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Found 1 result

  1. Group Name: Woo Ju Seo Nyeo (WJSN)/Cosmic Girls Debut Date: February 25, 2016 Debut Single: Mo Mo Mo Agencies: Starship Entertainment and YUEHUA Fandom Name: 우정/UJUNG Fandom Colors: N/A Official Twitter Official Site Official Instagram Official Weibo MEMBERS Joy Unit Name: Eunseo/은서 Real Name: Son Ju Yeon/손주연 DOB: May 27, 1998 Sign: Gemini Blood Type: B Position: Sub vocal Facts: Appeared in Yoo Seung Woo's "Whatever" MV Mood maker & tallest member Instagram: _eunseo_v Name: Yeoruem/여름 Birth Name: Lee Jin Suk/이진숙 DOB: January 10, 1999 Sign: Capricorn Position: Sub Vocal Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Name: Xuan Yi/선의 Real Name: Xuan Yi/宣儀 DOB: January 26, 1995 Position: Visual, Sub Vocals Blood Type: O Nationality: Chinese Fun Fact: Loves seaweed Weibo: xuanyi0808 Wonder Unit Name: Cheng Xiao/성소 Birth Name: Cheng Xiao/程瀟 DOB: July 5, 1998 Sign: Cancer Blood Type: B Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocals Hometown: Shenzhen, China Facts: Trained in Traditional Dance at Shenzhen Dance School Nickname is Barbie or Bagel Girl Flexible Weibo: chengxiao0715 Name: Dayoung/다영 Birth Name: Lim Da Young/임다영 DOB: May 14, 1999 Sign: Taurus Blood Type: A Position: Lead Vocal, Maknae Hometown: Jeju, South Korea Fact: Is considered the Mom of the group Name: Bona/보나 Birth Name: Kim Ji Yeon/김지연 DOB: August 19, 1996 Sign: Leo Position: Sub Vocalist, Face of The Group Blood Type: A Place of Birth: Gwangyeoksi, Daegu, South Korea Natural Unit Name: Mei Qi/마기 Birth Name: Zhao Me Qi/趙美岐 DOB: October 5 1998 Sign: Libra Position: Lead Vocalist Blood Type: B Nationality: Chinese Weibo: meiqi1015 Name: Luda/루다 Birth Name: Lee Lu Da/이루다 DOB: March 6, 1997 Sign: Pisces Position: Sub Vocalist Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Name: Dawon/다원 Birth Name: Nam Da Won/다원 DOB: April 15, 1996 Sign: Taurus Position: Main Vocalist Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Name: Yeonjung Birth Name: Yoo Yeon Jung DOB: August 3, 1999 Position: Main Vocalist/Maknae Blood Type: A Height: 167cm Weight: 52kg Nationality: Korean Hobby: Playing alone Specialty: Makchum Sweet Unit Name: Soobin/수빈 Birth Name: Park Soo Bin/박수빈 DOB: September 14, 1996 Sign: Virgo Position: Main Vocalist Blood Type: AB Nationality: Korean Name: Exy/엑시 Birth Name: Chu So Jung/추소정 DOB: November 6, 1995 Sign: Scorpio Position: Leader, Main Rapper Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Instagram: exy_s2 Facts: Appeared on Mnet's "Unpretty Rapstar" season 2 Name: Seola/설아 Birth Name: Kim Hyun Jung/김현정 DOB: December 24, 1994 Sign: Saggitarious Position: Main Vocalist Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Instagram: seola_s profile info credit to nowkpop.com and wjsndaily Discography Album Title: Would You Like? Title Track: Mo Mo Mo / Catch Me Release Date: February 25, 2016 Tracklist: Space Cowgirl MoMoMo (모모모) Catch Me Tick-Tock Take My Breath Mo Mo Mo (Chinese Ver.) Album Title: The Secret Title Track: Secret Release Date: August 17, 2016 Tracklist: 비밀이야 (Secret) BeBe 우주키스미 (Would You Kiss Me?) 짠! (Prince) ROBOT 이층침대 (Good Night) 비밀이야 (Chinese Ver.) Album: From.WJSN Title Track: 너에게 닿기를 (I Wish) Release Date: January 4, 2017 Tracklist: 너에게 닿기를 (I Wish) Baby Come To Me 주세요 (Say Yes) 최애 (最愛) (Perfect!) 이리와 (Hug U) 너에게 닿기를 (Chinese Ver.) Mo Mo Mo Official MV Catch Me Official MV Secret Official MV I Wish Official MV Follow ALL K-Pop and General Forum Rules
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