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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    Jerry Yan 言承旭

    ~Facts about Jerry~ Name: 言承旭 / Yan Cheng Xu English name: Jerry Yan Real name: 廖洋震 / Liao Yang Zhen Also known as: Bao Long (Tyrannosaurus rex) / Xiao Bai Tu (Little Rabbit) / Little Sun Profession: Actor, Singer and Model Birthdate: 1977-January-01 Chinese zodiac: Dragon Star sign: Capricorn Birthplace: Taoyuan, Taiwan Height: 180cm Weight: 72kg Measurement: 38-30-36 Blood type: B Food: anything that is edible Personality: cheerful, perfectionist, humble, and a mere shy big boy Favorite Artist: Johnny Depp Favorite Body parts: fingers Favorite Musical Instrument: piano Dream: to own a farm and rear many kinds of animal Unforgettable moment: a teacher cried in front of him because his exam results were not good ~Hobbies~ Any ball games Swimming Reading collecting all types of sunglasses ~Television Series~ 2016 - Because.Love (aka In Love We Trust) / 因為愛 (was a 2012 production - screening since 28-Feb-2016) 2015 - My Best Ex-Boyfriend / 最佳前男友 2014 - Loving, Never Forgetting / 恋恋不忘 2011 - My Splendid Life / 我的燦爛人生 2010 - Down With Love / 就想賴著妳 2010 - Pandamen / 熊貓人 (Cameo - Policeman Chen 陳警探) 2009 - Starlit / 心星的淚光 2008 - Hot Shot / 籃球火 2006 - The Hospital / 白色巨塔 2002 - Meteor Garden 2 / 流星花園 II 2001 - Meteor Garden / 流星花園 2001 - Meteor Rain / 流星雨~道明寺篇 2001 - Love Scar / 烈愛傷痕 2000 - Great Teacher / 麻辣鮮師 ~Movies~ 2015 - Our Times / 我的少女時代 (Cameo - the grown up of the main lead) 2014 - Lupin III / 鲁邦三世 2013 - Mayday Nowhere 3D / 5月天諾亞方舟 2012 - Ripples of Desire / 花漾 2004 - Magic Kitchen / 魔幻廚房 (with Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng / Hong Kong) ~Television Series Theme Songs - by Jerry~ 有一我 ending theme song of Loving, Never Forgetting (2014) 我的灿烂 ( My Splendor ) ending theme song of My Splendid Life (2011) 一半 (Half) ending theme song of Hot Shot (2008) 就想賴著妳 (Just Want To Depend On You) main song of Down With Love (2010) ~Music Albums~ F4 - Meteor Rain (2001, Taiwan) F4 – Fantasy 4ever (2002, Taiwan) F4 – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Walt Disney Cartoon: Lilo & Stitch) Jerry For You (2004, Taiwan) F4 – F4 5 years Glorious Collections (2006) Waiting for You (2007, Taiwan) Freedom (2009, Taiwan) Freedom - CD + DVD Disc Tibetan love Celebration Edition (2009, Taiwan) My Secret Lover (New + Best Selections) (2010, Taiwan) Jerry BOY-MAN Jerry MV Best Collections 2DVD (2010, Taiwan) Not My Days / To Be With You (2014, Japan) – First Press Limited Edition comes in two versions: Angels and Demons edition version, all comes with DVD. ~Pictorial Albums~ F4 "wholly owned F4" (2001) F4 "Music Party" (2001) F4 Photo Album "shining Anniversary Special" (2002) F4 album "Spain Trip" (2002) Jerry personal album "amphibians" (2002) F4 Photo Album "F4 @ Tokyo" (2006) The Hospital Photo Book (2006) Jerry Yan Jerry [Japan] 2007 Photo DVD Photo DVD [Edited] [Kyoto and Wakayama series] Photo DVD (December 18, 2007 publication) Hot Shot Behind Photo Book (2008) Mia 08] [Photo Book (2008) Heart star tears 2009 desk calendar (2008) Down With u Behind the portrait (2010) [JerryYan in Tokyo] 2010 Photo Book (2010) Jerry personal album "9314 men and boys" (April 1, 2010 publication) [JerryYan in Tokyo] MW2012 Photo Book (2012) Jerry JERRY Japanese album and 2014 calendar (November 1, 2013 publication) Jerry JERRY Japanese album and 2015 calendar (published in December 2014) ~Endorsements~ "Darlie Professional Whitening Toothpaste" (2013) "Darlie Professional Whitening Toothpaste" (2012) "Institute for the Blind charity ambassador" (2012) (click link: http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/288646-jerry-yan-as-the-spokesman-for-the-institute-for-the-blind-of-taiwan/ video clip at the bottom of this post) "Darlie Professional fresh toothpaste" (2011-2012) (co-actress Mariko Okubo) "Master Kong Beverages" (2011-2012 ...) (co-actress Cyndi ) "Sony Walkman" (2008) (with the temperament actress Guey Lun Mei cooperation) "7-11 cold noodles, rice Royal" (2008) "Wei Kang contact lenses" (2007, Stanley Kwan directed, only in mainland China play) "Oral-B toothbrush" (2005) "Bench casual clothes" (2004-2005) "Mia Silver" (2004 & 2006) "YAMAHA motorcycle" (2004) "Guangri locomotive Advertising" (2003) "UHA UHA taste candy" (2002-2005) "Green drift Shampoo" (2002) "Mingle sports shoes" (2002) "Tobaby Dan Babi series shampoo products" (2002-2004) "S & K casual clothes" (2002-2005) "Lenovo" (2002) "Pepsi" (2002-2005) "Drops can be prescribed" (2001) "" Heroes of Jin Yong Online "online game" (2001) "MyMuch.com" (2001) "Biffi active fermented milk" (2001) "Far EasTone Telecommunications" (2001) "Chunghwa Telecom CF" (2001) "Green Arrow chewing gum" (2001) "Endorsement Kara Network" (2001) "Milk Fruit Together" (2001) "Siemens Siemens2118 phone" (2001) "Citi United Way Public endorsement" (2001) "Shenzhilingyu online game / Asgard On-line Game" (2001) "Ponzi (spring and beetle)" (2000) "Darlie toothpaste" (2000) "China Telecom portable code" "Hao Shuai care centers" ~Concerts~ 4 first concert of "Meteor Garden F4 Music Party" (2001) F4 concert 5.27 Beijing Beijing Workers Stadium (2002) F4 Fantasy Live Concert World Tour (2002) World tour of 18 games (2002 to 2003) F4 concert in Singapore (2002) F4 American Concert (2003) F4 concert Philippines Philippines Philippines Pasig City Stadium (2003) F4 Pepsi Music Family Charity Concert Hong Kong Coliseum (2003) Thailand F4 Bangkok Fantasy With F4 concert Impact Arena stadium in Bangkok, Thailand (2004) F4 F4 FOREVER 4 concert in Hong Kong, Hung Hom, Hong Kong Coliseum (2006) F4 "Waiting For You" song will be released in Asia Taipei Danshui Fisherman's Wharf (2008) F4 JAPAN TOUR 2008 Japan Tour of 7 games (2008) 2012.3.4 Jerry in Tokyo Dome City Hall in the afternoon and evening and even do two large-scale fan meeting (2012) F4 fit Jiangsu Spring Festival, a spring 2013, F4 fit again after nearly four years, F4 "Meteor Rain" hitting the mainland Spring Festival ratings first. (2013) August 10, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan Jerry Jerry Hibiya Hall was held one year apart four months of fans meeting "gift" in the afternoon and evening and even do two games. (2013) ~Awards & Achievements~ 2013 - won 2nd place for the 19th Japan ASIAN POPS AWARDS 2013 (日本アジアン.ポップス大賞). 2013/4/7 - won 3rd place Japanese's Asian pop artist award by ASIAN POPS MAGAZINE. 2011-Oct-22 - awarded 2011 Asia's Annual Choice Award "The Most Popular in Asia Award), Dalian China. 2011-Jan-21 - awarded the 6th Korea Best Asia Artiste Award "Asia Model Festival Award". 2010-Aug - awarded as the No. 1 Most Popular Artiste for 10 years by the Next Magazine Taiwan. 2009-Nov-6 - awarded The Most Popular Singer in Asia Award for SE Music Award 2009, Fuzhou China. 2009 - awarded The 10 Best Golden Song Award (Say You Love in KTV) for SE Music Award 2009, Fuzhou China. 