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Found 15 results

  1. Title: Waterboyy The Series Genre: Boys Love, Teen-Drama, Romance, Young Adult Producer: GMMTV Official Websites: No official websites yet Broadcast Date: April 9, 2017 Airing Channel / Time: GMM25 / Sunday, 5:00pm No. of Episodes: 12 Synopsis: Main Cast: New Thitipoom as Apo Earth Piripat as Wai White Nawat as Fa Piglet Charada as Pan Fon Sananthachat as Wan Victor Zheng as Min Supported by: Arm Weerayut as Puth Toptap Jirakit as Gant Nanan Phakjira as Kotmai Nammon Krittanai as Sang Tytan Teepprasan (Mad Monkeys) as Chi Mook Krittaporn (Olives) as Fay Mon Tanatchai as Kluay Noon Sutthipha as Om Ciizezphr Guest starring: Dom Hetrakul as Coach Thir First Teaser Second Teaser Official Trailer Here's a video about New and Earth talking about their upcoming series. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5dp8he_waterboyy-the-series-interview-with-newwiee-thitipoom-and-earth-pirapat_fun *Note: Waterboyy The Series was recently announced as one of several series being introduced this 2017 to 2018 by the GMM event, GMMTV6Natures. Just in case you're wondering what the other series are, here they are: ⬇ **2nd Note: Ok I just recently made this because I knew that someone else would make this. I wanted to be the first. This will be updated constantly but so far this is all I have since there not many official picture going around about the cast.
  2. GMM Presents, Secret Love: Puppy Honey Emma, a 1st year Arts student and at heart, loves animals, especially cats. Unfortunately, an incident from Emma's past has made her terrified of dogs. Emma unfortunately meets Porsche and Pik (President of an animal club), who is a fourth year in Veterinary school. Porsche and his friend Pik invite (basically force) Emma and her friend Rome to become part of their club. But what happens when Emma and Rome start having feelings for the seniors??? Cast Kang as Porsche Cherreen as Emma Off as Pick Gun as Rome
  3. Studio Wabi Sabi Present TITLE Thai : ด้ายแดงซีรีส์ English : Until We Meet Again The Series Other's Title's : Red Thread / Red String SYNOPSIS Thirty years ago, Korn and Intouch were university students in Bangkok. Intouch entered into Korn's life despite knowing that he was a son of one of the most influential people in Bangkok, the mafia. At first, Korn kept pushing Intouch away, but in the end, he couldn't resist the boy who was so full of life while he was the exact opposite and decided to let him into his heart. However, in a time where homosexuality was unacceptable and having parents that were against their relationship with each other, Korn and Intouch love was bound to be doomed. Midst the chaos, while Intouch kept on fighting for their future, Korn could not deal with all the suffering his lover was facing and decided to give up. That day, two sounds of gunshot rang through the air. Their story ended with tragedy, but something had already tied itself between them, bounding them together even after they were dead. Years later, a freshly returned to Thailand, Pharm(Intouch's reincarnation), who is a freshman in T- University, has grown up always feeling like he is waiting for "someone". Being riddled with sad dreams that always left him waking up with a wet face, fear of loud noises, and a birthmark on his temple, the boy has always felt like there is someone he is missing. Dean(Korn's reincarnation), the third year swimming club's president at T- University, has also spent his life searching for "someone" whose face he can not remember. The red thread of fate that had tied them together in their past life once again pulls the two boys back to each other, tieing them to each other and a past that might not be worth remembering, but a love that is unforgettable. Because the red thread that binds the two hearts together will always lead one back to the other. Even though it might tangle or stretch, but it will never break. CAST Dean : Thitiwat Ritprasert (Ohm) IG : https://www.instagram.com/ohm_thitiwat/ TW : https://twitter.com/ohmthitiwat Pharm : Natouch Siripongthon (Fluke) IG : https://www.instagram.com/fluke_natouch/ TW : https://twitter.com/FlukeNatouch Korn : Noppakao dechaphatthanakun (Kao) IG : https://www.instagram.com/numberx9th/ TW : https://twitter.com/numberx9th Intouch : Katsamonnat Namwirote (Earth) IG : https://www.instagram.com/cooheart/ TW : https://twitter.com/cooheartt Win : Noppanut Guntachai (Boun) IG : https://www.instagram.com/bb0un/ TW : https://twitter.com/bb0un Team : Warut Chawalitrujiwong (Prem) IG : https://www.instagram.com/prem_space/ TW : https://twitter.com/Prem_space Pruk : Suphadach Wilairat (Bosston) IG : https://www.instagram.com/bosston_suphadach/ TW : https://twitter.com/B_Suphadach Manow : Samantha Melanie Coates (Sammy) IG : https://www.instagram.com/sammy_3008/ TW : https://twitter.com/sammysammauy Don : Wanut Sangtianprapai (Mix) IG : https://www.instagram.com/wanut_mix/ TW : https://twitter.com/wanut_mix Del : Pannin Charnmanoon (Pineare) IG : https://www.instagram.com/pineare/ TW : https://twitter.com/pineare Country : Thailand Language : Thai Genre : Romance, Drama, Reincarnation, Soulmates, Family, School, Comedy, Dessert, Swimming No. of Episodes : 12 Premiere : November 9, 2019 – January 25, 2020 Transmission : Saturday Duration : 55 Min Channel : Line TV & Official YouTube Channel Based on the Novel : Red Thread By : LazySheep Screenplay By : LazySheep Directed By : Siwaj Sawatmaneekul (Aloneww) Producer By : Siwaj Sawatmaneekul (Aloneww) Company of Production and Distribution : Studio Wabi Sabi & Line TV & Studio Wabi Sabi Official YouTube Channel Filming Location : Bangkok Year of Production : 2019-2020 Subtitles By : Line TV & Studio Wabi Sabi Official YouTube Channel Official Social Networks: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UntilWeMeetAgainNews/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/uwmanews/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/UWMANews YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPXE51seODgcGxLQF_X5jzQ/featured TEASER'S Note: Activate cc on the video to see the translation. Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Official Teaser Official Episodes Links: Note: Please & Please Only Watch From The Official Links. Please & Please Report All Unofficial Links That You Find. The Links of the Episodes will be update a few seconds after the Official Links were posted in the Official Channels: YouTube & Line Tv. Activate cc on the video to see the translation. LineTV YouTube Official Ost's Links: Note: Support The Ost's Through Spotify & iTunes. The Official Links and the Translation of the Ost's will be posted when released. Until We Meet Again The Series Cast - โชคดีแค่ไหน Note: Activate cc on the video to see the translation. Dome Jaruwat - I Found You Boy Sompob - พบเพื่อจาก... รักเพื่อลา (Meet to Part Ways, Love Is to Say Goodbye) Boy Sompob - Until We Meet Again ( พบเพื่อจาก... รักเพื่อลา English Version)
  4. Title : Kiss The Series Genre : Comedy, Romance Broadcast Date : Jan 10, 2016 to Apr 19, 2016 Airing Time : Every Sunday from 20:00 to 21:15 hrs [END] Network : GMM One Episod : 16 Produced : GM MTV by "Opus. Hideko_Sunshine" Director : Chatkaew Susiwa (ฉัตรแก้ว สุศิวะ) Website : http://www.gmm-tv.com/main.php Official Facebook : KissTheSeriesFacebookOfficial Official Instagram : KissTheSeriesInstagramOfficial Please kindly me if you have any question Click here ==> ✉ SYNOPSIS Sandee is an university student who is often surrounded with male friends and considered to be their buddy. One morning, she wakes up only to find herself naked in Thada's bed, who is one of her friends. Confused and shocked, they cannot remember whether they did anything during the night because they were both drunk. Now they are trying to hide this from their other friends because they do not want todestroy their friendship. However, it seems that you cannot hide falling in love forever... Synopsis Kiss The Series love to kiss "GM MTV" manufacturer's most successful series as "Love silly duck" Grab the latest series of "Kiss The Series I had to kiss," adapted from the best-selling novel "Set Kiss" along the road. Romantic comedy "Hideko_Sunshine" 1 of writers who are fans of the most jamsai down the screen to watch the team's hottest young actors. "Taoism - Economics John, Pearl - New Chet King, clouds - Jirakiti Pottsville, Mind - Viroqua blessing" matched the ratings. And provoke heart lollipops together. The love of him and her. Pink Kiss sweet love story of "you" cast "Taoism - Mr. Economics" and "Love," starring "pearl - Wanna New Chet" sweet little girl, beautiful world. Have come against the Tigers under the guise of sobriety. Land. Magazine The former lover of his sister Her boss Proximity often