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  1. Lee Sun-kyun 이선균 PROFILE Name: Lee Sun-kyun [이선균] Born: March 2, 1975 | Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea Body: 180cm | 70kg | Type A Family: Wife (actress Jeon Hye-jin), 2 sons Education: BaeMyeong High School > Wonkwang University (English Literature, dropped out) > Korea National University of Arts (Acting Department / Art History) Military Service: Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) | Rank: Sergeant Religion: Protestantism Nickname: Soju President (nickname given by Ha Jung-woo) MBTI: INTP Debut: 1999 Bijou <It's Okay | 괜찮아> Music Video || 2001 musical ‘Rocky Horror Show’ Agency: HODU&U Entertainment [ Instagram | Post.naver | Facebook ] Official SNS: Instagram | DaumCafe | [kofic] Born in 1975, LEE Sun-kyun discovered acting through the drama club of his college, and his passion was such that he eventually decided to drop out of university after just a year and enter the newly established Korea National University of Arts in 1994. After a starring role in the short film <Psycho Drama> (2000), he made a magnificent debut on stage as Brad in the musical <Rocky Horror Picture Show> (2001), soon followed by a recurrent role in the sitcom <Lovers> (2001-2002). He realized before long that it was not easy to break into the film industry. He might have appeared as a doctor supporting the female lead fighting against cancer in <Scent of Love>, and as one of the lovebirds in <Love So Divine>, but most of the time he was cast for small roles or leading roles of short films and TV series. He finally earned good notices after playing a sweet, romantic guy in the popular TV drama series <Coffee Prince> (2007) and an honest doctor in medical drama series <Behind the White Tower> (2007), but did not hold onto this nurtured image. Instead, he has polished his acting caliber by appearing in the films of Hong Sangsoo, renowned among film critics and festival for his unique perspective on ordinary life and relationships, starting with <Night and Day> (2008) in which he played an international student from North Korea and followed by the short <Lost in the Mountains> in which he was a man used as “bait” by a woman wanting to provoke her boyfriend. LEE also starred in <Sakwa> (2005), an on-screen melodrama released in 2008 which received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of a romance. LEE has appealed to the female spectators appearing in the TV drama <Pasta> (2010), a story of work and love set in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, and the film <Petty Romance> (2010), about the love of an adult cartoonist. In 2011, LEE co-starred with a veteran actor PARK Joong-hoon in cop drama <Officer of the Year> and in 2012 he stormed the box office with KIM Min-hee in the mystery thriller <Helpless> (2011) and with LIM Soo-jung in MIN Kyu-dong’s <All about My Wife> (2012). LEE teamed up with HONG Sangsoo once more for <Nobody’s Daughter Haewon> (2012) and <Our Sunhi> (2012), the latter of which took the Best Director Prize at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2013. In 2014, he returned to the commercial realm as the lead of the mid-level thriller <A Hard Day> (2013), which was invited to the Cannes Film Festival’s Director’s Fortnight sidebar. On the back of that commercial and critical success, LEE starred alongside KIM Go-eun in <The Advocate : A Missing Body> (2015), as an attorney who uncovers a mystery behind a murder case. After playing a sympathetic North Korean doctor in KIM Byung-woo’s action thriller <Take Point> (2018) and his top billing role in crime thriller <Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage> (2018), LEE was brought to a wider audience after portraying the father of a rich family in the dark comedy <PARASITE>, the latest from world-famous director BONG Joon-ho which took home the most prestigious award in the cinema world, the Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival. [ Lee Sunkyun | theactorispresent | 이선균 ] [ photo by Ahn Seongjin ] 
A chef-like actor who handles various characters with his own recipe. He renews his heyday every time After graduating from the School of Drama at the Korea National University of Arts, Lee Sunkyun began his acting career through the musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show and TV sitcom Lovers in 2001. Lee is a versatile actor who can play various roles in different genres and platforms. He made impressions with some small roles in various popular genre films such as comic, action, and melodrama films. The year 2007 was when he started to enjoy huge popularity. In the medical drama Behind the White Tower, he appeared as Choi Doyoung, a young doctor who sticks to his values and beliefs at a general hospital intertwined with chaotic politics, imprinting his image into the audience. After that, Lee played Choi Hansung, a caring character in the romantic comedy series Coffee Prince, which would be recorded in the history of Korean dramas. Thanks to the character, Lee Sunkyun has been ranked among the top actors. Since then, the actor has achieved his unique status in the romantic comedy genre by playing an angry chef in the much-talked romantic comedy Pasta (2010). Meanwhile, Lee expanded his scope to the action and noir genre on screen through the crime action film A Hard Day (2014), which was invited to the Midnight Screening section of the Cannes Film Festival. The actor was well-received for his excellent performance with his unique portrayal of the loser and twerp character Ko Geonsoo, a detective who revealed his true nature to cover up the murder he committed. 

