese as well, right? Wow....you guys really put alot of efforts into this. Ok so let's talk about - since Kangta is the producer here, what does sort of style is he hoping to present to everyone....Vanness do you have any input......in the music part.

V: music wise.... I wrote the english rap section.

DJ: Oh...that's great.

V: We'd like to convey lively style....

DJ: Ah...how about Kangta? What sort of style he wishes to convey.

Kangta[tru translator]: The english rap section is written entirely by Vanness. He feels that Vanness has done really well and it's owing to Vanness that the album style really stands out.

V: Aww

DJ: He's certainly full of praises

Kangta: You're great! [in chinese]

DJ: But, Kangta you have written and composed songs as well, so this time for this collaboration, did he come out with something new, special ....like new direction of what sort of style they should be achieving, or he took some of the songs he's written before.....

Kangta[tru translator]: This time he wrote something based on the collaboration, based on the two of them working together, and wanting to give a new sensation and he hopes the everyone can feel it too.

DJ: The two of you have worked together for some time now...I'm sure you both notice each other's bad habits apart frm strong points.

There must be something that you think it's rather odd of your partner....or kinda weird habit... Vanness, you first.

V: weird?

DJ: Let's just say...something different - a habit that's not common.

V: um..... I actually think he's pretty....

DJ: perfect? ...

V: uhm...he's actually...

Kangta: go ahead say.....[in chinese again! I swear Tata's getting better! ^^]

DJ: it's ok take your time and think about it. We'll ask Kangta first, then. What's Vanness weird little quirks...

Kangta immediately answered in Korean.

DJ: Wah, he immediately thought of it!

Kangta[tru translator]: He finds Vanness a funny guy. And to say some funny little habits.... would be because Vanness wants to keep his well-shaped body, he's abstaining from certain food, and only eats certain vegetables and fruits. So eating with Vanness, Kangta feels guilty.

Kangta: I like to eat meat.

DJ: ah...yes...true. If we have someone who's on diet eating with us, we'd feel like we're so greedy and feel pressurized.

Vanness...have you thought of it.

V: I feel that Kangta is a very generous person. He'd pay for our every meal. I feel so embarassed. I guess you can consider that both as good and bad points? But to say something really special and different, would have to be...his sleeping hours. He can just sleep for 4 hours everyday.

DJ: So he doesnt like to sleep?

V: Because of work.... he's really hardworking.

DJ: Wah... that's really. Kangta, you don't need sleep? Sleeping everyday for only 3-4 hours. I would be in bad mood.

V: Sleeping for 8-9 hours here feels so good.

Kangta: I'm fine. I'm don't really mind.

DJ: So Vanness have something to be admired on...Do you admire Vanness good shaped body?

V: I think.....

Kangta[tru translator]: In fact he quite admires it, but he doesnt feel that he'd be able to achieve body like Vanness.

DJ: Yes, it must have require lots of maintenance and discipline. Can you tell us how you maintain good shape. At what age did you start?

V: I started at 20.

DJ: How did it come about? Was it spurred on by someone?

V: By a woman. [laughs] No...it was just that. I worked out after work so I woke up early...sleep early as well. That way I keep fit, I was slowly losing weight. Like I said, partly because of women... those who never paid attention to me, suddenly would give me another look, so it felt good. I kept it up and only after filming STAR RUNNER that I started to develop tans as well.

DJ: Kangta would you like to have a body like Vanness?

Kangta[tru translator]: No, he'd still like to eat what he likes to eat. As long as he stays healthy, it's enough.

mentioning activities dates.....

DJ: I feel that Kangta's really very serious and dedicated towards this album promotion. Would he be going to Tai Yuan as well, or would you be the only one going?

V: No...he'd be going as well. We both will.

DJ: Has Kangta been to Taiyuan before?

Kangta: No. It's my first time.

DJ - talks abt press conference, success promotion in korea, huge fans turn-outs, etc.

DJ: So, is the promotion in Korea over already?

V: No not yet. We're talking a short break because I have to prepare for my concert in Tokyo.

We'll do a little bit promotion in Japan after my concert. After that we'd return to Korea and continue with the promotion. We'd be going to HongKong as well.

DJ: Oh, you also have COURAGE in your album. How do you get to know the song?

Kangta: I love COURAGE. The melody is so beautiful.

DJ: So how do you know about the song? Where did you hear it from?

Kangta: just from radio.

DJ: So you heard the original?...

Kangta: Yes, I heard the original.

DJ: So was there any story behind the song? When you wrote the Korean lyrics for COURAGE....

Kangta[tru translator]: The lyrics he wrote is his own story, but he felt apologetic towards Vanness because the lyrics are a little bit hard to sing....in terms of pronounciation, etc.

Kangta: I'm sorry.

DJ: Let's have a listen....

Commercial break - fans call-ins after the break

First caller: Haoyi.

She simply said 'jia you' to Kangta - giving him encouragement.

2nd caller: XiaoWei

She got her bunch of friends (5 of them) shouted: Kangta saranghaeyo.

Proceeded to ask Kangta whether he remembered the cake they gave to him. Apparently they've given a cake to Kangta with his name written on it. Kangta said he knows. Xiao Wei asked whether they [Kangta & Vanness] have slept together before, since one of them have a habit of sleeping nude? {I assume....Vanness has tis habit?} Kangta said they've indeed slept in the same room before, but because at that time they were too tired to notice anything else. Lastly, the girl asked whether Kangta ate the cake and he said "Yes, I've eaten it".

"Was it delicious?", they asked. Kangta said,"delicious."

3rd caller: Phoebe frm HK.

Asking Vanness to take care of himself.

And apparently, the girl who sent a fax earlier on - the one getting married was downstairs and wanted to speak few words.

She got on the phone and said greetings to Kangta in Korean, she's getting married to her Korean boyfriend next year, March. So Kangta congratulated her. She cheekily asked about 'red packet' [hongbao], and Kangta said," Mei you hong bao. Hong bao mei you."

Basically translated: No red packet. ^^

4th caller: Peggie.

Greeted Vanness.

Asked Kangta why he has a habit of looking towards his 'right side'. Vanness jokingly said, mayb Kangta is looking for pretty girls!

Kangta said, he wasnt particularly looking at anything, it was just a habit and even apologized for it.

Final words:

Kangta is very happy, thankful and hoping everyone would give them full support.


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Guest nchristi

Kangta's favorite flower...


Moo gung hwa (mugunghwa) - National flower of Korea. (Rose of Sharon, in eng. Botanical name: Hibiscus Syriacus L.)

Mugunghwa literally means the flower of prosperity, symbolizing the infinite cycle of life.

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Guest BiTa Stone

Translation to VOD/News Clips

Taiwan UFO Radio "GuongYu's Ye-Guong-Jia-Zhu (光禹's 夜光家族)

translated by demouse

DJ: Ladies and gentleman, international stars! The group consisting of two people. There's KangTa, and this is Vanness. An Chil Hyun and Wu Jian Hao, their collaboration opened eyes, and demanded attention (the direct translation was "clean your ears and listen properly)! Their group: KangTa and Vanness, please welcome them!

KangTa & Vanness: Hello, how are you?

DJ: What really surprised me is that, KangTa is very hardworking in wanting to speak Mandarin. Of course, Vanness is working hard in learning Korean.

Vanness: Yes, yes...

KangTa: [in Mandarin] His Korean is very good.

DJ: Really? Your Mandarin is also very good!

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Thank you, just a little bit.

DJ: I think you can understand a lot of simple/short phrases, how long have you been learning Mandarin?

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Two years...?

DJ & Vanness: Two years...yes...

DJ: Two years, so do you speak it continuously, or you speak it once a month?

KangTa: 공부한적은 없구요. 그냥 주서들은 적만 있습니다.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] I didn't really learn it properly, just pick up phrases from here and there.

DJ: Oh, is it?

KangTa: 공부를 이제 시작할건데, 공부하면 조금 더 나아질거예요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] Now I'm starting to learn it seriously and officially..

DJ: Wah, you can sing Chinese songs without any official training in the language, and you can understand a number of phrases, does that mean you have a lot of friends/friends in China who are able to speak Mandarin?

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Ah, friends from China, Wu Jian Hao...

DJ: Wu Jian Hao, he's the first one.

KangTa: [in Mandarin] He's the first person.

DJ: So are you the first person to teach him how to speak Mandarin?

Vanness: No, he has filmed in China before, and at that time there was Alec Su You Peng...

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Ah! And Lin Xin Ru!

DJ: Oh, with Alec Su. So you learnt from Alec, and you were talking to him in Mandarin.

Vanness: Yeah, he was in China, and...

KangTa: [in Mandarin] In Beijing. And QingDao.

DJ: Wow, he speaks clearly, and he knows what he is about to say, very accurate.

Vanness: Yes, his pronounciation is very accurate, the consonants that should be rolled, he enunciated them correctly. Even I don't do that sometimes, I rolled my tongue when there is no need too. *laughs*

DJ: Vanness met KangTa in Taiwan in 1998, during KangTa's first Taiwan performance...

Vanness: Oh no, we met during the 2004 GMA awards.

DJ: Oh, it was 2004 GMA.

Vanness: Right, and when we met then, we talked about music, and our record companies found that we were talking quite happily, and thought, hey this might be a good idea. So after a period of time, the record company presented the idea of working together to me. And at that time, I immediately said yes, because I thought that was a great idea.

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Can.

DJ: Then KangTa, you share the same thoughts?

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Me too, me too.

DJ: Just now what Vanness said, do you understand all of it?

KangTa: [in Mandarin] *laughing* Just a little bit.

DJ: But you understood the gist of it? But KangTa, when you have the idea (of working together), did you think about it, other matters, or said yes immediately?

KangTa: 네.. 바네스랑 똑같이 두번 말하지 않고 바로 한번에 OK했습니다.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] Just like Vanness, I have no complaints, I agreed.

DJ: "No complaints"...I guess it's a sign of compatibility between the two of you, from your earlier talks!

Vanness: Actually we feel that the meaning to this collaboration, is for other artistes to be open to the idea that they can collaborate. Because the artistes in Asia are scattered - so I hope following us, Korea-Japan-Taiwan can work together. More of everyone should be united.

DJ: Your effort is the first cross-country project in Asia...

Vanness: Yes, we are the first.

DJ: Yes, you're the first. And on the GMA awards, when KangTa sang in Mandarin, everyone had the "WOW" reaction. That your group is to be taken seriously, this is a serious project and you want to make it the very best you can. Of course, Vanness, when you were in Korea, you have to speak in Korean.

Vanness: Yeah, when I was in Korea, I listened to Korean, listened to them speak, to catch their phrases and try to understand.

DJ: So when you compare your Korean to KangTa's Mandarin...

Vanness: I think we're almost on the same level, yes.

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Your Korean is very good!

Vanness: *laughing* It's just okay...

DJ: Now you're listening to KangTa & Vanness' SCANDAL in Korean.

~ SCANDAL playing ~

DJ: When you first begin working together, you want to know how each other is feeling, right? Because it's different from a solo-project, you need to create/combine an effect good for two people. So how do you start out, to smooth out the process of working together?

Vanness: How do we smooth out...? (some mumbling that I cannot make out) The first official visit was KangTa to Taiwan, we had an official meeting, and we sat and talked a little, and after we were done, we went out drinking!

DJ: Drinking!

KangTa: 술마셔!

KangTa: [Korean] Yes, drinking!

Vanness: And we talked about music, and we got along very well.

KangTa: 한국에 왔을때도 술같은 걸 한잔하면서 친해진것 같구요. 술마시면서 발견했던 모습이 정말 좋은 남자구나란 걸 발견했고, 일떠나서 정말 좋은 남자구나.. 그러니깐 일할때도 너무 편했구요. 너무 좋았습니다.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] They really used drinking to become good friends. When KangTa saw Vanness finishing his drink and he had the feeling of friendship/talk and he felt that Vanness is a good person, and will be a good working partner.

DJ: Maybe alcohol is the good thing to link you two and your music.

Vanness: Maybe, I don't know. But after drinking, you don't really care whether your Mandarin is correct or Korean is correct, we just try to get along and communicate the best we could, in both languages.

DJ: In your communication process, I'm sure you talked about your thoughts towards music.

Vanness: Yes, definitely. Actually in this album, two songs were composed by KangTa, lyrics and music, 127 Days and One Day. The main theme is written by Yoo Young Jin, a producer and also a singer. We talked about having a lively feel to the album.

DJ: Let's listen to a song written by talented KangTa. Actually, I introduced KangTa's works a few years when he launched first his solo album, which was also distributed in Taiwan. I know he is very talented in composing across genres, he can write R&B, ballad, jazz, he's very talented indeed.

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Thank you, thank you.

DJ: In this album, KangTa wrote a song, and he used Mandarin to sing it, and this song is 127 Days. Let's listen to KangTa's Mandarin. I feel that he is very sincere in singing this song, because he doesn't know Mandarin well, but still he worked hard to work the pinyin...this is very rare indeed. Let's now listen to it, 127 Days.

~ 127 Days [Mandarin] playing ~

DJ: 127 Days, and we were just talking about this song. So the first version was recorded in Korean.

Vanness: Yes, because it was released in Korea first, and then only we recorded the English...er...no, the Mandarin version.

DJ: Mandarin version!

KangTa: [in Mandarin] How? (this is funny because the pronounciation for "how now" and "Mandarin version" are similiar and KangTa sounded really cute)

DJ: *laughing* How is it with the Mandarin version?

DJ: With this slow song, you can really hear KangTa's pronounciation and enunciation is really accurate. Speaking about this, do you talk to KangTa about this (pronounciation etc)?

Vanness: No, because my own pronounciation isn't that great, so I don't really have the right to correct him.

DJ: Surely you're being too modest.

Vanness: No, really. I leave it to the professionals to correct him.

DJ: But when you sing in Korean, will KangTa correct you?

Vanness: Yes, they all would. During recording, I feel very lucky, because they were all very patient, and I'm very thankful towards them. It's not easy, and when you keep recording over and over again, the producers would feel tired, but they were all very patient.

KangTa: 근데 바네스씨 한국어발음이 녹음된 앨범을 듣고 한국에 있는 많은 분들이 발음이 너무 정확하다 너무 좋다고 말씀을 해주셨고, 정말 빈말이 아니고 제가 들어도 발음이 거의 한국사람 수준에 가까운 발음이기 때문에.. 본인이 원래부터 한국어 발음이 좋았었어요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] When the Korean version of the album was released, a lot of Koreans praised Vanness saying his pronounciation is good.

I myself also feel that Vanness' pronounciation is very good from the start.

Vanness: Yeah, it's just okay, okay...

DJ: I feel that Koreans, when they speak Korean, they sounded kind of hard/harsh, certain words...but with KangTa, I feel that his Korean is very soothing, listening to him speak makes me feel very comfortable.

Vanness: Yes, very gentle and soothing.

DJ: But when he usually speaks, does he place a lot of heavy emphasis on the "CH" words...?

KangTa: 평소에는 이렇게 말할때도 있구요. 신날때는 이것보다 톤이 높아질때도 있어요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] When I speak, this is my normal range, but I need to adjust to a higher range when I sing.

KangTa: 바네스~ 술마셔~!

KangTa: Vanness~drinking~!

DJ: After working together for so long, I'm sure you guys know and understand each other's good points. Vanness, what are some of KangTa's good points, on music and friendship? On music, everyone knows, of course...

Vanness: On terms of music, everyone knows that KangTa is very talented, really very talented in composing music and writing lyrics, and he can play the piano. So he's really a very complete artiste and singer. On the terms of being a friend, I feel there's nothing bad I can say about him. He's very good to me. He really took care of me when I was in Korea. I feel that he is a great person, he always takes care of the people around him.

KangTa: 바네스는 굉장히 자기관리 능력이 뛰어난 사람이고 주위사람 챙기는 걸 굉장히 잘해요. 아티스트로서 타고난 끼가 있는거 같아요. 영어랩을 만든다든지 여러가지 음악적인 작업을 할때도 그렇고 댄스연습을 할때도 그렇고 배울 점이 많은 친구라고 생각해요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] I feel that Vanness' good points lie in his disciplined life, and he is also very concerned and attentive of people around him. I feel that Vanness has a natural ability in acting, and Vanness has a lot of talents that I am wanting to learn from him.

DJ: Those are very sincere words indeed.

KangTa: [in Mandarin] These are words from my heart.

DJ: As a good friend, and after understanding a friend, and we learned that we should learn the good points from other people, because after so long being together and you're not able to pick up your friend's good points, it seems kind of pointless...but I feel, Vanness, I don't know if you noticed, in your last solo album...but the vocal skills in that album, and this one...there's a huge difference!

Vanness: A huge difference...*laughs*

DJ: I don't know whether it's because you're different now or it's KangTa's influence, but I feel that your vocal range, and your confidence and grasp towards songs, are different now.

Vanness: It's both equally, because in the recording studio, they gave me a lot of room and let me relax, not letting me think too much, and telling me that it's okay to rerecord. In the recording atmosphere, I feel more natural and can express myself better. So I feel very thankful towards them, they are very patient. On the other hand, in my first album, it was created to fulfil/cater to the market of that time, but it wasn't my own personal style. It's not that it wasn't good, but it wasn't my style. This time's GMA (performance), I arranged the music to suit my own style, so I can sing it with more feeling. So my vocal skills are improving and I work hard on improving my voice.

DJ: Ah, you practise.

Vanness: Yes, because KangTa's voice is really too good...

DJ: Yes, he has a great voice.

Vanness: ...if I still have my voice of last time, it'll be quite embarrassing!

DJ: I feel that your collaboration is very good, your voices blended and mixed together very well indeed, in addition to your rap, and your dance...you can both display your skills very well. KangTa, I didn't know if you noticed there is a huge difference to Vanness' voice now compared to his first solo album. How do you feel about his difference and improvement?

Vanness: When he first listened to my album, he was like, "Oh, you sounded like that last time?" and I felt quite embarrassed!

KangTa: 저는 예전에 F4 활동할때 목소리를 들었고, 솔로활동할때 목소리도 들었었는데, 처음 녹음하러 와서 들었을때 깜짝 놀랐어요. 그때 들었을때 목소리랑 달랐고, 저희가 더 많은 걸 만들수 있게 해준 첫 녹음이였기 때문에 그 다음에 더 많은 걸 바네스씨에게 목소리를 통해서 더 많은 걸 할수 있었어요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] I listened to Vanness in F4 and his solo album, and I didn't mean that his voice was bad, but just very different. When I first listened, I was surprised, his voice was so different! With Vanness' voice now, we can do more things in our music.

KangTa: 저랑 같이 곡을 만들었던 유영진형이 바네스 목소리를 통해서 많은 걸 할수있겟다 더 만들어 보자해서 더 좋은 곡이 나왔던것 같아요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] It's because of versality of Vanness' voice now that the music producers added more vocal acrobatics into their music productions.

DJ: I agree with you, because last time I don't think I can call Vanness' voice "good".

Vanness: *laughing*

DJ: And it's not just singing, even talking in interviews, and his ability to express himself, it's different. When you listen to his voice, you think, wow, he can sing, and in interviews, he can also talk well.

Vanness: It's because a lot of time have passed.

DJ: Oh, so you're 'experienced' now? (the word he used was like gangster-style)

Vanness: I grew up!

DJ: No, I'm just kidding. But you really have to work hard.

vanness: Yes, because I went though some issues, and I feel, don't need to think about so many things, just be myself, and express what I really feel.

DJ: Let's introduce this song.

Vanness: The third song in our single - Good Vibration. It's a song for friendship, for both females and males.

DJ: It means "good moves", right?

~ Good Vibration [Mandarin] playing ~

DJ: And this next song, please pay attention to it, everyone. This is a Korean song, with beautiful music and arrangment.

(Vanness said something in the background to KangTa, I don't know what)

DJ: The Korean version of 'Courage'. A really nice song. Now I want to invite KangTa and Vanness to sing along to the CD.

(KangTa sang live along with the CD - oh my holy god - he sounded so so so...sexy. I was all opened-mouth and like WOW. Oo;; And Vanness did a great job singing with him as well.)

DJ: This song is already considered a classic in the Mandarin music scene, now it's translated into Korean, I believe that it will impress the Korean market, is there any response yet?

Vanness: No, the song is not promoted in Korea yet...it's now Scandal and our next song to promote will be 127 Days.

DJ: I heard, that before KangTa came to Taiwan, this album was selling #1 in Korea. This shows that the Korean market is impressed.

Vanness: I was on the internet, surfing a site a fan passed to me, and I read that the album was selling at #1 in Korea that week and when I saw that, I was very happy, very happy and very touched.

KangTa: [in Mandarin] A lot of Korean young ladies...they all really like...Wu Jian Hao...so...so...they...because of you! Very thankful to you! (quite impressive! He spoke a long sentence! ^^;;)

DJ: [immitating KangTa's accent] A lot of Korean young ladies like KangTa, too!

Vanness: A lot of Taiwanese young ladies like KangTa.

DJ: Your collaboration is really great! That you can come upon this idea by yourselves. And you can't really pin-point it, who thought of it first.

KangTa: 사실은 굉장히 자연스럽게 나온 아이디어이기 때문에, 누가 치밀하게 계획을 하고 이렇게하면 좋을것같다 해서 나온 아이디어가 아니라 저희 둘을 보자마자 서로의 회사에서 둘이 서면 굉瀁?괜찮을것 같다는 생각이 자연스럽게 나온것이기 때문에 하늘에서 내려주신 것 같아요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] Our collaboration is very natural, happened naturally, there wasn't a lot of planning involved, it was like, people saw us together and went, "oh, you'll be good working together" - it's very natural, like a sign from the heavens.

DJ: I also feel that. People who didn't know each other...even for some bands, the new members, when they meet, they took a long time to warm up to each other. But the two of you are already artistes, and then you met, and struck up a friendship, and produced an album. This good rapport signifies your friendship. From when you came in, from how you interacted, I can feel the friendship, and you have similiar ideas in music and thoughts.

Vanness: It's friendship, right? (I wonder if he wanted to emphasise it's "friendship" not "love" as opposed to Brokeback rumours but the DJ took it the other way )

DJ: Yes, it's friendship, and not the formal type of relationship formed because of marketing opportunities, it isn't that.

Vanness: Yes, we have succeeded!

DJ: Huh, what?

DJ: But I feel what a lot of people will like this album.

