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  1. Park Hae-il 박해일 PROFILE Name: Park Hae-il [박해일] Born: January 26, 1977 | Seoul, South Korea Body: 177cm | 68kg | Type O Family: Wife, 1 son, 1 daughter Education: Hwagok High School > Namseoul University (English major / dropped out) Debut: 2000 theater ‘Ode to Youth 청춘예찬’ Military Service: Exemption (aftereffects of leg surgery - car accident riding motorcycle in HS) Religion: Irreligion Hobby: Watching movies, listening to music, reading, playing computer games Specialty: Singing, playing guitar, table tennis, baseball Agency: SMWP ENTERTAINMENT [ homepage | instagram ] Links: [ hp@SWMP | hp@HM Enter ] | namu [ The 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actor Park Hae-il | Cr: Chosun] [ kofic ] PARK Hae-il, born in 1977, started acting on stage in his childhood. Having won Best New Actor in the theatre category of the Baeksang Arts Awards in 2000 for his role as the lead in the Korean play <Ode to Youth>, filmmakers took notice of him and were drawn by his somewhat boyish appearance that was at odd with the great maturity in his acting. Following a supporting role in the inspirational indie favorite <Waikiki Brothers> (2001) from YIM Soon-rye, he took on the lead role in another well-known indie drama, <Jealousy Is My Middle Name> (2002). His filmography took a turn for the darker when he was cast against type in the role of an unsettling innocent-looking suspect of a series of gruesome murders in BONG Joon-ho’s universally acclaimed <Memories of Murder> (2003). BONG would say of his performance as an ambiguous character in that film that it made him look like “a soap-smelling pervert”. PARK then played an unscrupulous womanizer teacher who never stops asking his new colleague for a night with her in <Rules of Dating> (2005), a far cry from the ideal image of a romantic and bright man he had in <My Mother, The Mermaid> (2004) that had won him many fans. From then on, he would steer away from romantic fare to expand his acting repertoire. PARK reunited with director BONG for another of his most famous titles, <The Host> (2006). After the thriller film <Paradise Murdered> (2007), PARK worked again with director KIM Han-min for <War of the Arrows>, which became the biggest box-office draw of 2011 with over 7 million audiences. PARK’s performance was particularly praised and earned him awards from the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Grand Bell Awards, preceded by another accolade at the Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival. He stretched his acting scope further still as he took on the role of an elderly poet in the acclaimed 2012 feature <Eungyo>, for which he was grimed to look 40 years older. The SONG Hae-sung family drama <Boomerang Family> followed in 2013 before he returned to romantic fare, his first since 2005, in the ZHANG Lu film <Gyeongju> (2014). Two more high profile roles followed later that year with LEE Hae-jun’s second solo direction effort <My Dictator>, in which he played SUL Kyung-gu’s son, and YIM Soon-rye’s <The Whistleblower>, where he played a journalist becoming the target of a mobbing campaign and political pressure after he reveals a high-profile case of stem cell research fraud. Slowing for a moment, PARK only appeared in ZHANG Lu’s anthology <Love and…> before returning in 2016 to the commercial fold, with an appearance in HUR Jin-ho’s Colonial Era romantic drama <The Last Princess> (2016). With the historical war drama <The