President Park in Bong Joonho’s PARASITE served as another turning point for Lee, who kept renewing his heyday. From Director Bong’s perspective, Lee Sunkyun was a new card, and it was an unexpected casting for both the actor himself and the audience. Expanding his signature multi-layered performance, Lee has taken another leap as an actor, performing President Park, who is at the top of the class pyramid created through capitalism that cannot be defined as good or evil. PARASITE won the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion at the SAG. 

Lee Sunkyun’s strength can be compared to a dish rich in ingredients. He expresses a humble and weak side, along with a caring and human side at the same time, the qualities everyone has. Also, his unique character with an annoyed voice tone serves as a good ingredient for his performance. In My Mister, which was recently distributed on Netflix and highly praised by Paulo Coelho, Lee played Park Donghoon, who revealed the lonely inner side of a middle-aged man, confirming his status in romantic melodrama to audiences around the world. His next film is the disaster movie Silence, chosen among a flurry of casting proposals from everywhere, including Hollywood. Lee depicts Cha Jungwon, who struggles to survive a disaster with his daughter. [Written by Lee Hwajung . Published in April 2021] FILMOGRAPHY MOVIE (src: Kobis) Opening Year | Title | Role | Total Admissions (people) TBD ‘Sleep | 잠’ as Hyun-soo 현수 // Yoo Jae-sun TBD ‘The Land of Happiness | 행복의 나라’ // Choo Chang-min {filming started on Oct-1-2021} TBD ‘Killing Romance | 죽여주는 로맨스’ // Lee Won-suk TBD ‘Silence | 사일런스’ as Cha Jung-won 차정원 // Kim Tae-gon 2022 ‘Kingmaker | 킹메이커: 선거판의 여우‘ as Seo Chang-dae 서창대 // Byun Sung-hyun 2020 ‘Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP | 미스터 주: 사라진 VIP‘ as black goat (voice) [602,615] 2019 ‘Parasite | 기생충‘ as Park Dong-ik 박동익 [10,313,087] // Bong Joon-ho 2019 ‘Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage | 악질경찰’ as Jo Pil-ho 조필호 [262,233] // Lee Jeong-beom 2018 ‘Take Point | PMC: 더 벙커‘ as Yoon Ji-eui 윤지의 [1,671,548] // Kim Byung-woo 2017 ‘A Special Lady | 미옥’ as Im Sang-hoon 임상훈 [238,587] // Lee Ahn-gu 2017 ‘Man of Will | 대장 김창수’ as Go Jong 고종 {friendship appearance} 2017 ‘The King's Case Note | 임금님의 사건수첩‘ as Ye-jong 예종 [1,634,403] 2015 ‘The Advocate : A Missing Body | 성난 변호사’ as Byun Ho-sung 변호성 [1,128,288] 2014 ‘A Hard Day | 끝까지 간다’ as Go Gun-soo 고건수 [3,450,305] // Kim Sung-hoon 2013 ‘Our Sunhi | 우리 선희’ as Moon-soo 문수 [68,770] // Hong Sang-soo 2013 ‘Nobody’s Daughter Haewon | 누구의 딸도 아닌 해원’ as Sung-joon 성준 [34,876] // Hong Sang-soo 2012 ‘All About My Wife | 내 아내의 모든 것‘ as Lee Doo-hyun 이두현 [4,598,583] // Min Kyu-dong 2012 ‘Helpless | 화차’ as Jang Moon-ho 장문호 [2,436,400] // Byun Young-joo 2011 ‘Officer of the Year | 체포왕’ as Jung Eui-chan 정의찬 [870,887] 2010 ‘Petty Romance | 쩨쩨한 로맨스’ as Jung Bae 정배 [2,080,574] 2010 ‘Oki's Movie | 옥희의 영화’ as Nam Jin-gu 남진구 [37,086] // Hong Sang-soo 2009 ‘Visitors: Lost in the Mountains | 어떤 방문: 첩첩산중’ (short film) as Myung-woo 명우 [2,079] // Hong Sang-soo 2009 ‘Paju | 파주’ as Kim Joong-shik 김중식 [132,657] // Park Chan-ok 2008 ‘Romantic Island | 로맨틱 아일랜드‘ as Kang Jae-hyuk 강재혁 [150,401] 2008 ‘Sa-Kwa | 사과’ as Min-seok 민석 [57,525] 2008 ‘Night and Day | 밤과 낮’ as Yoon Kyung-soo 윤경수 [13,940] // Hong Sang-soo 2007 ‘Our Town | 우리 동네’ as Jae-shin 재신 [377,591] 2006 ‘Educating Kidnappers | 잔혹한 출근‘ as Jeon Man-ho 천만호 [429,546] 2006 ‘The Customer is Always Right | 손님은 왕이다’ as Lee Jang-gil 이장길 [172,693] 2005 ‘Curry and Rice Story | 카레 라이스 이야기’ 2004 ‘R-Point | 알 포인트’ as Sergeant Park Jae-young 박재영 하사 [1,689,000] 2004 ‘Love so Divine | 신부수업’ as man of chicken meat couple 2004 ‘My Mother, the Mermaid | 인어공주’ as Do-hyun 도현 [661,679] 2004 ‘Hitchhiking | 히치하이’ as man 2003 ‘Show Show Show | 쇼쇼쇼’ as Sang-cheol 상철 [115,000] 2003 ‘Scent of Love | 국화꽃 향기‘ as Doctor Shin 닥터 신 [837,236] 2002 ‘Goodbye Day | 굿바이 데이’ 2002 ‘Make It Big | 일단 뛰어‘ as Woo Jung-chul 우정철 [220,205 (Seoul)] 2002 ‘Surprise Party | 서프라이즈’ as real Kim Jung-woo 진짜 김정우 [110,642 (Seoul)] 2002 ‘Boss X File | 보스 상륙 작전‘ as bully 양아치 [342,256 (Seoul)] 2002 ‘A Perfect Match | 좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘’ as Doctor 박사 [221,105 (Seoul)] 2000 ‘Psycho Drama | 싸이코 드라마’ as Park Dong-woo 박동우 DRAMA (src: namu) Year | Network | Title | Role 2021 Apple TV+ ‘Dr. Brain | Dr. 브레인’ as Go Se-won 고세원 // Kim Jee-woon 2019-2020 JTBC ‘War of Prosecutors | 검사내전’ as Lee Seon-woong 이선웅 2018 tvN ‘My Mister | 나의 아저씨‘ as Park Dong-hoon 박동훈 2016 JTBC ‘My Wife is Having an Affair This Week | 이번 주, 아내가 바람을 핍니다‘ as Do Hyun-woo 도현우 2016 SBS ‘Jealously Incarnate | 질투의 화신’ as Choi Hyun-wook 최현욱 (special appearance) 2013-2014 MBC ‘Miss Korea | 골든 타임‘ as Kim Hyung-joon 김형준 2012 MBC ‘Golden Time | 골든 타임’ as Lee Min-woo 이민우 2010 KBS2 ‘Drama Special: Our Slightly Risque Relationship | 조금 야한 우리 연애’ as Ki Dong-chan 기동찬 2010 MBC ‘Pasta | 파스타’ as Choi Hyun-wook 최현욱 2009 MBC ‘Triple | 트리플’ as Jo Hae-yoon 조해윤 2008 SBS ‘My Sweet Seoul | 달콤한 나의 도시’ as Kim Young-soo 김영수 2007 MBC ‘Coffee Prince | 커피 프린스 1호점’ as Choi Han-sung 최한성 