Vanness: I hope that the people will support the idea/meanings that our album is trying to convey.

DJ: The meaning is meaningful, no one has done it before, it is a great idea! And your final product is very good.

KangTa & Vanness: Thank you!

DJ: Thank you for appearing in our show! Now to introduce this song.

Vanness: This is our main theme, Scandal, and it talks about the challenges of two men. And I hope after listening to it, everyone will also challenge themselves.

DJ: This is the main theme.

Vanness: Yeah, after listening to the song, you will challenge yourself and unite with others, like us.

DJ: Ah, sorry, I put on the wrong song.


DJ: Ah, I stretched my hand, and put on the wrong song, and I was wondering why did I repeat Scandal. Now, the last song!

Vanness: The last song is One Day, written by KangTa as well. It talks about the new beginning of a new day. I hope everyone has a new start after listening to this song, to unite across countries!

DJ: KangTa, let's hear some of your thoughts about writing One Day.

KangTa: 이 노래는 여자친구랑 헤어진지 꽤 됐을때, 처음에 헤어졌을땐 너무 괴로웠는데, 시간이 지나니깐 어느새 잊고서는 저의 하루가 그 여자친구없이도 정말로 평온한 하루가 되었다고 생각을 했는데.. 그 자체가 슬퍼서.. 굉장히 깊은 감정을 가진 노래같지만 슬픈 가사를 가진 노래예요. 어느 순간 제가 평온해진 것이 슬펐어요.

KangTa: [translated from Korean] This song is talking about breaking-up with a girlfriend, and one day realising that I can live without her, and I feel quite sad about that. Therefore I turned the feelings inton a song. So this is a sad song, but at the same time, I feel at peace with myself, because before that, I was hurt about the break-up.

DJ: The meaning is quite meaningful. I feel that KangTa should be in Taiwan. The way he talks, and his music touched people. The way he carries himself and the way he talks to people, he will be very well-received in Taiwan. He's very...

Vanness: People are attracted to him.

DJ: Yes, he is a very attractive musician. Thank you, KangTa and Vanness. I'm sure we'll have a chance to chat again.

KangTa: [in Mandarin] Thank you, bye!

Vanness: Thank you!


Taiwan AZIO "Entertainment@Asia"


Translated by me.....Bita Stone/Stoney....pic from Moojuk ^^

Greetings !!

Host: (Introducing the CD)The Scandal CD consists of korean and mandarin songs and Scandal has english version too. I find KT is very intelligent, he has been doing promotion in Asia and now in Taiwan, i find that his chinese listening skills are pretty good, i'm sure he can understand at least 50% of what i'm saying, right?? Do you know what i'm saying now??

KT : (in chinese) A little bit...

Host: What words have you learnt in particular ??

KT : (in chinese) I'm very happy....to meet you....in Taiwan...

Host: At backstage , i was asking them if KT's chinese is better or V's korean is better?? They answered about the same...(meaning about the same standard)

*they named a few dish names...*

Host: Are you guys nervous when performing here??

KT: 예전에 2004년에 왔었는데 그때보다 무대도 커졌고, 바네스와 대만에서

처음 서는 무대였기때문에 더 긴장이 많이 됐었습니다.

KT: I've been here in 2004, the stage is bigger now, first time performing with V onstage, that's why i'm pretty nervous.

Host : Language shouldn't be a barrier coz fans can really feel your music....

and you guys have recently performed at the Campus for the first time....

(clips showing preview of the campus concert....saying the fans have an upclose and personal encounter with them)

Host: Don't you find it cute, whatever action or expresssion you guys make, there will definitely be screams from the audience!!

And for this promotion, i find V has bare his body more often than KT....may i know if this is required of you or is it you who personally love to strip ??

V: Oh..it's because i have a good body.. whereas KT has a lot of chest hair...

that's why he's a little shy to bare his body!!!!

*hey...V...what are you trying to imply ??? what are you hinting at???!!!!!*

Host: KT, have you ever thought of baring your body too ....

V: Oh ...actually KT did bare his body in Persona, he did work out his body too...

and we agreed that only one of us will bare our body in Scandal/performance.

Host: I'm sure two of you have a hard time training and rehearsing your dance for Scandal....let's look at their clips of them rehearsing together now.

* Clips being shown *

KT : (in chinese) I Love you...I Love You..... I Love You....

then hmm..... hmm..... hmm...... good bye~

(I love how KT said! Gosh!! His expression is soooo super cute!!)

KT : 귀찮아.. 귀찮아.. 안칠현 귀찮어.. (연습장면)

KT : tiresome.. tiresome... An Chilhyun... tiresome.. (dancing practice)

Host: What was so funny there???

V: Oh...i was wearing a thick gold chain... and hit him a little while we were dancing...

KT: (in chinese) Yes.....i'm hurt only a little...nothing serious, don't worry...

Host: I feel both of you have great chemistry....let me test you....

* They are each given a white board *

Host: Oh dear....i feel like i'm interviewing a pair of lovers!!!!

Q1. When was the first time you guys met???

How was your feeling then?? Do you still remember ??

While they were both writing, host commented: ''Oh dear, look at their expression..

as if they are recalling their sweet memories of their first meeting!!!''

KT answer : In Taiwan at GMA 2004

V answer : Dong Feng(東風) comp

V wrote another place of meeting....

V: Oh...I thought it should be the place we actually met and talked...

Yes... it's true we met at GMA 2004.. but our actual meet up is at the company's dinner...

Host: Oh....so your "first date"' was at the company's dinner.....

Q2. Ah...another 'romantic' question to ask you guys...

after your ''first date'' together (jokingly).....

do you guys know that your ''first date'' anniversary is very important to lovers??

ok...seriously now...do you guys know each other's birthday???

While they were thinking, the host commented that birth dates are very important in any girl-boy relationship.. ( -->hey, what is she trying to imply?? )

Host: Hey, why is KT erasing off his answer??

Their answers are correct....

Q3. What are both of your bad sleeping habits ???

KT: 한번 자봤는데 너무 곤하게 자서 그걸 못느꼈어요.

KT: Oh...we did sleep together once...but i was so sound asleep....

therefore i won't know what bad habits he has....

(oh mai...look at the host's reaction !!!!!! It's hilarious!!)

When the host asked about their 'sleeping together'....

she was laughing so cheekily as if both K&V are really gays....

so V actually turned to KT and whisper :

''Boy!! Look at her...she really thought we are xxx......''

and he slammed down his white board...

Host: Ok...since KT was sound asleep...then V....since you are very observant,

What do you notice about him while he was sleeping???

V: Oh....i haven't really noticed him coz i only pay attention to girls...

beautiful girls have very beautiful sleeping posture....

BECAUSE that is the time they don't talk!!!!

Host : I normally have the habit of leaving my TV set on...

otherwise i can't get to sleep....how about you, KT ??

Do you have any sleeping habit??

KT: 없어요.. 저는 없어요..

KT: No...none....i sleep upon lying down!!!

Host: Do you snore??? ^^

KT: (in english) Oh....i don't know... (in chinese) i won't know....

Host: Oh yes...he won't know...only those sleeping beside him will know...


Zong Yi Da Ge Da


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney

Host: Welcome!! Ah....These 2 guys' collaboration has

made many male entertainers very envious....

Most of our reporters love to stalk and interview beautiful

female artistes...

BUT right now, our entertainment scene has finally emerged

a pair of sexy male Duo!!!

Oh.... they sang their song 'live' a while ago...

and by singing 'live', this represent their respect for our program...

we are so touched by it!!

K&V thank them....

Host: Oh...don't just keep saying Thank you....

(facing KT) do you really understand what i say???

KT: (in chinese)A little....a little...

Then he greeted everyone in chinese.....

KT: Hello everybody, nice to meet you in Taiwan!!

Host said V's korean is improving too....

and V replied by saying Meteor Garden was shown in Korea...

KT: V has already gained a lot of female fans in Korea....

V's turn to greet everyone....

Host: Any difficulty faced with this collaboration??

KT: Initially it was difficult coz of different background and culture,

but after a while, it was quite easy going....

And they want to start this cross culture collaboration so that

in future more artistes from different countires will follow suit.....

V: Yes......we took 2 years to prepare for this album....

(have the same respond as KT)

When KT nodded in agreement....

Host: Oh...you too...agreed to it....^^ not bad....

V: Yes...KT is really a very nice guy...

Host: Yes, i can see that....and both of you became very close

in a short period...so after seeing them for a longer period, you

will find them beginning to resemble like brothers...

Do you know how close a relationship do they have???

They even went on a date together to the Sauna....

Hey....where does this piece of news come from???

Two of you...oh mai...news even came out in the newspaper!!

Hey....how come two of you feel so dumbfounded about it??

V: Ok...why did things turn out like this...attracting attention...

It should be quite normal....guys going Suana together...

like during school days....guys bathe together too....

Host: Right...which guys don't bathe...right??

Host: Let me ask KT now....is V nice to you in Taiwan?

KT: (in chinese) oh...he...he gave me....he gave me xiao

long bao....I love xiao long bao...nice to eat...very nice!!

Host: er...only xiao long bao?? No soup??

KT: Xiao long bao....

Host: So...he only gave you xiao long bao!!!!

Then the next time when he's in Korea, don't give him soup too!!!!

Just give him kimchi!!!

V: I always ask him what does he want to eat...

he always answers xiao long bao, xiao long bao....

so i said, ok, ok......and just 'stuff' him xiao long bao all the time

so that he will get sick of it!!

Host: (to KT) When V goes to Korea, what do you intend to

'feed' him??

KT: ??? (i don't know...he speaks in korean)

Host: Oh mai...just by listening to what he mentions, though i

don't even know what's he saying i'm already

salivating!!! I feel that KT is more sincere than V by mentioning all

the names of the food!! At least you(KT) mentioned a

few dishes....

V: Hey....you are bullying me!!!!

Translator: Oh...he will bring him to eat and drink what V likes....

and if V wants to make more friends, he will bring him

to socialise....to know more people...

Host: Oh dear...that's very common ....^^

i thought he was talking about the names of food dishes!!!

So i think V is better, gives you (KT) lots of xiao long bao to eat.

at least he fills your stomach!!

Ah...they are so cute!!!

Ok...they may consider acting together in future..

let's test their acting skills now!!

Are you guys willing to do it???

KT & V : Ok.....

Host: V will act as my son, in Scandal MV, both of them

were attracted with the same girl....but along the way...

there's a twist in the story......

in the end, my son, V fell in love with KT instead!!!!

V: Wait...wait.....this is wrong....(looking embarrassed!!)

Host: No..no...this is just a script .....not real.....

don't be nervous.....yes.....act it out now......

Now ..let me brief you on the story you are supposed to act out...

I'm acting as your father....thought you are bringing

home your girlfriend...and you will tell me that you'll be bringing

home your girlfirend.....

then suddenly a guy walks in...giving me shock !!!

It's like a chinese-korean Brokeback Mountain love story!!

Me, your dad opposed to this relationship, will give you a few

minutes to bid each other farewell......then both of you will sing

to each other Moon Represent My Heart....

V: Oh dear, you have really come out with a good script!!!!


Host: Of coz...this shows the three of us have done our

homework last night!!

You said KT knows how to sing Moon right??

Both of you must sing with full emotions like the movie

Brokeback Mountain!!

V: Oh....i feel i have already seen Brokeback Mountain and

it has also received Oscar Awards for it, so it's not very

original anymore...we need some refreshing change....

i'll be the father instead!!!

Host: Oh mai...what a fast reaction you have got!!!

Ok...now...V will come into the scene first.....KT will follow later...

Scene starts with the title:

Chinese-Korean Brokeback Mountain Love Story

When V brought the translator in, host said...

''hey.....hey.......we have to go according to the script, ok!!!!''

*acting out now*.....

Later V kneeling down begging for forgiveness!!

the rest of the story i have already said ^^

(i don't think i need to translate here right??)

Host: hmm...but this act is not enough....(to V)

you have to do something else.....

V: Oh.....then i'll dance...

*V is dancing now!!*

Host: Oh mai...look.....KT is imitating him now!!!!

Let's welcome him to dance too!!!!

*KT danced a little*

Host: Ah...i find KT is very bashful ...a very gentle guy......

V: Then me?? How about me????

Host: You ?? aiyoo...you are so different from him...so playful!!!

Always so energetic....you guys had better not act opposite

him next time!!

Ok...thank you both of you here...........


Peach Protein


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney


They talked about what happened at GMA....

V said the floor was very slippery then.....

KT said the mic was giving some problems...

so there's an echo during the performance...

Host asked them why did they form this Duo since

there were a lot of objections in Korea...

they just form this Duo without really giving it much thought

and consideration....and relate how they got to know each other...

They talked about how they met in 2004....

*2004 GMA performance of KT being played *

Host asked V to speak to KT in korean to see if he understands...

V: (said in korean...what did he say??)

KT: I don't understand what you say....

*note says: Hey.....you are not giving me face!!*

host: Hmm....this is not fair...

now KT, can you use mandarin to talk to V to see if he can understand

what you are saying...

KT: (in chinese) I'm hungry...i want to eat xiao long bao....

i want it now!!!!!

V: Ok....(asking the crews..) do you guys have xiao long bao here??

The host asked them if they have any occassion where they

have difficulty in their pronunication during recording.....

KT: (through translator) There was one occassion where i took whole day to record a chinese song because i couldn't get that pronounciation correct....

Host: What word is that???

KT: (in chinese) Neglect

Host: Do you know what is Neglect (chinese)???

KT: (in chinese) Don't know.....

Host: Hmm...Both of you look so loving in the pose of

your Scandal Cover, giving the image and feelings of Brokeback ....

do you guys or the use it as your inspiration for this cover??^^

V: You girls have too great an imagination....

Host: Both looks very natural and unique, i love it....

V: Oh.....though we had our photo session in Korea,

we took those pics separately (for the Scandal Cover)...

and combine them together later.....

Host: Really ??? Come let us learn and imitate them......

*they are trying to imitate the pose*

Host: They have brought with them some of their personal works..

V showed them some of his artworks.....and describe how he

took time to draw...

(go on to talk abt V....)

Host: Wow..let's look at KT now....he doesn't have any bulgie tummy...it's so flat...

how do you manage to keep it so slim?? What type of exercises do you do??

KT: I do weight lifting.....at least an hour a day...

but nowadays i haven't been working out coz of my busy schedule.....

Host: So it's an hour....is it non stop doing weight lifting and jog at the same time...??

Another host: Hey..let's demonstrate...lift her (the host) up...

KT: (in chinese)No.....no...So sorry....

V: Oh...he's very shy...i don't think he'll do that!!!

Host: Ok...nevermind then...

KT showed them some dance movement...(wait.....what dance is that ??)

Then the host tries to imitate.....the other host told her she

looks like a poisonous snake!!

Host: What do you admire V most??

KT: His eyes....

Host: Eyes....can you demonstrate???

KT: It's difficult to do it....

Host: May i know what age group of fans do you guys attract??

And who has the youngest fans??

They just smiled, didn't really reply....

Host: Oh...i find KT has a very soft image, a gentle killer look....

i find he looks very milky, yummy ......looks very tasty!!!

Have you come across any over zealous fans??

V: Oh yes....at yesterday's Campus Concert....

a fan refused to let go of him when she got the chance to hug him onstage...

so the MC has to tell her to let go....

Hsot: Was he shocked?? How's his reaction??

After going back stage, did he tell you how terrible that fan was???

Or did he still remain calm and compose ??

V: Oh.....he just said ''wow...that fan is very zealous....''

Then V goes on to talk about himself about his over zealous fans...

Host: I guess you guys are used to such circumstances...

Host: How's the korean entertainment scene ??

V: They have very intensive training...about 2 to 3 years before a group is

allowed to go public to perform....

Host: That means they have to be very sure, careful and accurate in their selection

of artistes....

KT: In the past. i have to go to different recording companies

for audition...but was rejected....

then one day, as i was walking along the street, the Boss

from SM spotted me and brought me in....

Host: How many tmes was he rejected??

KT: More than 5 times....

Host: Oh...he must be very sad and dejected....

I'm sure when KT was younger, he must have secretly known

that one day he's going to be a star, right??

Did he ever feel this way???

KT: Yes....i have this feeling at a very young age already!!

(i don't why the VOD got cut off here!!!!)

V: KT's greatest asset is his vocal, his voice is awesome....

it somehow helps me to cover up my weakness....

KT sings Moon Represent My Heart....

Host: You love Tereas Teng??? She's your idol??

V: KT likes gals with long hair...

KT: Right...

V: Cute too??

Host: How about you KT??

What type of girls do you think V likes??

KT : He likes sexy gals with big eyes and must be tall too...

Host: Now we want to test how well they know each other.....

KT and V are given pics of 3 girls (singers/actress)....

KT is supposed to guess which girl is V's choice in the questions posed below...

and vice versa.....

First question on the board is :

Which girl is suitable to be V's / KT's girlfriend ??

Second Question:

Which girl is suitable to be his confidante ??

Third question:

Which girl do you think he has fantasy with??

Which girl does he fantasize the most??

After KT has pasted all the pics....

Host : Do you know her? (pointing to the pic of Vivain Hsu)

KT: Yes....Vivian Hsu....i hosted the awards with her at GMA in 2004...

V's turn to past pics on the board...holding pics of Song Hye Gyo, choi Jiwoo and

Jeon Jihyun.

Host: Did KT date any of these girls here???

KT: No...

V pasted Song Hye Gyo's pic on the first question....

meaning she's suitable to be his girlfriend....

KT looks at the pic and nodded gladly!!!

V pasted Choi Jiwoo as his confidante....

and Jeon Jihyun as the girl he fantasizes......

Host: (To KT) Would you like to change the positioning??

You can choose my pic...haha!!

V threw her pic away!!! *joking*

KT pasted Song Hye Gyo's pic on the third question....

meaning he prefers to fantasize her instead......

Host: Wow.....have you met her before??

KT: Yes...in some programs.... (has he ?? When???)

Host: Have you ever express your affection to her???

KT: Oh...no....coz she has too many admirers...tough competiton!!!

Host: Oh...you must pluck up your courage to express your love to her...

Come...now i will pretend to be her....

KT: How are you today?? I'm fine too....see you...

Host: What?? That's all?? .....How are you going to date her with this

type of attitude!!!!

KT : There was once a girl that i liked...and asked for her phone number...

but she refused to give it to me straight away....(trying to play hard to get??)

Host: Oh...i find guys must have some techniques when trying to date a girl....

Let us pretend now....I'm the girl you want to make friends with ...

show me what are you going to do....

Note: How are you going to ask the girl for her phone number??

KT : (through translator) If this is the handphone, i have 2 h/ps....

take this (handed one h/p to the girl), i will keep the other...

i will walk away...then i'll call her using my own h/p.....

Host: wow...what an ingenious method!!!! Does that mean the girl will keep that h/p?

KT: If she wants to keep it, she can feel free to keep it then....

Host: Wow.....it's really ingenious!!!!!

They go on to play Charade to see if there's any difference in expressing themselves

in action when faced with words..........

*Gosh!! KT's expression and action is sooooo cute!!*

KT is given something sour to drink....

Host :(To the translator..) Tell him this is a poisonous drink , it will make him lose his

voice after drinking it!!!

KT: Ah...it's nice!!!

V: I can't eat this (xiao long bao) coz i will grow fat...

Host: Then let us feed KT. his favourite food!!

host: Thank you.....thank you.....


Kangxi Talkshow(KT's part only)


translated by Bita stone/stoney

Hosts: Welcome!! Welcome (in korean)...welcome (in english)

Male Host: How do you know korean?

Female Host : Oh, i always eat at korean restaurants, i love to eat

Kabi (is this the correct spelling??)...meaning beef.....

Male Host: Oh..so should we make 'Kabi' be the main topic

for today then??

KT: Oh...i love Kabi too....

Female Host: Really ?? Oh...do you understand what am i

saying now???

KT: (in chinese) A little....a little....

Female Host: Really?? So....is V the one who taught

you mandarin??

V: No....actually he has been practising very hard on his chinese,

plus he has been to China for his album promotions,

and his solo album has chinese songs as well...

that's why he has been practising really hard....

he's really very smart....this is what i admire him for.....^^

Introducing KT's translator.....

Talking about V's going topless in performances....

Female Host: Since V has a good body, will KT become

very stressed out with V always exposing himself during

their performances???

Translator: (KT smiling here...) Oh....he's fine

with clothes on....

Male Host: But then, if you, V, strips onstage, it will bring

screams from the audience...so what can KT do to attract screams

then?? (Gosh....he meant there's nothing KT can do to

bring screams from fans since he's all covered up!!!!!!)

V: Oh...but his voice is really awesome.....

Male Host : But...just base on his voice alone may not bring

screams and excitement from the audience....

^^note from me: Shucks!! What is he trying to imply???

That KT cannot command loud applause from the audience???

Trying to insult and mock our KT??!!!!! I'm really mad now!!!

V: Oh...not really.....if he manages to stretch/prolong his voice for a

longer period without breaking or cracking and ending it perfectly..

it will definitely attrract attention....

(note from me: ah...the time when he sang Only You ^^)

Male Host: So does that mean you strip while he stretches s his vocal

to achieve perfect harmony???

Female Host: Oh mai....combining a topless muscular body

with a 'stretchinging' /'prolonging' vocal doesn't sound right.....

( ^^There is another word for this^^, but

I can't seem to get this word out now!! anyone help?? What is the exact word?)

Male Host: Everytime you strip, will KT feel that , oh no,

he's stripping again!!!

Will you tell KT at what point in time during the performance you

are going to strip??

V: Oh....he will actually give me pointers as to when i should wear

a vest, when to go topless...etc.....

Host: What do you guys normally talk about????

Work?? Girls??

V: Yes....both...etc....(ah...too boring here...don't wish to

translate since it's not KT related)....

And KT admires Rainie.....etc........

(KT looks so bored here!!)....

We are not afraid that we don't get along.....

and we spend most our time in Korea.....

Male Host to female host: Who do you think is more charming?

Female host: Oh.....it's difficult to choose....

V: In Korea, fans are very united.....during our performances,

they will take turn to call out our names....

like Ahn Chil Hyun...then Perness.....( koreans pronounce V as P) etc....

KT do bring me to eat alot of good food.....and i would like to bring him round Taiwan but our busy schedule forbids me to....

