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Found 10 results

  1. I’m fully rooting for Season 4! It is about to walk through its fourth year now. The show is still interesting because they travel around Korea and I can see many interesting places and foods.
  2. I’m fully rooting for Season 4! It is about to walk through its fourth year now. The show is still interesting because they travel around Korea and I can see many interesting places and foods.
  3. Soompi Forum Awards: Poll #3 - The Most Memorable Characters, The Worst Drama Endings, The Most 'Too Stupid to Live' (TSTL) Characters of 2022 And now it's time for the Final Round of the most anticipated Awards. We bring to you 3 categories to vote for. They are as follows: The Most Memorable Characters The Worst Drama Endings / Biggest Drama Disappointments The Most 'Too Stupid to Live' (TSTL) Characters For descriptions of the characters, please see the posts below this one! We have only included dramas that aired and ended in 2022. Due to technical limitations, we might not have been able to include your favourite character/ drama but nothing stops you from making some noise in the comments and promoting them here. If 2022 had been a dismal year in terms of K-Dramas, despair not, chingus! You can still choose 'none/something else' as an option for that question. Remember to vote and let your voice be heard! The poll closes on Wednesday 18th January, 2022. Thank you, the very talented @gm4queen for the lovely event banner. I also want to extend my thanks and heartfelt appreciation to @partyon , @agenth and @Sleepy Owl for always supporting and helping me. Tagging our chingus Your friendly, neighbourhood EO Team @confusedheart @agenth @Sleepy Owl and @partyon Image & gif credits go to their owners
  4. Spooky Soompi: Part 2 (Ghosts & Zombies & All Things Spooky in K-Dramas & K-Movies!) 'Tis once again the season to be spooked while enjoying some warm and comforting pumpkin spice latte! Let's talk about all our favourite spookiest K-dramas & K-Movies that we absolutely love watching in spite of experiencing sleepless nights afterwards. We have focused mostly on Zombies and Ghosts and Spirits to narrow down the vast and endless world of Paranormal / Horror. As always we apologize for not being able to accommodate more options due to technical restrictions. Do let us know in the comments the ones we missed but are a MUST-WATCH in your opinion. A BIG shout out to chingu, @Sleepy Owl , my co-host for this event, for his invaluable insights and for compiling a very spooky list of K-Movies. Now I have some really good spooky K-Movies to watch and finally move on from Train to Busan. (Gong Yoo ) Here's a sneak peak of the K-Dramas and K-Movies to help you refresh your memory, not that one can ever forget these movies after being scared to death! Q1. Which of these spooky K-dramas did you enjoy the most? 1. All Of Us Are Dead 2. Black 3. Bring It On, Ghost (Let's Fight, Ghost) 4. Happiness 5. Hellbound 6. Hotel del Luna 7. Kingdom 8. Master's Sun 9. Missing: The Other Side 10. Monstrous 11. Oh My Ghost 12. Sell Your Haunted House 13. Strangers from Hell 14. Sweet Home 15. The Cursed 16. The Guest 17. The Priest 18. The Uncanny Counter 19. Zombie Detective Q2. Which of these spooky K-movies did you enjoy the most? 1. #Alive 2. A Tale of Two Sisters 3. Bedevilled 4. Death Bell 5. Gonjinam: Haunted Asylum 6. Monstrum 7. The Phone 8. Rampant 9. Spellbound / My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts 10. The Closet 11. The Evil Twin 12. The Host 13. The Mimic 14. The Red Shoes 15. The Wailing 16. The Wrath 17. Thirst 18. Train to Busan 19. Whispering Corridors Vote for your fabourite Spooky K-Dramas and K-Movies now, before it is too late! Please feel free to get in touch with us with your suggestions for events, polls and quick polls. We are always delighted to hear from you. Your friendly, neighbourhood EO Team @confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @partyon Tagging our chingus: All image/gif credits go to their respective owner(s)
