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  1. Chingus, another year comes to an end. It surely was another strange year for us, with the pandemic still prevalent in many places during the first half of this year. But things a lot better in the later half of the year. Despite all that, we've had several good things happening this year too. Of course the most common ones would be dramas aired this year, the books we read this year etc. Please tell us how the year 2021 was for you? You can tell us about the dramas you watched, anything good that happened to you (or your friends or family), and what you hope 2022 has got in store for you But before that, here are the comments from our staff members on how their 2021 was and what they look forward to in 2022 I am grateful that the pandemic partially eased in 2021, and despite being in a drama slump I managed to rediscover Thai lakorns (and gained a couple of new Thai oppas/abs in the process). From an EO perspective, it was an awesome year having fun together with our chingus here on Soompi Forums. In 2022, I am hoping that we get some awesome kdramas with lots of shower scenes! Please look forward to our upcoming events! --- @partyon Despite being in ups and downs, I managed to enjoy my life in this year 2021. And heard that the upcoming drama of my favorite Korean actor will finally air in 2022. So I see myself a lot of new dreams for a happy new year and wish you all merry Christmas. --- @gm4queen It was overall a great year for me. I became an EO, something I am really enjoy and love doing. Apart from that, my most favorite manga (Attack on Titan) finally ended, the writer of the only webtoon I was reading (Tower of God) finally ended his almost a year long hiatus and started writing again. Drama wise, I got to say it wasn't the greatest of the years with me dropping many dramas. I hope 2022 has much better dramas than the ones 2021 had and also it to be a great one overall. --- @Sleepy Owl I definitely loved being part of the EO Team and making friends at Add and Subtract thread. Drama-wise, 2021 wasn't the best year but I managed to catch a few good ones, thanks to the chingus here. I am hoping 2022 would be a better year not just in terms of K-dramas but also in terms of everything else in real life- a healthier, wealthier (Money, money money) and happier life is what I wish and pray for all. Signing off with my 2022 theme song! --- @confusedheart 2021 I made some changes in my life, and one of them was becoming part of a great EO Team. I enjoyed the events at Soompi Forums and was delighted to contribute. What's more, it is really nice to exchange thoughts with fellow members on anything, from drama to oppas and life. For 2022 I wish for even more enjoyment - from new, exciting dramas, to more interaction with everyone. Hope to see you in the New Year! Happy Holidays! I also would like to share music like @confusedheart - this soundtrack song here embodies hope. --- @agenth For me, this was the year of self: self love, self respect and, self improvement. I also joined the Soompi Forums team for the first time and it’s not only allowed me to meet new people and help around the site, but also retain amazing lifelong friendships. Some of my closest friends have come from Soompi Forums and I’m grateful for all those that have made a difference in my life this year. I hope 2022 brings fulfillment, joy, and success, not only to myself but to all of you as well, and that in this upcoming year, we all aim towards loving ourselves, being better members of our communities and simply living responsibly in order to support each other through this difficult time. --- @Emily Bett Despite the ongoing pandemic in 2021, this year was still a great year for me because of the good things that happened in my life: joining as a staff member at soompi forums and meet everyone, 2nd gen kpop group comebacks this year (SHINee, CNBlue, 2PM, Highlight), getting a promotion at work, meeting new people and receiving free food :D, and watching so many great dramas that aired this year. For 2022, I am looking forward to becoming more independent in real life and perhaps have a job transition! --- @ferily Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all forum members and their family! May this time of the year be truly blessed and enjoyable for all of you! Stay safe and happy viewing! --- @SC2019 We all wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, wishing the coming year would be great for all of you. Thank you to @gm4queen for the event banner. Merry Christmas from your Soompi Forum admins, moderators and Event Organizers, @Admin, @Sunset, @ferily, @gm4queen, @Emily Bett, @SC2019, @chococarmela, @serenilmauve, @partyon, @agenth, @confusedheart, @Sleepy Owl tagging:
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