--->They went on to talk about how they first got started in the entertaiment

scene.....that they took quite a while to become well known....

Host: (To KT) He must have a lot of determination in wanting

to become a singer in the past , right??

KT: Yes....i have always wanted to be a singer since young...

and i had always been a problem kid in the eyes of my parents

and adults in my younger days........

Host: Has he ever been a gangster before???

KT: Oh no...coz i know i can't be one if i want to be a singer...

KT describing about his Polaris MV.....why he puts on

make up in it....and the relationship between members of HOT

has been good....but now they seldom call each other coz

everyone of them is busy with their work and one of them is in

the army....

Host: Is he in any relationship now?? Is it alright to disclose them?

Will he be gracious enough to disclose it??

KT: No....i'm not in any relationship now...but i'll be willing to

disclose them if i have one....i'm not afraid to reveal it right now....

unlike before, i have to conceal it during HOT days...coz i have to also consider about my

girlfriend then...about her safety....afraid she will be scrutinized by

fans and the media...etc...

I like girls whom i can protect......not the independant type....

(meaning helpless and shy??)....

Host: Weren't you guys afraid that your fans from both groups, F4

and HOT will be against your collaboration...??

V: No, we are not worried at all.......coz we feel this is a great

project.....a breakthrough....very meaningful...

Female Host: Did anyone actually objected to this collaboration??

Male Host: Oh...coz i thought maybe both of them would like to maintain their F4 and HOT image...

K & V : No...not true....

V: When we were rehearsing, our fans bought and brought

us dinner... they are very united...


TVBS-G News Interview


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney


Host: Nowadays, you guys' greetings are the reverse...

V will greet in korean while KT will greet in chinese!!

Hey, V...KT said when he's with you, he didn't learn any chinese

from you at all!!! Can you now teach him to say in chinese

that Taiwan girls are very beautiful.....

KT: (in chinese) Yes...they are very beautiful....

Host: Do you spot any pretty girls right here in this studio now??

KT: er...ah.....ah....(pointed to the host) !!!!

Host: Thank you....

(holding the CD ) This cover is very pretty and unique....

it looks like a magazine...both of you look very charming...

Host: Did you guys meet with any difficulty when producing

and recording this CD??

V: The greatest and only difficulty lies in the difference

in languages.......

other than that, both of us have the same viewpoint and ideas

in this project....plus....

KT is really a very pleasant person to work with....

Male Host: I find V is also very diligent in learning korean....

I've tried learning the language, it's so difficult......

every time i flip open the book, i really feel like tearing it apart!!!!

The host tries to speak the phrase that he knows in korean...

"Why?"..."What Happened"....

Host: (to KT) Do you want to try and introduce your Scandal

album in chinese????

V whispered into KT's ear.....

KT: (in chinese) It has very nice songs....

Host: Tell him to say it in Taiwan language as well....

KT: (in Taiwan language...hokkien)...Very nice to listen....

Host: Oh....you must also express yourself with actions...

KT: (in Taiwan language) Very nice/soothing to listen to....

*showing thumbs up!!*

Host: In this pic, both of you showed your set of beautiful teeth...

but i notice that today, throughout the interview, both of you use

a very cool pose.....(that means not smiling much)

why is that so?? And the camera men kept asking us to smile.....

V: I think it's good to look cool....and if we were to smile the

whole day, we will have muscle spasm on our cheeks!!!

(meaning too tired ^^)...so better smile less....

Now they are talking about making of the MV....

Everyone was very tired filming it....

KT commented that V's body is really good....

KT eyes became swollen and red after filming in the 'rain' for

a whole day...

V goes on to mention ways to work out and to maintain a

toned, muscular body...

Host: (to KT) Are you willing to go jogging with V ??

KT: Yes.....

Host: I see the CD included a song originated from Taiwan, right??

(meaning Faint^^)

V: Yes....KT thought that it's a good idea to include a

Taiwanese song into the album...

Translator: KT feels that Faint is a song that many

chinese love...and alot of girls like to sing it...

so he wondered how will the song turn out if they were to sing

it themselves...therefore decided to write lyrics to match

the melody...and the words plus tune to the lyrics

are not easy to sing...but V sang it very well......

Now they are telling the viewers their shedule for their


Host: Will you guys be performing as well during the autograph

signing session??

V: Yes...

Host: Like this ?? (showing off her 'dancing skills')....

V: er....(to the host) are you having muscle spasm ???

(meaning she's really bad in dancing??^^)

Host: Ah...you guys really danced very well during GMA....

i love the way you move.....

Are you guys looking forward meeting your fans ???

KT: Yes....I'm very touched whenever i see lots of fans

coming forth to support me during my performances.....

V: Yes...that's right....

Finally....they asked viewers to support them....

to buy their album....even though if they are not their fans!!!

Thank you..........


There are more Translations further down as there's not enough space here.....^^

check them out.... :rolleyes:

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i also started a kangta thread in the kpop section ehehe..cuz he IS A SINGER after all ^^

GOOO VISIT THERE TOO!! ehehe link's in my siggie! :D


*tear... his bday in 6 days...what am i gonna dooo!!!

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"127 DAYS" & "SCANDAL"


credit: esther@OMK


127 DAYS


내 두 눈은 그대만을 보고

나의 두 귀는 그대 소식만을 듣죠

바보 같은 나의 두 발은

아무리 타일러도 움직이지 않죠


My two eyes only look at you

My two ears only hear news about you

And my two silly feet

No matter how hard I try, they don't move


내 가슴이 멈췄나 봐요 (KT : 멈춰진 그 시간 자리에)

헤어지던 그 시간 그 자리에 멈춰 섰죠


My heart seems to have stopped (when time stopped)

the time we went our separate ways, it was then when it stopped.


난 아직까지 부족하죠. 그대를 잊기에는

이렇게도 이기적인 날 잘 떠난 거죠, 잘 잊은 거죠

견뎌보고 또 참아내고 잊어도 볼게요

내 어리석은 가슴과 두 눈이

더 이상 그댈 찾지 못하도록


I'm still insufficient/not ready to forget you.

So it's a good thing that you left such a selfish guy, good thing you forgot me.

I'll try to survive and endure, and even try to forget you.

So that my childlike/immature/naive heart and two eyes.

no longer can search/find you...


Wow... Baby how did we end up here

You know it’s funny. I just miss you so much.

I still remember holding you kissing you.

I could still see you right here lying in my arms.

Baby I’m waiting for you

I just want you to know. I love you.


하루 지나 또 하루, 하루 난 그대겠죠

이렇게도 바보 같은 난, 몇 년이 가도 그대로겠죠

삼켜보고 또 꺼내보고 울어도 보겠죠

내 바보 같은 가슴은 아직도 그대가 없다는 걸 모르고 있죠


One day passes and another, I'll probably be the same.

how silly I am... and even as the years go by.. I'll probably be the same.

I'll try to forget and even reminisce, probably even cry.

My silly heart continues, not realizing that you're no longer here.



오랫만이라는 인사도

O raet man ni ra neun in sa do

나답지않은 어색한 그 말투도

Na dab ji an neun eo sae kan keu mal tu do

잘지냈냐 묻는 안부도

Jal ji nae nya mut neun an bu do

그토록 가까웠던 우리완 다르죠

Keu to rok ga gga weo deon u ri wa da reu jyo

모르고 지내나봐요

Mo reu go ji nae na bwa yo

( 이런 날 모르고 지내죠 )

(I reon nal mo reu go ji nae jyo)

이토록 힘겨운 나를

I to rok him gyeo un na reul

그대는 모르겠죠

Keu dae neun mo reu ge jyo

난 아직까지 부족하죠

Nan a jik gga ji bu jok ka jyo

그대를 잊기에는

Keu dae reul it gi e neun

이렇게도 이기적인 날

I reot ke do I gi jeot gin nal

잘 떠난거죠 잘 잊은거죠

Jal ddeo nan geo jyo jal it jeun geo jyo

견뎌보고 또 참아내고

Gyeon dyeo bo do ddo cham ma nae go

잊어도 볼게요

It jeo do bol ge yo

내어리석은 가슴과 두 눈이

Nae eo ri seok geun ka seum gwa du nun ni

더이상 그댈 찾지 못하도록

Deo I sang keu dael chat ji mot ta do rok

내 두 눈은 그대만을 보고

Nae du nun neun keu dae man neul bo go

나의 두 귀는 그대 소식만을 듣죠

Na ye du gwi neun keu dae so sik man neul deut jyo

바보같은 나의 두 발은

Ba bo gat teun na ye du bal reun

아무리 타일러도 움직이지 않죠

A mu ri ta il reo do um jik gi ji an jyo

내 가슴이 멈췄나봐요

Nae ka seum mi meom chweo na bwa yo

( 멈춰진 그 시간 그자리에 )

(meom chweo jin keu si gan keu ja ri e)

헤어지던 그 시간 그 자리에 멈춰 섰죠

he eo ji deon keu si gan keu ja ri e meom chweo seo jyo

난 아직까지 부족하죠

nan a jik gga ji mu jok ka jyo

그대를 잊기에는

keu dae reul it ji e neun

이렇게도 이기적인 날

I reot ke do I gi jeok gin nal

잘 떠난 거죠 잘 잊은거죠

Jal ddeo nan geo jyo jal it jeun geo jyo

견뎌보고 또 참아내고

Gyeon dyeo bo go ddo cham ma nae go

잊어도 볼게요

It jeo do bol ge yo

내어리석은 가슴과 두 눈이

Nae eo ri seok geun ka seum gwa du nun ni

더이상 그댈 찾지 못하도록

Deo I sang keu dael chat ji mot ta do rok

Baby How i'm up here

You Know it's funny

I just miss you so much

I still remember holding you kissing you

I wish I could just see you

right now lying in my arms

Baby I'm waiting for you

I just want you to know

I love you

하루 지나 또 하루 하루

Ha ru ji na ddo ha ru ha ri

난 그대로겠죠

Nan keu dae ro ge jyo

이렇게도 바보 같은 난

I reot ke do ba bo gat teun na

몇년이 가도 그대로겠죠

Myeot nyeon ni ga do keu dae ro ge jyo

삼켜보고 또 꺼내보고 울어도 보겠죠

sam kyeo bo go ddo ggeo nae bo go ul reo do bo ge jyo

내 바보 같은 가슴은 아직도

nae ba bo gat teun ka seum meun a jik do

그대가 없다는 걸 모르고 있죠

keu dae ga eop da neun geol mo reu go it jyo

One Day

Lyrics, Composed and Arranged by Kangta

(VANNESS) Yeah, it's (that's?) how it goes. You feelin' me?

Check the verse.


The smiling morning sunlight is welcoming me with delight as

the day gets started...

From somewhere a familiar sound of music tickles my ears...

싱그런 아침 햇살이 날 반겨주며 하루가 시작되고

어디에선가 귀익은 음악소리가 귓가를 간지럽히죠


Today, I wonder what type of events await me and I'm already

restless with anticipation...

My footsteps have become much lighter and each step after step

is singing happiness...

오늘은 어떤 일들이 날 기다릴까 벌써부터 설레죠

가벼워진 발걸음 걸음 걸음마다 행복을 노래하죠


Without realizing when, the comfort of the morning has become warm

and its two arms are wide open to wrap around and protect me...

As the crisp wind blows towards me, it seems as if I can fly through

the sky...

어느새 가슴에 둔??따스해진 포근함이 두 팔을 벌려 나를 감싸죠

불어오는 상쾌한 바람결에 하늘을 날 것만 같죠


I must be alright...I must be survivng by ignoring/forgetting everything...

I thought that I would not be able to live for a single

day without you...

You were my everything...but you seem to be fading away from my

memory...without me realizing when...

괜찮은가 봐요 잊고사나 봐요

그대없인 단 하루도 못견딜줄 알았는데

내 전부인 그대였는데 잊혀져가네요 (KANGTA)어느샌가


Somewhere on this pathway...walking alone is

a familiar image....

This pathway...where we used to walk together...

I can now walk alone and laugh about it...

혼자서 걷는 이 거리 어디에선가 낯익은 모습이죠

함께 걷던 이 거릴 홀로 걸어가며 ??? 웃어 볼수도 있죠


Often at times, your warm gestures...and the ways you

resembled me...those memories come up first...

All day, I used to think about you and fill everything

with memories of you...

가끔은 그대 따뜻했던 모습들 날 대했던 닮았던 모습부터 떠오르죠

하루종일 그대 생각들로 모든 걸 채운 나였는데


I must be alright...I must be survivng by ignoring/forgetting everything...

I thought that I would not be able to live for a single

day without you...

You were my everything...but you seem to be fading away from my

memory...without me realizing when...

The numerous days...spent with endless prayers...

Hoping for you to return by my side again...

Even that prayer is being said less and less...getting further and further

away...without me realizing when...

괜찮은가 봐요 잊고 사나봐요

그대없인 단 하루도 못 견딜줄 알았는데

내 전부인 그대였는데 잊혀져가네요

수많은 날들은 수많은 기도로

그대가 내곁에 다시 오기만을 바랬는데

그 기도도 줄어가네요 멀어져가네요 (KANGTA)어느샌가

(VANNESS) So you wanna know how it goes -- well here it is --

I'd never thought I'd be so into you, fall in love with you.

Everything little thing came from a heart that's true, but

apparently it's not happening, so I'll just, reminisce about this,

one mo time, then baby girl, I'm a have to let it be.

** repeat


Translated by Esther@OMK

Korean Lyrics by Kangta


As I watch you getting further away from me little by little...

I should have thrown everything away...

The memories...the photos of us I cherished...and my last image of

you walking away from me...

And even my hope that you might return to me if I wait here quietly...

조금씩 멀어져가는 그대 뒷모습을 보며

모두다 버려야 했는데

추억도 간직한 우리 사진도 마지막 너의 뒷모습도

말없이 이곳에서 기다리면 돌아올 거라는 기대도


More and more won't it become further away...more and more

it will all become smaller...

Even the memories of us together will fade away to nothing...

Things will be different from yesterday...parting ways are often this way...

Tomorrow, even if for just one day, things will become further away...

for at least one day....

점점 멀어지겠죠 점점 작아지겠죠

우리 함께 했던 추억도 없던 일이 되겠죠

어제와 다르겠죠 이별이 늘 그렿죠

내일이면 하루만큼 더 멀어지겠죠 하루만큼


One step at a time...I watch the image of you walking further

and further away from me....

I should have forgotten about everything...

Your face which turned red with just one glass of wine...even your

unbearable nagging...and the image of you after a rough day

when you cried on my shoulder and in my embrace...

한걸음씩 멀어지는 그대 뒷모습을 보며

모두다 잊어야 했는데

한잔술에 볽어지던 얼굴도 지겹기만 했던 잔소리도

어느날 힘겨워 내품에 안겨 한없이 울던 니 모습도


More and more won't it become further away...more and more

it will all become smaller...

Even the memories of us together will fade away to nothing...

Things will be different from yesterday...parting ways are often this way...

Tomorrow, even if for just one day, things will become further away...

for at least one day....

점점 멀어지겠죠 점점 작아지겠죠

우리 함께 했던 추억도 없던 일이 되겠죠

어제와 다르겠죠 이별이 늘 그렿죠

내일이면 하루만큼 더 멀어지겠죠 하루만큼


Even though I tell my childish/naive heart time and time again...

my heart, which was hurt/burnt more than my head...

어리석은 나의 가슴을 몇 번이고 타일러도 머리보다 더딘가슴은


Usually, it(heart) doesn't listen...

언제나 그렇듯 말을 듣질 않죠


Now, it's not me(your special person)...it must be another person...

이젠 내가 아니죠 다른 사람이겠죠


Someone who you can shed tears with while in his embrace...

a nice person...

안겨 눈물 흘릴 수 있는 좋은 사람이겠죠


Would you mind if I waited a long time for you here/at this place?

If by chance the person you're now with is not the one...

so that you could come back...to this place here....

오랫동안 이 자리에 기다려도 될까요

혹시 그 사람이 아니면 돌아올 수 있도록....(KANGTA) 이곳에서...


credit: Esther@OMK


X-man second song - Just Like Now

Written and Composed by KangTa

The moment I first saw you, my heart stopped.

It was as if all my many lonely days were spent waiting for you...

I just can't believe that you are standing right before my eyes.

It has started for me...from the moment you and I first met today...

The coming bright morning...and the shining/gleaming(?) afternoon...

...even the dark night...they(?) will also be happy because of you...

Even my lonely days which I struggled through for so long...just

wandering about...

Since you're here now, I'm sure it won't be the case anymore...

Your oh so lovely appearance and my feelings for you...I wish they

go on forever...

May this very moment right now be forever...

as I take care of you... .

English lyrics For X-man

Translated by Esther@OMK


First X-man song : Because Of You

Written and Composed by KangTa

It's a bit awkward to greet you with, "long time no see"

And to ask you if you have been doing well, just seems so different now too...

But what hasn't changed, are my feelings for you...I feel so silly...

A long time has passed...and today, I am finally ready to see you.

The time that passed seems like a lie...

and after today...I wonder if I'll feel the same way tomorrow...

I'll pray that it will always be like now...

And if we happen to run into each other... That will be enough for me...

I'll be able to live with just that...

At least for one day...


credit: heartmonster@soompi

Kangta & Vanness - SCANDAL ALBUM

01. Scandal

Composer: Yoo Han Jin/Yoo Young Jin

Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin

Arranger: Yoo Han Jin/Yoo Young Jin


Y2J Yoo young jin That's the way

We came straight game wit it

straight off the chain wit it

Look but can't touch we the illest true pimps of it

Collaboration locked with military fusion

Takin-ova-Da globe w/out any hesitation

Envision total domination

Taking circus out With Sniper Scope precision

So just back up back up yo way up way up

Or you'll get yoself smacked up Like 2 Pac we hit'em up

Too cold hold yo we too hot to handle

Ladies are yu ready bout to hitcha wit dis scandal


태양이 잠들면 어둠의 지밴 시작되

tae yang I jam deul myeon eo dum me ji baen si jak doe

Baggy를 내려 입는 것 스니커를 신는 것

Baggy reul nae ryeo ib neun geot seu ni keo reul sin neun geot

오늘밤 내 무대엔 새 바람이 불까

O neul bam nae mu dae en sae ba ram mi bul gga

내 몸짓 하나로도 충분해

Nae mom jit ha na ro do chung bun hae

Girl I get you stuck on me 내게 눈을 떼지마

Girl I get you stuck on me nae ge nun meul dde ji ma

리듬은 내 전부인 걸 내 몸안에 있는 걸

ri deum meun nae jeon bu in geol nae mom man ne it neun geol


Hot step show me 네 전부를 걸어 봐

Hot step show me ne jeon bu reul geol reo bwa


터질 것 같은 네 열정이 느껴져

teo jil geot gat teun ne yeol jeong I neu ggyeo jyeo


Break that away 감당할 수 없는 걸

Break that away gam dang hal su eob neun geol

Just you and me Pop Let's get it on tonight!!


Let's go

I know what I know what I know I show

By the time finish you'll be screaming for more


숨이 멎어 버릴 것만 같은 너

sum mi meot jeo beo ril geot man gat teun neo

빨려 들어가는 모든 시선들

bbal ri deul reo ga neun mo deun si seon deul


Don't try to step pistol whipped is how you'll end

Flippin the script I just dun dun it again


그것만으론 아직 모자라

keu geot man neu ron a jik mo ja ra

이제 시작되는 나의 Crunky pop

I je si jak doe neun na ye Crunky pop


Now Let See who can get down

내게 눈을 떼지마

nae ge nun neul dde ji ma

음악은 내 심장인걸 내 가슴안에 있는 걸


Eum mak geun nae sim jang in geol nae ka seum an ne it neun geol


Show down Let's party

네 모든걸 보여줘

ne mo deun geol bo yeo jweo


현란한 너의 춤 한계는 없는 걸

hyeon ran han neo ye chum han gye neun eob neun geol


Pump your body 감당할 수 없는 걸

Pump your body gam dang hal su eob neun geol

Just you and me Pop we do to battle tonight!!