  5. Soompi Forums Awards: The Best K-Dramas of 2022 - Poll #1 Dearest chingus, Another year has passed and 2023 has started. Before we jump into all the new wonderful dramas 2023 has to offer, let's take a look back at 2022. Which k-dramas did you enjoy the most in 2022? If 2021 aired 120 dramas, 2022 managed to increase the amount even further. More than 130 dramas aired! Once again, due to technical limitation on this forum, we can only include 57 dramas in a poll. Unfortunately we have had to leave out dramas with the lowest ratings and/or shortest threads on Soompi. So we apologize if your favorite drama isn't included. This poll includes both prime time dramas that aired on Korean TV networks, as well as, the most popular streaming dramas. Daily & weekend dramas, the 19 best of the rest k-dramas and c-dramas will be included in Poll#2. Link here. (launching on Tue 10/01) Your favorite characters, worst endings and most Too Stupid To Live characters of 2022 will be included in Poll#3. Link here. (launching on Wed 11/01) Also, only dramas that ENDED in 2022 are included in the poll. The poll will be open until Wednesday January 18th. cr.to owner Happy voting, and as always, feel free to leave a comment in this thread. Thank you to the talented @gm4queenfor the event banner. Your Event Organizers, @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth @confusedheart tagging:
  6. EVENT: K-drama Couples You Would Like to See Reunited On-Screen Again Whether it's bromance or romance, there are some couples that have become so iconic in kdrama-land, that we would like to see them do a drama or movie together again. Some couples have already appeared in more than one drama together, for example: Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk (If she hadn't been so fast, we would surely have seen them in more dramas together.) Moon Chae Won and Lee Jun Ki (Yes, he has always been a handsome oppa) Hwang Jung Eum and EO Oppa Ji Sung (We think that's a good idea because we EOs want to see this couple reunite ASAP) Lee Soo Hyuk and Seo In Guk (Boys, don't fight. You can both be the Male Lead in your next drama together) We have put together a poll with some iconic pairings who became very popular while their drama aired. We know there are countless of iconic leads missing from the poll, so if you would like to see someone added please let us know. Which drama couple is your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below. If you have any event ideas, please let us know. Your Event Organizers, @partyon @agenth @confusedheart @Sleepy Owl Tagging: Image & gif credits go to their owners
  7. Spotlight: Young Bright Stars of Tomorrow (Vote for your favourite Former K-drama child artists) South Korean entertainment industry is booming with young talent. These adorable young artists steal every scene they are in with their superb acting skills and make our hearts melt with their cuteness. A lot of our favorite stars started off as child actors too. We hope that these young bright stars will also shine in the industry for a very, very long time. (cr- owner) This event is to show our love and appreciation towards these adorable and talented child artists. Let us celebrate these shining stars in K-drama industry. Do let us know in the comments which character played by these munchkins have left an impression on your heart. (cr- owner) 1. Seo Woo-jin (6 years) 2. Kim Jun ( 7 years) 3. Jung Si Yul (7 years) 4. Kwon Eun Sung (7 years) 5. Kim Si Woo (8 years) 6. Jung Hyeon Jun (9 years) 7. Seo Yi Soo (9 years) 8. Park So Yi (9 years) 9. Kim Ji Yu 10. Jung Ye Na (10 years) 11. Seol Woo Hyung (11 years) 12. Kim Kang Hoon (11 years) 13. Moon Woo Jin (11 years) 14. Kim Bo Min (11 years) 15. Choi Yoo Ri (13 years) 16. Lee Han Seo (13 years) 17. Heo Jung-eun (14 years) 18. Kim Shi Ah (14 years) 19. Kim Ye Joon (15 years) We would also take a walk down the memory lane to recall the cuteness of former K-drama stars who have grown up to be successful and continue to steal our hearts with their talent. So, don't forget to vote in the poll of your 'Favourite former K-drama child artist who has grown up to be successful'. (cr- owner) As always, please do write to the EO team if you have any suggestion for a poll, an event etc. We love hearing from you. Re: Your friendly, neighbourhood EO Team: @confusedheart @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth Tagging our chingus who always support us in all our endeavours:
  8. Hiya guys and gals, I've always wondered how people first became interested in Korea and learning Korean. After living here in Seoul for seven years, I met a lot of foreigners and always wondered why they moved to Korea. And after asking a lot of people, I found that the vast majority of people became interested in Korea for one reason. So I created a video called "How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean?" (video link) ----- I'm interested in other people's journey in getting into Korea, so I have two questions: 1. How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean? (Like what was your gateway to Korea.) 2. When did you first become interested in Korea? I'd love to hear peoples' take in either the video itself or comments below.
