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Congratulations!! Welcome back Park Ki Woong..

More more more! sources: osen (1, 2, 3); TV Report; TV Daily Love his expressions in these. 

More photos... Ohhh I don't want to hide any of these...  

@sunshine4ever hahaa I think I need to dig more information up to post here. This thread is so so so bare. the difficult thing is that Ki Woong is a very low profile kind of guy so... :((

IN OTHER NEWS, Ki Woong will appear in tomorrow's Strong Heart episode!!! Watch out for it :) 
Full House 2 will also start airing in Japan this Friday!

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awsome pic! GAHHH.... He looks sooo cute back then. thx @Irish_law. I need to watch more PKW's project... I just start watching The Musical, and his character is so intriguing there. Then I started read the musical's recap on dramabeans, many of the comment there were squealing  his Yoo Jin... hahahhaha And The recaper find his character was the one who had the most compelling story and good character development... It's not PKW's fault though, blame on the writers who were too busy writing Yoo Jin's character so for a while she/he forget who is the main character lol
but eventhough I admit Yoo Jin is an intriguing character, I hate it the way he treat his girlfriend T________T .... It seems she love him so much T__T poor Ra Kyung... Their kissing scene is just GOLD... the way YJ kiss her is sooooo tender yet still passionate. >.< 

@mojobobo: you are right. Park Ki Woong is kind of low profile guys. I don't know why I always fall for this kind of actor (not all of them, though), low profile and not getting enough news about them, hahha...poor me...  But never mind.... I heard he already has a new project, and It's what I hope for, he will star in a movie alongside Kim SOo Hyun (another my fav. actor) !!! Woo hooo!!! LoLIt made my day.. Hope it's true... so I can watch this two on a BIG Screen 

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More Photoshoot..26db3287e950352ac8163e825343fbf2b3118be8
4687ac0f4bfbfbed092f2df578f0f736aec31fe9cr. TV Report, via DC & Baidu PKW
Go Show BTS Pic6a214336acaf2edd7154fe608d1001e9380193becr. as tagged, via DC & Baidu PKW
His Strong Heart appearance (Oct 2, 2012)I watched it last nite via online streaming, his story seemed interesting and I want to know his lil chit chat with Oh In Hye (the actress sat beside him), I can't wait to read the translation.^^
ac79f0198618367a521528542e738bd4b21ce547cr. as tagged, via DC & Baidu PKW

@ccandrea Ki Woong's character in The Musical was indeed the most interesting after episode 9, especially when his mom died. Some people commented on different sites that they wanted to give him an oscar for doing such breathtaking crying scene.kkkk ;) I could only stand watching because of him. Same with his Love Marriage.

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[video UPDATES]I must put big credit to the vid uploader, it's so hard to find Ki Woong videos! when you like idols, you dont put much effort coz they are everywhere, whereas Ki Woong videos are like finding hidden treasure...kkkk I agree with you all to say he's too low profile ~~~~^^ too bad some videos were banned by tv stationIn case you have not seen his Star Focus appearance yet....
@mojobobo yup yup!! I cant wait to see FH2 on drama streaming websites, hopefully with english subtitles ^^  

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Guest shunjiryo

Irish_law totally agree. PKW videos are like gems- so precious and hard to findmojobobo thank you for the photos and the links!-
Just also want to make a comment that Yoo Jin is indeed a character that I also love. Cold and detached, but he smiles a lot when he is with Eun Bi (Ko Hye Sun's character). The way he was clinging to him mom during her last days, leading to that day when they spoke, and his mom died- it was just heartbreaking. I cried a lot watching not just from watching this scene but from the scenes leading to her death- how he desperately wanted to catch up with being a son to his mom, and just running after time. *sigh* He's such a fantastic actor. 
I am halfway through watching Strong Heart and so I will leave you PKW doing Shunji. They made him say "GAKSITAAAAAAL!!!!" and then he flashes his cute and shy smile. aigoo. so cute.:) The way his expression instantly changes is just so amazing.

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Found KiWoong's childhood photos from DC and Baidu ^^ He's cute, isn't he? :xd6a86d380cd79123d347a2f8ad345982b3b780ba
viewimage-43.jpgcr. Kiwoong DC&Baidu
More about Full House Take 2 (gosh is there any online streamming site provide this drama already?)All I could find was his **ss fancam with No Min Woo kkk :D8315f0dcd100baa1c841ee304710b912c9fc2ef7
viewimage-44.jpghoho another bromance again, Shunji-yaa...how could you do this to KangTo? LOL  :\"> (cr. KiwoongDC & Baidu)
@shunjiryo hoho nice gif!! anyway, where did you find that yelling gaksital video? cause I already watched @mojobobo 's link but I didn't find it..or maybe there's another strong heart episode?

