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Found 1 result

  1. chingus, the episodes have aired. you have finished discussing and wondering how to kill time till the next episode airs? how about playing fill in the blanks (our version of mad-libs) game? here's one being played... if you would like to have some fun mini-events started in your drama thread and create some fun, laughter and community, do get in touch. Hwayugi Funny, Firey Fill-In-the-Blanks What it is: Ever tried to run a piece of Korean text about your beloved drama through Google Translate, and come up with something absolutely absurd? This is a game that mimics that, but you get to create the absurdity. How the game works: -The game host (for now that's me, Zelda) selects a short piece of text, such as a text preview, song lyrics, or a short scene from the drama, and then prepares a word list for you to fill out without knowing what the short piece of text is about. -PM your filled out word list to @Zelda with a capital "Z". (Please note: @zelda with a lowercase "z" is a different user.) Submissions are accepted until Tuesday at 22hrs/10pm KST. -The game host will insert your chosen words into the piece of text, and one to two days later, everyone's custom Fill-In-the-Blanks text will be posted in this thread for us to laugh about together. Word examples: Get inspiration from Kdrama memes! (Non-Kdrama related words are welcome too!) Nouns: ajummah, wife, husband, fauxcest, truck, model, snack, subtitles, bowl, episode, extension, shower scenes, bias, military, abs, etc. Nouns describing a person: ajummah, wife, husband, oppa, noona, omma, appa, halmoni, harubji, second lead, main lead, serial killers, villains, gangsters, teacher, secretary, driver, cook, housekeeper, etc. Verb: read, want, feel, see, need, experience, watch, face palm, learn, sing, dance, cry, laugh, sleep, snore, tickle, cook, etc. Adjective: hungry, surprised, amazing, tragic, funny, confusing, passionate, sad, happy, pink, fluffy, etc. Terms of endearment: Yeobo, Chagiya, Oppa, Dear, etc. Name a Kdrama celebrity who is not part of this cast: Yoo Seung-ho, Suzy, Park Shin-hye, Ji Sung, etc. Tag on a reaction phrase for extra laughs! (optional): Got a great reaction phrase to watching your favorite Kdrama? If the word list asks for a reaction phrase, feel free to write a full sentence or two. Will it match the text or will it not? Enjoy this mini-game of chance! Examples: "No, please don't do this to me!" "Feeling so hungry. Should I also get a subway?" "I am in love with Oppa." "How can there not be a shower scene when Oppa is sad!?" "Of course, the second lead loves her. That's his job!" "I want to squeal over the kiss, but my mom is watching the drama with me." (Feel free to pick from the above examples or come up with your own words!) Example of a filled in list: Credit goes to @Lmangla for coming up with so many examples and the reaction phrase idea and to the original Mad Libs for inspiring this game. (from the original post by @Zelda )
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