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Found 1 result

  1. Title: Love Sick The Series (รักวุ่น วัยรุ่นแสบ) Official Website: http://mcot-web.mcot.net/lovesick/ Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/lovesicktheseries Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovesickseries Official Instagram:http://instagram.com/lovesicktheseries Airing Time: Every Sunday, 8.50 PM (Thai time) Producer: MR. BIG PICTURE CO.,LTD. Director: ราชิต กุศลคูณสิริ ( Rachyd Kusolkulsiri) Synopsis (+personal thoughts ^^) This series is based on the famous online Thai BL novel "LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys" by INDRYTIMES (twitter: @hedshew go say thanks to her for this phenomenal story!), which follows two 17 years old high school boys who eventually fall in love after a deal brought them closer together.Phun has a girlfriend (Aim) but his father wants him to date his friend's daughter. Phun's little sister, Pang, is obsessed with boys' love.Phun needs to convince Pang that he has a boyfriend so that she can help talk their father around the idea of dating his friend's daughter.So he asked Noh to become his fake boyfriend in exchange for helping Noh raising fund for his Music Club. Although the major storyline here is about Phun & Noh, the series also deals with eclectic teen's issues such as peer pressure, rich vs poor, rivalry, relationships, gangsterism etc. Sounds similar to Hormones The Series? Nope, not entirely. Love Sick The Series has its own charm & strong points.Episode 1 could be a bit lacklustre, but give it a chance and you'll find yourself addicted to it by Episode 2.To date (4th Aug), there are 5 episodes already out & this series has given me diabetes from its too sweet scenes!!!! Casts White, 19 (June 6, 1995) as Phun Captain 16, (February 2, 1998) as Noh Pineare 16, (March 3, 1998) as Yuri Primrose 19, (February 27, 1995) as Aim Ngern 17, (November 30, 1996) as Earn Gale 21, (May 16, 1993) as Jeed Pluem 18, (August 20, 1996) as Khom/Sharp Palm as Neung Fah 21, (December 7, 1992) as Mo Mark 18, (October 2, 1995) as Moan New 15, (June 9, 1999) as Pop Taek as Shay Puaen 17, (January 31, 1997) as Pang August 18, (August 31, 1996) as Pete Gunz as Film Chup 18, (December 24, 1995) as Ohm Sing as Per Main Casts Supporting Casts [ Cheerleader Club ] [ Drama/Acting Club ] [ Dancing Club ][ Music Club / Band ] [ Swimming Club ] [ 11th Graders from Friday College ][ 11th Graders from Convent School ] [ L.O.V.E.complicated ] Official Trailer Extended Trailer (English Subbed) Ending Quotes Episode 1- No quote - Episode 2 If you can't avoid a situation, then welcome the things that you must face with open arms. Episode 3 A special bond is stronger than love. Episode 4 A "best friend" is someone who will love you the day you forget to love yourself. Episode 5 Sometimes there might be "obstacles", but at least we get a chance to "try". Episode 6 A bond is like a fine thread that we can only see it... once it has been ripped apart. Episode 7 Some people enter your life for only a short period of time, but they can be great influences for the rest of your life. Episode 8 Even though the person you loved and you didn't end up together, be happy with the fact that they were once a part of your life. Episode 9 It barely takes any time to fall in love, so why is it a complete torture when it's time we need to say goodbye? Episode 10 No matter how tightly you hold someone... you still need to let go when the time comes. Episode 11 We are tormented because love goes on, not because it goes away. Translated Songs ฉันดีใจที่มีเธอ (Chun Dee Jai Tee Mee Thur / I am so glad that I have you) by Boyd ขอร้อง (Khor Rong / I'm begging) by Captain รักเธอ (Ruk Thur / I love you) by Ter ใกล้ไป (Klai Pai / Too Close) by Friday ลืมไปหรือเปล่า (Luem Pai Rhue Plao / Have you forgotten?) by Primroseเชื่อในตัวฉัน (Chuer Nai Chun / Trust) by Jetset'er ยังทำไม่ได้ (Yung Tum Mai Dai / I really can’t do that) by Sammy (aka Nan/Carp) หากฉันตาย (Haak Chun Taii / If I die…) by Micky (aka. Nott) Feat. Beam อยากเก็บเธอไว้ทั้งสองคน (Yaak Keb Thur Aow Wai Tung Song Kon / Want to have you both by my side) by August (aka. Peach) สายตายาว (Sai Ta Yao / Long-sighted vision) by Pineare (aka. Yuri) and friends ปฏิเสธอย่างไร (How can I deny it?) by Lipta (Earn's caller ringtone) OSTสั่น (Shake) [Eng Subbed] ขอร้อง (Khor Rong) - Captain ผ่าน - กันต์ สมาย อย่าเข้าใจฉันผิด - เกล, ได๋, เฟียร์ Is it love? - Toom Supawat
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