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Guest shunjiryo

@Irish_law thank you for the PKW kid photos- he look so adorable :) I hope to find full house 2 episodes sooonest (I think I am going to watch it even without subs hehe) I got my Strong Heart episode here It's a pretty huge file but super worth waiting for <3 Enjoy!

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Guest shunjiryo

some scenes from the trailer for full house 2
He kissed her... nose...vlcsnap-2012-10-07-21h40m30s71.pngvlcsnap-2012-10-07-21h40m44s164.pngvlcsnap-2012-10-07-21h41m24s97.png
and this look remind me so much of Shunji..vlcsnap-2012-10-07-21h41m39s248.pngvlcsnap-2012-10-07-21h41m48s70.png
and finally this. how can you not fall for a sweet and warm smile like this?shunji-fh2.gif

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@Irish_law LOL.... at your comment, don't worry honey, Shunji won't forget his Kang To, lol... 
@Irish_law @shunjiryo indeed searching Ki WOong's stuff is indeed hard HIKS... i just want to cry eventhough I used to kind of experience it with some other my fav actor who don't get enough attention. Actually even if your favourite is an actor or actress (non-idol), if they get enough popularity and has so many loyal fanbase, it's easy to find their stuff. 
I hope Covertness will get so much attention, and we will see more PKW in the future! 

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Good news everyone!! Full House 2 has finally managed to secure a slot on SBS Plus and will air on 22 October 2012!!!! Woohoo!
And I just watch Strong Heart last night, a halfway through. It's so funny how honest Ki Woong is with his answers. He said he never goes to his girlfriend's house and he'll ask her to come over to his place instead. I think he doesn't like driving because he said he has a car but if they were to go out he would get his girlfriend to drive hahaha. 

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mojobobo said: Good news everyone!! Full House 2 has finally managed to secure a slot on SBS Plus and will air on 22 October 2012!!!! Woohoo!
And I just watch Strong Heart last night, a halfway through. It's so funny how honest Ki Woong is with his answers. He said he never goes to his girlfriend's house and he'll ask her to come over to his place instead. I think he doesn't like driving because he said he has a car but if they were to go out he would get his girlfriend to drive hahaha. 

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[ENGSUB VIDEO] Star Date : Actor "Park Ki Woong"

cr. KBS World
as for Full House Take 2~~~ yaaay thanks @mojobobo for the good news!!! ;;)

‘Full House Take 2’ Starring Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum, Noh Min Woo Premieres on SBS Plus on Oct 22

Full House Take 2 has settled on a premiere date. The second part of the “Full House” series will officially premiere on October 22 on cable channel SBS Plus. 


and this scene finally reveal..... OMG they DID it lol

viewimage-47.jpgand this reaction I found in DC just same as my reaction...LOLOL I was like this...kkkkviewimage-45.gifall pics credit to Kiwoong DC

@shunjiryo thank you dear for the link!! as always you make his cute adorable gifs! ;)
@ccandrea I guess you and me love underrated actors...^__^anyway, you know this rite kkkkk viewimage-49.jpgcr. DC Kiwoong:D

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class="at_ttl ml10" style="margin: 0px 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; border: 0px none; outline: auto 0px; font-weight: 400; font-style: inherit; font-size: 30px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; vertical-align: baseline; line-height: 35px; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: white 1px 1px 0px; list-style: none; clear: both; "Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo, and Now Park Ki Woong Starring in 'Covertness': "Three Flower Boys"

By KDramaStars Staff Writer | Sep 25, 2012 11:07 AM EDT

Park Ki Woong

Actors Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo, and now Park Ki Woong are starring in the movie 'Covertness.' The three flower boys will be working together for this movie.

The movie representatives revealed that Park Ki Woong will be playing one of the three flower boys named Lee Hae Rang. The other details are still in the process of fine-tuning. No contracts have been signed yet but he has been reviewing the scripts.

'Covertness' is about a North Korean spy named Won Ryu Hwan (played by Kim Soo Hyun) who disguises himself as an unemployed idiot.

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Park Ki Woong will play the character of Lee Hae Rang, who is not required to become a spy because his father is a high-ranking general, but decides to anyways. Therefore, he goes around as a guitarist looking for auditions.

Park Ki Woong had recently starred in the KBS drama 'Bridal Mask' and played the role of Kimura Shunji.

In addition, actor Kim Soo Hyun will be playing Won Ryu Hwang, who will show a cute, idiotic side and also a very charismatic side as a cold spy. Lee Hyun Woo will play a skilled spy Lee Hae Jin who, even at his young age, takes care of special investigations,.

On the other hand, filming for 'Covertness' is planned to officially start in October.


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