난 너를 아는 걸

nan neo reul a neun geol

춤안에서 자유로운 꿈도 숨쉬는 걸

chum an ne seo ja yu ro eun ggum do sum swi neun geol

그보다 표현하고 싶던 모든 것

keu bo da pyo hyeon ha go sip deon mu deon geot

네 몸 안에 녹아 있어

ne mom an ne nol ga it seo


Yo baby boo you know what to do

Shakin that thang left and right makin all the boys drool

Sweat rollin like-hot wax on a candle

Getting me thinking bout how

I'm about to handle it cus yo lips be so fresh n so clean

But understand that I'm the man

I'll give you whatcha neet sayin please

Tickle you soo good you'll buckle up in yo knees


Yeah It's you

just ride tonite just ride tonite just ride tonite


Show down let's party

네 모든 걸 보여줘

ne mo deun geol bo yeo jweo

Oh Oh Oh Oh

Pump your body 감당할 수 없는 걸

Pump your body gam dang hal su eob neun geol

한없이 타올라

han eob si ta ol ra

Let's party all night long

Hot step shoe me

네 전부를 걸어 봐

ne jeon bu reul geol reo bwa

거짓과 같은 내 열정이 느껴져

geo jit gwa gat teun nae yeol jeong I neu ggyeo jyeo

Break that away 감당할 수 없는 걸

Break that away gam dang hal su eob neun geol

Just you and me Pop Let's get it on tonight


02. 127 Days

Composer: Kangta

Lyrics: Kangta

Arranger: Kangta


o raen man i ra neun in sa do

오 랜 만 이 라 는 인 사 도

na dab ji anh eun eo saeg han geu mar tu do

나 답 지 않 은 어 색 한 그 말 투 도

jar ji naess nya mud neun an bu do

잘 지 냈 냐 묻 는 안 부 도

geu to rog ga kka weoss deon u ri wan da reu jyo

그 토 록 가 까 웠 던 우 리 완 다 르 죠


mo reu go ji nae na bwa yo

모 르 고 지 내 나 봐 요

i to rog him gyeo un na reur geu dae neun mo reu gess jyo

이 토 록 힘 겨 운 나 를 그 대 는 모 르 겠 죠


nan a jig kka ji bu jog ha jyo geu dae reur ij gi e neun

난 아 직 까 지 부 족 하 죠 그 대 를 잊 기 에 는

i reoh ge do i gi jeog in nar jar tteo nan geo jyo jar ij eun geo jyo

이 렇 게 도 이 기 적 인 날 잘 떠 난 거 죠 잘 잊 은 거 죠

gyeon dyeo bo go tto cam a nae go ij eo do bor ge yo

견 뎌 보 고 또 참 아 내 고 잊 어 도 볼 게 요

nae eo ri seog eun ga seum gwa du nun i

내 어 리 석 은 가 슴 과 두 눈 이

deo i sang geu daer caj ji mos ha do rog

더 이 상 그 댈 찾 지 못 하 도 록


nae du nun eun geu dae man eur bo go

내 두 눈 은 그 대 만 을 보 고

na yi du gwi neun geu dae so sig man eur deud jyo

나 의 두 귀 는 그 대 소 식 만 을 듣 죠

ba bo gat eun na yi du bar eun

바 보 같 은 나 의 두 발 은

a mu ri ta ir reo do um jig i ji anh jyo

아 무 리 타 일 러 도 움 직 이 지 않 죠


nae ga seum i meom cweoss na bwa yo

내 가 슴 이 멈 췄 나 봐 요

he eo ji deon geu si gan geu ja ri e meom cweo seoss jyo

헤 어 지 던 그 시 간 그 자 리 에 멈 춰 섰 죠


nan a jig kka ji bu jog ha jyo geu dae reur ij gi e neun

난 아 직 까 지 부 족 하 죠 그 대 를 잊 기 에 는

i reoh ge do i gi jeog in nar jar tteo nan geo jyo jar ij eun geo jyo

이 렇 게 도 이 기 적 인 날 잘 떠 난 거 죠 잘 잊 은 거 죠

gyeon dyeo bo go tto cam a nae go ij eo do bor ge yo

견 뎌 보 고 또 참 아 내 고 잊 어 도 볼 게 요

nae eo ri seog eun ga seum gwa du nun i

내 어 리 석 은 가 슴 과 두 눈 이

deo i sang geu daer caj ji mos ha do rog

더 이 상 그 댈 찾 지 못 하 도 록


damn baby

how we end up here

You know it′s funny

I just miss you so much

I still remember holding you kissing you

I wish I could just see you right now lying in my arms

Baby I′m waiting for you

Please just come back to me

I love you


ha ru ji na tto ha ru ha ru nan geu dae ro gess jyo

하 루 지 나 또 하 루 하 루 난 그 대 로 겠 죠

i reoh ge do ba bo gat eun nan myeoc nyeon i ga do geu dae ro gess jyo

이 렇 게 도 바 보 같 은 난 몇 년 이 가 도 그 대 로 겠 죠

sam kyeo bo go tto kkeo nae bo go ur eo do bo gess jyo

삼 켜 보 고 또 꺼 내 보 고 울 어 도 보 겠 죠

nae ba bo gat eun ga seum eun a jig do geu dae ga eobs da neun geor

내 바 보 같 은 가 슴 은 아 직 도 그 대 가 없 다 는 걸

mo reu go iss jyo

모 르 고 있 죠


03. Good Vibration

Composer: Yoo Young Jin

Arranger: Yoo Young Jin

Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin

Always on my mind....Never forget in my heart

Oh! good vibration-

What up V.Dubb

Chillin K.T.

It's time to let them know ain't no stopping me.

Homies for life, show them how we do this right

Taipei to Korea

Yeah we keeping it tight

sarm yi si gan eun nae ap eur bba reu ge

삶 의 시 간 은 내 앞 을 빠 르 게

seu cyeo beo rin ba ram in geos ceo reom mag jin mos hae

스 쳐 버 린 바 람 인 것 처 럼 .. 막 진 못 해

naj eun gos e meo mur reo mo du ga jyeoss da go

낮 은 곳 에 머 물 러 모 두 가 졌 다 고

kkum eur kku myeo sar da ga neun geor

꿈 을 꾸 며 살 다 가 는 걸 Incomplete

Realize my Good vibration

ne ge deung eur gi dae myeon

네 게 등 을 기 대 면

can ran haess deon gi eog sog e

찬 란 했 던 기 억 속 에

nae ga neo reur bo myeo us neun geor

내 가 너 를 보 며 웃 는 걸

mid eum eur ij eo do geu ja ri en eon je na heun jeog i nam gyeo jin geor

믿 음 을 잊 어 도 그 자 리 엔 언 제 나 흔 적 이 남 겨 진 걸

meoj eo beo rin si gye neun ma ci i sun gan eur gi da rin geos man gat a

멎 어 버 린 시 계 는 마 치 이 순 간 을 기 다 린 것 만 같 아

cin gu ya jan eur deur ja bam eur cae weo u jeong eur ma syeo beo ri ja

친 구 야 ! 잔 을 들 자 밤 을 채 워 우 정 을 마 셔 버 리 자

Oh- good vibration

I remember 2 kids same team, with big dreams

Love music love life was the fuel for the steam

Yo we kept it real flashy even way back then,

straight ballin' girls callin, ever since we was 10

Now bossin, steady flossin good times just to never end

Even when the haters hate cus we settin the trends

better believe v.dubb and k.t. is where it's at

2 cats wit hot tracks & high stacks of Ben Jacks

Realize my Good vibration

ne ge deung eur gi dae myeon

네 게 등 을 기 대 면

can ran haess deon gi eog sog e

찬 란 했 던 기 억 속 에

nae ga neo reur bo myeo us neun geor

내 가 너 를 보 며 웃 는 걸

cin gu ran geon na yi su ho ceon sa sarm e ji cyeo him deur ttae

친 구 란 건 나 의 수 호 천 사 삶 에 지 쳐 힘 들 때

ir eo na seo ssa u ra go oe cyeo na reur ji kyeo ju neun him

일 어 나 서 싸 우 라 고 외 쳐 나 를 지 켜 주 는 힘

Now don't get twisted, you think you know what this is

Korea and Taiwan yeah you know we so sick with it

Ice is so nice cus we chillin at the top

Like s.n.double o.p we Drop like it's hot

u ri ga seum sog en eon je na mo du gat eun geu ri um i iss neun geor

우 리 가 슴 속 엔 언 제 나 모 두 같 은 그 리 움 이 있 는 걸

o rae doe myeon o rae doer su rog mas i gip eun sur ceo reom

오 래 되 면 , 오 래 될 수 록 맛 이 깊 은 술 처 럼

seo ro e ge cwi hae ga neun geos

서 로 에 게 취 해 가 는 것

u ri nam eun sarm e no eur bic i deu ri weo jyeo

우 리 남 은 삶 에 노 을 빛 이 드 리 워 져

ji nan nar eur dwi dor a bo myeon

지 난 날 을 뒤 돌 아 보 면 ...

ham kke us eo ju neun ne ga gyeot e iss eo

함 께 웃 어 주 는 네 가 곁 에 있 어 ,

In my mind, We will always be, True friends indeed

Realize my Good vibration

ne ge deung eur gi dae myeon

네 게 등 을 기 대 면

can ran haess deon gi eog sog e

찬 란 했 던 기 억 속 에

nae ga neo reur bo myeo us neun geor

내 가 너 를 보 며 웃 는 걸

You will guide my good vibrations


04. One Day

Composer: Kangta

Arranger: Kangta

Lyrics: Kangta

Yeah, Its how it goes

You feelin me?

Check the verse

sing geu reon a cim haes sar i nar ban gyeo ju myeo ha ru ga si jag doe go

싱 그 런 아 침 햇 살 이 날 반 겨 주 며 하 루 가 시 작 되 고

eo di e seon ga gwi ig eun eum ag so ri ga gwis ga reur gan ji reob hi jyo

어 디 에 선 가 귀 익 은 음 악 소 리 가 귓 가 를 간 지 럽 히 죠

o neur eun eo tteon ir deur i nar gi da rir kka beor sseo bu teo ser re jyo

오 늘 은 어 떤 일 들 이 날 기 다 릴 까 벌 써 부 터 셀 레 죠

ga byeo weo jin bar geor eum geor eum geor eum ma da haeng bog eur no rae ha jyo

가 벼 워 진 발 걸 음 걸 음 걸 음 마 다 행 복 을 노 래 하 죠

eo neu sae tta seu hae jin po geun ham i du par eur beor ryeo na reur gam ssa jyo

어 느 새 따 스 해 진 포 근 함 이 두 팔 을 벌 려 나 를 감 싸 죠

bur eo o neun sang kwae han ba ram gyeor e ha neur eur nar geos man gat jyo

불 어 오 는 상 쾌 한 바 람 결 에 하 늘 을 날 것 만 같 죠

gwaen canh eun ga bwa yo ij go sa na bwa yo

괜 찮 은 가 봐 요 잊 고 사 나 봐 요

geu dae eobs in dan ha ru do mos gyeon dir jur ar richard simmons neun de

그 대 없 인 단 하 루 도 못 견 딜 줄 알 았 는 데

nae jeon bu in geu dae yeoss neun de ij hyeo jyeo ga ne yo eo neu saen ga

내 전 부 인 그 대 였 는 데 잊 혀 져 가 네 요 어 느 샌 가

hon ja seo geod neun i geo ri eo di e seon ga nac ig eun mo seub i jyo

혼 자 서 걷 는 이 거 리 어 디 에 선 가 낯 익 은 모 습 이 죠

ham kke geod deon i geo rir hor ro geor eo ga myeo us eo bor su do iss jyo

함 께 걷 던 이 거 릴 홀 로 걸 어 가 며 웃 어 볼 수 도 있 죠

ga kkeum eun geu ttae tta tteus haess deon mo seub deur nar darm richard simmons deon mo seub do tteo o reu jyo

가 끔 은 그 때 따 뜻 했 던 모 습 들 날 닮 았 던 모 습 도 떠 오 르 죠

ha ru jong ir geu dae yi saeng gag deur ro mo deun geor cae un na yeoss neun de

하 루 종 일 그 대 의 생 각 들 로 모 든 걸 채 운 나 였 는 데

gwaen canh eun ga bwa do ij go sa na bwa yo

* 괜 찮 은 가 봐 도 잊 고 사 나 봐 요

geu dae eobs in dan ha ru do mos gyeon dir jur ar richard simmons neun de

그 대 없 인 단 하 루 도 못 견 딜 줄 알 았 는 데

nae jeon bu in geu dae yeoss neun de ij hyeo jyeo ga ne yo

내 전 부 인 그 대 였 는 데 잊 혀 져 가 네 요

su manh eun nar deur eur su manh eun gi do ro

수 많 은 날 들 을 수 많 은 기 도 로

geu dae ga nae gyeot e da si o gi man eun ba raess neun de

그 대 가 내 곁 에 다 시 오 기 만 은 바 랬 는 데

geu gi do do jur eo ga ne yo meor eo jyeo ga ne yo eo neu saen ga

그 기 도 도 줄 어 가 네 요 멀 어 져 가 네 요 어 느 샌 가

So you wanna know how it goes…

well here it is…I

I'd never thought Id be so into you,

fall in love with you.

Everything little thing came from a heart that

It's true,

but apparently it's not happening, so I'll just,

reminisce about this, one more time,

then baby girl I

m a have to let it be.


05. Faint

Lyrics: Kangta

《한걸음...(Faint)》 - 강타 & 바네스

《一步》 - Kangta & Vanness

조금씩 멀어져가는 그대 뒷모습을 보며

jo geum ssik meol reo jyeo ga neun geu dae dwit mo seub beul bo myeo

모두 다 버려야 했는데

mo du da beo ryeo ya haet neun de

추억도 간직한 우리 사진도

chu eok do gan jik gan woo ri sa jin do

마지막 너의 뒷모습도

ma ji mak neo e dwit mo seub do

말 없이 이곳에서 기다리면

mal eob si i got se seo gi da ri myeon

돌아올꺼라는 기대도

dol ra ol ggeo ra neun gi dae do

점점 멀어지겠죠 점점 작아지겠죠

jeom jeom meol reo ji get jyo jeom jeom jak ga ji get jyo

우리 함께 했던 추억도 없던 일이 되겠죠

woo ri ham gge haet deon chu eok do eob deon il ri doe get jyo

어제와 다르겠죠 이별이 늘 그렇죠

eo je wa da reu get jyo i byeol ri neul geu reot jyo

내일이면 하루 만큼 더 더 멀어지겠죠

nae il ri myeon ha ru man keum deo deo meol reo ji get jyo


ha ru man keum

한걸음씩 멀어지는 그대 뒷모습을 보며

han geol reum ssik meol reo ji neun geu dae dwit mo seub beul bo myeo

모두 다 잊었야 했는데

mo du da it jeot ya haet neun de

한잔 술에 붉어지던 얼굴도

han jan sul re bul geo ji deon eol gul do

지겹기만 하던 잔소리도

ji gyeob gi man ha deon jan so ri do

어느날 힘겨워 내품에 안겨

eo neu nal him gyeo wo nae pum me an gyeo

한 없이 울던 니 모습도

han eob si wool deon ni mo seub do

점점 멀어지겠죠 점점 작아지겠죠

jeom jeom meol reo ji get jyo jeom jeom jak ga ji get jyo

우리 함께 했던 추억도 없던 일이 되겠죠

woo ri ham gge haet deon chu eok do eob deon il ri doe get jyo

어제와 다르겠죠 이별이 늘 그렇죠

eo je wa da reu get jyo i byeol ri neul geu reot jyo

내일이면 하루 만큼 더더멀어지겠죠

nae il ri myeon ha ru man keum deo deo meol reo ji get jyo


ha ru man keum

어리석은 나의 가슴을 몇번이고 타일러도

eo ri seok geun na e ga seum meul myeot beon ni go ta il reo do

머리보다 더딘 가슴은

meo ri bo da deo din ga seum meun

언제나 그렇듯 말을 듣지 않죠

eon je na geu reot deut mal reul deut ji an jyo

이젠 내가 아니죠 다른 사람이겠죠

i jen nae ga a ni jyo da reun sa ram i get jyo

한결 눈물 흘릴수 있는 좋은 사람이겠죠

han gyeol nun mul heul ril su it neun jot eun sa ram i get jyo

오랫동안 이자리에 기달려도 될까요?

o raet dong an i ja ri e gi dal ryeo do doel gga yo?

혹시 그 사람이 아니면 돌아올수 있도록

hok si geu sa ram mi a ni myeon dol ra ol su it do rok


i got se seo


06. Scandal (English Version)

Y2J…YOO, young jin That's the way~

We came straight game wit it,

straight off the chain wit it,

Look but can't touch, we the illest true pimps of it.

Collaboration locked with military fusion,

Takin-ova- Da globe without any hesitation,

Envision total domination.

Taking circus out With, Sniper Scope precision.

So just back up back up, yo way up way up,

Or you'll get yoself **acked up! Like 2 Pac,

we hit'em up~!

Too cold to hold, yo we too hot to handle,

Ladies are you ready bout to hitcha wit dis scandal~

Clock strikes it's twelve O clock,

Bodies movin dance flo's hot

You shake it so dangerous, Girl your so dangerous

Looked straight in--to your eyes.

Desire burning up my mind

(It's you) You know want to don't be shy oh girl

Girl don't try to stop this flow.

Back up on it nice and slow

The stage is set so just let go.. Baby girl don't say no

Move yo body! Don't think about no one else!

Groove to the music, let the rhythm take control.

Rock that body! You know how we party~ Yeah!

Just you and me, Pop! Let's get it Crunk tonight!

("Lets go")

I know what I know what I know I show,

By the time I finish you'll be scrnming for more

Time for us to show everybody watsup,

takin all the ladies with a single look.

Don't try to step, pistol whipped is how you'll end

flippin the script I just dun dun it again

Ain't nobody! even come close to us,

It's the real deal so scandalous

Now, Let See who, can get down,

Groove yo body let's getdown.

The stage is set so just let go.

Baby girl don't say no

Show down let's party! Don't think about no one else!

Groove to the music, let the rhythm take control.

Rock that body! You know how we party party~yeah!

Just you and me, Pop! Let's get it Crunk tonight!

Girl you know that I want you,

So why you frontin on me like it's,

nothing mo than, just a game.

Girl I know what you're feelin now,

But baby please just show me how~!

Yo baby boo, you know what you do,

Shakin that thang left and right,

makin all dem boys drool.

Sweat rollin like-hot wax on a candle,

Getting me thinking bout how I'm about to handle it

cus yo lips be so fresh n so clean

But understand that I'm the man,

I'll give you whatcha need, sayin please

Tickle you soo good, you'll buckle up in yo knees

Yeah (It's you)

Just ride tonite ! Just ride tonite ! Just ride me tonite !

Move yo body!

Don't think about no one else! Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-

Get that money! Time to taste that honey now

Everybody's down, let's Party all night long!

Show down let's party! Don't think about no one else!

Groove to the music, let the rhythm take control.

Rock that body! You know how we party Yeah!

Just you and me, Pop! Let's get it Crunk tonight!


credit: HUAY@soompi

Kangta - Summer Night Love

04. 강타 ~의 고백 (Summer night love)

점점 길어져 가는 그림자를 따라 너를 떠올리며

하루만큼 네게로 간 내 맘을 너는 모르겠지

널 향한 내 맘이 저 하늘의 별빛이 되어 비추고

사랑은 어느새 내게 들어와 아픈 날 일으켜 힘을 주고

네게서 쏟아진 그 고백은 내 길에 빛이 되어 주는 걸 love you~

네 맘도 나와 같은 마음이기를 나는 기도해 왔어

간절하게 바라는 내 사랑을 너는 알고 있니

너를 향한 내 맘은 저 깊은 강이 되어 흐르고

*사랑은 어느새 내게 다가와 지친 나를 안아 꿈을 주고

내게로 돌아선 네 마음은 내 삶에 길이 되는 걸 love you~

네 눈에 내 맘이 보이면 내 품에 널 꼭 안으면

어떤 어려움도 그 눈물도 두렵지 않아 함께라면

사랑은 어느새 내안으로 들어와 아픈 날 일으켜 내게 힘을 주고

네게서 쏟아진 그 고백은 내 길에 빛이 되어 주는 걸 love you~



04. KangTa ~ Summer Night Love

jomjom girojyo ganun gurimjarur tara norur to ollimyo

haru mankhum negero gan ne mamur nonun morugeji

nor hyang han ne mami

jo hanurui byorbichi dweo bichugo

sarangun onuse nege durowa

aphun nar irukyo himur jugo

negeso sodajin gu gobegun

ne gire bichi dweo junungor


ne mamdo nawa gathun maum igirur

nanun gidohe wasso

ganjor hage baranun ne sarangur

nonun argo ini

norur hyanghan ne mamun

jo giphun gangi dweo hurugo

sarangun onuse nege dagawa

jichin narur ana kumur jugo

negero dorason ne maumun

ne sarme giri dweo junungor


ne nune ne mami boimyon

ne phume nor kog anumyon

oton oryoumdo gu nunmurdo

duryobji anha hamkeramyon (OOH~)

sarangun onuse ne anuro durowa

aphun nar irukyo nege himur jugo

negeso sodajin gu gobegun

ne gire bichi dweo junungor


sarangun onuse nege dagawa (dagawa)

jichin narur ana kumur jugo (??? kumur jugo))

negero dorason ne maumun

ne sarme giri dweo junungor


credit: HUAY@soompi.

courtesy of damouse@soompi - SCANDAL MV NEWS TRANSLATION.


The MTV for cross-country singing sensations KangTa & Vanness' first album/single, Scandal, was finally completed. For the promotion of the K&V group, the record company spent generously, a few million-won, inviting Korea's finest crews and cinematographers to help with the filming of the MTV, from the dance sequences to all other scenes of the MTV, it was all planned out carefully and with much detail. Vanness and KangTa not only dance an energetic dance in the rain, they also raced on the highway, much like "Initial D". Both of them match each other quite well, and the Scandal MV was completed to high satisfaction. Scandal's China distribution will be the responsibilty of (some kind of coporation ), fans from China/Asia will soon taste the power and attraction of K&V.

The song Scandal was produced and written by Yoo Young Jin, who was also responsible for songs of BoA and Dong Bang Shin Ki. Yoo Young Jin wanted to write something that can represent a side of K&V that has never been publicly displayed, so he decided to use the current popular style of "Crunk & B", so that they can display the energy of their dancing. Besides taking up Yoo Young Jin, the record company spent millions of won to employ the best people for the production and chereography of the MV of these two cross-country superstars. In terms of dance chereography, the dance teacher DOH (who was responsible for BoA's dance chereography) arranged a dance called "Stop Power Move Dance", full of masculine energy and was a dance of power. On the front of filming, one of Korea's finest MV directors (along with a lot of Korean people, crew and cameramen - they're all names here) was hired, so as to show Vanness and KangTa's most attractive side and their unique star quality.

This MV took a total of four days to film, and each day more than 10 hours was needed from the start to finish. Besides that, a lot of the MV scenes were of dancing in the rain or just simply standing and getting soaked in the rain, so it was a real test of physical strength for both KangTa and Vanness. It was such a cold scenario, they were repeatedly drinking ginger soup/drink to keep warm! Scandal's lyrics wrote that two high-powered dancers met on the dance floor, and competed in their dancing abilities, and also for the love and attention of a girl, and displayed the "friend-foe" relationship of both men. Vanness in the MV showed-off his toned body, a result of his toning and training, from the start he was bare-chested and mostly throughout the MV. At the same time, besides dancing in the rain and on the dance floor with Vanness, KangTa wore a white T-shirt for his solo dance scene, and adding to his electrifying eyes, his attraction was really powerful. In addition, the director let them race in expensive cars (Mercedes and Ferari, it wrote - I thought it was a Porsche? Me blur!) to portray "speed and passion", the scenario was filled with speed and difficult dance moves, and was filmed to a strong backing track (I think, not sure I got this part exactly right). Because the car-racing scene was to take part on Seoul's highway, the director had to film it in the middle of the night to avoid traffic inconvenience to other people. He engaged the help of the Korean police officers to keep the filming in order. But KangTa and Vanness' star power attracted a huge number of fans who turned up at the filming, turning the highway into something alikening to a night market!

Notably, after receiving an invitation from the organisers of Taiwan's Golden Melody AWards, Vanness and KangTa will be performing at the awards, this time's performance also marked the kick-off of promotion in China/Taiwan, so both of them regarded this event with a lot of importance.

