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New Photoshoot....
My Fave!! :xviewimage_zpsdfe47004.jpg
Love this close-up photoshoot, it shows his real namja skin, not perfect but still have masculine aura.389780-0_zpsfac34f6c.jpg
Source : http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1348122581389780002 It's quite a long interview about his perspective on Shunji, his various facial expression, his career again. I can't wait to read the english translation for this article. ^^

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Congratulations!! Welcome back Park Ki Woong..

More more more! sources: osen (1, 2, 3); TV Report; TV Daily Love his expressions in these. 

More photos... Ohhh I don't want to hide any of these...  

Park Ki Woong: "I got to know Joo Won through Gaksital; he was an excellent partner"
Park Ki Woong and Joo Won both managed to showcased complementary acting skills in the drama Gaksital. Whenever the two were acting in the same scene, there was always a synergy between the two. Even the audience could feel that the two were great partners in the drama. Throughout the interview, Park Ki Woong was singing Joo Won's praises for most of the interview. Gaksital was what it was because these two actors relied on each other. 
"I am really thankful to Joo Won. He really is a very excellent partner. When we were filming for Gaksital, there was a very strong energy between the both of us. We both gave to each other a lot at at the same time, we both received a lot. I thought "I must reach this level in my acting". After getting to know Joo Won, my acting skills improved. This was how we helped each other out."
Park Ki Woong and Joo Won were the most unique pair of best friends but due to the ear they were in, circumstances were such that they had to become each other's enemy. Because they had to fight each other and the continuously struggle against each other, it was a fact that it was emotionally draining on the actors. 
"Gaksital was extremely draining emotionally. Often, I had to cry and get extremely angry but then I had to control my anger and keep cool. When I had to act like that, I felt very very tired. Especially when Kangto and I were fighting and he choked me, at that time Joo Won was really choking me, it was for real. At that time, my mind went blank."
With such a standard of acting, it is only natural that one would hope to receive an award at the year end award ceremony. But he said "I have no desire to receive an award at all. If I do get an award, of course I will be thankful and after that, still thankful. But even if I don't get an award...I feel like I'm an old soul in a young person's body. Truthfully, because I've always acted maturely, I was always cautious about what I did. So I want to live more comfortably and calmly. That way, I'd be at peace with myself. To be able to do your best no matter what kind of environment you are in, that is the best. I've tried living my life to the extremes but that just left me feeling very tired."
Photo and text source: mydaily
Chinese translation by 莪爱雀斑 @ Park Ki Woong Baidu Tieba
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi

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Just an update:
Ki Woong will be going on Go Show tomorrow [Friday, 21 September]He will appear on strong heart on 2nd OctoberFull House 2 will air on 5th October in Japan through TBS
Rumour has it that Full House 2 will air in Korea on KBS after Nice Guy finishes its run so that will take us to sometime in November. 
In Full House 2, Ki Woong Kang Hwi, who is one half of a Idol duo and is warm and gentle. 

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Guest DesertRose

The FH2 trailer looks bad :/ 
And thanks again for the translations! I LOVE his interviews. He seems to be so mature and real, I don't feel bored at all when I read his interviews. And the choking scene was very impressive. Hats off to you guys.

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Ki Woong @ "GO SHOW" (Sept 21, 2012)Via DC & Baidu viewimage_zps1acc34ce.jpg

Ki Woong @ Global SPA Brand 8 Seconds (Sept 21, 2012) Cr. As tagged, via DC & Baidu ad1d3bfa828ba61efcb0c7aa4134970a314e5984
963b6b2762d0f70341ef9a5908fa513d2797c5fa^his right hand~~ :(
34101730e924b89912cd72bd6e061d950b7bf66e*I think I just saw The nice teacher Shunji LOL....but gossh, I wish next he won't wear these kind of jeans again* ~~~ :P
FULL HOUSE (cr. as labelled, via DC)viewimage_zpsc6ebd99f.jpg
MOVIEWEEK MAGAZINE (2006) "chosen as the shining star" (cr. as labelled, via DC) viewimage_zps20982924.jpg
@mojobobo thank you so much for the translation and FH2 rumour info! ^^I love love the article! It's inspiring to see that he is the senior and he's still praising his co-star and got inspired. I really want Ki Woong to get his award this year (along with JooWon), even he doesn't (want to) think much about the award, I think every actors should get an appreciation especially the actors who already gave award worthy performance like Ki Woong in Bridal Mask. Like I said before, if only TV award program like Emmy Award exist in korea, I think he would've been winning best (supp) actor for Bridal Mask or getting new promising actor nominee during his Slingshot/Story of A Man's year. ~I can only dream rite now lol~
Anyway, I think Ki Woong's role in Full House 2 kinda reminds me of Lee Hongki's Jeremy in You're Beautiful (2009). dunno why, I just got this vibe by looking the trailer promo which means good, cause he's gonna be the scene stealer.^^I just cant imagine FH2 airing after drama like Nice Guy, lol 
@lakshakahandawala hello, welcome to the thread ^^
@DesertRose as for Full House 2 ...I know right, especially these 3 main leads' massive horrible hairstyles!! (only Kiwoong looks a bit normal) LOLOL

