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Found 2 results

  1. Hello ! this is my first time posting here I am really confused I think my male cousin likes me. but im not sure ok heres the evidence. He sent me this on october 10th ( if the link does not work it says are you todays date ? because you are 10/10 meme . at the bottom small letters says also you are very pretty not sure if he saw that though 2.he sends me music he likes and wants me to like it too . seems to try to impress me . 3. he touches me a lot (not in a sexual way ) even a few times on the face like poking my cheek . 4. we accidentally touched hands and I heard him under his breath say we just had a moment but when I asked what he said he would not tell me. 5. he seemed jealous when he thought a guy was texting me asking me who it was 6. we were watching this show and I said the guy was cute on it and he said yeah but hes no (insert his name here ) what do you think? Quote
  2. We were lying in bed and I felt that sadness from him like it's pointless to make out and touch bc we're not having intimacy. Last week I tried breaking up with him because I was insecure bc he told me he will break up with me because of no intimacy. I felt my break up with him was giving him relief. But he got angry. Now this week seeing him like this bc there's no intimacy. It's hard to see. I want him to be happy. I'm not entirely happy with him because I feel like I can't give him everything. I want to. But he isn't trying to be my husband that I feel safe with. I don't think this is how it's suppose to be.
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