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Found 1 result

  1. THE LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA Drama Profile Working Title: The Legend of The Blue Sea < 푸른 바다의 전설 > Genre: romance, fantasy, comedy Director: Jin Hyeok [Doctor Stranger, The Master's Sun, City Hunter, Shining Inheritance] Writer: Park Ji Eun [The Producers, My Love From The Star, My Husband Got Family] Episodes: 20 (tentative) Network: SBS Production: Culture Depot Airing date: 16 November 2016 - 19 January 2017 Filming process: live shooting Plot Summary Shim Chung is the world's last mermaid. Her centuries-spanning love has brought her to present-day Seoul in search of the man who saved her in the past and whom she still faithfully loves. Her life is changed after meeting the genius scammer Heo Joon Jae who looks like Kim Dam Ryung, the man who saved her from the fisherman. Main Characters Jun Jihyun / Gianna Jun as Shim Chung / Mermaid The mermaid who arrives to Seoul from Joseon era. She is struggling to adapt to human life in Seoul. She then meet the cynical con artist Heo Joon Jae and fall in love with him. Lee Minho as Kim Dam Ryung (Joseon era) Kim Dam Ryung is the town head and a son of a magistrate during Joseon era. He is the one who saved Shim Chung from the fisherman and set her free. Lee Minho as Heo Joon Jae (27) - present time Heo Joon Jae is a cold-blooded con-man and a genius scammer. He uses his looks and wit to transform into different people (i.e a lawyer, doctor, businessman and more) and conduct scams. Supporting Characters Lee Hee Joon as Jo Nam Doo (31) Heo Joon Jae's senior. A con artist who uses his skills guides Heo Joon Jae becomes a genius scammer. Shin Hye Sun as Cha Si Ah (27) Heo Joon Jae's university hoobae (junior). She's a researcher working at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. She's smart and logical. She likes Heo Joon Jae. Through her job she discovered some artifacts related to Kim Dam Ryung and helped Joon Jae discover his past identity. Moon Sori as Ahn Jin Joo - the Daechi-dong madam The rich wife of Daechi-dong - an upscale neighborhood of Gangnam disctrict. She is Cha Si Ah's sister-in-law. In her past life, she was revealed to be Yoo Ran's servant. Lee Ji Hoon as Heo Chi Hyun (27) The half brother of Heo Joon Jae. A cold-hearted guy. A hardworking son who dutifully stayed by his father's side after Heo Joon Jae left home. He later became evil due to his unrequited love to his father. Shin Won Ho as Tae Oh (25) A genius hacker. He's part of Heo Joon Jae and Jo Nam Doo con artist team. Quiet and introvert. He adores Shim Chung and cares for her. Choi Jung Woo as Heo Il Joong (59) Heo Joon Jae's biological father. He's working as a property agent. After the success of his business he divorced with Yoo Ran and married So Hee. Hwang Shin Hye as Kang Seo Hee (54) She is Heo Joon Jae's stepmother and Chi Yun's biological mother. She will do anything to keep her luxurious life with her son; Chi Hyun. She hired a hit-man to kill Joon Jae to make her son the definite heir of her husband. Park Hae Soo as Hong Dong Pyo (42) - present time The detective who is investigating Ma Dae Young'scrimes as well as Heo Joon Jae's scams. In his past life, He's a Joseon era govenrment official; Kim Dam Ryung's friend; Yak Sun. Sung Dong Il as Ma Dae Young (40) - present time An escaped prisoner. A murder criminal - the 'most wanted' person by the police. A hit-man hired by Kang Seo Hee to kill Joon Jae. Sung Dong Il as Lord Yang - Joseon era In his past life, he's a house landlord