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Found 7 results

  1. Soompi Forums Awards: The Best Daily/Weekend Dramas, C-Dramas and Streaming Dramas of 2021 - Poll #2 Chingus, have you already voted for the best k-dramas of 2021? Link to poll Now it's time to move on to our favorite: 1) Daily/weekend dramas 2) C-dramas 3) Streaming dramas (i.e. dramas that could only be watched on streaming sites) Only dramas that ended in 2021 are included in the poll. Also, due to technical limitations we could only include the most popular dramas in the poll. We apologize if your favorite drama isn't included. Don't worry if you didn't watch any dramas in one of the categories. You can always choose "none/something else" as the option for that question. The poll closes on Monday Jan 17th. Let's vote! cr. to owner As always, feel free to leave a comment on this thread. Thank you to @gm4queenfor the event banner. Your Event Organizers, @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth @confusedheart tagging:
  2. Soompi Forums Awards: The Best K-Dramas of 2021 - Poll #1 Dear chingus, 2021 came to an end and a new year has started. We would like to look back at 2021 before we jump into all new wonderful dramas we will get to enjoy in 2022. Which k-dramas did you enjoy the most in 2021? A whopping 120 k-dramas aired in 2021! Due to technical limitations, we can only include 60 dramas in a poll. Unfortunately we have had to leave out dramas with the lowest ratings and/or shortest threads on Soompi. This poll includes only prime time dramas that aired on Korean TV networks. Daily dramas, webcasts (dramas aired only on streaming sites like Netflix e.g. Squid Game, D.P.), weekend dramas and c-dramas are also not included in this poll. They are included in Poll #2. Also, only dramas that ended in 2021 are included in the poll. The poll will be open until Sunday Jan 16th. Please vote in the poll above, and as always, feel free to leave a comment in this thread. Thank you to @gm4queenfor the event banner. Your Event Organizers, @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth @confusedheart tagging:
  3. Soompi Forum Awards: Most Memorable Characters, Best Abs & Worst Dramas - Poll #3 Welcome to Part 3 of the Soompi Forum Awards (Don't miss out on Part 1 & Part 2)! What was your favourite part of the dramas you watched? Which character impressed you, unexpectedly? Or is it the abs that are unforgettable? Or did the dramas of 2021 simply disappoint you due to their bad endings or bad execution? Here's your chance to reflect on the 2021 dramas and vote on the most memorable characters 2021 best abs 2021 worst drama endings / biggest drama disappointments of 2021 Due to technical limitations, we can only include 20 choices of each category. If your best picks and choices haven't made it into this poll, please feel free to comment here and share your views. The poll closes on Wednesday, January 19th. Most Memorable Characters 2021: Best Abs 2021 Thank you to @gm4queenfor the event banner. Your Event Organizers, @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth @confusedheart tags
  4. Poll: Are Ratings the Best way to Judge a drama? Chingus, most of us watch dramas almost everyday, some busy binge-watching some dramas, some watching the dailies or some just like me have got at least one ongoing drama airing each day. Of course before watching a drama we can't just say if the drama is good or not, but once we are done watching we come to such conclusions. Question is, how do we judge if a drama is good? What is this common property that can tell if a drama was good or not? Ratings could be an answer. Many check out the ratings for already aired dramas before deciding to watch them. While the ratings give us some insight about the popularity of the dramas, do they really help us tell us if a drama is good or not? Are ratings to be trusted in such cases? Just for this, we EOs have come up with this event. We have top 15 JTBC and tvN dramas in the order of their ratings. We want you to choose top 4 options where you agree with the dramas' place based on ratings in the list. We look forward to your top 15 tvN and JTBC dramas (or just top 15 dramas), and also the answer to "What is a good drama?" question. Here's the EOs' answers to that question, @partyon Noona's answer @agenth's answer @confusedheart's answer @Sleepy Owl's answer So Chingus, we look forward to your "top 15 list" and comments. Happy voting The Poll is open till 31st October 2021 PS: We chose these 2 networks mainly because, JTBC just recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, while tvN is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have suggestions for events. Your Friendly neighborhood and resident EOs, @partyon, @agenth, @confusedheart, @Sleepy Owl Tagging:
  5. EVENT: 50 Things You Learn From a Korean Drama (2021 edition) Back in 2006 a Soompi Forum member posted a list of 50 things she had learnt from k-dramas. As we Event Organizers were reading through the list, we came to the conclusion, that several of the items on the list are STILL true today. But since many things had also changed, we thought that it would be fun to put together a 2021 edition. How are we going to decide what the 2021 edition list should contain? Easy. We brainstorm, and we vote which k-drama tropes happen in k-dramas in 2021. What do you need to do? Please read through the list below. These tropes have been suggested by the EOs. If you feel that something is missing, please post your suggestion on this thread and we will add it to the list. What happens after that? We compile a final list and we vote which 50 tropes make the final list. As we can only fit 60 options in the poll, we EOs reserve the right to edit some of the tropes or leave out ones that aren't so common if there are more than 60 options in total. List of tropes from 2006 that are still true today.... 1) You're allowed to make u-turns wherever you want in Korea. And there is never traffic on the side you want to u-turn to. 2) If you're sick, all you need is an IV to make you feel lots better. 3) Soju must cost 10 cents. Everyone drinks it everyday all the time, especially the poor people. 4) If you're rich, you're a jerk. 5) If you're poor, you're an angel. 6) You're not studying hard enough unless you get a nosebleed. 7) You go to America you come back miraculously successful. You go to England you come back amazingly fashionable. You stay in Korea the only thing that changes is your hairstyle. 8) Everyone always goes to the same hospital no matter where they are. 9) If you stand out in the rain for more than five minutes, you'll end up with a fever and vertigo and people will rush you to the hospital to get some magic IV. And instead of taking an ambulance or driving they'll race you on their back. 10) If you're saving someone from being hit from a car, you'll push them out of the way and wait for the car to hit you instead. Couldn't be more true, they're like a deer in headlights. ---NOTE in 2021, it's a truck. And it's called the Truck of Doom 11) If you're getting off a plane, you're ALWAYS wearing sunglasses. ALWAYS. 12) Girls will always storm off because they're mad and the guy will stoically grab them by the arm and swing them back- and by magic, not dislocate their shoulders. 13) You always get stuck in an elevator with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Even if there are six different elevators, you'll always be stuck in the same one with that guy you hate (or just fought with). 14) Unless you're fabulously rich, your in-laws will always hate you -- NOTE in 2021, most in-laws hate you - regardless if you're rich or not 15) There are only 2 ways to kiss. You either press your lips against theirs with your mouth completely shut, and just press away for a very long and uncomfortable time. OR you devour the other person and suck out their soul. In both instances, the world spins. 16) A guy will always get the right size ring, even if you're never held hands. 17) You'll get pregnant if you hold hands. 18) One Korean man can kick the butts of 6 gangstas. Especially when they all stand in a circle and attack the guy one by one. Then when each of them get their butts OWNED, they wise up and attack the guy at the same time. Then the guy will get pulverized and bleed out onto the dusty concrete floor of the empty warehouse they've found to fight in. There will be a fire in a trashcan somewhere. And the girl will have watched this the entire time, screaming in horror. Instead of calling 119, she'll just watch and cry. But it's okay. Cuz the next day the guy will be fine with a few random bandages and a few face scars. But never a black eye. 19) If you study in the states (preferably Harvard), you are one of the top students and can speak perfect English (as assumed by the reactions of those around you). Why the rest of the world OUTSIDE of the TV can't understand a single word uttered out of your melodramatic mouth is beyond me. New 2021 tropes suggested by the Event Organizers.... 20) If you have a husband, he's probably a cheater. The audience will be shown lots of barf scenes of him cheating. You'll need barf bags. 21) The leads ALWAYS knew each other already as kids 22) A drama isn't complete without the male lead brooding in the shower - not that we mind - lol 23) In the early 2000s everyone died of cancer - in 2021 everyone is just randomly killed off (preferably by a serial killer with a brain transplant) 24) People throw in all kinds of random English words into conversations even though it makes no sense in that context 25) People always eat at Subway, cafe or a fried chicken restaurant. Or you're using a coffee maker, putting on facial cream or offering your work colleagues donuts all the while the camera is zooming in on the brand 26) Your future mother-in-law will throw water in your face. 27) If you're being cheated on, you will throw water in the face of your hubby's mistress. Or you'll slap her. Or you'll grab her by her hair. In any case, the husband will not interfere. He will just stand there looking at the both of you like he's encountering the Truck of Doom. 28) If you're not drinking soju, you're drinking iced Americano 29) Ramen is the national dish of Korea. You'll be slurping away on ramen in nearly every episode. And you'll compliment how good it is. 30) You will take out a cigarette but you'll never light it 31) If it's winter, you never look cold even though you're not wearing a coat, gloves or a beanie. You don't need those even if it's below zero. You're always feeling warm because yeah, you're fashionable. 32) When driving, you don't need to look at the road. You speak to the person in the passenger seat and give him/her long gazes while the car just drives itself miraculously. And you never need to check the side mirrors or the back mirror because you're the best driver in the world 33) If you're in the elevator, the elevator is the slowest in the world. You can have a 3 minute discussion in the elevator even though the building is only 4 floors in total. This is normal elevator speed in Korea. 34) Someone is always a secret chaebol. 