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Found 1 result

  1. D e t a i l s Title: Above the cloudsChinese Title: 云巅之上Broadcast Website: iQiy Genre: Melodrama, Show-business, Life, RomanceLanguage: MandarinEpisodes: 24 (season 1), 25 (season 2)Screenwriter: Yu Zheng P l o t This is the story of a girl coming from the province decides to become an aspiring actress by starting from the bottom of the ladder. She crosses paths with a jaded and self-absorbed superstar who ends up falling for her. Jian Xi moves from the country to the big city of Beijing to find her biological mother. Thinking her mother will love her and care for her yet in return she just receive coldness and hurtful words from the woman who gave birth to her. Somehow, she ends up in the acting world and has to fight with fellow rising starlets for the chance in the spotlight (because you either rise or fall). On her way to the stardom, she will meet the arrogant top star Tang Fei and melts his heart with her pure beauty and passion for acting. (Sources: mydramalist.com) C a s t Mabel Yuan as Jian Xi Chen Xiao as Tang Fei Jiang Meng Jie as Ji Qing Zhang Zhe Han as Ke Luo He Hong Shan as Shen Yan Zhang Hong Na as An Xin Elvira Cai as Zuo Zuo Nan Fu Long as Qi Wen Sen P r e v i e w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al9MbxXdxgM&t=23s O S T https://youtu.be/NQh_s7_ua1E
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