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Translation to M.Net Wide News on the magazine photoshoot 26/07/06


Host: Asia's best group, giving you a fresh feeling with their looks and body let's welcome KT and V

Host: Are there any special photoshoots going along today? You both are all dressed so well

KT: Today we are doing a photoshoot for a magazine

KT: This is the first time that KT and V are doing a photoshoot for a magazine so were are very happy

Host: You are so busy so you wouldn't have time to have your meals

KT: We do have time for our meals

KT: But I have to fly around many countries so therefore I might not feel so energetic

KT: But whenever we see many fans from all over supporting us, I will feel very happy

Host: You have this expression that you always use

Host: You have used the love from your fans for dinner that you don't need to eat.

KT: Although I've already debuted for 10 years, this expression...

KT: I also feel weird, please understand me

Host: We often see V's good physique

V: Is it?

KT: Is it?

Host: Good body

V: Thanks

Host: KT, you are really bad, V has shown his body to a female fan but you didn't...

KT: There will be a chance next time...

KT: We will both strip together!...

KT: I'm joking!

Host: Maybe your body...

KT: I don't have a good body like V, I can only unbutton 1 or 2 buttons

Host: Who is the most handsome in F4?

V: Me

Host: Is V having a prince sickness (meaning liking himself?)

V: No I don't

Host: Is Kangta more handsome than the F4 members?

V: Yes

KT: "Yes" you said it! "Yes"

KT: Maybe we'll say it next time, as he is laughing

Host: Because you guys working together, is there reports that you guys are homo?

KT: Till now, there is still this problem, It's very stressful

KT: Not long ago, we clarified that we are normal men in a programme

KT: We love women more than any other men

Host: Would you want to get a sexy gf to simmer these reports?

KT: Yes of course

Host: What about this type? Vanness how about me, how about cute, sexy style like me?

V: I... like...

KT: I'm unhappy that V didn't get permission

Host: KT you must now call me sister in law

KT: Yea....

V: Let's go...

Host: Don't, the interview is about to end, I'm sorry

KT: M.Met wide news audiences, I'm very happy to see all of you, thanks for all the concerns.

V: Thanks you guys for supporting us, and thank you everyone out there watching. We really appreciate all the support you've given us. So stick around there's more to come and we'll see you soon. Take care and God bless, we love you.

Credits: AQX.com for chinese subs

Translator: Starylosophy

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Guest BiTa Stone

Translation To Selected VOD/News Clips

MTV 'Making the Video' - Kangta&Vanness : Scandal


Translated by Esther@OMK

KT: Hello, I'm Kangta.

VN: Hello, I'm Vanness.

KT: We are so very happy to have you here with us at

Kangta & Vanness' music video location through MTV's Making the Video...

VN: This is the first time that we worked together...

this is the first music video...Scandal...it's just going to be scandalous!

So, you know, I hope you guys are ready for it...because, it's never before seen..

The song is about...pretty much...just hitting the clubs...

and you know, the girls are there...the girls' bodies are moving...

portraying a night of fun, music, dance, energy and just positivity...

KT: Crunk & B is a very popular dance music genre in America

and this song has a rhythm that is considered trendy in the dance music world,

This song has a lot of delicate parts and it also has a lot of intense parts in it...

and I think because of the variety, this is a nice song.

VN: Alright, the music video is about us two guys just battling it out...

on the race track and on the dance floor...too much macho stuff...

the ending of the music video...you'll have to see it for yourself...

* DAY 1: INTRO *

KT: It may look like I'm really comfortable...

but actually, this is a scene where I'm supposed to show that I'm struggling

and in anguish about something...so actually it's kind of a difficult scene...

Since I get to start my first scene sitting here so comfortably,

I feel good about the filming we'll be doing today...^^

Scandal, the music video, through Making the Video...

we'll show you it all...here...yeah! (KT pointing/"V"/"peace" fingers)^^

We just finished cutting the scene here and now we're about to go do the club scene

where we'll be having a good time shaking to the music...

but before we do that, we need to go fill up our tummies...

please have something to eat...and we'll see you a little later...


KT: Don't make me do all that ____ dancing...I do know how to do it...

but just don't make me do a lot of it...it's too tiring for me...^^

This is a really intense and dynamic.......club entrance scene.^^

(clip shows KT entering the club and VN watches...)

VN: Perfect! Charming...KT's got lots of style....until I go on...

KT: As I walk into the club, I see the girl that I've been dreaming about...

and when she gives me a seductive look,

I have mixed feelings, but I'm intrigued and interested in her...

that's the type of acting I need to do in this scene...

And I'm supposed to be this "king card" (a major player who gets all the ladies?^^)

at this club...so I'm supposed to be a bit arrogant...

yet, getting really interested in this girl...

My rival just entered the club...he's entering showing a lot of his body...

and since it might look bad/strange for both of us to be without our clothes...

I've decided to keep all mine on in tight wraps...^^

Because V did a lot of dramas and movies,

it seems that his acting style is very versatile... and he is charismatic...

and he seems really shy...

This time, unlike before,

I decided to not be involved in the producing of the title track... we had a different

producer create something that he thought would match KT & VN...

rather than me creating something that I thought would match us...

(like looking through a different set of eyes or lenses)

and I really think that this helped me a lot...and because of this,

I think that we were able to develop more and expand...

(note: This section is tough...KT uses difficult Korean and it's hard for me to translate...here's the summary of what he's saying...)

Instead of as a promotion or publicity vehicle, I see the music video more as a helpful part to bring out our music... Scandal... when you hear the music on the album/cd (KT uses his hands to demonstrate listening through earphones) versus...

when you hear the music while watching the music video... you're not just watching a video clip... but rather you're listening to the music with the aid of a visual that should bring out the music even more... so I don't see the music video as merely a promotion/publicity tool... or as trying to make our song more memorable with a memorable video... I see it more as the video is the gift wrapping for the music...


VN: The confrontation...we're getting ready to see

what the opponent is spitting out...so, you know...it's the first time we meet...

and we're about to throw down...get in each other's faces...with our dance moves...

KT: Finally, this scene is where KT & VN meet and size each other up

with their eyes...

(the scene where KT takes his thumb, wipes his lips

then tries to wipe VN's too...but...)

VN: I spit on this thumb, that's what I did.

KT: By me taking my thumb and rubbing it on my lips then on his -- this represents that I think that he's no stronger than a woman...(laughter) well, this is just acting...

so I tried this for the music video...but I guess we'll need to edit it out...

(more laughter)...

In Taiwan, there was this huge awards ceremony...

The Golden Melody Awards and that's where we first met...

and our companies arranged for us to meet afterwards and we then got an idea

and developed it...so here we are today and I'm very thankful

that I could collaborate with VN -- I think that he's very talented.

Many see our collaboration -- Korean artist and Taiwanese artist -- as positive

and that it will make a big impact in Asia...


KT: Because of the water, it's very difficult to dance...

already, my shoes are completely filled with water right now...

VN: Our feet are wet...

KT: All of a sudden water was shot straight at my mouth and it surprised me!

Who was it?! He's dead...if I find out who did that, he's dead!^^

We're working hard, while even drinking some of the water^^,

so I really hope that this will result in a good scene...(too cute!)

(KT watches VN dancing in the rain)

KT: As the water falls and hits VN's body, it makes him look sexy -- he looks good.

VN: Kangta said it's very good, so I believe him.

KT: I was just kidding...(haha!!^^)

VN: Now he says he's kidding, so I don't believe him.

(VN watches KT dancing in the rain)

VN: (claps) Good! Sexy!!

(KT dripping wet in his tank undershirt)

KT: I'm very cold!!

I think it will look great with the water splashing this way

and that...so even though I'm all wet...I feel good.^^

* DAY 2: SET - RIDES *

KT: (says something about how it's comfortable to drive...?)

Now this next scene...well, VN and I meet at the club and we have a dance battle... we also meet on the streets and have a racing battle...

we take each of our sports cars and get ready to race...

we pull each of our cars out from the dark...it's this type of scene...


KT: We're about to race on the streets and over there are a couple police officers

who chase us...so then we go to the club to escape the cops and have the dance

battle...so this is the middle scene...

Director: when you come around that corner, both of you look at each other...

(as he instructs KT on what to do...)

KT: Very fun scenes...This is going to be a very fun music video.

With the music and the video...together with KT & VN...

We hope you enjoy it when you watch it!

VN: That's right - we are finished with this music video -- it took us two days....

and it's going to take even longer...we got to mix it, edit it, clean it up,

and when it comes back to you all, it's going to be more scandalous, more sick,

more Kangta, more Vanness, more MTV,...

you guys get ready...'cause here it is...the first time you guys are gonna see

our video together...first time performing...it's going to be off the hook!


Translation to GTV Bai Fen Bai (Game Segment)


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney

In The Beginning....

The 2 hosts introduced K&V to fans....

They asked the fans where they come from....and why they love them....

how long they have loved them..etc....

followed by K&V performing Scandal.....


KT: I saw you on TV...i know you...i know you...(so cute when he mixed chinese

with 'you' in english!!)

Host: Oh..... i like you...where...why...???

KT: Hamburger...(showing action...meaning advertisement...)

Host: Is that so??? Do you guys watch TV when you are here in Taiwan???

V: Yes...we do watch them at night ....

(that's how KT saw the host's advertisement)

-----> He goes on to say how and when they met.....etc....

Host: So how do you find KT??

V: Oh...he's really very nice...

We communicate via korean, chinese and english.....

Host: Does he bring you out and where does he bring you when you are in Korea???

Did he bring you to 'Dong Da Men'????

V: No...we can't go 'Tong Da Men' coz it's really very crowded there......

and he's really a very good host, always paying for me....

i had to snatch the bill from him sometimes...

Host: Oh...you are in Korea, so you are the guest....

V: But then, it's not very nice too since i'll be there for quite a long period....

Host: How about when he (KT) is in Taiwan????

V: Yes....yes....i do take him out...

Host: I read in the newspapers that you guys went Sauna together...

V: It's today's papers right???

Host: Yes...but ...wait....you shouldn't mention today coz this program will only

be aired later....so you should say a few days ago!!!!!!

So...you guys 'bathe together' in Korea right??

KT broke out laughing suddenly...and the hosts teased him....

Host: Oh....he's so cute...his response is a little slow ,

after we have stopped laughing ,

he will then start laughing through the interpretator coz it takes

time to translate to him!!

KT: V's body is really good, so a lot of men like to admire

him when they are at the Sauna...

Host: Do you cover yourself when bathing together????

V: er...why should i?? I mean, who covers up when bathing????

Host: How about KT???

KT: No....

Host: So were you shocked when you see each other naked???? Coz it's the first time

both of you face each other naked!!! Do you guys feel weird???

V: Oh....actually that's Korea's culture...everyone walks around like that....so..

what's there to be embarrassed??? We are all men...of the same sex...

Host: But when i go to the bath with him, i'll still be shy, try to cover up a little!!

KT : No...we won't do that.....

Host: Then shall we go and have our bath together one day????

KT: Sure...ok....

Host: Ok....do you guys hang out together for a period of more than 18 hours?

V: Oh...why not?? There was once we were together for 3 whole days....

Host: Really?? Then what do you guys talk about??? Is it about work ???

V: We chat and work at the same time.....

Host: So...what are his merits?? What's good about him???

V: He's really very nice....not only to me but everyone surrounding him,

including the crews and staff working with him........

he always asks them if they have had their meals...

and would offer them food immediately if they hadn't eaten...

i haven't seen such a guy like him before...i'm impressed..

er.....bad habits.....hmm......(looking at KT)..

Host: Does he have any bad habits?? Like he's very vain, likes to look good etc....

V: All men are vain.....no ???

Host: Or maybe he doesn't like to bathe???

V: Oh...he loves to bathe.....very clean....

KT: (in chinese) I don't know.....

Host: (to KT) How about you?? How do you find him?? Does V have any bad habits???

KT: (through translator)V is a very confident person... and since he only eats fruits,

salad and breast meat, i feel bad eating together with him....

Host: Oh i see.....then (to V) have you seen them (HOT) perform before???

V: Oh yes....(then began humming and dancing to Candy)...

Host: Oh..i like the other song, We Are The Future.....

KT: Ah.....Thank You....

Host: Ok...now, before you guys perform, (to KT), you are going to teach us some

korean right??? Please take out the white board....

Some friends may want to visit Korea and korean is very difficult to learn...

so we need to learn some basic conversation.....

(Looking at the board now) "Please take us to Tong Da Men to look for Bae Yong Jun"

V: Hey....the sentence is not that long...don't joke!!!

KT starts giving korean lessons to them......(he's so cute here!!)

Host: How much is this????

Then KT pointed to the words and repeat after the host.....

Host: Wow!!!!!!!!! He can even point to the words as i say the sentence!! So clever!!!

But how does he know how to read chinese characters????

V: Oh...he has been working very hard on his chinese....

Then they continued with how to say 'small' and 'big' in korean.....later..

host asked how to say 'medium' in korean....

Host: Now....it's V's turn to say these sentences in korean!!!

Host: Now...how to say You are beautiful?? Want to go shopping with me???

(then he repeated after KT).....

Another host: Aiyoo....your korean is horrible!!! You sound like as if you are

saying 'Champagne' and 'Butt '(sounds like it in chinese) !!!!!

Host: I can't help it...i'm a foreigner...don't expect perfect diction from me right??

V whispering to KT about the hosts sounding like champagne and butt!!!!

Host: Hey, you guys are talking sex to each other , huh !!!!????

V: No....i'm just trying to translate to him!!!

Host: Ok....let's talk about the song Faint now...

You guys love this song right????

V: Oh, KT loves this song and he asked me if we can make use of this melody...

KT: (in chinese) Yes, i love it....

V: So i said it's not a problem with me....he then went on to write the lyrics....

and it's included in our album.....i sing the chinese version while he sings the

korean version...

Host: Now, let's welcome them to sing it for us!!!!!!!!

*K&V performing Faint*

Host: Let's give them an applause!!!!

(to V) i heard there was once you sang a song in Korea

which gave KT a shock!!! It's titled Three Tortoise ....

V: Ah...yes..yes....

Host: Three Tortoise is a nursery song, similar to

our Taiwanese 'Father and Mother' nursery song....right??

So....was KT there when you sang it???

V: Yes..he was there....i sang it during the Showcase...

Host: (to KT) Were you shocked when you heard it????

KT: Ah...ya....

Host: We haven't heard you sung that before, can you sing it for

us now??

V: Ok....(started singing it)

Host: Hey...wait....wait...you have said 2 vulgar words!!!!!!!

V: No...it's the lyrics of the song....

Host: Ok....sing it again.....

*V singing it again together with KT*

Host: See!!!!!!!!!!!! You said vulgar words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V: No...i didn't!!!!!!!!!

2nd Host: Ok..."zhang toki toki ya" sounds alright....

then........later part...."ordi kannia".....

Host: I know how to sing it too..."Ordi kannia".....

2nd Host: *laughs* Hey...don't take this opportunity to say

vulgar words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: I didn't say any vulgar words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm learning korean!!!

V: (whispering to KT) "kannia" in Taiwan language means

"Having SEX !!"

Host: Ok...then what does "kannia" mean in korean???

KT: It's means : "Where you go".....

Host: So when we are in Korea, we can make use of this word!!

Now....it's KT's turn to sing us a chinese song...another

famous song .....

*KT singing Moon Represent My Heart*

Host: All of us know V is very good in dancing...let's see

him dance now!!

V: Oh...i'm so shy!!!!

Host: So shy.....and yet walks in front to show off!!!??

After V's dance, the hosts were complimenting his body.....

Now the hosts are demonstrating the games they are

supposed to play with their fans.....

V &K looking so blurr.....

V: Hey...who invented this weird game???

Host: Oh...it's me!!!!!!

V's turn to play......after he has finished...

Host: Ok...V...you can take a rest now!!!

(to KT) Are you frightened by us??

KT looks at V walking away.....V is trying to cycle away....

Host: (to V ) Hey...where are you going???

"Kannia" ???? "Kannia" ???? Don't give me a shock!!!

Wait....(facing the camera) I'm speaking korean now,

not the vulgar language!!

KT's turn to play with fan......

The rule of the game is very simple...

(it's like paper, scissors, stone)...

Both of them must not have the same action...that means....

if KT raises up his hand, the girl must have her hands down...

Thereafter, they are supposed to act out a scene with the story

stated in the scroll of paper from the glass container...

First Round --->

The Story is.....

Both KT and the girl are on a date now, then they met a gangster

who tries to get fresh with KT's girlfriend....

KT is supposed to protect her but got hit by the gangster....

Now, she's supposed to feel the pain for KT, gives him a little stroke

on his cheek...then continue walking together with her arms in his!!!

Second round---->

The Story is:

Both KT and his girlfriend, named Erica are from separate countries....

KT is in Korea, he misses her so much, couldn't bear the thought

of not seeing her....decides to fly to Taiwan to meet her....

He has to show his eagerness and excitement when he sees her

at the airport....has to run towards her, calling her name

affectionately and she will call him oppa...and to hug her

for 15 seconds......!!!

(Oh...KT is so cute when he runs towards her!!! And he was shocked

when the gal caress his back during the 15 seconds hug!!!

Gosh! the hug was so warm and loving!!!!!)

End of the game....

They went on to talk about 127 Days...how KT met his girlfirend

127 days after breaking up.....how he felt at that moment when he

saw her....

The host then asked did KT get back with the girl after the meet???

V said no...coz they felt awkward...

Finally they sang 127 Days at the closing.......


2006.06.27 KBS 'PhotoDocu' - Kangta talking about Kim Jae Won


Translated by Esther@OMK

Summary ^^

KT is talking about his friend JaeWon Kim...particularly about

JaeWon's habits when he drinks (alcohol)^^...

KT said that it's as if a baby's spirit comes down upon him...

JaeWon, with that deep voice of his...he'll start talking real cute...

like baby talk...and KT said that that's when it's hard for him to

listen (as in,hard to stomach it! it's too much to take! ^-^)!!

Then the host asked "Cute in like what kind of way?"

So then KT answered that JaeWon has a real deep voice...and

he'll say like "hyungnim~ah...where are you right now??" ...

with that deep voice!! Then KT joked that when he does that

baby talk...frankly, it could make you feel a bit awkward ^^

...so KT joked further, "it would be nice if he could hold

back a little"... ^^

KT said that when you go over to JaeWon's house, he has this

one room...and it's like a PC Room (like a public arcade of

computer games)!! JaeWon has like four computers and

some other games, so when his friends come over, everyone

can sit there and play as if they are at a real PC Room!

Then KT says that before, if one were to ask who the Big 3 are

of Chinese movie stars...you may have answered, Chow Yun Fat,

Jackie Chan(sounds like KT said this, but I'm not sure -- he

used an asian name with Chan...) and some other Chinese

actor (DukHwa Yu?)??.... but in Korea, JaeWon would probably

be considered as one of the top Hallyu actors...JaeWon most

likely would not be able to just walk on the streets in China...

he's too well known now that he wouldn't be able to do that...


20060625 MTV Golden Chart


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney...pics from OMK

Host: We are very glad to be able to invite the most talk

about cross-cultural Duo to be in our program today....

that's why i'm all made up to attract their attention!!!!

Let's welcome Kangta and Vanness......

Greetings by KT and V.....

Host: I'm sure most of you out there want to know how

this collaboration come about...

V: We first met in GMA 2004...we chatted about music then,

later our companies approached us to ask if we are interested

in having a collaboration...

I agreed to it immediately without much consideration....

KT: I agreed immediately too and feel it's a challenge...

that it will be a breakthrough in Asia...

Host: What do you expect from this cross cultural collaboration??

V: We hope people will take note of our desire and attitude

towards this project...coz it's a united effect on both parties...

KT: First of all, we would like people to see , although we

may attract them through our physical image and attitude,

but i still hope they will feel that our collaboration has brought

a refreshing change/idea to them...

Of coz we will also try our best to perform and offer good music

to our fans...

Host: There are a lot of songs in this album, we have also

seen the MVs....so which song do you guys wish to

recommend to the audience??

V: If you love ballads, then 127 Days is the best....

and for fast/upbeat song, that is with energy and power,

it would be Scandal....then if you want a mid-tempo with

a little vibration song, it would be One Day and Good vibration....

Host: I believe KT feels the same way too, right???

KT: Yes...me too....

V: Scandal is a song that brings challenge....challenging to

men's outlook of life...

whereas 127 Days is a little more depressing, it talks about

a broken relationship...Good vibration is about friendship

between guys...

One Day is about starting life afresh after a break up....

so i find this is a very fantastic album coz it contains all

aspects of inner feelings and expression felt by , especially

a guy....

So if you want to know about us, nice guys, then you have to

buy this album...

Host: Alright....this album will be out in stores, do buy it and

give them your support!!Thank you!!


MTV Gimme5 part 1- Kangta & Vanness as VJs


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney...pics from OMK

Greetings from KT and V....

V: Welcome to the program MTV Gimme5....

We are the guest VJ today....I'm Wu Jian Hao....

KT: I'm An Qi Xuan

V: We have different themes in this program everyday....

You can use your mobilephone to vote...

KT: (In chinese teasingly) Do you understand what you

are reading???

V scratches his head....

KT: (in chinese) Why don't you understand what you are reading?

V: Mianeh....

KT: (in chinese) Nevermind....continue talking.....

V: We have different themes in Gimme 5....and we can vote

by mobile phones...the MV which has the highest votes

will be played here...

(to KT) Hey...then do you understand what is written in here???

KT: (in chinese) I don't know...(peek at the script)...i don't know...

V: Ok....today's theme is First Love...and we have 2 MVs here

for you to choose with this theme...(he named 2 singers MV)..

and if you wish to know how to go about voting....look below...

*KT and V pointing at the bottom*

KT: Gimme A.....Gimme B......

(in chinese) 5987......

KT: (holding the Scandal CD, speaking in chinese) This is

our new album....

V: Wait...wait...not yet.....

*laughs when KT continued to promote the CD!!*

KT: (in chinese again) This is our Album...is it nice????

KT: (in chinese) *sounding so excited* It's nice!! It's nice!!

Thank you...thank you....

V: Today, we are going to show 2 MVs, one is our Scandal

and the other one is by Jolin...

Why are these 2 MVs chosen?

Coz the main reason is they are dance number...

KT: (speaking in korean?????)

V: Oh, he said Wu Jian Hao(V) is very good in it...

and Wu Jian Hao is very smart...he can dance very well,

sings very well, then..........

actually we spent alot of time filming this MV....


we spent a lot of time....and i feel the end product is fantastic!!