35) If you travel abroad you always want to go to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany or Spain. If you happen to speak German, French, Italian or Spanish, viewers won't understand a word of it. 36) The male lead is always younger than the female lead. Because noonas are in fashion and apparently every man in Korea wants one. And if you're an ahjussi, then you'll prefer a super young woman. An idol actress will be cast in that role 37) If you're a criminal, you always wear black clothes and a black baseball cap. Because no, you won't look suspicious at all. lol 38) If a guy is a jerk, he is definitely into you. He'll have narcissistic tendencies, but he will just miraculously change for the female lead WITHOUT any kind of therapy. Because you know, the power of love. 39) If you're playing an "ugly" character, taking off your glasses and straightening your hair will turn you into a goddess and all men will fall for you after that. 40) What would a drama without the ML grabbing the FL by her wrist be? 41) You'll always tell someone that the weather is nice. Even though there's a hurricane. Because yeah, you'll think that the rain and wind are refreshing 42) If you're working in a restaurant or at the fish/fruit market, you'll be an ahjumma with curly permed hair. 43) If you're a police officer or a detective, you won't have common sense. No, all criminals will be smarter than you. The newbie in your squad will puke at the crime scene. You'll be good at fighting, but the criminal will always get away anyway, because they will be better than you at taekwondo / kung fu. So, you won't catch him until the last episode. By then, the story will have become so complicated and convoluted that it doesn't make sense anymore and the audience will just be left shaking their heads in disbelief. 44) You have bangs regardless if you're a man or a woman. Yup, even if you look better showing off your forehead, you'll still want to have outdated wispy bangs if you're a girl and a bowl cut if you're a boy. And this Korean trend will not fade away - it will still be the trend in 10 years. Heck 50 years. We can only dream of forehead oppas. 45) If it's a daily drama, karma always hits you. 46) If you're second male lead, you'll never get the girl. 47) If you are having coffee/juice/pizza or anything in a cafe/restaurant, you will never ever finish them. You won't take a sip or bite of it, and leave the poor thing on table since something urgent always happens. 48) If you're poor, you'll always have the latest Samsung phone. Everyone in the drama will have the same phone, just different color. 49) If you're texting someone, there will never be any chat history on screen. 50) Slaps are more effective using food - seaweed, kimchi, a pork chop. And you can eat it too after the slap is over. No food waste cr. to owner Chingus, please post your suggestions below. Do you want to rewrite one of the options, or did we miss out on one? Let us know. In 24 hours, we'll be putting up the poll. Your Event Organizers, @partyon @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl tagging:
  6. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE - "Movember Oppa" picture cr. @gm4queen Yay! Finally it's time to vote. Our members have produced great pictures showcasing mustache oppas. VOTING RULES (PLEASE READ): 1) You can vote for 3 pictures in each category - your vote is anonymous 2) Please vote for the pictures that you truly feel deserve to win (the most impressive/funniest/emotional/etc.) We are giving prizes to the members who put a lot effort into creating these wonderful pictures, not to the most popular oppa/drama/ship. 3) The two (2) members with the most votes per category will win a prize. We are giving out 4 prizes in total. You can only win one prize. Therefore, in case a member gets the most number of votes twice within a cateogry or in several categories, the runner-up will be awarded the second prize. PICTURES (IN SPOILER TAGS): CATEGORY 1 (Contemporary Oppas) CATEGORY 2 (Historical Oppas) Thank you to all the participants who created pictures for the event! The poll will close on Tuesday November 16th at 10 pm GMT! If you want to see all pictures posted, please visit the thread here. cr. @confusedheart Your Event Organizers, @partyon @confusedheart @agenth @Sleepy Owl tagging:
  7. Poll: MY ULTIMATE OPPA Part 2 - Ahjussi Edition Due to popular demand, we bring you more oppas. In our previous Ultimate Oppa event, we got feedback that people wanted more ahjussis in the next poll. And Keanu Reeves. We heard you loud and clear. Ahjussis, Super Ahjussis, Grandpa Oppas and Keanu Reeves it is ! We decided to leave out all the ahjussis from the last poll, and give you 60 new ahjussis and grandpa oppas to admire. Below a list and pictures of them: Ahjussi Oppas (age: 37-46) Won Bin (43) The Man From Nowhere, Autumn in My Heart Super Ahjussi Oppas (age: 47-60) Keanu Reeves (56) Matrix, Speed, John Wick Grandpa Oppas (age: 61+) Lee Soon Jae (86) Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Money Flower - Haraboji You can vote for a maximum of 4 ultimate oppas in each category. Since our poll can only have 60 oppas due to technical limitations, we apologize if your ultimate oppa isn't included. As always, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you dongsaeng @Sleepy Owl for your help! The poll is open until Tue Feb 9th. If you have any event suggestions, do not hesitate to contact your resident Event Organizers. re: @Lmangla tagging:
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