  9. Best Comedy Kdramas Chingus, the last time we did poll on the "The Best Legal Kdramas", and now we are back a poll on the "The Best Comedy Kdramas". The best thing about the Korean Comedies (or maybe comedies in general) is the fact that they are usually very well written and light in tone. Most of the Comedy dramas I have seen, be it dark humor, rom-com etc, I have hardly felt that there was any forced humor in them. While I am not too much into Rom-coms lately, I usually go for them in case I feel the plot is interesting or my favorite actor or actress are in it. But I am always in search of a good comedy where the romance is not the driving seat. Slapstick comedies, dark humor, all work for me very well there. The best comedy dramas for me have been the ones which would turn extremely serious situations into a funny one, and there have been several kdramas which were really good in it. So here we are with the list of "Comedy Kdramas" divided into 3 categories: Comedy / Dark Humor - The dramas which were either more comedy centric or had dark humor. All the other elements like romance etc could be there, but not in the driving seat. Rom-Coms - The Romantic Comedies which were more romance centric along with being a comedy too as the name suggests. Comedy Fantasy - The comedy dramas with Fantasy type element. You didn't find your favorite drama? Don't worry... Suggest them and they can be included. Please do so before voting (as you will not be able to vote twice). Please vote for your favorite dramas, and don't forget to tell us why you liked them as well Happy Voting! Special thanks to @lebeaucouple Chingu who had suggested this event Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with your suggestions for events Your Friendly Neighborhood and Resident EOs @Sleepy Owl @partyon @agenth @confusedheart Tagging:
  10. Guess the drama - Sageuk version Your trusted blind writers, @partyon ("I Love Gossip") and @Sleepy Owl ("Scandal is my Middle Name") are back with the juiciest gossips from the past! Yes, our gossips are from the world of Sageuks this time! What is a blind item? A blind item is a news story, in which the details of the matter are reported while the identities of the people involved are not revealed. How do you participate in this game? Your job is to guess what drama we're talking about! Just reply to this thread - please put your answers into a spoiler tag (#1 drama x, #2 drama y, etc.) Easy! Blind item #1 Ooh, you'll be chilled by the latest turn of events! Sovereign F (who is known for being quite the man-child), just went on a killing spree in the court. We hear he was drunk as a skunk, and no one dared to stop him. The body count is high. His wife had a full time job trying to get him to stop, when he wouldn't listen to reason from anybody else. He has been acting cray cray for a while now, and we're wondering if he's losing the plot. Here's a little hint for you: if you value your life, don't visit his court. And whatever you do, don't disrespect his wife. Or persimmons. Blind item #2 Lovers of the Gossip, we have heard that a certain Flowery Knight A has been having a thing with the Queen B. The Queen has been giving him orders personally, and he has been meeting her in private sometime. Our sources in the palace have also reported that Flowery Knight A carried the Queen in his arm in the palace. Flowery Knight A’s sister was also seen with Flowery Knight C, who happens to be part of their rival family. Is it too much for us to suspect something is going on between them? Surely, we will get to know more as things move forward. Blind Item #3 All the single Ladies, a very handsome face has entered the palace! He is instructor A, and is supposed to be teaching the Prince B personally. Be careful when you go to see him, since Prince B does not like to have anyone around himself in less than the 10 meter area. But our instructor A is a daring person, he is seen constantly move around the Prince B despite getting warnings about it. Prince B’s arrogance is also thanks to his grandfather, who is feared even by the King himself. To be fair, Prince B himself is not only known among the ladies for his arrogance, but also beautiful face, which does have some feminine touch. Even Prince B’s cousins think that his physique and face is too feminine for him to be a MAN. Let’s pray for our handsome Instructor A, so that he doesn’t get fired for being insolent towards the Prince B. Blind Item #4 You will be chilled by the recent kidnapping of the plastic surgeon has left the whole country shocked. The kidnapper is suspected to be some sort of Sageuk filming extra due to his armor making him look like an old kingdom soldier, but with an extremely handsome face. He in a very shocking way, was able to kidnap the Dr. X, and even swipe out the whole