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Found 1 result

  1. General tips for getting rid of acne To start the fight with acne should be a review of lifestyle, nutrition, daily hygienic skin care. All tips are very simple, but following them will almost always have a positive effect. Healthy lifestyle Proper food. Problem skin is very “do not like” abundance in the diet of sweets, sausages, hot spices, fatty and fried. But the presence of the menu of fresh fruit and vegetables will delight not only the taste but also a marked improvement in the status of the skin. Helps to reduce the number of acne whole grains and wheat bran. Complete rest. Fatigue and lack of sleep for a long period often provoke the appearance of skin rash. Correct the situation to help moderate load, skillfully connected with a healthy rest and a full bed. Coping with stress. Nervous overstrain both acute and chronic, causes a decrease in skin tone, unhealthy complexion, as well as exacerbation of acne. Therefore, correctly placed priorities in life, the ability to avoid the negative and not be nervous over nothing – good assistants in opposition to acne. If necessary, you can take soothing tea (mint, lemon balm) or the corresponding pharmaceutical preparations. Cleansing the body. The accumulation of toxins in the body is one of the major causes of skin problems. A sufficient amount of fluid in the diet (herbal and green teas) and fasting days will provide an opportunity to get rid of harmful luggage. Use can and pharmaceutical sorbents (activated carbon, polisorb ) two-week course. The proper hygienic care: Most skin rashes appear due to errors in skin care. Those looking for a solution to get rid of acne on the face, it is necessary to choose for themselves the right set of procedures. Every day, facial skin requires cleansing and moisturizing. When acne is present, then wash with warm water better twice daily, to avoid excess irritation. Be sure every evening makeup should be removed using special cosmetics, or cooked himself. Do not wipe the face often alcohol-based lotions. They dry out your skin, depriving it of its natural protective layer. To apply moisturizing creams that do not contain oils. Apply their applicators or cotton pad, in extreme cases – with his fingertips. Hands are a source of fat and microorganisms that cause inflammation. Masking eels under a thick layer of foundation and powder is fraught with a gain of rash and its inflammation. Choosing mineral makeup should be light without oil, containing the mark “nekomedogennaya”. Mistakenly believed that tanning helps to reduce the number of acne – it only temporarily hides them. Direct sunlight causes skin aging and malignant degeneration of its cells. Especially need to be careful when using drugs for acne (local forms of vitamin A, for example), because they increase the negative effect of ultraviolet rays of the spectrum. In the presence of acne cannot be used in hair care fatty means (gel, wax), as they are in contact with the skin, then causing pollution. For shampooing shampoos, preference is given without oil. Also it is necessary to limit hair contact with the skin. Frequent touching hands to face, close and too hot hats can trigger inflammation of the rash. Traditional recipes in the treatment of acne Patients, except for expensive salon procedures and pharmaceuticals, are looking for ways to get rid of acne at home using traditional medical advice. There are many proven recipes that efficiency is not inferior to brand name drugs. Masks Acne One of the most effective methods of acne treatment – the use of best face masks. They saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals, improves metabolic processes directly affect acne, drying out them and narrowing the pores: Honey Mask: Mix 50 grams of honey and olive oil with egg yolk, is applied to the area with the rash; banana mask: mash a ripe banana, mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil, after removal of the composition of the skin, rubbed with boiled water with a small amount of lemon juice; protein: two proteins (pre-separated from the yolks) knocked in the solid foam and applied to the face; Mask of nutritional yeast: a mixture of yeast and warm water (15 millilitres of each ingredient) add warmed milk (a teaspoon) and a quarter of a teaspoon of honey, mix well. An indispensable tool in the treatment of acne is a white clay. It has antiseptic properties, removes toxins and sebum, tightens pores. There are different recipes for masks on the basis of white clay. Most often added to it the juice of grapes and honey. The second effective mix – white clay, egg yolk, olive oil, honey and water. Ingredients are selected in such a quantity as to obtain a thick creamy mass. All masks are applied to dry completely (10-20 minutes) to cleansed skin, wash off with warm water. Procedures do in the evening, and in the end enjoyed a nourishing cream. Household cleaning lotions All those wishing to quickly get rid of acne, you need to wipe the skin morning and evening, with special homemade lotions. They gently but effectively cleanse the epidermis, reduce inflammation, heal wounds: dry grass celandine (2 tablespoons) insist two hours in a half-litre of boiling water; in a glass infusion of mint leaves add lemon juice, calendula tincture alcohol and boron (a tablespoon); plantain leaves, pine needles, chamomile and calendula flowers (3: 2: 1: 1) insist 7 days in a bottle of vodka; wipe the skin as possible and ordinary aloe juice or a decoction of chamomile; in 200 millilitres of green tea (freshly brewed) add half the lemon juice. Acne on the nose Since the nose is one of the areas where the most sebum is produced, acne rashes appear here very often. To combat them fit and tips listed above, but there are a few recipes for those who do not know how to get rid of blackheads on your nose: toothpaste, mixed with a pinch of salt is applied to the whole night; lemon half on dripping a little honey and rub it the skin of the nose; saline solution (in a glass of water – teaspoon of salt) are washed in the morning the problem area; 10 minutes is applied to the nose skin of potatoes. Features combating whiteheads Special attention should be paid to how to get rid of whiteheads on the face. Corn Bunting (so-called whiteheads in the people) is difficult to treat by conventional means, effective against blackheads. This accumulation of subcutaneous fat and dirt clogged in the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Shred them yourself, especially when multiple acne, is not recommended – the procedure may leave a deep scar or cause severe inflammation of the skin. At home, to significantly reduce the number of lesions to help special cosmetic skin care. Once a week, you need to use the exfoliating scrub. The simple folk remedy for it – the coffee grounds. In the pre-steamed, the skin mask is applied on the basis of salicylic acid or a fresh-water sponge. Rub whiteheads solution celandine is applied pulp Kalanchoe or baked onions. Rub in the location Corn Bunting a mixture of salt and baby soap, wash off after 10 minutes. We must remember that acne may indicate a serious disease and hormonal disorders. In this case, the problem is solved by the physician after complete inspection.
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