leads to heart tremble a little. Natural Kiss love story with bite on. Of a close friend, "Tada" and "good" is to meet again the "cloud Siamkit Project" and "Mind Viroqua blessing" pretty cool young man talk on. The friend gang engineering One day after the story made her a party and Tada. A young friend still airs in engineering. To close a secret from his peers.Jin partner Faculty The friend did not think anything. To tremble for the night CASTS (✿ ♥‿♥) Thawornwong Jirakit (จิรกิตติ์ ถาวรวงศ์) as Thada (✿ ♥‿♥) Thawornwongs Worranit (วรนิษฐ์ ถาวรวงศ์) as Sanrak (✿ ♥‿♥) Phiangphor Sarasathapheng (เศรษฐพงศ์ เพียงพอ) as Na (✿ ♥‿♥) Jiravechsoontornkul Wiraporn (นางสาววิรพร จิรเวชสุนทรกุล) as Sandee OFFICIAL TRAILER Kiss The Series preview clip theater lovers to kiss. OST Official MV
  5. Thai Boys Love Drama Series (March 2019) The Best Twins รักจิ้น ฟินเฟร่อ The Story "The Best Twins" is a story about twin boys. "Per" is the younger twin, born after "Car" and is straight. His older twin brother Car is gay, and have relationship with their neighbor Ball. The family life is shaken by the twins older sister Pad, against her brother Car being gay. When "Car" ex-boyfriend Tee returns, things start going even more chaotic. Please follow our romantic comedy Series 2019 With: Pak Papungkorn in the twins double role (Per & Car) & Suttinut Uengtrakul With: (Actress Meenay Jutai - as the older sister Pad) Q & A * * * The Characters * * * ชื่อ ปภังกรณ์ สกุลช้าง - Actor Papungkorn Sakulsong (Pak) รับบท คาร์ (ปอนด์) - Character: Car (Pound) อาชีพ ข้าราชการ อาจารย์ มหาวิทยาลัย - Occupation: University rofessor *ไม่ขอให้มาคบกัน แค่เห็นหน้าทุกวันก้อพอ - Don’t ask me to date. Every day, is a new day. * * ชื่อ ปภังกรณ์ สกุลช้าง - Actor Papungkorn Sakulsong (Pak) รับบท เปอร์ - Character: Per อาชีพ พนักงานบริษัทเอกชน ตำแหน่ง ตัดต่อ - Occupation: Film editor *ใจเดียวเพื่อความสบายใจ - Always peace of mind. * * * ชื่อ สุทธิณัฐ อึ้งตระกูล Actor: Suttinut Uengtrakul (Mild) รับบท ตี๋ - Character: Tee อาชีพ นักศึกษา คณะ นิเทศศาสตร์ - Occupation: University Student of Arts & Communications. *ผมอาจดูเพ้อๆ แต่ก็รักเธอจริง - I may seem crazy; but I truly love you too. * * * ชื่อ นิเนย์ จูได๋ - Actress: Meenay Jutai รับบท ครูปัท - Character: „Teacher“ Pad อาชีพ ข้าราชการ คุณครู โรงเรียน มัธยม - Occupation High school teacher. * ถึงหน้าจะดู ดราม่าตัวจริงนี้ฮานะจ๊ะ - This is going to be a real good drama. * * * ชื่อ วิธวัฒน์ สิงห์ลำพอง Actor: Witawat Singlampong (Ball) รับบท บอล - Character: Ball อาชีพ ข้าราชการ อาจารย์ มหาวิทยาลัย - Occupation: University professor *หน้าผมอาจดูร้าย แต่เป็นผู้ชายน่ารักนะครับ - I may look evil... but I am a sweet guy. * * * ชื่อ วิธวินทีวีระวิทยานันท์ - Actor: Vittawin Veeravidhayanant (Best) รับบท เจต - Character: Jaet อาชีพ นักศึกษา คณะ นิเทศศาสตร์ - Occupation: University Student of Arts & Communications. *ถ้าอยากได้เธอมาเป็นแฟน ต้องทำคะแนนอย่างไร - If you want someone to become your fan; How to win their attention? * * * ชื่อ คริสโตเฟอร์ โจนาธาน รอย เชฟ - Actor: Christopher Chaafe (Chris The Star 9) รับบท ธอร์ - Character. Thor อาชีพ เทรนเนอร์ ฟิตเนส/สอนภาษาอังกฤษ ผ่าน live สด - Occupation: Fitness trainer / LIVE App english teacher ไม่สนิท ให้เรียก ธอร์ สนิทมาก ค่อยเรียกเทอ - Without intimacy; called Thor and got a nice intimate. * * * ชื่อ เศรษฐพงษ์ หงส์กิตติกุล - Actor: Sattapong Hongkittikul (Sgot) รับบท แม็กช์ - Character: Mack อาชีพ เทรนเนอร์ฟิตเนส/สอนออกกำลังกายผ่านliveสด - Occupation: Fitness trainer / LIVE App english teacher ถ้ามองหน้าดูเกรง ลองเปลี่ยนมาเล็งที่หัวใจ - When you look at me, do it well; do it with your mind and hear. * * * ชื่อ ณัฏฐ์ธรรศ คุณากรเกีตรติ - Actor: Nattawat Khunakkatrati รับบท ครูชาย - Character „teacher“ Chaai อาชีพ ข้าราชการ ครูโรงเรียนมัธยม: Occupation: High School Teacher อยากให้เธอมาเป็นนักเรียน จะได้สอนเขียนคำว่ารัก - I want you to be a good student; teaching with love. * * * ชื่อ ปาร์ค แจอิล Actor: Paad Jaein (Tiger Jay) รับบท ไทเกอร์ - Character: Tiger ชาวต่างชาติ /นักท่องเที่ยว - Visiting foreigner tourist (Korean) คาจิมา แปลว่าอย่าไป รักหมดใจ ซารังเฮ - Don’t leave me; I love you will all my heart: SaRangHe (I love you) * * * To be updated * * * * * * Social Media to Follow this up-coming Series Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bybesttwin/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/besttwins_official/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/besttwinsseries * * * NOTICE * * * This Head Post will be updated permanently Cheers