in Gangwon province. A mermaid trafficker during Joseon era. He wants to sell the mermaids to the highest bidder using his authority. Na Young Hee as Mo Yoo Ran (54) She is Heo Joon Jae's biological mother. The Ch'as family housekeeper; a great cook. Jin Young as young Heo Joon Jae Shin Eun Soo as young Shim Chung Special appearances Kim Sung Ryung: episode 1-3 Ahn Jae Hong - episode 2 Krystal Jung - episode 1 Go Gyu Pil - episode 1 Seo Ji Sub, Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won - episode 2 Hong Jin Kyung - episode 3,5,9,11,15,16 Cha Tae Hyun - episode 4 Park Jin Joo - episode 5 Jo Jeong Suk - episode 7-8 Jung Yoo Mi - episode 8 Kim Sun Yeong - episode 11 Ratings Episode # Date Average audience share TNmS Ratings[17] AGB Nielsen[18] Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area 1 November 16, 2016 15.4% (4th) 18.9% (3rd) 16.4% (4th) 18.0% (2nd) 2 November 17, 2016 16.2% (4th) 20.1% (3rd) 15.1% (4th) 16.4% (4th) 3 November 23, 2016 18.6% (4th) 19.6% (2nd) 15.7% (4th) 17.2% (4th) 4 November 24, 2016 17.9% (4th) 21.3% (3rd) 17.1% (4th) 18.4% (3rd) 5 November 30, 2016 16.4% (4th) 20.4% (2nd) 16.8% (3rd) 20.5% (1st) 6 December 1, 2016 18.1% (2nd) 20.2% (1st) 18.9% (2nd) 22.1% (1st) 7 December 7, 2016 15.8% (4th) 18.1% (2nd) 17.4% (2nd) 19.2% (1st) 8 December 8, 2016 17.4% (3rd) 19.7% (1st) 17.4% (2nd) 19.1% (2nd) 9 December 14, 2016 14.8% (5th) 16.4% (2nd) 16.6% (2nd) 18.8% (2nd) 10 December 15, 2016 16.8% (4th) 19.2% (2nd) 17.5% (2nd) 19.3% (2nd) 11 December 21, 2016 17.7% (3rd) 20.1% (2nd) 16.7% (3rd) 18.1% (2nd) 12 December 22, 2016 16.3% (4th) 18.0% (2nd) 17.3% (3rd) 18.7% (2nd) 13 December 28, 2016 15.8% (4th) 18.4% (2nd) 16.0% (4th) 17.2% (3rd) Special December 29, 2016 11.5% (8th) 13.3% (4th) 11.2% (7th) 12.3% (4th) 14 January 4, 2017 15.1% (4th) 18.1% (3rd) 17.8% (3rd) 18.7% (2nd) 15 January 5, 2017 15.9% (3rd) 19.4% (2nd) 18.3% (3rd) 20.1% (2nd) 16 January 11, 2017 15.1% (4th) 19.0% (2nd) 18.9% (3rd) 20.7% (2nd) 17 January 12, 2017 18.9% (3rd) 22.2% (2nd) 20.8% (2nd) 23.0% (2nd) 18 January 18, 2017 16.5% (3rd) 18.4% (2nd) 18.3% (3rd) 19.9% (2nd) 19 January 19, 2017 18.7% (3rd) 20.4% (2nd) 21.0% (2nd) 22.2% (2nd) 20 January 25, 2017 16.2% (4th) 18.4% (2nd) 17.9% (3rd) 18.8% (2nd) Average 16.7% 19.3% 17.6% 19.3% source: dramawiki CORRELATION CHART Original Sound Track - Official MV Official posters for main characters Official Teaser Official Trailer with English Sub IMPORTANT NOTES!! Please be advised that you will need to follow Soompi's Code of Conduct specifically those rules/regulations that apply to the K-Drama/Movie Forum. So please read them before posting: Code of Conduct and K drama & movie forum rules 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot / activities is considered spamming. Don't quote videos/images. Do not post successively except for live blogging on drama's airtime. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like Viki, Dramafever) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE SPAMMING AND HEATED DEBATES ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED!! Individual actor / actress information or pictures that has no relevance to the drama thread topic should be posted in their respective threads (including posting interview pics of each actor/actress without any relevant articles or news related to 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' drama) - you can post them in their own thread (actor / actress own thread)!!! Post will be updated as more information surfaces.
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