Fortress>, PARK went back to the exact same period depicted in <War in Arrows>, but this time to portray the notorious ruler of that time, King Injo of Joseon, as he was corned by the Qing army in the mountains and forced to surrender. After another critically acclaimed collaboration with ZHANG in <Ode to the Goose> (2018), PARK played the monk who largely contributed to the creation of the Korean alphabet in the period piece drama <The King’s Letters> (2019), starring alongside SONG Kang-ho as King Sejong the Great. Park Hae-il as the master archer Choi Nam-yi in War of the Arrows FILMOGRAPHY MOVIE (Src: kobis) Opening Year | Title | Role | Total Admissions (people) TBD ‘Heaven: To the Land of Happiness | 행복의 나라로’ as Nam-sik 남식 // Im Sang-soo 
2022-07-27: ‘Hansan: Emergence of Dragon | 한산: 용의 출현’ as Admiral Yi Sun-Shin 이순신 // Kim Han-min
 2022-06-29: ‘Decision to Leave | 헤어질 결심‘ as Chang Hae-joon 장해존 // Park Chan-wook 2019 ‘The King’s Letters | 나랏말싸미‘ as Monk Sin-min 신미 스님 [958,775] 2018 ‘High Society | 상류사회‘ as Jang Tae-joon 장태준 [768,442] 2018 ‘Ode to the Goose | 군산 : 거위를 노래하다‘ as Yoon-young 윤영 [15,447] // Zhang Lu 2017 ‘The Fortress | 남한산성‘ as King Injo 인조 [3,849,087] // Hwang Dong-hyuk 2016 ‘The Last Princess | 덕혜옹주‘ as Kim Jang-han 김장한 [5,599,229] // Hur Jin-ho 2015 ‘Love and... | 필름시대사랑‘ as 1st lighting assistant [1,611] // Zhang Lu 2014 ‘My Dictator | 나의 독재자‘ as Tae-sik 태식 [385,934] // Lee Hae-joon 2014 ‘The Whistleblower | 제보자‘ as Yoon Min-cheol 윤민철 [1,755,181] // Yim Soon-rye 2014 ‘Santa Barbara’ as reporter (voice cameo) [16,626] 2014 ‘Gyeong-ju | 경주‘ as Choi Hyun 최현 [63,456] // Zhang Lu 2013 ‘Boomerang Family | 고령화 가족‘ as Oh In-mo 오인모 [1,141,222] // Song Hae-sung 2012 ‘A Muse | Eungyo | 은교‘ as Lee Jeok-yo 이적요 [1,346,274] // Jung Ji-woo 2011 ‘War of the Arrows | 최종병기 활‘ as Choi Nam-yi 최남이 [7,482,180] // Kim Han-min 2011 ‘End of Animal ‘ as baseball cap [1,030] 2011 ‘Heartbeat | 심장이 뛴다‘ as Lee Hwi-do 이휘도 [1,006,947] // Yoon Jae-keun 2010 ‘Moss | 이끼‘ as Ryu Hae-guk 류해국 [3,408,144] // Kang Woo-suk 2009 ‘A Million | 10억‘ as Han Kae-tae 한기태 [438,833] 2008 ‘Modern Boy | 모던보이‘ as Lee Hae-myung 이해명 [758,473] // Jung Ji-woo 2007 ‘Paradise Murdered | 극락도 살인사건‘ as Jae Woo-sung 제우성 [2,259,511] // Kim Han-min 2006 ‘The Host | 괴물‘ as Park Nam-il 박남일 [13,019,740] // Bong Joon-ho 2005 ‘A Boy Who Went to Heaven | 소년,천국의 가다‘ as Bae Ne-mo 배네모 [242,053] 
2005 ‘Rules of Dating | 연애의 목적‘ as Lee Yoo-rim 이유림 [1,735,977] // Han Jae-rim 2004 ‘My Mother, the Mermaid | 인어공주‘ as Kim Jin-guk 김진국 [661,679] // Park Heung-sik 2003 ‘Memories of Murder | 살인의 추억‘ as Park Hyun-gyu 박현규 [5,255,376] // Bong Joon-ho 2003 ‘Jealousy is My Middle Name | 질투는 나의 힘‘ as Lee Wong-sang 이원상 [62,788] // Park Chan-ok 2003 ‘Scent of Love | 국화꽃 향기‘ as Seo In-ha 서인하 [837,236] 2003 ‘Mobile’ {short film} // Yim Pil-sung 2003 ‘Audition | 오디션’ as Yoon Ji-seok 윤지석 {short film} // Lee Kyoung-mi 
 2002 ‘Who are You? | 후아유‘ as man in photo (cameo) 2001 ‘Waikiki Brother | 와이키키 브라더스‘ as young Sung-woo 성우 [88,214] // Yim Soon-rye THEATER 2003 ‘Generation After Generation | 대대손손’ 2000 ‘Ode to Youth | 청춘예찬” 1999 ‘Family Baguette | 패밀리바겟트’ 1998 ‘Othello | 오델로’ [ 48th Grand Bell Awards: Best Actor Park Hae-il ] AWARDS [2017] The 1st ShinFilm Art Film Festival: Commercial Film - Actor Award [2017] The 22nd Consumer Rights Day Award: Cultural Person (The Fortress) [2017] The 1st Screenwriter Association Awards: Best Actor (The Last Princess)
 [2017] The 37th Gold Awards Festival: Best Actor (The Last Princess)