  6. Endings that either made you angry or extremely sad. Things you want to change.
  7. Did not find a topic where you can ask a question. The fact is that I started watching the old drama and wanted to write a review about it. But it turned out that the theme of the drama went to the archive. And I want to know, is it possible to get the threads from dozens of archives? After all, someone can just start watching the old series, but nothing can not write about it. But you want to discuss it with like-minded people!
  8. Also known as: The Past Life/Previous Lives, is the Remake of Tae Pang Korn (1988) and Tae Pang Korn (2005), The story begans when Rachawadee (Ann) started her career as a teacher at a famous school,located near the remorse palace of the royal family. In the car, on the way from the main gates, she sees a handsome man dressed in a white suit watching her from behind the trees. Rachawadee felt strange as she looks into his eyes but ignored it. All the teachers at this school shared a dorm near the palace.The first day Rachawadee slept in the teacher's dorm she dreamt of the remorse palace. Someone was quitely calling out her name until she awoke. She saw the palace through the window of her room. Eventually she entered the royal family's palace. On the wall to the left of the door, there was a portrait of a woman who look like Rachawadee. She later discover that the portrait was the painting of Chak Nang Noi, the bride of the owner of the palace. Chak Nang Noi was a beautiful princess from the Kingdom of the Laos. Although she was a royal princess she was not akcnowledge because she was not from the Royal Thai family. Chak Nang Noi was visiting her aunt who was also the concubine of the Thai king. The prince, Than Chai was enchated by Chak Nang Noi's beauty and her beatiful heart. As a evidence of his love, Than Chai compose a beautiful song titled Lao Man Kaew and ask for Chak Nang Noi's hand in marriage.Than Chai's mother wanted him to marry a royal Thai Princess named Ying Tham instead. She hated that Chak Nang Noi was Laotian and not Thai. The upset Thai Princess and Queen sought after to find trouble for Chak Nang Noi. Despite all the trouble Than Chai continued on with his wedding and built by the side of a lake, a beautiful white palace as a gift to his Laotian wife. On the night of their wedding, happy to have married the woman of his dream, Than Chai walks in to find his new bride poisoned and her life quickly withering away. As he held her for the last time, Chak Nang Noi promised him she will always be his no matter how many lifetimes she has to live. After the Death of Chak Nang Noi, her name was never spoken of again. Her murder left unsolved, her belonging burned and her servants kicked out. The palace was left with a dreadful atmosphere. Many people spoke of the cursed royal family. Furious with the unsolved murder of Chak Nang Noi, the King left the Palace and died in another city. Prince Than Chai also grew sick and died with a broken heart, calling Chak Nang Noi name until his last breath. The Queen, left alone, grew lonesome and died a tragic death. The Thai Princess, though didn't die, lived a long and empty life. Rachawadee met the man she saw the first day she came in through the gate. He tells her of the story of the the royal family and all their pain. Rachawadee later discover the he was a ghost roaming the palace. But he wasn't just any ordinary ghost, he was the ghost of Prince Than Chai, tormented and still waiting for his Chak Nang Noi to return. Rachawadee was moved by the murder of Chak Nang Noi. She was determined to find out who murdered Chak Nang Noi. But with this determination she embarks on a dangerous and heart-aching journey. Was Rachawadee really Than Chai's Chak Nang Noi? And if she was, how could they ever be together. How many more lifetimes did they have to be tormented before they could be together? Credits: Tae Pang Korn (2005) Son Songpaisarn as Than Chai Yai View Wannarot Sontichai as Jao Nang Noy (Maan Kaew - 1st life) || Rachawadee (2nd life) Toomtam Yuthana Puengklarng as Jirayus Namthip Jongrachatawiboon (Bee) as H.S.H Wilailayka Charebelle Lanlalin as Sawanya Cee Hathaiphat as Tawin Ep. ( with Eng Subs) ep. 1- 12 : http://www.downvids.net/eng-tae-pang-korn-2017-episode-01-full-1048931.html#embedArea Dailymotion Ep.
