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Found 1 result

  1. Group name: PENTAGON Nickname: Tentagon/10tagon Debut Date: October 10, 2016 Debut Song: Gorilla Members: 10 (Hui, Hongseok, Jinho, Shinwon, Yan An, Yeo One, Yuto, Wooseok, Kino) Debut Album: PENTAGON Official Fanclub: UNIVERSE Official Color: UNINAVY (Pantone 282 c) Official Twitter Official YouTube V App Channel Official Instagram Official Weibo Fancafe Members Name: Jinho Birth Name: Jo Jin Ho Birthday: April 17, 1992 Height: 168cm Weight: 52kg Position: Main Vocal Skills: Composer, Songwriter Facts: Former SM trainee & SM The Ballad member Was a vocal coach before entering CUBE BFF is Hongseok Eldest in Dorm A (has his own room) Name: Hui Birth Name: Lee Hwi Taek/이회택 Birthday: August 28, 1993 Height: 173cm Weight: 57kg Position: Leader, Main vocal, Hongseok's husband Skills: Composer, Songwriter, Piano Facts: Was a JYPE Trainee (Auditioned in 2010 7th Round for vocal team and won #1 for male vocal) Modern K Academy 14th Batch In an open audition in 2013, after leaving JYP, he was the only participant selected by all three entertainment agencies. (Cube, Sonic Music, and Nega Network) Appeared in G.Na's MV for "Pretty Lingerie" and live stages Participated in Rainbow Concert for mentally disabled children Appeared in episode 3 of "Rain Effect" Loves all his members especially E'Dawn Eldest member in Dorm B (has his own room) Name: Hongseok Birth Name: Yang Hong Seok/양홍석 Birthday: April 17, 1994 Height: 181cm Weight: 64kg Position: Lead Vocal, Mom Skills: Composer, Songwriter Facts: Former YGE trainee & appeared on Mix & Match Attended Cube Japan incorporation ceremony with G.NA and CLC Yoojin. Modeled alongside Hyuna on CLRIDE.N Loves to read Is extra 99.999999% of the time Loves Ironman BFF is Jinho Has his own room (Dorm A) Name: Shinwon Birth Name: Ko Shin Won Birthday: December 11, 1995 Weight: 68kg Height: 184cm Position: Vocals, Self-proclaimed Visual, Nudity King Skills: Piano, Songwriting Facts: Worked part time in BWCW store Was cast as street model for LEFAS Scared of animals BFF with Wooseok & Yuto Fave food is hamburger Roommate: Kino (Dorm A) Name: Yeo One Birth Name: Yeo Chang Gu Birthday: March 27, 1996 Height: 179cm Weight: 60kg Position: Vocals Skills: Songwriting Facts: Participated in Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children) Modeled alongside Hyuna on CLRIDE.N Appeared in 2016 web drama "Spark" alongside No Jong Chan and Nam Bo Ra Roommate and Lifetime friends with Yan An (Dorm B ) Soft church oppa Was in a band Name: Yan An Birth Name: Yan An Birthday: October 25, 1996 Height: 186cm Weight: 70kg Position: Vocals Skills: Songwriting Facts: From Shanghai, China Trained for a little over a year Originally wanted to be air steward 2nd tallest in group Called Yeo One his lifetime friend "Annyeong chingudeul" Originally was a rapper Roommate: Yeo One (Dorm B ) Name: Yuto Birth Name: Adachi Yuto Birthday: January 23, 1998 Weight: 63kg Height: 182cm Position: Rapper, Maknae Skills: Songwriting Facts: Is from Japan Appeared on ISAC 2015 Chuseok Specials with BEAST Doojoon Yoseob and Roh JiHoon (Unconfirmed) Attended Cube Japan incorporation ceremony with G.NA, CLC Yoojin and Yang Hongseok Roommates with Wooseok and close with Shinwon "I want to curse" Roommate: Wooseok (Dorm B ) Name: Kino Birth Name: Kang Hyung Gu / 강형구 Birthday: January 27 1998 Height: 177cm Weight: 62kg Position: Vocals, Dance, Maknae SoundCloud: knnovation Skills: Composer, Songwriting, Choreography Facts: Was a JYPE trainee before entering CUBE in April 2013 MC Rainbow Concert Appeared in G.Na's MV & stages Appeared in "Rain Effect" Episode 3 Dance King Roommate: Shinwon (Dorm A) Name: Wooseok Birth Name: Jung Woo Seok/정우석 Birthday: January 31, 1998 Height: 190cm (and still growing) Weight: 70kg Position: Rapper, Maknae Skills: Songwriting Facts: Attended School of Performing Arts Seol (SOPA) Roommates with Yuto and self-proclaimed besties with Shinwon Evil Tallest member (wants to stop growing) Likes anime Plays violin Roommate: Yuto (Dorm B ) Discography Album: PENTAGON Title Track: Gorilla Release Date: October 10, 2016 Track list: Wake Up (intro) Pentagon Gorila 미지근해 Smile 귀 좀 막아줘 (Organic Song) (이던, 유토, 우석 With 후이) You Are (진호, 후이, 홍석, 신원, 여원, 옌안, 키노) Album: FIVE SENSES Title Track: 감이 오지 (Can You Feel It) Release Date: December 7, 2016 Track list: 감이 오지 (Can You Feel It) Engine 예쁨 풀러 정신 못 차려도 돼 Album: CEREMONY Title Track: 예뻐죽겠네 Release Date: June 12, 2017 Track list: 예뻐죽겠네 Lucky 소중한 약속 (To Universe) Nothing 스펙터클 해 고마워 (진호, 후이) Beautiful (Prod. by 정일훈 Of BTOB) Profile info credit to loveindacube cr yeochanggudotcom On 3.07 CUBE announced the fandom name as UNIVERSE Follow All K-Pop and General Forum Rules