KT's voice is really awesome in it....let's watch it....

then tell us your views.....

*MV being played*

V: Welcome back....I'm Wu Jian Hao....

KT: (in chinese) I know....i know you are Wu Jian Hao....

V: Oh...you know I'm Wu Jian Hao........how do you do???

Both shake each other's hands....

KT: (in chinese) Please continue talking...

V: So you have just seen our MV...is it nice???

KT : (in chinese) Yes...it's very nice!!

V: Why is it nice???

KT: (in chinese) er.....because....er.....don't know....

V: Then let me tell them why it's nice....

BECAUSE of me....i'm in it...with An Qi Xuan....

KT: (in chinese) Right!! right!!! right!!!!!

V: Aiyoooooo.......

KT : 비켜? Step aside?

V: 응.. 비켜.. Step aside!

V: Oh....it's showing our unity...

*laughs as KT pushed him away making the V sign!!*

V: We are here to promote our new album, Scandal....

KT: (in chinese) This is our new album...this....(showing the CD)

KT: (speaking in korean) ?????

V: Oh...you say my rapping is very good...

KT: (in chinese) You can understand what i say?????

V: Yes...yes...a little....a little....

KT: (in chinese) A little?? Oh...a little...

V: Yes..a little...but i don't understand your mandarin though...


KT: (in chinese) Oh...hope you guys don't mind......

V: Oh....KT spends alot of effort in this album....

He sings in mandarin....he also writes the lyrics of 127 Days

and One Day....

Now we are going to introduce another 2 MVs...

we have one of them in our album too...

that is Fish Leong's Courage.....

Our song, Faint, is the remake of her 'Courage'

and the song that Rain has sung before......"I think I"

*MVs being played*

V: We have finally come to an end ....we hope you will

continue to support us...buy the original CD, not pirated ones...

KT: (in chinese) Don't buy pirated ones...not right....

V: If you support pirated CDs, we will have difficulty

producing good music in future...

So please support our album....coz it tells us that we Asians

have to be united....it shows the chemistry between us...

*KT is trying to be funny here!!*

KT: (in chinese) Don't mind me....You are handsome!!!

V: Aiyoo!!!! What shall i do with you!!!!????

KT: (in chinese) Ok...Please continue talking!!!

V: Ok...today's winner (highest vote for the MV) is

Zhang Shao Han...Congratulations!!!

KT: (in chinese) Congratulations!! Give me a hong bao !!(red packet)

V & KT: Ok....that's it....Bye....


MTV Gimme5 (part 2)

translated by Bita Stone/stoney

K&V : Hello everybody!!!

V: I'm the guest VJ for today....I'm Wu Jian Hao....

KT: I'm An Qi Xuan....

V: I'm sure everybody knows that we have a different theme in this

program everyday....

KT: (in chinese) Are you fine???

V: I'm fine!! How about you???

KT: (in chinese) I'm really fine!!

V: Why are you fine???

KT: (in chinese) I see them....because i get to see them....

V: You see them?? Who are the 'them' are you referring to???

KT: (in chinese) Huh?? Don't know!!!

V: *laughs* They ....aiyoo!!!!!.....aiyoo.....!!!

KT: (in chinese) What do i do ??? How?? So sorry....*bows*

V: *laughs* Nevermind....i should be sorry...i will try my best to teach you!!!

Ok...all of you know we have a different theme everyday...so if you want to

vote for your favourite MV, please sms us....

Today's list of MV for voting are Tank and Rainie Yang .....

How to vote?? Look below.....

Gimme A Gimme B.....

V: Right now, we are going to show you our 127 Days MV.....

KT: (in chinese) Yes...127 Days....

V: KT is the one who wrote the song for its korean version....

*KT started singing 127 Days*......he's so adorable here!!!!

V: Ok...ok...very good...very good.....ok...everyone knows you can sing very well.....

Ok.....one more....Lee (Boyz) ...

KT: (in chinese) I know!!!! I know him!!! er...er...he's a korean !!

V: Ah...yes!! He's a korean in Taiwan now!!

MV being played.....

K&V : Hello.....Welcome back!! Hope everyone is fine!!

KT: (in chinese) I'm fine!! I'm really very fine....!! Everyone fine!! I'm very happy!!

V: Yes!! I'm also very happy...coz we have the opportunity to work together

and be at ease with each other!!! Ok...you have just seen our 127 Days MV.....

Do you have any thoughts on the MV???

KT: First of all...V acted very well in it.....the only regret is...

V has a kissing scene in it and i don't have, that's why I'm angry...!!

Luckily the end product turns out to be good....so i shall not be so calculative

towards him!!!!

(in chinese) Your turn now!!

V: Oh....he has just said we didn't want a common MV, that means, having

to sing the song in it....we wish to have a mini drama, with a story...

so we have acted out this MV without having to show any lip movement.......

and we took 2 days to film it...

The funny thing is, i didn't know about the kissing scene, only got to know about

it on the day itself....BUT.....me, being very professional...

didn't mind it at all...well....don't big deal....it's just a kiss!!!

KT: (in chinese) I don't know!!!

V: You don't know??? But everyone knows!!!!!!!!!

Now we are going to show another MV, Lee Hom with Rain....another collaboration...

KT: (in chinese) Lee Hom...

MV being shown.......

K&V: Welcome back!!

V: Ok...we have just seen 2 great MVs just now!!!!!!!

KT: (in chinese) Yes!! It's great!!!!!!!!!

V: Yes!! Great!!! They are great!!!

Now , do you know who else is great????

KT: (in chinese) Oh....we are also very great!!!!!!!!!

V: Yes!! We are Great too!!! Why are we great????

KT:(in chinese) We are too....i know we are great too!!

V: Why????

KT: (in chinese) Why???? er...because...er.....we are too .....yes...because i know...

V: Yes...we are great coz we want to bring the feeling of unity between us....

so i hope you can support us!! Buy the original..not pirated ones....

KT: (in chinese) Don't buy pirated ones...no...no...i'm painful...because of

pirated CDs....

V: Ok....this is our new album...(KT holding up the CD)....Scandal...

and don't forget, 127 Days is written and composed by KT!!

So please support us!!

Ok.....today's winner is Rainie Yang....

K&V: Congratulations!! Remember to support us...buy the original!!!

See you next time!!Bye!!!!!!!!!

****************the end*********************



Translated by Bita Stone/stoney

Host: Welcome .....Wu Jian Hao and An Qi Xuan.....

KT greeted in chinese...

Note says: KT uses perfect chinese for his greetings...

whereas V uses Taiwan language to greet...

Host: Wow!! KT speaks really well....let's give them an applause!!!

You are really very smart....

KT shakes his hands bashfully........

Host: How about you, V ?? How's your korean?? Is it just as good??

V: (answered in korean)

The host looks so blurr...^^

Note says: (To the host...if you don't know any korean, don't question too much!!!!)

Host: We are now going to play games with our music students here...

and you guys may have some contacts with the fans here...

are you game for it??

K&V: Yes....

Host: Ready?? You ready?? We all ready....


Round 1 : Calligraphy

They are supposed to write each other's name on the paper

and the results will be decided by the students...

After completing.....

Host: (looking at KT's paper) Wow! KT wrote very well.....wait.....

is that a korean word??? He added another 2 dots here...can you see??

Ok....now....get ready to give them marks ....

Host: Ok.....those who think KT has written very well....give him your

marks now....

Most of them gave KT more marks....

Then suddenly V pointed at the number of strokes KT has written his name.....

V: 2 S....supposed to have 2 S in my name...

KT laughs!!

Note says: Though KT has won this round, V spotted his mistake.....

coz he spelt his name wrongly!!!!

2nd Round : Charades

KT started to act out the words ...

1. F4, Vanness

2. I love you (he's so cute, con't acting it though they have answered correctly!!)

3. *singing out R&B tune*

Host: Ok....time's up for KT...

V's turn to act......

Host: (to V after he has finished) Why can't you act out the

word Brokeback Mountain??? You can pretend to stand back to

back with KT...

Host: Let's give them an applause!!!

After the game, the people at the radio station generously laid

out a table of yummy food...

Host: Ok....V, which food do you recommend here??

V: (holdng Bimbimbap) This dish is very delicious but it's very spicy...

Note says: When the DJ was talking, KT stole a sip of Bubble Tea!!!

And when the DJ looked at KT, he quickly put it down and everyone laughs!!!

*so cute!!!*

KT: Very delicious!!!!!!!!!

Host: Wow....very delicious indeed.....

So, which one of these would you like to recommend???

KT: Ah...Xiao Long Bao (oh mai!!Not again!!)

*goes on to describe the rest.....*

KT feeding his fans....

Host: (asking the gal who was being fed by KT) Do you feel fortunate???

Gal: Yes...VERY fortunate now!!

V's turn to eat and feed the gal.........

Host: We are going to let K&V packed all these food back home!!!

V: Oh....actually KT loves to eat hotpot...he loves spicy food...

that's why he must have enjoyed eating this bowl of spicy noodles!!

(oh mai.....look at KT...can't stop eating the bowl of noodles!!!!!!!!

He must either be greedy or very hungry!!haha!!)

KT: It's very delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Oh...it must be very spicy....look , he's drinking his Bubble Tea !!

Then KT took the bowl of needles, couldn't wait to bring it back!!

Host: Oh...look...KT can't wait to bring home the bowl of noodles!!!!

so now, we would like to congratulate the 2 lucky girls who were being

fed by Kangta and V...!!



Making of 127 Days MV


Translated by m1d0r1j4d3/jd

V: Now is the car scene. The car wash scene.

Unfortunately, there's no bikini. There's only press, so

I don't know.

This is the part where you know... Kangta and my girl

have sort of a connection, a moment, you know....

and I'm standing over here.

V: Today we're filming MV, MV to our 2nd title

track, 127 Days. This time our MV is different frm our first

MV. We've discussed this and we both agree that for this

MV we don't want to face the camera and singing to a ballad.

We feel that we wont be able to convey the feeling and depth meaning of this ballad. So after discussing, we agreed to film a mini movie instead to convey the feeling and meaning of the song to everyone.

Kangta: The part we're filming right now is the scene where I'm thinking of Vanness's girlfriend. Missing a friend's girlfriend. Regretting not confessing true feelings.

This is a very lonely scene. Very lonely. Absolutely lonely.

Extremely super lonely.

V: Filming 127 Days is really fun because during the 'rundown' it was all in Korean. I was agreeing, Ok Ok.

Which part is Vanness, which part is Kangta's. We filmed, then cut. Filmed and cut. I rested. After resting, I went over.

They said, Vanness, now you have to kiss. Ha? really?

Have to kiss? Why didn't I know? I felt abit akward then because I wasnt mentally prepared for the kissing scene.

Luckily I'm a professional, so there wasnt much of a barrier.

KT: I wrote the lyrics to 127 Days, and they depict my own life story. So it's not a simple mere song. Every words of the lyrics represent a part of my own life. This song is a mix of pop and R&B. The story is describing a pair of lovers who met 127 days after they've broken up. The mixed feelings that the man has at that time. Meeting 127 days after breaking up, both parties have different feelings, so this song

expresses the man's feelings after the break up.

I feel that in 127 Days, Vanness's performance is great. My role in it is a friend who's in love with his friend's girlfriend.

I'm sure the result is going to be marvellous. Besides, I didn't have any kissing scene in it. I only get to play a person loving my friend's girlfriend, so there's nothing much to say - not interesting at all.

PD: Do you usually drive racing cars?

KT: No. For safety. Today's my first time driving so fast -

racing cars. Feels good.

PD: Vanness, do you enjoy car racing.

V: Hm..that was pretty fun. You know...it's pretty fun.

PD: Always?

V: Always. We were pretty close together (referring to their car distance during the race scene). I like the contact. Then Kangta looked over and like....(imitating Kangta's face) and then "whoooooooh!!!" So that was fun.

V: Right now we're doing the beginnning of the race scene.

And right now what happen is we packed some time perfectly with the camera so that's why we keep doing it over and over right now - which is really good. The director knows what he wants, so...we work hard. Fighting!

KT: Whooohh!!!!!!!!!!

V: I'm gonna get ya, man! I'm gonna get ya!

KT: It's been hard work everyone.

PD: How do you feel after completing the filming of your 2nd MV?

KT: I'm sure it's going to be a great MV widely anticipated by audience. Definitely going to be wonderful, looking forward to the final result.

V: The 2nd MV - 127 Days. It was awesome working with everyone here. Everybody's really happy and working hard for the 2 days we had to shoot it. And I believe that everything that director's got will be good. Every cut, every angle. I have no doubt and no worries. So, hope you guys enjoy it.

additional translation to the clip:

KT: When I sing in Chinese, I find the pronounciation is really hard.

Even studying Chinese is not an easy task.

I remember in 127 Days, there's a particular sentence,"Wo Wei Ni Gan Shou"

I kept having trouble singing that part out correctly.

"wei" this word.... the person who taught me kept repeating the word over and over and over again.

but I still feel that my pronounciation still sounds weird.

So, in the end, it took me entire full day to master saying that word.

That gave me a deep impression, so now whenever I perform on stage and reaching that part of the lyric,

I would feel very nervous.


2006.07.01 TVBS-G Star Press Conference


Translated by Bita stone/stoney and m1d0r1j4d3/jd...pics from OMK

Part 1

host: Don't take picture yet.

Don't take picture yet. Please don't push.

Stop pushing, please. Take picture now?

Pose? Do they need to strip? You havent finished

taking picture?

Crowd: jump! Jump!

host: jump? Then jump... 1,2,3...jump!

Crowd: hug! hug!

host: hug? ok. [hugged Vanness]

Crowd: not you!!!

host: oh not me. Them? Why don't you guys hug

and let them take picture.[crowd cheering]

host: ok. Please have a seat.

welcome to Kangta & Vanness press conference.

I'm their manager, my name is.... (I didnt quite get this part).

Today we're honored by Asia Duo Kangta & Vanness, so

if we'd try to answers any questions you have and

fulfil any requests you have.

Host2: Hello everyone. I'm the director of

today's press(?) To suit their cover album, I even

wear glasses. Don't I look like them? Is there a similarity?

But on the other side of this... he's holding a cigar.

So... [holding up the mic acting like it' cigar].

Ok, we're professional here. So we'll ask

questions related to the album. Other questions,

we should be asking as well [^0^]

Vanness said smtg here. But when asked to repeat,

he said,'never mind.'

host2: Ok, first questions, Xiao Man, ask your question.

R1: I'd like to pose a professional question.

The World Cup has just started, is it possible

to request Kangta to lead everyone in cheering?

"Dae Ha Min Guk"

R2: You both are professionals who have done numerous

performances on stage. My questions is could you relate

any particular embarrassing incident that ever occurred

during your stage performance.

KT: The most embarrassing moment that I recall while

performing was when I was walking down some stairs

set on the stage...I was concentrating on my singing and so

I didn't watch my step and tripped...I tumbled over several times

and landed in the middle of the stage...that was the most

embarrasing moment that I recall. (laughter)

- same incident with Vanness (except according to him)

he sort of make a dance move out of the slip off.

The reporters asked for a demonstration, but it's

not exactly possible to demonstrate 'accidental move'.

host2; what caused you to fall?

V: I saw pretty girl.

Host 2: Who?

V: Just pretty girl down the stage...

Host2: Is there any type of that pretty girl you saw here now?

V: you - are not.

host2: ok! Let's move on.

host1: All fans are cute and adorable.

host2: considering that we're all here your fans too,

do you think you can perform 127 days for us?

[both sang 127 Days.....]

host1: are their song nice?

Crowd: nice!!!

host1: then, shall we ask them to perform another one?

V: perform?

host1: yep! anything...love song, children song...or

if you wanted to dance....

[both sang Bogooshipda by Kim Bum Soo]

R3: This time, the cover album has very sexy style.

Would they mind if someone like me, posing in the

same position as the album cover?

V: Of course.

Host1: Come on out...

[Vanness explaining to Kangta

abt. the sexy leg pose].

Host1: Oh... you looked alright when you were

sitting, but when you come out...[referring to her as...fat? *ouch*]

[the three of them posed for the picture]

R4: I was at GMA and saw Seven's performance.

After he sang 1/2 way...he had this 'shhh ahh' kind of feeling.

Even RAIN also sings the same way with the 'shhh ahhh'.

Is it because they eat lots of spicy kimchee in Korea?

That's why they sang with lots of 'sshhhh ahhh' [^0^]

KT: Umm...I think that's the case...but I don't do that...

I can eat spicy foods very well.^^

R5 requested for both Kangta & Vanness to dance "cha cha cha".

Part 2

Host teaching KT to the dance steps of cha cha cha.....

KT's turn to dance....the host told him he has to turn his head too...

V's turn to dance cha cha cha with the host.....

Then V continued to dance his style....

The audience complimented on V's body and asked him to show them if his six pacs

can be 'moved' like those Mr. Universe...

V: I don't think mine can....

Host: Shall we ask KT to cheer V ???

KT using his hands to perform the 'magical touch' on his six pacs saying

"Dae Ha Mingu'.....

Question: Has anyone taken advantage of you guys during your performances???

Audience shouting : Touch him!! Touch him!!

Host: Oh...er...they have been working very hard lately....so i think i can perhaps

go to him and touch him to see if he's having fever or other sickness....

*She walks towards KT...pushing the translator away....and sits beside KT*

Then she touches KT's forehead...

Host: Hmm....not too bad...feels quite normal.......

er....i am trying to see if his heartbeat is normal.....

Can i touch your heart???

KT: (in chinese) Can....

Host: Really???? I can???

KT laughs bashfully !!!!!

Host: Then you have to strip off your shirt.....

KT: (in chinese) No...no...not correct!!!!! *laughs bashfully*

Host: You have to unbutton....*her hand waiting eagerly to slip in!!*

Ok....Just unbutton one will do....

KT laughs again.....

Host: Ok....then i shall just touch like this.....

Host touches KT's chest....

Host: Hey...i don't feel anything......shall i slip my hand in???

Huh?? Use my ears to listen???

Host leans towards KT's chest...and the music of female werewolf is being played

at the background while she says : Dae Ha Min Gu.....

Host: Yes..it (the heart) does seems to be beating....

Another Host: We are not cold and unfeeling....we have prepared a game to play

with them...

The rules of the game is being explained....

A number is being shown on screen, which is taken from the number shown on

the dice......then they have to each say the number in sequence...till whoever

reaches the number being shown.....

and each of them is given a card "miss a turn" or 'reverse back'.....

eg. 1, 2, 3.....and the person who has reached the number shown will lose....

The host pointed to one of the pic on the dice saying :

This represent the bird...*chip**chip*

V lost the first round....and was given kimchee to eat....

Host: (to V) Do you want to let KT smell the kimchee???

V walks towards KT and let him smell....

Then V has to eat up at least half of it.....

V: Hmm...it's nice...

V lost the second round again, so got to eat the remaining kimchee....

Host: Do you want me to hit your hand instead of eating the kimchee???

V: Ok.....then hit my hand.....

Host: Ok...now...who shall we ask to hit V's hand??? Shall we ask KT???

So KT hits V's hand....

Audience: Hey...it's too soft....hit harder....it's not counted if he doesn't feel the pain....

KT hits him 4x......till V says 'ouch, it's painful....'

Host: Now the loser will have to be spanked by this stick....

KT's turn to shuffle and shake the dice....

KT: (in chinese) Ok...ready....ready....here i come...

Host: Wow... KT sounds so cute and adorable when he speaks in chinese!!!!

*Game starts*

KT lost the game....

Host: Now V will have to spank KT's butt.....

V hits KT's butt really hard.....

Note says: *You are serious about this spank!!!*

KT: (in chinese) One more time.....

KT shakes the dice again.....

This time the host cheated with everyone agreeing to it...used the the card twice so

that KT will lose and get spanked again....

KT stood up after he lost...

Host touches KT's butt : Hit here...hit here.....

Note says: There are 2 sex molesters here !!!!

Host: Did you say hit here, here or there ? (both girls keep touching his butt!!!)

KT turns away and said: (in chinese) No way!!!! Cannot!!!!

Host: (to KT) Look in front....(then hit him saying Dae Han Mingu)

KT looks so cute and embarrassed......saying: (in chinese) Quick....again...

This time, KT lost again...V hits his hand real hard with KT saying 'ouch'!!!!

Host: Ok.....it's enough..we shall stop playing , otherwise these 2 guys may end up

having real fights!!!!

Host: Aiyoo...my heartaches...so painful!! Let me see!!!!

(holding KT's hand..and stroke it)

Host: Ok...that's all for now...thank you...........


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^^yes omma....u r no doubt very happy abt it! So now u can start posting pics and tons of pics of kangta ok? I'll leave that to you! :lol:

*me sipping a cup of ice blended chocolate by the pool wif kangta*

Hi mango!! :D

well...juz imagine my surprise when I went into soompi tis morning and find it strip bare naked!!!! ishhhh

All those cute Kangta pic.....I didn't even have a chance to recover some pic collection from it when my comp crashed. This is my worst nightmare!

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Guest BiTa Stone

Translations to Selected VOD/News Clips

Channel V (我愛黑澀會) Wo Ai Hei Se Hui


translated by Bita Stone/stoney.....pic from OMK

The girls: Let's welcome our teacher...!!!

Host: Let's begin our lesson....

Everyone please be seated....

Ok....let me ask all of you...

do you have any favourite group that you like??

The girls named a few popular groups in Taiwan....

finally one girl said she likes K&V...

Female host: I find V is not only good in dancing, he can

rap very well! For KT, he sings well and composes songs...

Host: Are you in love???

Female: No.....*laughs*

Host: V was from F4...do you girls have any impression of them???

Girls: Oh....they are very popular....

Then they go on to describe why they like F4....

and what happened to the members of the group....

Host: Now, we shall welcome the most popular Duo...

Wu Jian Hao and An Qi Xuan!!!!



Host: Oh....pardon the girls...coz they become crazy and go

out of control when they meet up with their idols!!!!

Let's welcome our translator too!!!


Host: (to translator) Can you please ask KT how does he

feel having to face so many girls here??

KT:(through translator) Very nervous but happy....

Host: Happy ?? In what way????

KT: (in chinese) Very pretty....

Host: Wow....he knows chinese!!!!

Host talking to V now about whether he has watched his

show before.......