2007 MBC ‘White Tower | 하햔거탑’ as Choi Do-young 최도영 2006 MBC ‘Best Theatre: Behind | 베스트극장 후(後)’ as Do-yoo 도유 2006 KBS2 ‘Fugitive Lee Doo-young | 도망자 이두용’ as Noh Cheol-ki 노철기 2005 MBC ‘Best Theatre: Taereung National Village | 베스트극장 태릉선수촌’ as Lee Dong-kyung 이동경 2005 KBS2 ‘Loveholic | 러브홀릭’ as Kim Tae-hyun 김태현 2005 KBS2 ‘Drama City: Beautiful Woman’s Love | 미여인의 사랑법’ as Ji-woon 지운 2005 KBS2 ‘Drama City: Love | 연애’ as Kim Jin-gu 김진구 2004 KBS2 ‘Drama City: Dr. Love | Dr.러브’ as Mr. Fantasy 미스터 판타지 2004 KBS2 ‘Drama City: Translucent | 반투명’ as Dong-soo 동수 2004 KBS2 ‘Drama City: 18 Year Old Bride | 낭랑18세’ as Kwon Hyuk-joon 권혁준 2003 MBC ‘Best Theatre: Dad Romeo, Mom Juliet | 베스트극장 - 아빠 로미오 엄마 줄리엣’ as Kim Seung-gi 김승기 2003 MBC ‘Best Theatre: Loveholic | 베스트극장 - 착한 당신 러브홀릭’ as In-chul 인철 2003 SBS ‘Thousands Years of Love | 천년지애’ 2001 MBC ‘Lovers | 연인들’ as Lee Sun-kyun 이선균 THEATER 2013: ‘Love, Love, Love | 러브 러브 러브’ as Kenneth 케네스 2005: ‘Indang’s Blues | 인당수 사랑가’ 2003 ‘Grease | 그리스’ as Danny 대니 2001 ‘Rocky Horror Show | 록키호러쇼’ MUSIC VIDEO 2012: E2RE 이투알이 ‘Deep Night Sad Song | 깊은 밤 슬픈 노래’ 2008: Yoon-gun 윤건 ‘Between Hidden Time | 가려진 시간 사이로‘ 2007: SG Wannabe ‘Midsummer’s Dream | 한 여름날의 꿈’ (feat. Ock Joohyun 옥주현) 2007: SG Wannabe ‘Arirang | 아리랑’ 2001: Lucid Falls 'You Remain in My Heart | 너는 내 마음속에 남아’ 1999: Bijou 비쥬 ‘It’s OK | 괜찮아’ CF 2021: ‘Yuanta Securities 유안타증권’ 2020: ‘WireBarley 와이어바알리’ 2019: ‘Dongsuh Food Corn Flight 동서식품 콘푸라이트’ 2016: ‘MYUNG IN PHARM Igatan 명인제약 이가탄’ || ‘Balmuda GreenFan 발뮤다 그린팬’ 2015: ‘Supercell Boom Beach 붐비치’ 2014: ‘Orion Swing Chip (Narration) 오리온 스윙칩 (내레이션)’ 2012 ‘P&G Downy 다우니’ || ‘GSK Sensodyne 센소다인’ || ‘Dongsuh Food Oreo 동서식품 오레오’ || ‘Boehringer Ingelheim Korea MUCOPECT 한국베링거인겔하임 뮤코펙트’ 2011: ‘Ace Bed 에이스침대’ || ‘CAMBRIDGE KOLON GGIO2 캠브리지코오롱 지오투’ 2010: ‘Sempio Food Brown Rice Black Vinegar 샘표식품 백년동안’ 2009: ‘Lotte Insurance 롯데손해보험’ || ‘GS Home Shopping 홈쇼핑’ 2008: ‘LG Electronics LG Whisen LG전자 LG휘센’ || ‘Dunkin Donuts 던킨도너츠’ || ‘Sempio Food Sempio Soy Sauce 샘표식품 샘표간장’ 2007: ‘Ministry of Health and Welfare 보건복지부’ || ‘Samsung Fire & Marine Allife 삼성화재 올라이프’ 2006: ‘HK Inno.N Hutgae Condition HK이노엔 헛개컨디션파워’ 2002: ‘KT 1541 Collect Call 콜렉트콜’ ENTERTAINMENT 2020 tvN ‘Summer Vacation | 여름방학’ 2019 tvN ‘Trans-Siberian Pathfinders | 시베리아 선발대‘ 2019 JTBC ‘Movie Room | 방구석 1열’ 2015 tvN ‘Three Meals a Day Jeongseon Village | 삼시세끼 정선편’ 2015 JTBC ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator | 냉장고를 부탁해‘ 2013 ‘March - Stories of Friends | 행진 - 친구들의 이야기’ 2013 KBS2 ‘Saturday Star Plus | 세대공감 토요일 스타플러스’ 2012 