2009 - awarded the Most Charming Star Award (Starlight Avenue on Red Carpet) for SE Music Award 2009, Fuzhou China. 2009 - won 4th place for Japan's CRE Magazine polling for 20-year anniversary "09's Most Lovable Asian Male Star". 2009 - Jerry Yan & Freedom in Top 10 Thailand's Channel V 2009 Asian Album's Chart (Asian Top 50 End Chart 2009, Channel [V] Thailand) 2009 - Jerry Yan & Freedom in Top 10 Selling Albums of the Year 2009 Taiwan G-Music Mandarin & Combo Charts. 2009 - crowned as Singapore's Top 10 Male Singers (Singapore YES933 chart) 2009 - Jerry Yan & Freedom in Top Ten Ranking of Japan Oricon Albums Daily & Weekly 2009 Chart (the first Chinese Artist to break in the top 10 record in Japan Oricon Chart). 2009 - won Japan's Best Awards Jeans International Award (Best Jeanist Award) 2009 - won Japan's "Sky Perfect TV Award 2009" for the "International Overseas TV dramas Award 2009". The very first Taiwanese/Chinese Artist to be honored & awarded The Best International Foreign TV Drama Awards; Hot Shot and Starlit. 2008 chosen as Best Actor for Hot Shot by Sina.com (Sina Group of Mainland, China) 2005 - 12th Chinese Music Charts Award, awarded the Best Newcomer Award Hong Kong and Taiwan. 2005 - Memory Pieces and One Meter, both won the 10 Best Songs from Hong Kong and Taiwan, 5th Pepsi Music Chart Awards. 2005 - 12th Chinese Music Charts Awards 2005, Gravity was chosen as one of the 6 Most popular song in Taiwan and Hong Kong regions. 2004.12.4 Best Asian Pop Artist Award in Korea (M-net Annual Music Award - 2004) Singapore's top ten most popular male singer eligible / one meter: Top Ten hits Singapore YES933FM -2004 pop music, top 100 2004 Canada to Hit Chinese music charts nationwide respected male newcomer Jerry Nominated China TOP ranking "potential campus Popular singer" A 101-meter finalists dynamic: most HIT200 song 2004 "One meter" nominated for song of the first quarter of the world's 15 major Chinese Golden Chart Finalist global Chinese music chart RTHK Top New Artist 一公尺 Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart 年度百首單曲 Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year a 2004 - awarded Best Asian Pop Artist Award in Korea (M-net Annual Music award) 2003.11.6 went to the Philippines and meet the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at the presidential palace 1998 won 1st place in the Men's Uno contest. Memory Pieces Gravity One Meter say I Love You in KTV ~External Links~ Jerry Yan Official Website: http://www.jerryyan.info/ Jerry Weibo: http://weibo.com/jerryyanreal Jerry Yan Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Jerry-Yan-%E8%A8%80%E6%89%BF%E6%97%AD-10306433076/timeline/ **information extracted from Jerry Yan wikipedia ~A Big Heart for Charity~ Institute for the Blind charity ambassador" (2012) CF transcript translation: Girl: Do you know what kind of person you are? Jerry: What kind of person am I ? Girl: A kind person. I can feel it. Jerry: Been a long time since heard myself said in this way. Girl: This cannot be seen by visual sight, that's why so very few people said it. Jerry: We have arrived. Girl: (Took out cane for the blind. Turn to Jerry) Thank you for being able to see me Jerry: (His thoughts) Thank you for also being able to see me. Jerry's voice at the end of the cm: Taiwan Institute for the Blind thanked you. Jerry Yan@Channel News Asia Interview 2009 (Singapore) Part 1 & 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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