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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the Monarch's Love ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❤❤❤❤☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙ Name: Yoo Seung-Ho Hangul: 유승호 Birthdate: August 17, 1993 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 175 cm. Blood Type: A Name: Kim So-Hyun Hangul: 김소현 Born: June 4, 1999 Birthplace: Australia Height: Blood Type: Twitter: @hellokimsohyun ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❤❤❤❤☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙ Ruler: Master of the Mask ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❤❤❤❤☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙ Also known as Monarch Genre Historical Political Melodrama Romance Written by Park Hye-jin Directed by Son Hyeong-seok Starring Yoo Seung-ho Kim So-hyun Kim Myung-soo Yoon So-hee Country of origin South Korea Original language(s) Korean No. of episodes 20 Production Executive producer(s) Kim Kyung-hee Producer(s) Jung Chan-hee Sim Jung-woon Bae Jung-hoon Location(s) South Korea Running time 60 minutes Production company(s) People Story Company Huayi Brothers Distributor MBC Release Original network MBC Original release May 10, 2017 External links Website sr: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruler:_Master_of_the_Mask ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❤❤❤❤☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙ Plot In the 1700's, Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-Ho) fights against Pyunsoo hwe. Pyunsoo hwe is an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. Crown Prince Lee Sun becomes a hope for the people who suffers. Ga-Eun is the woman Crown Prince Lee Sun loves and she helps grow as a ruler. sr:http://asianwiki.com/Ruler:_Master_of_the_Mask ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❤❤❤❤☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙ ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❤❤❤❤☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙☙ Countdown - to get an answer from YSH about the heart beating feeling for KimSoHyunnie! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180713T00&p0=235&msg=Get+an+answer+from+YSH+about+the+heart+beating+feeling+for+KSH&ud=1&font=hand
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