SWAT team in front of the hospital just by the swing of his sword. Our source in the hospital has informed us that the kidnapper was talking about curing some Queen, and calling the Dr. X to be some heavenly doctor. She was forced to carry all her surgical tools, and taken by the kidnapper. Among the charges applied to this kidnapper, stealing a SWAT member’s shield is also included. Let’s have faith in the police and hope Dr. X comes back safely. Whichever network's sageuk crew this crazy extra belongs to, the PD should definitely fire him - handsome face or not. Blind Item #5 What an era this is to live in, and what is world changing into! A woman has been chosen as a Royal Physician. Physician A has had a very interesting, and her life in the palace is no different than any drama. Royal Physician A, who has a history of being punished for being part of a treason but seems to have earned the favor of the Royals in some way. The King is not ready to listen to the ministers’ protests, and Court Lady C is surely not impressed by everything that’s happening in the palace. Blind Item #6 Lovers of gossip, be careful when you move around in the streets of the capital for we have been told that the King’s masked son, Prince H has been called back in the palace. He is a reckless rider of the horse, and does not really care about the damages his recklessness causes. If there is something the King has in large numbers, it would be sons. The King has a lot of heirs already, and he's not known to be the "fatherly" type. Why bother with the abandoned son is what is on everybody's lips in town currently... Our sources in palace have also informed us that the cursed Prince H spends most of his time around a lowly court maid “B” in the palace gazing at a celestial body. How long he will manage to stay in the palace is something we are also not sure about. Like the FL in Gone with the Wind, he may just up and leave with a Fiddle-dee-dee! Blind Item #7 It is very hard to believe that there was a tiger attack right inside in the palace! Court Lady S who is a famous storyteller among the court ladies in palace heroically saved the day in the palace. During a festival where almost all the court ladies were celebrating at night, a tiger was said to be seen roaming around in the palace. Court Lady S’s excellent storytelling skill came handy, as she decided to help the Crown Prince in hunting down the tiger by gather the ladies of the palace elsewhere in order to read them a story. We had already confirmed before that Crown Prince was surely not impressed by Court Lady S due to several reasons, and the biggest one being her insolent behavior towards Crown Prince while he was not in his uniform. First she didn’t recognize him, and then she was rude to him. We won’t defend the Crown Prince, but we do understand why he had been giving Court Lady S a hard time for the past few days. But we do hope that Court Lady S’s heroic action does help her to get out of Crown Prince’s bad list. Blind Item #8 We all can have sleep without worry now, since our town is not really a ghost town! The latest Magistrate “A” in the town in not dead and managed to live out his first night as the magistrate safely! We seriously think that the previous magistrates who died were just very old to stay alive anyway. The most important information we have on Magistrate A is that he is tall, young, and very handsome. But, he seems off at times maybe, our sources have seen him speak to himself more than once. He certainly is not being approached by a ghost, is he? We surely hope not! Blind Item #9 Seekers of the gossip, you won’t believe what a little bird has told us! The Crown Prince seems to be having a thing with his new eunuch! Eunuch R seems to have won the Crown Prince’s heart and well, if rumors are to be believed, Crown Prince is into men. Maybe Eunuch R’s feminine features are one of the reasons why Crown Prince fell for him. The Eunuchs in the palace are confused with this whole situation, and in case this rumor ends up being true, Crown Prince could lose his title and Eunuch R his life! We are a bit shocked and also confused by this whole situation, since we had recently shared the news of Crown Prince’s heart to have fluttered for one of the performers who were part of the dance group for the recent ceremony in the palace. Her face was covered, but she did also have similar physical feature as the Eunuch R. Wonder if that this is the reason Crown Prince is with him. Certainly Eunuch R, and the female dancer are not the same person, are they? It would be a very juicy yet crazy news if they are the same! Blind Item #10 Tongues have been wagging lately that Royal A seems to spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen despite having a multitude of servants and cooks. Even though it could