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Source http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109470529 via DC ----> interesting article, in the end of article he said that he wants to become an actor like Al Pacino. ^^

viewimage_zps831b27e1.jpg:x  :xSource http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1348272250390648002 via DC ---> pretty interesting article, cant wait for the english trans ^^
[CAPS] Ki Woong @ GO SHOW His contagious laugh & smile......viewimage_zps5ca41d38.jpg

a51093504fc2d5627aa58168e71190ef77c66caa^^I guess they were talking about Ki Woong's resemble to actor/singer Kim Won Joon (Unexpected You-2012) 
~all caps cr to uploader fr DC&Baidu~

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So happy to see him getting so many interviews; this is a little selfish of me (since it would be good if he got some rest) buuut I so hope they won't stop anytime soon lol 
Also, PKK has got to have one of the most heartwarming smiles I've ever seen. You find yourself taken in by him and then smiling alongside him without even realizing it lol 
Thank you as always to everyone for sharing everything!

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Guest shunjiryo

Hi everyone, an excerpt from Go Show where PKW says his ideal head shape is Sandara Park's: 

(Actually, before that part, he mentioned that he likes Han Chae Ah's head shape :)- the way he said her name is really cute)
Will post more later after I finish Go Show.

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Go Show:Park Ki Woong - How could such a sensitive guy become a convincing villian?
In Gaksital, Park Ki Woong acted as the villian who sent creeps down peoples' backs showed his own personal innocent and kind-hearted charisma, a total contrast from his villainous role. 
Park Ki Woong of Gaksital fame, which recently ended its broadcast on a ratings high, took part in the Go Show which aired on 21 September 2012. Park Ki Woong showed his kind nature and 4 dimension character, which has attracted a lot of attention due to the extreme contrast with Shunji's character. In the broadcast, Park Ki Woong showed no sign of the Shunji who tortured and interrogated many Joseon people. 
Go Show's "Madam" Go Hyun Jung's assessment of Park Ki Woong was "He seems like a child who just turned a year old."
In Gaksital, while wearing the pristine white uniform of the Imperial Japanese police, coupled with neatly combed hair, Park Ki Woong looked like an innocent child who had just turned a year old. She also said that it was due to this that she watched Gaksital and praised this junior for his acting skills. 
Park Ki Woong, who shrunk his shoulders [what you do when you are embarrassed] towards such praise, was prodded on by the self praising MC Team into stating "If I'm acting the villainous role, I will definitely do well." 
Aside from Gaksital, Park Ki Woong also acted in the popular drama Chuno and the box office hit, War of Arrows. In all of these productions, Park Ki Woong played the role of the villain. Park Ki Woong expressed his difficulty with the roles and said "If I'm not acting as a villain, the project will end up a disaster." In My Tutor Friend 2, Park Ki Woong took on the lead role and was known for it but the movie was did not do well at the box-office. 
From his previous works, it also seemed like the commercial success of each paled in comparison to the works in which Park Ki Woong had acted as a villain. Despite seeming more suited acting the villainous role, Park Ki Woong expressed his feelings towards such roles, saying that it was a huge burden. He said honestly "In the history of Korea's dramas, I'm the actor who has been slapped the most by actresses. I feel that getting hit is quite comfortable...I've also done a lot of scene where I torture and interrogate. Water torture, nail box, beating, more often than not I use the whip. I really dislike the look of people in pain so I really respect the seniors who specialise in acting as the bad guy."
Upon further interaction, it was evident that Park Ki Woong (who graduated from an arts university) was a man who possessed sensitivity. Praising himself, he said "I am very good at using the pencil to sketch. In the country-wide model examination, I often scored A+ for my pencil sketches. I'm also the top 10 in the entire country." At this moment, Park Ki Woong revealed 2 of his works. One was a drawing of the movie Friends's Jang Dong Gun and Yoo Oh Seung and the other was Yoo Ji Tae. The drawing was the same as the photos and this ability of Park Ki Woong left the MC team gaping. 
Also, Park Ki Woong expressed his unique fetish for women. "I have a fetish for the head shape of women. When I see a beautiful head shape, I will feel like I am going crazy." These words left everyone dumbfounded. When it was said that while filming for Gaksital, Park Ki Woong grew closer with the actresses, he said "It's because I've touched the heads of all the female actresses." He also picked Han Chae Ah and Sandara Park as his ideal head shapes. 
That was not all. Park Ki Woong, who bacame famous with his millstone grinding dance, said that his appearance was similar to a tortoise and said "Let me show you the expression of a tortoise when it is eating grass" and proceeded to make an expression that caused everyone to burst out laughing. 
During the first 5 mins of the opening of the show, Park Ki Woong did interact much with fellow guests Noh Sa Yeon and Lee Seung Mi but as the night went by, he gradually got a long well with the other guests. 
When quarrelling, Park Ki Woong is still able to point out all the issues rationally and because of this, he said with some dejection "When a girl quarrels with me, she will end up going home without saying anything and it seems that it's because everything I've said is correct and there's nothing for her to say." To this, Lee Seung Mi did an on the spot performance acting as his girlfriend. The scenario was that she was late and caused them to miss their flight and Lee Seung Mi gave many thick skinned and plausible excuses to the point where Park Ki Woong said "I've never had a girlfriend who could talk so well."
Since 2005, Park Ki Woong has appeared continuously in dramas such as When it's at Night, Chuno, The Musical and movies such as My Tutor Friend 2 and War of Arrows. However, Park Ki Woong has not received much attention until now. Even if Park Ki Woong, who has till now silently trekked on the path of an actor, grabs the chance and picks another project, it will be awhile before we know if he will continue to act the bad guy or choose a role totally different. What we will not have to worry about is that no matter what kind of character he will be playing, Park Ki Woong will be able to perfectly digest the role and create on that belongs to him alone. This is also the reason for us to wait for his next project where he will show us a different side of himself. 
Photo and original text: TV daily
Chinese translation by 莪爱雀斑 @ Park Ki Woong Baidu Tieba
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi

