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  1. Everyone who has ever participated in an event on Soompi Forums knows @Lmangla - our amazing Event Organizer! She has decided to graduate as an EO and will go back to being a regular member( ). So in order to thank her for her efforts, we put together a spotlight about her! SPOTLIGHT: LMANGLA Lmangla joined the forum in 2013. She had been watching dramas since the early 2000s and felt the urge to discuss with other like-minded individuals. Especially if the discussions were about makjang dramas - because makjang tropes made her laugh the most. In 2017 Lmangla was appointed the Event Organizer position on Soompi Forums. Up until then, moderators and administrators had been in charge of events, and would put together a few events per year. But they realized after a while that it would be easier to have a dedicated person for the role. They had noticed Lmangla's talent for getting people to discuss on drama threads, as well as, her mini-events on one of the shipper threads. You see, Lmangla was a shipper at that time! (Note! She used to fangirl a lot over Taecyeon and Guigui who had starred together on We Got Married back in the day. Ask her anything about Taec, and she'll be able to tell you every detail about him... ) In any case, back to the spotlight... "What is an Event Organizer?" she asked "We don't know, but you define the role as you best see fit!" she was told. So Lmangla started launching events on the forum with the goal to engage the whole community. It was trial and error at first, but she soon found her groove. (Note! Some of her events through the years have been listed in the poll). As an EO, her motto has been to create events that she herself enjoys and which will engage as many members as possible. If an event doesn't garner much interest, she just shrugs it off and tries again. "Whatever. Guess we won't do that type of event again." she'll laugh. She is super spontaneous. She will watch a YouTube video or chat about the latest royal gossip with the rest of the EOs and suddenly get an idea. "I will launch this on the forum right NOW! This will be fun!" is what she'll say next. She has a talent for keeping discussions flowing naturally on event threads, and she will ensure everyone feels included. She wants everyone to feel at home during our events and our events should cater as many chingus on this forum as possible. She's an amazing writer and reading her posts is always a treat. She'll dissect even the most mundane of topics and make it an interesting read. As she is a walking encyclopedia, you'll be sure to learn something new when you read her posts. (Note! We are still waiting for her to start a blog with tales of makjang dramas, Turkish dizis, Thai lakorns and mustache oppas. Be sure to sign up for it once it's online.) Lmangla is empathetic and pragmatic in nature. She has a very sweet voice with a clear pitched laugh that is super contagious. She will make others feel comfortable and relaxed around her. She's a great listener and will comfort you when you're feeling down. When things are tough, she won't give up. She is very tenacious even when faced with difficult tasks or challenges. She is dedicated and hard-working, and for her the Soompi community is everything! Lmangla is the person who defined and developed the Event Organizer role for 4 years! She is very much loved by the community, not just by the EO team but by so many chingus here. Thankfully she is staying on as a Soompi Forum member. In case you want to interact with her, you will find her on the drama threads and on the Add Subtract thread. (Note! Don't miss her snarky posts about "too dumb to live" characters on daily drama threads. They're hilarious! Especially now that she learned how to do drama screenshots and edit them.) We would like to extend a a huge THANK YOU to @Lmangla for her dedication and efforts as an Event Organizer 2017-2021! Please participate in the poll above, and feel free to leave a note on this thread to our dear Lmangla. Text by @partyon (who had the honor of working side by side with her sweetie Lmangla for 15 months) Banner by @gm4queen Best wishes, @Sleepy Owl @partyon @agenth @confusedheart @Admin @ferily @SC2019 @serenilmauve @chococarmela @Sunset @gm4queen @Emily Bett tagging:
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