seem that Royal A and head chef could be having an affair, we hear that Royal A doesn't seem close at all with head chef. In fact, they seem to bicker most of the time. It's not surprising as eccentric Royal A has been in the headlines lately for the strangest antics: an obsecene rain dance, a weird obsession with water, flirting with the court maids. How does Royal A's spouse put up with all of this, we wonder? Blind Item #11 In a very shocking of turn of events, the Princess “B” has decided to marry a commoner. The Royal family is surely not very happy about it. She is going to marry Mr. “O”, who is from a very small tribe. His father used to be a great general, but the only thing guy is known to be is being a fool. Mr. O and Princess B who seemed to be jinxed at first are now the town's most famous and loveliest couple. There are talks going on in having the Princess leave the palace as a result of this, and things seem to be pretty heated between the daughter and the father here. The only happy person here is the Queen, who no longer needs to worry about her son having to compete with Princess “B” for the throne. What really shocks us is how suddenly Mr. O looks like a different person, with a different face. Are we the only ones who noticed this change in him? No one from the Royal Family noticed it, even the Princess didn't. Maybe we are being delusional. But here is a detail to drool upon for our lovers of gossips and abs. You got to look at those abs when the sky light shines over them while he is bathing in the nearby body of water. Blind Item #12 We are also confused about what we are reporting, but some foreign soldiers from the western country were seen to be saluting a person looking exactly like a Joseon person, Mr. S, but wearing the same uniform as them. We are not so sure, but we wonder where this Mr. S has been living to not know who Ms. A is. Also he had the audacity to call her out as a witness while investigating a murder of a westerner. We don’t really know much about that murder, but we are sure Mr. S is going to be a victim of one soon after calling in Ms. A in order to investigate. The Japanese Gang leader D is known to be an admirer of Ms. A, and will surely not leave Mr. S alone for this. Ms. A might kill him herself, since if our not so reliable sources are to be believed, she is suspected to be a gunslinger herself. If Mr. S continues his recklessness, he may surely not live to see another day’s sunlight. Blind Item #13 Guys you will never believe what our sources in the palace have reported to us! Mr. B who was going to marry Queen S is said to have gone rogue, and started a rebellion against the Queen!! His main reason behind the rebellion is reported to be “A Woman should not rule the nation”. We wonder what made him come to this conclusion against the woman he was supposed to marry! We’ll have to keep our sources in the palace confidential for the sake of their safety, but there has been a rumor going on in the palace that Mr. B is Lady M’s secret son, who had the nation in her hands before Queen S took the throne and had her killed when she tried to start coup. His grudge against Queen S could be because she killed his mother. We feel sorry for Queen S who has been ruling the country so well. Her life was never easy as she was abandoned by the previous King who tried to hide the fact that his wife gave birth to twin girls. Queen S had a hard time coming back to palace and reclaim her position after her sister was killed. These are hard days for Queen S. We hope that this rebellion comes to an end as soon as possible in a peaceful manner. Blind Item #14 Seekers of the gossips, and the lovers of the abs, this is for you. Rumor is that three extremely handsome men are seen travelling the desert, and due to the heat they are moving shirtless exposing their ABS! Don’t get too near them or try to strike up a conversation with them as they look to be extremely dangerous people carrying swords and bows, and other weapons, but with handsome body. One of our sources was approached by them, and they showed him the picture of a runaway military slave. There are rumors for some big prize money on whoever catches this runaway slave, and these guys seem to be in this line of work. Let's see who can guess the most dramas correctly - the winner will be Soompi's queen / king of blind gossip! Please note: All the blinds are for famous Sageuks. Please give your answers in spoilers. You can form teams in order to solve blinds. You can ask for extra hints. Have fun guessing! Please feel free to reach out to us, your friendly neighborhood EOs with your suggestions for events, including Quick Polls. Your Resident and Friendly Neighborhood EOs @Sleepy Owl @partyon @agenth @confusedheart Tagging:
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