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Gah, so many goodies.. I'm in heaven ... kekekke  :x :\">
@Irish_law: LOL what's wrong with his pants? But he still handsome and charismatic even when he is wearing that kind of outfitsHis hairstyle reminds me of SHunji in earlier episode who has a heartwarming smile gahhh... I hope he will do more photos like this... And hope some magazine agencies start to make him do photoshots.... 
@synx: lol.... I hope he will continue this new activities longer lol... I'm so selfish since it must be hard after experience such an emotional roller coaster for potraying shunji's character who is very complex character, he has to continue his activities without a break. but who can blame some variety show that invited him as a guest?  seriously can't get enough of him... I just loveeeee seeing him getting some recognized he has been deserved. It always frustated me, he's such a good actor but not getting enough some recognized and can't break a lead role he has been deserved all along.. And agree with u, when he is smile genuinely, my heart just melt. There is something about his smile that feels so sincere...  GAH

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@shunjiryo, yup I think he's starting to play again with his close friends hehe. Time for him to put back on some muscles!
Someone took a photo of Ki Woong at a wedding just a few days ago!
credits to naver and Park Ki Woong baidu tieba

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Guest shunjiryo

Irish_law I uploaded the making of the kiss scene here (been busy so I will slowly upload them for your guys)
ccandrea this is a late reply but yes, abbsolutely love the short, black hair. love his forehead :) :)))
mojobobo thanks a lot for sharing summary for Go Show. Must admit I was enjoying it even without the translation but it got even better with the translation! and oh, yes, Yu Jin hair looks really good. love the sexy forehead!
The wedding photos shoot look really cute. So much feels for this shoot.
Hmm. just a teeny bit on my thought about Go Show- I am not done watching it yet- I still have around 10 more minutes to it :) But I must admit it was nice to see PKW smiling so sweetly and laughing like that in Go Show. He was with older celebrities/personalities but I was glad to see him giggle and smile A LOT. I will again sound weird but his normal speaking voice is..... cute- very different from Shunji- but not as "whiny" as Kyung Hwan (chara from Love Marriage). He speaks slowly and always ends it with a smile. I talk too much. XD
Ps: Must say his head fetish is interesting. :) And he does really like Noona and Dara. Aigoo so cute. Is it just me, or Dara and Chae Ah look a bit a like? 
PKW lol-ing is just pure lovevlcsnap-2012-09-22-23h15m14s234_zpscb336vlcsnap-2012-09-22-23h33m34s214_zps7e1ebvlcsnap-2012-09-22-23h15m03s113_zps3df7c

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Guest shunjiryo

@mojobobo ohhhh yay for semi getting back into "normalcy" and hanging out with friends! (and putting back some muscles- must admit I notice Shunji's face getting slimmer and slimmer towards the end)
Oh cool! thanks for this! 
ps: PHEW still has the black hair on <3pps: and YAY for 14 pages!

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