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Found 6 results

  1. ❤NCT and WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ NCT 2021 NCT 127 NCT DREAM WayV Latest MV Release NCT 127 - Favorite (Vampire) WayV - Kickback NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 'Beatbox' MV NCT U - Universe (Let's Play Ball) NCT 2021 - Beautiful MV
  2. Hi everyone. My name is Venus and I am looking for someone wanting to join a k pop inspired group. Right now there are just 3 members. We are hoping for 4 or 5 members total. Preferably vocalists. You dont have to be the best dancer or singer we are COMPLETELY willing to train and help you out. No age, ethnicity or body type requirement. We love everyone. ❤️ Our goal is to release a few cover songs before releasing original music. If that interests you please message me here, comment, or send me an email at hellovenusnaomi@gmail.com We are looking to add someone to the group within the next few weeks. We rehearse every Saturday from 4 to 5!
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Venus and I manage an online virtual girl group called VReality. We are searching for just one more (maybe 2 if it's the right fit or if you and a friend want to join) member(s) who can sing. My role in the group is to manage them, book gigs, mix and write the music. I also am in charge of the creation and the movements of the avatars. Bonus points if you can write music but not required. Also bonus points if you know Korean and/or Japanese but also not required! The group is completely virtual using avatars who dance and perform as the faces of the group. (Think Vocaloids without the autotune voices). We are looking for people comfortable with their voices and can hit high notes. The group is just for fun currently, releasing K-pop and English covers of songs. We just released our first mini album this month. But we are planning on releasing a full-length original album soon. If you are interested, please message me here or send an audition to hellovenusnaomi@gmail.com with your name, stage name, and an audio clip of you singing (at least 1 minute). If you wanna check us out first please view our IG and Youtube IG: https://www.instagram.com/vrealitygroup
  4. Hiya guys and gals, I've always wondered how people first became interested in Korea and learning Korean. After living here in Seoul for seven years, I met a lot of foreigners and always wondered why they moved to Korea. And after asking a lot of people, I found that the vast majority of people became interested in Korea for one reason. So I created a video called "How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean?" (video link) ----- I'm interested in other people's journey in getting into Korea, so I have two questions: 1. How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean? (Like what was your gateway to Korea.) 2. When did you first become interested in Korea? I'd love to hear peoples' take in either the video itself or comments below.
  5. Quick Poll: Top K-pop Artists and Variety shows of 2021 Chingus, I am sure we all have heard or watched at least one K-pop song/music video. Some of us might not be much into K-pop but surely have at least one K-pop group whose songs we don't mind checking out, or have some of their songs in our playlist for a long time. Same is the case with Variety Shows. There are some really interesting and enjoyable variety shows out there, which we like to watch when we are not in the mood of the dramas, or check them out when our favorite Oppa/Unnie/Noona appear in them. Whatever be the reason, for most of them, when you start watching an episode, it becomes very hard to not complete the episode. So here we are with the top 19 K-pop Artists of 2021 (According to Spotify), and top 19 Variety Shows in this poll. Vote for your favorite K-pop artist, tell us why you like them and maybe even share your most favorite K-pop song's YT Video here. Also do tell us which Variety show you love watching and since when you have been watching them. Here's what this Quick Poll is all about: Top Kpop Artists of 2021 Top Variety Shows of 2021 Due to technical limitations, we can only include 20 choices of each category. If your best picks and choices haven't made it into this poll, please feel free to comment here and share your views Top Kpop Artists of 2021 This poll is a Quick Poll, and will be open for 36 hours. Happy Voting Suggestions for events are always welcome, and if you have suggestions for Quick Polls, please do reach out to us Your Friendly neighborhood and resident EOs, @partyon, @agenth, @confusedheart, @Sleepy Owl tagging:
  6. •Do you like dancing to K-pop? Ever wanted to join a K-pop dance cover group, and learn new K-pop dances DreamerCrew is a K-pop dance cover group looking for 7-9 members• I’m 14 and I would like to start a Kpop dance cover group. We would be called DreamerCrew! We will all be learning/teaching the choreography with each other. *No teacher…. Members will be learning the dances all together* AUDITION REQUIREMENT• •Must live in the GTA (Toronto). •ages of 13-16, are willing to join the group. •Must attend practices and shoots. •Able to make it to dance studio (We will be renting a studio until we can find another one....Members will decide a day to practice). •Must be comfortable to perform in front of a camera and public. •Members commitments• •Members should practice their dance at home. •Members must be willing to work with the group. •Must all get along, and have fun. •How to apply• •Email || JJuliaCC323@gmail.com || with your name, age, email address, & city! •With the application, the audition details will be attached with a video of you dancing (must be 60 second audition video submission) If have any question please email.
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