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Found 1 result

  1. Profile: English name: Leo Wu Native name: Wu Lei 吳磊 Birth Date: December 26, 1999 Occupation: Actor Years active: 2002 - present Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/2142058927?refer_flag=1001030101_ Remarks: He is also well known as China Nation's Little Brother Dramas:2006 The Young Warriors 少年杨家将 2006 Chang Hen Ge 长恨歌 2006 The Senior General Chen Geng 陈赓大将 2006 Five Disciples of Master Huang 黄飞鸿五大弟子 2007 The Legend and the Hero 封神榜之凤鸣岐山 2007 Tears of daughter-in-law 媳妇的眼泪 2007 The Sword and Chess of Death 魔剑生死棋 2007 Shun Niang 顺娘 2008 Pearl Love 新还君明珠 2008 Wealth in the Heaven 富贵在天 2008 Rather be a Woman 宁为女人 2008 Big Pearl 大珍珠 2008 Life and Death 生死谍恋 2008 Mother Married for Me 妈妈为我嫁 2008 Chuan Niang Wen Hui 船娘文慧 2008 Xue Zhong Hong 雪中红 2008 Spring Comes and Goes 春去春又回 2009 Justice Bao 新包青天 2009 Mysterious House 深宅 2009 Home with Aliens 家有外星人 2009 Cook a meal Nv'er Hong 难为女儿红 2009 Niang Qi 娘妻 2010 Who Knows the Female of the Women 谁知女人心 2010 Feng Yu Diao Hua Lou 风雨雕花楼 2011 Love is a little Blue 爱情有点蓝 2011 Naughty boy Xiaotiao Ma 淘气包马小跳 2011 Horizon True Heart 天涯赤子心 2011 Utopia Office 乌托邦办公室 2011 Family Reunion 团圆 2011 The Emperor's Harem 后宫 2012 Little Heroes 自古英雄出少年 2012 Grandma love me once again 奶奶再爱我一次 2012 My Mother is an Angel 我的妈妈是天使 2013 Winner 怒海情仇 young Chengyi 2013 Niang Xin 娘心 2013 Promise not to shed tears 说好不流泪 2013 Red Sedan Chair 红轿子 2014 Stepmother's Spring 后妈的春天 2014 The Romance of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 2015 Pal Inn 仙剑客栈 2015 The Whirlwind Girl 旋风少女 2015 Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 2015 The Legend of Qin 秦时明月 2016 The Imperial Doctress 女医·明妃传 2016 Far Away Love 远得要命的爱情 2016 The Classic Of Mountains And Seas 山海经之赤影传说 2016 The Whirlwind Girl 2 旋风少女2 2017 Magic Star 奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时 2018 Fight Break Spheres 斗破苍穹 2018 The Tomb of Sand 沙海
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