 [2012] The 7th Asia Model Festival Awards: Asia Special Award [2011] The 19th Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards: Grand Prize in Film (War of the Arrows) [2011] The 27th Korea Best Dressed Swan Awards: Best Dressed Movie Star [2011] The 48th Grand Bell Awards: Best Actor (War of the Arrows) [2011] The 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actor (War of the Arrows)
 [2011] The 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan): Actor Award [2008] The 16th Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards: Excellence in Film (Modern Boy)
 [2007] The 3rd Andre Kim Best Star Awards: Best Male Star
 [2006] The 9th Director's CUT Awards: Best Ensemble Acting Award (cast of The Host) [2004] The 9th Female Audience Film Awards: Most Hopeful Male Character (My Mother, the Mermaid) [2003] The 6th Director's CUT Awards: Best New Actor (Jealously is My Middle Name) [2003] The 26th Korean Society of Cinematographers Awards: Best New Actor (Jealously is My Middle Name) [2003] The 8th Female Audience Film Awards: Best Actor (Jealously is My Middle Name)
 [2003] The 4th Busan Film Critics Association (BCFA) Awards: Best New Actor (Jealously is My Middle Name) [2003] The 11th Chunsa Film Arts Awards: Best New Actor (Jealously is My Middle Name) [2003] The 2nd Korean Movie Awards: Best New Actor (Jealously is My Middle Name)
 [2003] The 23rd Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best New Actor (Jealously is My Middle Name) [2003] Cine21 Movie Awards: New Actor of the Year (Jealously is My Middle Name) [2000] The 36th Baeksang Arts Awards: Theater Best New Actor (Ode to Youth) REVIEWS Boomerang Family: hangukyeonghwa | Decision to Leave (2022): HollywoodReporter | Screen | Variety | Deadline | Indiewire | Guardian | Telegraph | LittleWhiteLies || FilmStage | RogerEbert | Scmp | The Fortress: ACC | The Host: DarcyParquet | hangukyeonghwa | ACC | Jealousy is My Middle Name: KyuHyunKim | Memories of Murder: DarcyParquet | hangukyeonghwa | PaulQuinn | ACC Moss (2010): hangukyeonghwa | PaulQuinn | yonhap | A Muse: PierceConran | hangukyeonghwa | PaulQuinn | My Mother, the Mermaid: KyuHyunKim | Ode to the Goose: ACC | Paradise Murdered: KyuHyunKim | Rules of Dating (2005): Mr X | KyuHyunKim | yonhap | Waikiki Brother: PierceConran | War of the Arrows: KyuHyunKim | hangukyeonghwa Whistle Blower: hangukyeonghwa | NEWS tbd [2020-05-27] PARK Hae-il to Play Admiral Yi Sun-sin in HANSAN: x [2020-05-20] Park Hae-il offered lead in Park Chan-wook's new film: x [2019-11-04] CHOI Min-shik and PARK Hae-il Travel TO THE LAND OF HAPPINESS: x 
[2017-10-04] [Interview] Why Park Hae-il is called a ‘blank sheet’
: x [2015-10-29] At a crossroads in filmmaking, a labor of love
: x [2011-01-04] Park Hae Il: ‘I Want to Present Diverse Acting’
: x [2010-07-16] [INTERVIEW] Actor Park Hae-il – Part 1 + 2 
[2010-07-02] Park Hae Il: I Want to Become Good Actor Completely Immersed in Movie:x [2010-06-30] (Review) Kang Woo-suk's 'Moss' keeps audience guessing with eerie twists
: x [2006-07-04] Bong Joon-ho creates a sympathetic monster in 'The Host'
: x [2005-06-09] (Review) 'Rules of Dating' is predictable but funny: x Thread created by Thunderbolt (miss and love you Thundie). Data: gathered/translated/updated from namu | kobiz | kobis Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (all copyrights/credits belong to original sources/creators) RULES [ Soompi ForumRules | K-Dramas/Movies/Actors/Actresses ForumRules ]
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