Host: Ok....shall we ask them questions first??

Raise up your hands to ask...

Question 1:

Which type of girls do they like???

Host: Describe the physical plus inner attributes that you admire...

including the clothes she wears, anything you want to say...

KT: (in chinese) Girls with beautiful eyes!!!!

Host: Wow....he's speaking in chinese again!!!!

(looking very impressed!!)

Host: Ok...let's see who has a pair of beautiful eyes here.....

Looking at the eyes now....blinking....blinking...

Is there any????

Girl: Yes...me!!!!

Host: Aiyoo....how can you raise your own hands??!!!

Ok...give him an electrifying look through your eyes....

Girl: *doing an electrifying action with her fingers and eyes*.....

How....did you get electrified?????

Host: No.....

(calling another girl)

Girl: Oh...i really like An Qi Xuan....

KT: (in chinese) Thank you.....

Girl: During my school days, in order to catch their concert,

i queued up in Ximending from 7am in the morning to 7 pm

in the evening...

Host: Then how long did you take to 'chase' and follow


Girl: At that time, i had to attend lesson, so after buying

their album, i went online to search for more information

about them...

KT: (in chinese) Wow...#1 fan...thank you...her eyes are

very beautiful!!

Note Says: KT knows how to 'sweet' talk !!!

Host: (to the girl) Do you want to come down here

and be closer to him???? Do you want to come closer and let

him have a closer look at your eyes????

Girl walks down....

Host: Go nearer...let him see your eyes....


KT: (in chinese smiling) Very lovely!!!

Host: Ok...now you can shake his hands.....

KT shakes the girl's hand....the girl feels so happy!!

Host: Oh....besides the eyes, what else does he admire

in a girl?? Maybe her figure or ...???

Translator: He doesn't really mind what figure she has....

as long as she has a pair of beautiful eyes and look a little

frail....(a girl who needs protection from him!!!)

Host: But why must she be frail looking???

Translator: Oh...because he likes to protect her!!!


Host: Oh....so who's frail looking here ???*looking at the audience*

How about her horoscope ? Is he particular about it??

KT: Pisces.....

Girl screamed hysterically: I'm Pisces!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KT looking surprised too!!!!

Note says: Hey....that's too coincidental!!!

(she's the same girl whom KT said has a pair of beautiful eyes!!!)

Host: Wait!!!!!!!! Are you sure???? Check her ID !!!

Ok...let's give him an applause!!!

Any more questions???

Question 2:

Can KT please sing us a romantic ballad in korean???

KT starts singing One Love....

Host: May i know what's the meaning of the lyrics???

Don't tell me it's regarding if you have had your meals....!!!!

Oh.... he really sings it with great feelings and emotions!!!

Translator: It's telling the girl don't bother too much about

his feelings...etc.......

Host: (to the girl) You have been to Korea, right??

Tell us about it.....

Girl: There was once i was in Korea doing a performance...

Host: What were you performing then????

Please tell us....

Girl: I was in a group Choir.......

ok....at that time, i really , really love HOT....so i bought a lot

of stuff belonging to HOT that we can't find them in Taiwan....

most of my HOT CDs were bought in Korea....so all of them are

in korean version....there weren't any chinese songs in them....

Therefore i have all the albums of H.O.T. !!!

Host: Oh..........


Host: Any more questions???

Question 3 :

I wish to hear them sing their new song....

Host: Is it the one from their new album....???

Girl: Yes....

---> K&V singing 127 Days 'live'...

Host: Oh...i think you have brought the new album for us

as present, right? I have to remind them or else they will forget!!

*CDs given to the Hosts!!*

Host: Wow!! It looks like a Movie Poster!!!

Girls screaming : Wow!!! So handsome!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Does KT feel that chinese is difficult to learn??

KT: (in chinese) Very difficult!!!

Host: Is he still in the learning prcoess???

KT: Yes...i'm still continuing....

Host: Any more question???

Question: Asking V to demonstrate his boxing skills....

(sorry...this.. is not KT related, so i won't be translating it!!)

Host: Ok.,,,.let's talk about your Album....it has attracted a lot of

attention in the whole of Asia.....and your Music Video

has also being played in Channel V....

V: Yes...we have seen it.....

Host: Wow!! It's really good...not bad!!!

Let's us have a look at it now....

--> Scandal MV is being played

KT talked about the story of the Scandal MV.....

and the translator said they ended up as good friends ...

Host: er....what type of good friends??? ^^

Translator: They just become really very good friends.....

Host: Oh...is it like.... when they are together, they call each

other "oppa" ???????

KT laughs!!!!

KT: (in chinese) No..No...!!

Host: (teasingly) When we go toilet toegther, we say:

"Oppa!! Let's go toilet !!!!"


Don't talk about the MV now.....

let's pretend you are in a real situation......

what if you really meet a girl whom both of you like...

what is the scenerio ?? How would you handle it??

Let's welcome Tong Tong.....

---> Acting out the scene now........

Host: This girl will dance solo with the music....

it will slowly fades off.....then you guys can start talking to her...

(whispering to the girl) This program will be aired in Korea...

and it will be watched by many koreans, so if you want

to be popular there, show off your dancing skills...

This is dancing........(showing action)


Girl dancing......

K&V looking at her.......

Host: Hey...wait....you guys!!!!

V...the way you look at her looks like Justice Bao

as if judging her!!!!

V: Why?? It's like this right???

Host: Aiyoo....can you act more cool....like a man??!!!

V: Ok...one more time!!!

Host: Girl....go solo again..........

KT: Ask her to change the place.....

Host: What?? And waste her effort in her dance just now!!??

KT: (through translator) Because this is at a dance floor, so

it's not romantic enough......

Host: Not romantic enough?? Where then??

How about at the library???

V: Yes...i was about to say that....

Host: Ok...then we'll have it at the library....

But you still have to continue dancing!!!!

Girl: What?? I'll be chased out of the library!!!

Host: Oh....then you can pretend to be very tired after

studying, stand up and shake your body a little...

Girl: Ok...then i'll do some aerobics!!!

Host: Hey...but that is a good tactic...did anyone ever dance

in the library?? No right?? You will be the first then!!!!

Ok...Action....at the library now!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Now....these 2 handsome guys are approaching her....

KT knocks into her.....

Host: Hey!! That's a good tactic!!!!

KT: (in chinese) Are you alright???

Miss, how are you???

Girl: Oh..i'm alright....

V: Oh...what book are you reading???

Wait...how come you are reading pornography(sex) book!!!!

Host: *laughs* Wait...you guys have to go one side and

discuss...who wants the girl.....

V: Ok...you go first...

KT: (in chinese) You are very pretty!!! Your eyes are very beautiful!!

Girl: Thank you, but i'm not a Pisces....

KT: (in chinese) Oh...i don't know why you are so beautiful!!!

I love to eat xiao long bao!!!

Girl: But...i haven't completed my studies....

KT: (in chinese) I don't know (i don't care)..let's walk together!!!

Note says: Boy!!KT is so straightforward!!!

Then V pushes KT aside....

V acting with the girl now...........

Suddenly KT sings : I Love You for Sentimental Reason to the girl...

Host: (to the girl) Is it very difficult to choose between them??

Girl: Yes....so difficult!!! They are both so good!!!

Host: If you really have to choose....who would you choose?

Girl: I love guys like KT, so romantic, gentle and sweet.....

but i also like guys like V, sexy and macho...very man....

Host: KT is very romantic, cool and gentle....whereas V

uses his body to portray his charms........

Ok....Let's shake hands with them..........

----> V teaches them his dance steps

-----> KT's turn to teach them the dance steps

(he's so cute here!!)

A girl commented this dance looks like as if their legs are


Host: Are all of you happy to have them here today????

Girls: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Ok...now you have to pick one winner...

V picked the girl, Joyce, whom he thinks danced very well....

and she's only 14 years old....

Host: Ok.....let's give them an applause!!!!!!


ETN 'E-station' 127 Days M/V shooting


Translated by Esther @OMK ...pic from OMK

The hosts introduce KT & VN...then they go to the location

where they filmed 127 Days...female host mentions KT's

serious facial expression...

KT: This is a scene where I'm thinking about V's girlfriend...

a friend's girlfriend...Stephanie...and I'm speaking through

this cup, even though nobody is listening...confessing about

my feelings....it's a very lonely scene...

(then he jokingly adds) I'm lonely...I'm extremely lonely...^^

Female Host: Then, the set is ready for VN's scene...since

he doesn't speak Korean fluently, just as the clip shows here,

they spoke in English at times for him... And the female main

character in the M/V is CSJA's Stephanie...

Q: We hear that KT is secretly in love with you in the M/V?

Stephanie: Well, it's a bit confusing...hmm...KT is secretly

in love with my character..or is in love with my character...

and then it's like he comes back to the sad reality...

It's very interesting...please look forward to the video!

Q: The characters and relationship of KT & VN in the M/V?

KT: We are two young, close friends in the M/V...

Stephanie is VN's girlfriend and I'm secretly in love with my

close friend's girl...and I'm sad and suffering in my own world...

it's a special role that I have, and VN has this wonderful role

as this cool guy with the girl...and he has nice scenes where

he and Stephanie will show that they are in love... yes...it's

pretty lonely for me... ^^

Host: Now...we go out on location... and suddenly VN takes off

his shirt... look at that tight body! And now Stephanie and KT

have their playful moment...I wonder what type of story these

two will have in the M/V...I'm really looking forward to it...

from their eyes, you can see that something is going on....

VN: KT and my girl have sort of a connection...a moment...

and I'm standing over here...this is the intense moment...

well, it's almost sundown and we have to get this shot...

We have to get the outside shot...that's why I'm still standing

here half-naked... Oh! We're finished! Word!

Host mentions something about many sports cars being

prepared for this M/V...

Then VN talks about the timing of the cars being very

important...and so they are working very hard in this


Then you see KT hollering "woooh!!" through his car

window...and VN yells back, "I'm a kimchi man! I'm a

kimchi man!"

Host then mentions that KT and VN did their own driving

for the racing scene...and that although love is important

that friendship is even more so...(something like that^^)

Q: The concept for the filming of the M/V?

VN: We didn't want to do like a lip-synch of the M/V..we

wanted to something more...that really hits home with

what the song meant...it's pretty fun...everyone's working

hard...and the director is really cool...and I like how the

whole concept's going...

Host: Perhaps because both of them have experience

in acting...but they both successfully completed the shot

in one take...

Q: The song 127 Days...?

KT: Yes, the song 127 Days is a Pop/R&B song and the

lyrics are about meeting by chance your ex-girlfriend

127 days after breaking up...and the lyrics express the

awkward feelings in such a situation...that's the type of

song this is...(and then...er..did KT say that he thinks that

the M/V matches the lyrics well???)

After VN and KT say their Thank You's to the staff/crew...

VN: The 2nd M/V...127 Days! It was awesome working

on it...everybody was really happy...you guys enjoy it!

Q: and to the "yonyei station" ("Celebrity Station?") viewers?

KT: In June, we plan to promote in Taiwan and Hong Kong...

we won't be in Korea, unfortunately, but instead, we will be

working hard in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China... That's why

we are leaving you this M/V of 127 Days and we hope you

really enjoy and love it.... When we get back at the end of

June, we hope to be here with our next song....please

continue to support and cheer for us and we'll continue

to work hard. Thank you!


Dong Nan TV Music Programme


translated by stoney

Background Commentary:

A charming dressed KT walks in and appears

right in front of our eyes!!!

Faced with such a handsome and charming guy, our host

can't resist but calls him 'oppa!!' *laughs*


Host: We are very happy to have an interview with Kangta today!!

Hello Kangta!! How are you???

KT: Hello (in Chinese)

Host: Wow....your mandarin is not bad!

KT: Hello all, I'm Kangta

Host: Our programme is called "Fei Chang Yin Yue"

KT: "Fei Chang Yin Yue".......

(in Chinese) Hello everyone!!! *waves*

Background Commentary when Persona MV is being played:

After KT has gone solo, China fans are very familar with

the Chinese version of Persona........

The heartbreaking and yet sweet tune of it captured the

hearts of many female fans....

KT was awarded the Best Overseas Artiste Award at the

3rd Dong Nan Music Awards Ceremony with

his song, Persona.

KT: ??? (in korean)

In the song Persona, KT uses his perfect voice to express a

sad love story, so what kind of relationship does KT

would like to have in his real life?

KT: I've never really thought of that.

Host: So do you have any plans on filming movies??

KT: ??? (in korean)

Host: You have recently received a letter of enlistment

for National Service ...

But you haven't completed your studies or recording albums...

so do you have plans of deferring your enlistment?

KT: ??? (in korean)

Host: Do you have any plans to meet China fans???

KT: ?? (in korean)

Background Commentary:

In May, V from F4 and KT from H.O.T. came together

to formed a group, called Kangta and Vanness.

Whether it's V or KT.....

both F4 and H.O.T have a great fan base in Asia.

Although there are fans who were against them of

forming a group, there are still alot of supporters who

cannot resist their charms!!!!!

As the interview came to an end, the host reluctanly

bid goodbye to KT......and in order not to have further regrets...

she asked him to take some pics with her!!!


KBS Sang Sang Plus


Translated by Bita Stone/Stoney..caps bym1d0r1j4d3

Sorry girls...i'm only translating KT's part.....unless it's KT related, ok??

Beginning Pose:

(note says: This is the pose/image during their 'idol' days!!)

Host : Look like they are not sick and tired of this pose yet....

( note: Yes...we are feeling regretfully too.....)

KT : Hello everyone...it's been a long time since i have gone onto gameshows,

so i'm a little nervous!! But i will try my best to play it well.

Female host: We are now going to get to know our stars better.....

and there are 4,666 internet friends who came to join this program and

suggested interesting questions to ask of them...

Host: First question ....A child with weird nationality on his ID.......

(KT broke out laughing on his own after hearing the question!!) ^^

Host: KT!!! You tell us....which nationality is your child from???

Among all of us, you are the MOST sensitive towards this question!!!!

Come on.....which weird nationality is that????

KT : In China !! The chinese children...

Host: You have a child in China too?? (looking downwards at KT!!!)

Host: Does it mean that he already has a child there??

JH: If he has a family in Korea, then he would always want to

go back home here...since he said it's in China, that's why he's

always flying off to China!!!

Host: So it's confirmed he has a child there then??

JH nodded his head.....

Host : Next question ...A person with Overseas ID....

(started to sing Cinderalla who has lost her nanny when she was young)

Hey.....this time KT didn't laugh!!!

KT: If i laugh again, i'm afraid you will ask me if i have a nanny!!!!

Note says: After being teased of having a child, now he's afraid of being

laughed at by his nanny!!!

Host: Ok...now KT has recently done alot of promotions with Vannessa....

KT: It's Vanness....not Vannessa!!!!

Host: Ok...so it there any difficulty in communicating??

I heard you guys use 3 languages to communicate....

KT: Oh...V's english is very powerful....and i need to use english to talk to him...

that's why i'm always very nervous....but there's one more guy who is more

nervous than me...(he named JH and another guy ...sorry...can't get the name....)

When we met for the first time, JH was so quiet, i have never seen him so

quiet before...

*JH nodding his head!!!*

Host: (to JH) Oh....so that you can leave him with a good impression

by keeping quiet, right???

Host: I heard V loves to strip......and everyone in the Chinese Entertainment

scene thinks that both of you are dating each other....

KT: That's why we are very nervous.....coz there are gays in the

Chinese Entertainment world, so when they see us together, they presume

we are a pair of gays too!!

Host: So!!! That means you guys have a child then!!!

KT: I said the child is in China!!! Ok...it's a joke!!

Host: So it's a rumour then???

KT: Yes....that's why i want to make use of this program to clarify this rumour

as SSP is very popular in Taiwan, HK and China....

I want to tell my fans that i love girls.....i don't date guys!!

Host: Then you should tell them in chinese....

KT: (in chinese) Hello everybody....i think music!!

KT: There was once Tony and i went to a high class drinking Bar, he said he

wanted to give me a treat and asked me to order any type of wine that i want ...

so i ordered the MOST expensive bottle of liquor....

I was quite drunk after the drink and Tony said he wanted to go to the washroom....

He didn't appear for 30 minutes....and i was also in it for that length of time....

then during closing time, the waiter asked me to foot the bill!!!!

He said if i want his manager to drive my car over to me.....but i have already sent

my car back home, so in the end i had to take public transport home!!

KT: Now i'll talk about the members in 79 Club (he mentioned 3 names....???)

KT goes on to talk about Tony and the girl...about how the girl

has written a lot of stuff regarding Tony...that she's secretly admiring him....

Next question: Falling in love with girls....the type of girls they like....

note says: Both JH and KT has different taste in girls....

KT: Hmm....JH.....his method of going after girls is very old fashion....

even if they have just met, the girl will find him very easy going....

very sweet and will feel close to him without having to say much....

Next question: Revealing each other's secrets.....

KT: Although JH looks like a person with lots of rumours dating with other girls

and one who loves fun.....he's actually a very 'clean' and private

guy person.....he loves to go to church....

Host: Yes...there was once i saw him early in the morning and asked him

what happened ....saying you look tired, were you drunk the night before???

Then he said no..i have just finished saying my morning prayers!!!!

JH: KT is a very prime and proper person, he doesn't like people to see

the bad/ugly side of him...

There was once, after a drinking session, both of us went to the Sauna...

As i was stripping off my clothes, i saw him wearing something on his head....

then i realised he walked in without even taking off his cap !!

Host: What a shame!!! You weren't with make up then too right???

KT: Yes.....*laughs!!*

JH: There was once, after a drinking session , we went back to his house...

He loves composing songs after drinking....and i was so tired then...

as i was preparing to sleep.......

I watched him strip off his clothes piece by piece and at the same time playing

on his piano....until he's left with a towel and finally wrote the song Doll!!!!

KT: I love to drink while composing....there was once i fell asleep while drinking and

writing and when i woke up, it turned out that i had already composed a new song!!!

JH: No wonder all your songs are more or less the same style/format!!! (jokingly)

JH: The best thing about KT having his own studio is, he can always

compose and record his songs into a CD to present it to his girlfriend!!

Both KT and JH are talking about a misunderstanding in the past..........

how they actually quarrelled and didn't talk to each other for 3 months !!

Host: So what was the quarrel and fight about????

JH: Love..!!!! It happened long ago....

After i had a girlfriend, my friends and i are still very close...

we always go out together...therefore KT and my girlfriend

have also become good friends....

One day , i saw her text message accidentally and when

i heard her talking over the phone, i feel like she's not talking

to a normal friend, she gave me the feeling she's

talking to someone special...

KT: So he began to suspect our friendship...i told him it may

not be the way he thinks and it deepens our misunderstanding....

JH: Then i read her diary and found out she fell in love

with another guy!!! I thought that guy was KT!!!

During the 3-month period of cold war between KT and i,

we went about doing our own business...

but i decided to talk to him to clear the misunderstanding...

so after the talk, everything is cleared!!

^^That's all folks!! The VOD stops here!!

Coz the girl who did the chinese subtitles said that the words to the

later part is very difficult to understand due to differences

in culture and we won't be able to understand anyway....

so there's no point translating...


This version of Sang Sang Plus below is translated from korean directly to english

by Poem/Soohyunnie...........

Her version is different from mine coz she translated directly from korean to english....

whereas the one i did is translated from korean to chinese to english.....

so i guess some meanings are lost..... :tears:

I think her translation regarding 'Alice In Wonderland' is totally different from mine....

Well....i think it's pretty difficult to translate the words used in SSP...as they are traditional words!!

KBS Sang Sang Plus

Translated by Poem/Soohyunnie

<Point 1 - Tark jae-hoon : MC. T / Shin jung-hwan : MC. S / Lee whi-jae : MC. L / Jung hyung-don : MC. J>

<Point 2 - I translated only KT's part>

KT and JH enter the stage with pose of Idol star.

MC. T : I think they have interest in the 'idol pose', yet.

JH : We felt shameful.^^;;

MC. L : Kangta first~ Say hello to viewer.

KT : Well, nice to meet you. Now I am nervous because I appear on TV after a long time. Today, I will do my best for spend interesting time.

MC. L : I will fist ask a question for you guys. Nickname is "There is baby in wonderland"

<POEM note - Nickname is ID of viewer. Many viewer posted question for KT&JH at 'SangSangPlus' homepage. Most nickname is parody of 'movie title' or 'song title' and etc. 'There is baby in wonderland' is parody of "Alice in wonderland".

'There is baby's pronunciation is 'AE I SSU' in Korean.

'AE I SSU's pronunciation is similar with 'Alice'>

Then only KT laugh his head off.

MC. L : Thank you!! Kangta!!!

MC. T : Kangta! Where country is your baby?^^

Only you responsive to this nickname.

KT : My baby is in China.

MC. T : Do you really have baby???

(Everybody laugh coz KT's serious answer.)

MC. T : (to JH) Does he have any baby??

JH : If we have a baby at home, we will often the home in and out. He visit frequently China. That is reason that his answer.)

MC. T : Anyway, it's true that KT have a baby.

(All laugh)

MC. L : The question is... "foreigner member". Nickname is "Cinderella lost her madam when she was young and ~~"⑤

<POEM note - This is parody of Cinderella's song. Original ver. is "Cinderella lost her parent when she was young.⑤>

MC. J : KT was not laugh, this time.

MC. L : Another question is "Do you well in Musical?"

KT : I couldn't laugh because MC. T. ask me "Do you have a madam?"

MC. L : These days, KT is in activity with Vannessa.

KT : He is 'Vanness' not 'Vannessa'.

MC. L : I heard you and Vanness conversation with three languages. So, do you have any problem?

KT : Vanness is English very well. So, I always nervous coz I am speak English. But I found nervous man than me.

MC. L : Who is he?

KT : One day, I introduced Vanness to JH and HS informally. Then JH don't say any word. (JH nodded) I can't saw before that his reticent appearance.

MC. L : BTW, Vanness always take off his clothes on stage. So, I heard you guys was regarded with suspicion that you and Vanness is gay in Taiwan.

KT : So, I always nervous about it.

There are many homosexual artists. So, they believe that we are gays.

MC. L : So, you have a baby.

KT : Therefore, my baby is in China......Just kidding.^^

MC. S : So, false article appeared.....

KT : I am proud of 'SangSangPlus'. Coz I heard many people see this program with subtitles in China and HongKong and Taiwan. In fact, I saw this program in China.