KBS2 ‘1 Night 2 Days - Best Friends Special | 1박2일 - 절친특집’ 2011 MBC ‘Golden Fishery - Knee-Drop Guru | 황금어장 - 무릎팍도사’ 2011 SBS ‘Running Man | 런닝맨’ 2010 KBS2 ‘Kim Seung-woo’s Win Win | 김승우의 승승장구’ 2008 KBS2 ‘Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계’ 2006 KBS2 ‘Sang Sang Plus | 상상플러스’ AWARDS [2020-02-04] 17th International Cinephile Society (ICS) Awards: Best Ensemble (Parasite) [2020-02-02] 24th Online Film & Television Association (OFTA) Awards: Best Film Ensemble (Parasite) [2020-01-19] 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards: Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture (Parasite) [2019-12-16] 2019 Seattle Film Critics Society (SFCS) Awards: Best Ensemble Cast (Parasite) [2018-11-12] The 2nd Elle Style Awards: [2018-10-24] The 9th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards: Prime Minister’s Commendation [2015-05-26] The 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Film Actor (A Hard Day) [2012-12-05] The 5th Herald DongA TV Lifestyle Awards: Best Dressed [2010-12-31] KBS Drama Awards: Excellence - Actor in a Special Drama (Our Slightly Risque Relationship) [2010-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple with Gong Hyo-jin (Pasta) [2010-06-19] CETV 6th Anniversary: Asia Top 10 Star Award [2010-03-29] The 11th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival: Competition - Best Actor (Paju) [2008-10-23] Korean Advertisers Association (KAA) Awards: Good Model Award [2007-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award - Actor in Miniseries (White Tower) REVIEWS All About My Wife: MKC | A Hard Day: KyuHyunKim | hangukyeonghwa | PierceConran | Helpless: PaulQuinn | Nobody’s Daughter Haewon: hangukyeonghwa | PierceConran | Our Sunhi: PierceConran | Parasite: PaulQuinn | NEWS [2021-11-03] Dr. Brain photocall [2021-10-24] Dr. Brain to premiere globally on November 4 [2021-03-03] Apple orders Dr. Brain from Kim Jee-Woon & starring Lee Sun-Kyun [2020-07-16] Hollywood Project Woos SON Ye-jin and LEE Sun-kyun [2020-04-17] Lee Sun Kyun and Ju Ji Hoon Will Work Together in New Film ‘Silence’ [2020-01-19] ‘Parasite’ Becomes 1st Foreign-Language Film To Win Marquee SAG Award: x [2013-09-06] Our Sunhi interviews: kofic | Thread created by suzziee. Data: gathered/translated/updated from namu | kobis | kobiz | Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (copyrights/credits belong to original sources/creators) RULES [ Soompi ForumRules | K-Dramas/Movies/Actors/Actresses ForumRules ]
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