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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    Lee Young Ae 이영애

    Megatalented Actress 이영애 Lee Young Ae Birthdate: January 31st, 1971 Stats: 165 cm / 48 kg / AB Education: Bachelor's - Hanyang University, Master's - Chun-Ang University Languages spoken: Korean, English, German Hobbies: Swimming, playing the piano, horseback riding Debut: 1991 Chocolate Advertisement with Andy Lau Dramas: [sBS] Family's Husband How? (1993), [KBS] Western Palace (1995), [MBC] Love and Marriage (1995), [KBS] Papa (1996), [MBC] Medicine Brothers (1997), [MBC] I Survive Reason (1997), [MBC] Food Table of Contents (1998), [KBS] Invitation (1999), [sBS] Fireworks (2000), [MBC] Advocate (2000), [sBS] Mighty Waves (2000), [MBC] Dae Jang Geum (2003) Movies: Inshalra (1997), First Kiss (1998), Joint Security Area (2000), Last Present (2001), One Fine Spring Day (2001), Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) Awards: MBC - Best Actress (1996), SBS - Best Actress (1998), Blue Dragon - Best Actress (2005), Sitges - Best Actress (2005), Baeksang Award - Best Leading Actress (2006) Spokeswoman for LG Electronics Official Website http://cafe.daum.net/youngaelove CFs: KTF mms:// mms:// mms:// http://www.koreatips.net/_share/stars/images/kt_lya.mpg Perio COOL toothpaste CF http://www.koreatips.net/_share/stars/imag...riocool_lya.mpg Taster choice CF http://www.tasterschoice.co.kr/coffee/vod/chois02.asx http://www.tasterschoice.co.kr/coffee/vod/chois03.asx http://www.tasterschoice.co.kr/coffee/vod/chois04.asx Coway CF mms://media.coway.co.kr/coway/Korean/CF/02.wmv mms://media.coway.co.kr/coway/Korean/CF/03.wmv mms://media.coway.co.kr/coway/Korean/CF/01.wmv Amorepacific http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-297.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-060.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-059.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-060.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-297.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-033.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-034.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-035.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-036.asf amorepacific. Sept CF http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/00-077.wmv from:withyoungae.com LGCC http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/lgenc020913.wmv http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/hou30.asf http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/hou46.asf http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/lgenc031125.wmv http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/lge040115.wmv LG care http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16042649_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16045621_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16044126_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16043326_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16045915_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16045131_cf.asf saydept http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_1.wmv http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_4.wmv http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_2.wmv http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_3.wmv system air http://www.systemaircon.com/upload/about/p...45226373122.wmv WHISEN http://vod.lgcc.tv/cfstory/vod/lge050624.wmv lottesamkang http://www.lottesamkang.co.kr/attach/adver.../cf/1990/60.wmv http://www.lottesamkang.co.kr/attach/adver.../cf/1990/63.wmv credits: koreanwind.net
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