MC. T : Really??

KT : So, I am anxious to say that we(KT&Vanness) are really like woman not man to China fans.

MC. J : So, Say to China fans.

KT : (In chinese) Hello everybody~ I thinking only music.

MC. S : This time, I will question~. Nickname is "'KT's younger brother is a 'guitar'".

MC. L : It's funny~

MC. S : It must quickly say like these nickname.

MC. L : MC. S teaching us-_-;;;

MC. S : Well, second nickname!! this is 'song parody' like 'Cinderella song', too.

"Hand going Hand going~ Hand going to father's money"

<POEM note : Sorry, I have no word for this.

This is parody of 'CM song'. Original is "Hand going~Hand going~ Hand going to "cookie's name"⑤>

All : You must singing it!!

All : "Hand going~ Hand going~ Hand going to father's money~"⑤

MC. T : (MC. T exercise his imagination for next part of song) "Mother's money~ and Father's money, my hand going to it again and again.⑤

KT : "Next is uncle's money~~~!!!"⑤

MC. T : I will spend their money~!!⑤

(to MC. S)You must practise.

MC. S : "Story in drinking party" and "Hate behavior in drinking party"

MC. S : If you think that you hate behavior of someone in drinking party~~"

MC. T : Please~ tell us~

KT : I will disclose one man to your!! He is Tony!

A few days ago, he called me 'Drinking BAR'

MC. S : Be like CEO.

KT : He told me that "Order champagne and wine that you like. All buy me". So, we drunk much~ and we got drunk. Then he went toilet. But he never back to me. So, I was remain there in 30min.

MC. S : Did you go to 'BAR' only you and Tony?

KT : Yes. Some time after, A waiter told me "We must close the store" and he asked me pay for drink.

(All laugh)

KT : Tony told me "I will take you home in my car with my manager". So, I was already turn away my car with my manager. So, unavoidably I went my home by taxi.

MC. L : Of course I understand your feelings.

<POME note : MC. L had same experience, too.>

MC. L : Tony's such behavior is habitual!!!

KT : But, later he treat to a meal more twice.

(subtitle : KT said in justification of Tony coz they was H.O.T. members)

MC. T : It's too late for justification.

KT : (subtitle : Tony, This is the best I can do.)

MC. S : You telling only men's name~

KT : Well, there are Park kyung-lim, Lee hyori, Lee soo-young in 79club~

MC. L : Do you know story that Lee hyori stole Tony's diary when H.O.T. time?

<POEM note : Lee hyori was Tony's fan when H.O.T. time. And few dyas ago, she said that "I stole Tony's diary when he was H.O.T.". And it became a topic.>

KT : Yes! I know accurate coz I was same team with Tony.

MC. L : What is correct story?

KT : My story is different from Tony and Hyori's story.

Lost diary was just one. And it's true that Hyori has taken a diary.

Hyori said "There was written rap lyric lines of song". And Tony said "I don't remember diary's details, at all". But actually, there was written Tony's private life.

MC. S : Wow~

KT : Our manager interfered in our private life when H.O.T. time. But Tony broke through the manager's control. So he had many private life among us. Therefore he was nervous when he lost his diary.

MC. S : I heard 'SM' had a Tony attended by a watchman when H.O.T. time.

KT : It's not true.


Kangta 3rd Xman


translated by Starylosophy......caps done by avatar

(KT Part only)

Introduction: Dancing

(Asia's prince, Kangta)

(Full of charisma)

(He's back again)

(The guy who has gained tremendous popularity throughout Asia, Kangta)

(The forever idol of the 10th generation female fans)

(The 30th generation guys have also been smitted by him?!)

(He has now crossed over Asia and stormed throughout the world)

Xman selection:

(Asia's charisma Kangta?)

KT sings:

Where on earth is he?


Shinji: I'm a fan of Kangta

Shinji: He is still the same guy with handsome features and soothing vocals

KT to LZX: He has alot of charm

I've seen him in person before

It has been sometime since I saw him

His charm has never changed



Shinji: Though you sing very well, but your chord vibration sounds like a goat.

MC Yoo: Ki Bi Bum feels like he's sorry to Kangta (because he has made Shinji flared up when he said her con)

KT to LZX: I've always felt that you have the charm

But what I've seen you in X-Man is out of my expectations

Survival Monkey Bars Rd 1(Part between KT and ZY):

MC Yoo: Next is Kangta and ZY

(ZY vs Kangta)

(Kangta slowly moves forward to his enemy side)

(ZY starts to attack)

(A fight between men's pride)

(Kangta slowly goes on top of ZY)

(ZY got knocked down and is eliminated)

(ZX immediately attacks)

(ZY uses a opposite way of attack)

KT: (Absurd)

(ZX who has the strength uses his intelligence)

Survival Monkey Bars Rd 2

KT: 2 versus 1

XZ: Sure, come out then


KT: He's my cousin

MC Yoo: Lee Kyun and Kangta are cousins?

LK: Ya he's my cousin

(They look quite alike)

MC Yoo: He's your brother and you're the younger cousin, really?

NGR: I haven't seen you for sometime and it seems that your face has become smaller

(The face has become smaller?)

(What does this mean?)

NGR: Haircut? You have become more handsome after the haircut

Someone from the background: Alot of people had a haircut here

(Kangta to HD)

MC Yoo: To the guy who is the most eloquent speaker

HD: We use the same hairdresser

(HD and Kangta use the same hairdresser)

KT: We went to the same suana

MC Yoo: I didn't know HD's hair could grow

MC Yoo: I thought you only need to smooth out your hair?

MC Yoo: Say some pros

KT: He's a person who is very organised, does his workout seriously

(A very organised Ho Dong)

KT: I'm younger than him quite alot but sometimes it seems that I'm more lazy

(Ho Dong is a very organised person?!)

Survival Monkey Bars Rd 3:

(Kangta is not afraid of Ho Dong's gorilla kick)

(HO Dong is coming)

(Kangta is using his front body..?)

(Successfully taken!)

(Kangta managed to withhold Ho Dong's gorilla kick)

(Instead it shocked Ho Dong)

MC Yoo: Are you alright?

KT: Coughs

(Even though Kangta was being attacked, he carried on attacking)

(This time Haha pushed Ho Dong)

(It commences now!!)

(Haha takes the opportunity to attack his enemy)

(Ho Dong felt apologetic and lets Kangta rest)

(Ho Dong moves forward to SJ)

(Oh My)

(Kangta saves SJ)

(Ho Dong why did you save Kangta?)

MC Yoo: Ho Dong felt apologetic after that kick and allowed Kangta to take a rest

But he was attacked by Kangta from behind

Survival Monkey Bars Rd 4:

(Lee's team only hope, Kangta)

(Ho Dong loss the outweights of kicking Kangta)

Haha: (If I do not do anything...)

(Ho Dong will be very misersable hanging on there)

(At this time)

(Haha finally attacks)

(What does Haha want to do?)

(Can it be that..?)

(Who cares if he's in the same team)

"Of Course" segment (KT Part only)

Introduction of KT:

Myung Soo, Ki Bi Bum and Lee Kyun are in the car

(Who are they going to introduce?)

Oh hi Ho Dong

Kang Ho Dong, Mr. Kang

Mr. Kang get on to the car (Ta) * In Korean to get on to the car you could say "Ta"

Kang Ta!


(Lee Team, Asia's storm, Kangta)

"Of Course" (Ho Dong VS Kangta):

HD: I'm very happy to meet you Kangta

HD: Becoming friends with Kangta and Ho Dong in the entertainment scene is very rare

(HD and KT are friends?!)

HD: Congrats, we are friends from today onwards

KT: Of course

KT: It seems like we meet quite often, like at the suana, the gym or sometimes we have seen each other naked before (NAKED again?!) <<< My own words hahaha!

KT: And its seems like we have alot of chances to know each other

KT: But we didn't have time to talk much

KT: I heard that you feel uneasy when you see me

(HD feels uneasy infront of his friend, Kangta?)

(Faint, faint)

(Ho Dong starts to retaliate strongly)

HD: Of course

HD: I don't know why you want to do this

HD: Why did you want to give yourself a chance to make this Anti (I don't know what it means by Anti, it's on the chinese subs)


HD: Do you want me to call my luo lang princesses? (I don't know what is luo lang princesses)

HD: Attack you at 7pm in the evening

KT: Of course

KT: Your appetite has improved greatly recently, alot of things are increasing too

KT: You are getting more eloquent too, but there's something that hasn't been increasing

KT: Your eloquence

(You said that my eloquence is not improving?)

HD: Kang Ho Dong, the unbeatable

HD: The beholder of heaven and earth

HD: Kang Ho Dong's eloquence set


(After transformation, he uses the eloquence set bag?!)

(But unable to successfully carry the bag)

(Finally it has successfully become a part of Ho Dong)

(Transform, Power Belt Man)

(I'll never let you off)


Haha: Wow, it's so scary!

(So the eloquence set bag whole set is?)

Haha: So handsome!

HD: The beholder of heaven and earth


KT: What is this?

HD: String

(The bag has really got a string)

(What is that?)

(Power belt man, eloquence set 1, String)

HD: Hold this for a while

HD: I'll let you take a look at something which will make you tongue-tied

(What will the transformed HD do with the string for the attack?)

HD: I will count 1, 2, 3 and you drop the string

HD: One


HD: Two

HD: Three

HD: Now your life is finished *In Korean, "dropping the string" and "finished" sounds the same

(Drop the string? Finished?)

(Showcase of the Power Belt Man)

(Absurd, Absurd)

KT: Of course

KT: So your eloquence till here has indeed improved

KT: Recently you have quite a few stuff that has decreased

KT: Your weight has decreased, your head has become smaller, that's good

KT: But your popularity has also decreased quite alot

(An exaggerate Ho Dong under this attack)

(Suddenly, the beholder of heaven and earth)

(Power Belt Man under transformation)

(Power Belt Man eloquence set 2, a comb)

MC Yoo: Brother, you're going to be 40 in 2 days time

(Ashamed, ashamed)

(Ho Dong is not young already, why does he still under go transformation?)

HD: Your hair is a bit messy, comb it a little

(After the string, what could the comb do?)

HD: You are now oweing me money *In Korean, "giving the comb" and "oweing money" sounds the same

(Power Belt Man, invinsible eloquence)

(Strong power, Strong eloquence)

(How can it be like that?)

KT: You take this back

KT: I've returned you the comb *meaning he has returned the debt

(Ho Dong is defeated easily by this attack)

(Power Belt Man is defeated?)

Haha: Ho Dong, you must finish all the props I've prepared

(The beholder of heaven and earth)

(Power Belt Man under transformation)

(What will he bring out now?)


(Power Belt Man eloquence set 3, the Triangle)

Lee team's leader: Did you snatch away your nephew's bag?

HD: School bell rings

HD: Assemble quickly

(KT helps HD do the accompaniment)

HD: Our teacher is waiting for us

HD: You have played "Dang, dang, dang"

HD: I'm asking you

HD: Don't tell me.....

(Don't tell me)

HD: You had just "dang" for your life? *usually when a person passes away, the monk will do this same action during a funeral

(As expected)

KT: Of course

KT: It's very good, everyone is very happy

KT: The eloquence set bag has alot of props

KT: It's all very good

KT: Then how are you going to take off your bag?

HD: This bag is a person (??) Cut it off

(Taking off the bag is sure a problem)

KT: Alright, so you'll help me

(Kangta helps HD take off the bag)

HD: So you were the one who took it

HD: You actually dare take my bag

HD: Put down my bag (I will never let you off) *In Korean, "putting down the bag" and "never let you off" sounds the same

(Power Belt Man eloquence set finishes off with the bag)

KT: I've seen your eloquence bag, it's very interesting

KT: Your eloquence has improved quite alot too

HD: You are suprised right?

KT: Even if your popularity decreases

KT: Now you help me take this a while, a last request

(uneasiness, uneasiness)

(Is Kangta going to retaliate back what HD has did to him?)

KT: You are very earnest with the eloquence bag

HD: Ya

KT: What you have done today

KT: Will be all cut off (edited in the programme) <<< Clever KT haha!!

(The best reversal, Kangta wins!)

Haha: Didn't we give you the comb?

HD: Put down the bag

HD: He said it will be all cut off

"Of Course" (Shinji VS Kangta):

KT: Firstly I would like to ask Shinji

KT: As we have known each other for quite sometime already

SJ: Of course

SJ: Is that all?

KT: Of course

KT: I've been thinking since the beginning...

KT: Because I like you too much

KT: I would like you to become my younger brother

(Not younger sister but younger brother...)

(Danger, Danger)

(Joking, Joking)

SJ: Of Course

SJ: You said you want to acknowledge me as your younger brother?

SJ: If I have a older sister, it will be great if she has your features

(Kangta will be very pretty even if he's born as a woman...)

KT: Of course

KT: I heard you eaten alot of meat lately

KT: And you are troubled because of your tummy right?

SJ: Of course

SJ: You didn't open a barbecue meat stall so I'm sure you didnt know that people who sell meat wouldn't like to eat meat that much

KT: Of Course

KT: That's why it's weird, so why do you still always eat meat?

(The others don't eat, why do you eat?)

(Of course strong contender, Kangta wins!)

SJ: It's because Lee Sun Jin always sells meat, that's why I eat alot


Heroine 6 (KT parts only)


translated by Starylosophy....caps by m1d0r1j4d3

NOTE: I don't know the names of the 6 girls so I just literally translate straight from the Chinese subs and put their name using abbrievations. Some I just translate as Heroine (??).

Host: This next guest can be said as one of the Hallyu ancestors, he has not only conquered Korea but also all over the world, Kangta!

(The Heroines welcome him with enthusiasm)

(One of them even teared upon seeing him)

Host: Welcome! Let's applaud for Kangta once again!

(The guest that the Heroines long hoped for)

Heroine (??): Is that Kangta? Our proud country's treasure -- Kangta?

HL: Wait a minute, he might be an impersonator

HL: Recently there are quite a few impersonators

HL: He could be "An-Ta"

HL: Are you Kangta?

KT: Yes

(It's the real stuff -- Kangta)

Heroines: Correct, correct

Host: Now you have seen the heroines, who is the one that looks most offensive?

(The offensive one -- the wrestler)

KT: I'm also one of his fans

Wrestler: Thank you

KT: At the recent K-1 competition, I was there personally

(He went there personally to watch him compete)

KT: That time, I went to sing Korea's national anthem

(Before the competition, Kangta sang the national anthem)

Host: What and how was the competition then like?

KT: I was very excited while watching the competition

(What happened during the competition)

KT: On the 2nd day, my voice went coarse

(Kangta was cheering for the wrestler that his voice went coarse)

KT: That's because I was cheering for him

Host: He won that day right?

(Giving applause to the Korean wrestler)

Host: Kangta, do you have any preparations for today?

KT: Today, I've prepared a song

KT: And I will sing the song to a person

Host: So what song did you specially prepared today?

(So who will Kangta sing this song to?)

(The Heroines awaits for his selection)

(The voice of the country's treasure)

(Touched and with awesome feel)

(With a sweet voice)

(With good vocals)


(Singing passionately)

(Stretches his hands to XY)

(It's not me?)

(Let go!)

(Unwilling to let go...)

(Pushes XY away!)


(Throws herself to him)

(Waiting for her turn...)

(It's XY again)

(What am I?)

(Future is gone for ZM)

Host: XY!

Host: Do you know XY?

Background voices: What should I do?

SJW: If it is according to sequence, it should be ZHL

Host: XY > HY > HL

HY: Anyway, I've hugged him already

HL: I have been waiting all the while

(Skipped HL straight away...)

Background voice: Let's listen to his reason

(The reason why he chose XY)

KT: Because she has the charm

XY: I will try my best

(The atmosphere is very good...)

XY: Thank you

(He's drinking medicine!)

(Kangta VS ZM sexy dance duel)

Host: Put the music on for Kangta

(Kangta's sexy dance)

(Kangta's is strong in dance too)


(He can even dance so well...)

(Going right into the sexy part)


(In the end, he starts drinking medicine again!)

(Presented the best dance from Kangta)

(Now it's ZM turn...)

Host: Now it's ZM turn, must we see how he dances?

(Seems like he drank too much medicine...)

(ZM gives up and is eliminated)

(XY and Kangta is confirmed to be on the same table)

After the Heroine's singing performance:

Host: Panel of judges how to do feel about the performance? Kangta?

(The judges choice is...)

KT: It's all very good..

Background voices: Choose the person with the worst performance

KT: Shin Jeong Huan (SZH)

Mouse game

Host: Did you catch the mouse before (Meaning did he play the game before)

KT: Ya, because I like to watch the show

Heroine (??): Kangta's understanding to this game is very strong

*KT plays the trial round

After KT plays the trial round, the Heroine plays the mouse game.

Halfway during the game:

Host: We will first give some cheers, Kangta

(Cheers for the Heroines)

Host: We'll start from Kangta who will do some actions like a spoilt child

Host: Who does he sit with?


Host: Act like a spoilt child towards XY

KT: Dear, play at your best <<< Aww he's so cute!!!


XY loses a round

Host: Who is with the same table? Kangta

(Does he want to take the forfeit?)

KT: Okay

(He agreed readily)

KT sits on the chair waiting to be hammered

(Kangta takes off his specs)

HL: I hope this will not happen

Host: The more you see the more he looks like a sculpture

Heroine (??): Kangta's stylist always holds a hair sculpture awating (I just literally translate from Chinese)

(Such a nicely styled up hair)

Heroine (??): He has alot of China fans

Heroine (??): And quite alot of Japanese fans too

Back voices: He's the main Hallyu star - Kangta

Heroine (??) Say "Dui Bu Qi" *Sorry in Chinese and "Sumimasei" * Sorry in Japanese

HL: I get it, I'll do it now right?

(Begs forgiveness of both country's fans)

HL: "Dui Bu Qi", "Sumimasei"

(Hard attack!)


(Hairstyle got ruined)

(Slow motion: Handsome image)

(A hit and...)

(A wish can be asked)

KT: Sing a love song

HL: (Flares up) Haven't we heard?

Heroine (??): Must we hear again?

Heroine (??): Live singing? Forget it

XY: This is my favourite song

(Doesn't care the other Heroines who opposed)

*After XY Sings

SJW: When Kangta walks back, his face looks so tired...

Host: Are you ok?

Host: Just now we heard a 30 sec song but it does seem we feel more tired recording a 6 hour programme

Host: Now it's the time where everyone acts cute

Host: Acting cute for 3 seconds

Host: Ok, so we'll start from Ta, Kangta

SJW: After you do it, you may lose some fans

KT: Just be quiet

Everyone: Wow, be quiet

Host: Kangta how old are you?

KT: Kangta is 1, 2, 3! 3 years old! <<< Aww he looks so cute and he feels so shy!!!


HK TVB ENews Interview


translated by Starylosophy

Host: Can both of you say hi to all of our viewers?

KT and V: Hello all (In Cantonese)

V: I'm Vanness

KT: I'm Kangta (In Cantonese)

V: Haven't seen you all for quite sometime (Can be loosely translated as Long Time No see)

Kangta and Vanness are in Hong Kong for their promotion and they are promoting their new song now

*KT introduces 127 Days in English

V: 127 Days is a very nice song, not only the tune but also the lyrics. So that is... *KT starts making the seconds ticking sound*

V: The main thing is that this song is Kangta's own story and he has spent alot of effort on it so we hope that everyone likes this song.

Vanness has visited HK more than three times and Kangta visited HK when he was still in H.O.T. So what does he think of HK?

*I'm not very sure of this phrase, I'm using my very limited cantonese to understand

KT: In my memory (When H.O.T. visited HK), there's alot of electronic shops and shopping areas of that kind. There's also alot of interesting electronic products and we also walked around apparel outlets

KT: HK's night scenery is also very beautiful.

Host: Since you are more familiar with HK, so do you have any place in mind you will wish to take KT to play and walk around?

V: To play? Wang Jiao (Mong Kok)

V: Because there are those small little items and some things you normally can't find while shopping there.

KT: Where is it (In Chinese)

V: Kowloon

KT: Where is Kowloon? (In Chinese)

V: We are in Kowloon

KT: Ahh Kowloon

V: Kowloon, Hong Kong

KT: Ah..

V: Here's the ocean, so we're here

Host: So this is how you both communicate?

V: Yea, somewhat like that

Host: Did you learn Korean from KT?

V: Yea

Host: Did you learn any Mandarin from V?

KT: How? (In Chinese)

V: A little

KT: A little

KT: What I am to do? (In Chinese)

V: What are you to do? (In Chinese)

KT: He said what am I to do (In Chinese)

V: He always says that, "Ahh, What are you do to" (In Chinese)

Host: Do you have any experience that when you teach him Chinese and KT still doesn't get it for a long time

V: No, his Chinese his very good, very intelligent

V: Because previously he's in China...

KT: Thanks (In Chinese)

KT: You too (In Chinese)

Host: Which phrase or word is the most difficult in Chinese? Can you give an example?

KT: Those 4 different sounds are difficult

V: Accent

KT: Shi... (is) Si... (Four)

KT: Very difficult (In Chinese)

V: Shi... (is) Si... (Four) Shi... (is)

KT: "Si" is Four

KT: "Shi" is Ten

KT and V: Si...(Four) Shi... (Ten) Si... (Four) Shi... (Ten)

V: Forget it, I'm also confused

Host: Then how about you learning Korean?

V: I'm always learning like how do you say this and that then KT will tell me

V: I also feel that his English has improved alot

KT: His Korean is very good (In Chinese)

V: Still alright...

After saying both of their good points, now is their turn to say their bad points and it happens during meals

*I'm not very sure of this phrase, I'm using my very limited cantonese to understand

KT: He only eats salads and is very picky about food

V: That's because I really need to count the calories etc

V: And I won't eat those food that contains starch

V: In Korea, you have to eat rice and noodles

V: So.. I'm sorry

Host: So Kangta will be in a difficult situation when both of you eat?

V: Ya a little

Host: So do you have any small secrets about Kangta can you tell our viewers?

V: Small secret...

KT: Small secret... (In Chinese)

V: Sometimes he will be careless while eating and he drops food on his clothes

V: Our apparel designer will then be very troubled

Host: The clothes are dirtied

KT: This happens since I was small, I will be more careful next time


There are more translations on page 2 as there isn't enough space here anymore!!! :rolleyes:


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