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Guest shortyshoutm


for the first picture, jjh looks soo much better than lee junki. ji hoon got a better smile (just looking at it, makes me smile back, haha, no i'm not crazy) and his eyes arent as chinky as lee junki. not that there's anything wrong with chinky eyes ...

&the second picture ... JJH once again looks better. no reason needed. he just is. :D

in my opinion, JJH looks more manly than junki. there's something about junki's face that makes him look somewhat feminine in a way.

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Guest cc_yang

aww... them two looks so freaken cute... ^^... but... i think i have to go with... Lee JunKi... but... i still like Joo JiHoon... i just love JunKi more... hehe!!!

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wow, this is hard, both have a similar angular sort of beauty,hehe. I'll go with JunKi - from what i've seen, i jus love his grounded and friendly personality (don't know enuf about JiHoon)!

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