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Found 1 result

  1. Title: 3 Will Be Free Official: Facebook Director: (will update soon) Country: Thailand Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance, Mature Episod: 10 Airs: Aug 2, 2019 - Oct 4, 2019 Network: GMM One source: mydramalist Neo is a stripper who is running away from a loan shark and his gang (Known as Crazy48) for stealing a purse that contains compromising information from the group. One fine day, the criminals find him in the bar where he works. In attempting to escape, he ends up bumping into two people who will change his life: Chin, a gay boy who is the son of a gangster who is frustrated at being rejected by a friend; and Mew, the manager of the stripper bar who is running away from her past. Accidentally, they end up killing one of the gang members who was chasing Neo, which make them enemies of the gang. Now all three need to find a solution to escape from this situation together, while at the same time managing the physical and sentimental attraction that arises between them. - source TRAILER Main Cast (Click their name for Instagram) Mild Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul (ลภัสลัล จิรเวชสุนทรกุล) as Mew Tay Tawan Vihokratana (ตะวัน วิหครัตน์) as Shin Joss Way-ar Sangngern (จอส เวอาห์ แสงเงิ) as Neo Support Role (Click their name for Instagram) Jennie Panhan (วัชระ สุขชุม) as Mair Prame Pumipat Paiboon (ภูมิพัฒน์ ไพบูลย์) as Luang Max Nuttawut Jenmana (ณัฐวุฒิ เจนมานะ) Intira Jaroenpura (อินทิรา เจริญปุระ) Tai Penpak Sirikul (เพ็ญพักตร์ ศิริกุล) Gun Chanagun Arpornsutinan (ชนกันต์ อาพรสุทธินันธ์) as Tur Poss Plapodd Suphakorn (เป็ดน้อยของป๊อด) Toptap Jirakit Kuariyakul (จิรกิตติ์ คูอาริยะกุล) Sarocha Watittapan (สโรชา วาทิตตพันธ์) Sarut Vichitrananda (ศรุต วิจิตรานนท์) Naphon Phromsuwan (ณพล พรมสุวรรณ) Source EPISOD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 WILL UPDATE MORE SOON
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