  9. In Yuqi's new Vlive, she called Shuhua and apparently Shuhua is working on a drama right now. What's your opinion on this? And what drama do you think Shuhua will be starring in? Here are the clips from Vlive:
  10. Title: LOVE BEYOND FRONTIER Native Language: อุบัติรักข้ามขอบฟ้า Official: Facebook Official: Instagram Network: GMM 25 Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama Director: Dan Worrawech Danuwong Aired: ay 12, 2019 - Aug 4, 2019 Aired On: Sunday Episod: 13 (source) (will update soon) Related Content Ubatruk Karmkobfah (Thai original story) Official Trailer LOVE BEYOND FRONTIER OST MAIN ROLE (Click their name for Instagram) Krist Perawat Sangpotirat (พีรวัส แสงโพธิรัตน์) as Wang Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom (ทิพนารี วีรวัฒโนดม) as Pat New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun (ฐิติภูมิ เดชะอภัยคุณ) as Win Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat (รมิดา จิรนรภัทร) as Ple SUPPORT ROLE (Click their name for Instagram) Tai Penpak Sirikul (เพ็ญพักตร์ ศิริกุล) as Rose Leo Saussay (เลโอ โซสเซย์) Um Apasiri Nitibhon (อาภาศิริ นิติพน) as Pa Nicky Nachat Juntapun (ณฉัตร จันทพันธ์) source EPISOD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  11. My list is increasing A place in the sun Sea of a woman Home for summer I wanna hear your song - Heartstrings - Feel Good to Die - Are you human too - Who are you: school 2015 - Sunny Again Tomorrow - Winter Sonata - Lovely Horribly - Liver or Die - My Only one - Marry me Mary -
  12. Love Lie Hide Fake - แกล้งแอ๊บแอบรักซีรีส์ Thai BL Themed Series that started on Saturday, 2 June 2018 Starring: Thuchapon K (as sattaya) & Kaimook Apasiri (as Jingjai) BEST Anavil (as Magic) & Pop Khamgasem (as P'Game) This Series is a TV Channel 3 Production, for the MELLO APP Thailand (2018) There are 4 lead actors for this series. If you notice 3 are men, only one girl... so we will have two main couples falling in love and growing feelings for each other. The lead couple will be the boy & girl couple... (Sattaya & Jingjai) looking for a happy end by the end of the Series; The other one is a boy & boy couple (Magic & P'Game).... and even if P'Game will be trying to get close to Sattaya at the beginning thinking he is gay, it is going to be Magic the one playing Sattaya's "fake" boyfriend, the one he will end together with. It is going to be a huge mix of emotions and feelings... true and confused... so that is going to be difficult for all - mostly - to be certain of whom they truly love. THE TRAILER (with Eng Subs on CC) The 4 lead actors actors Thuchapon K (as Sattaya) Sattaya character video presentation (with Eng Subs on CC) IG > https://www.instagram.com/jobbiijob/ *** Kaimook Apasiri K (as Jingjai) Jingjai character video presentation IG - https://www.instagram.com/kmkmpearl/ *** Best Anavil (as Magic) Magic character video presentation (with Eng Subs on CC) IG - https://www.instagram.com/anavil.ish/ *** Pop Khamgasem (as P'Game) P'Game character video presentation (with Eng Subs on CC) IG - https://www.instagram.com/pop_khamgasem/ *** Special Guest (as P'Mayawie) *** The playlist to all the episodes available on YouTube Up to Episode 7 (Saturday, 14 July 2018) Channel MELLO Thailand NOTICE Lazy Subber BL cuts with Eng Subs EP 1 to 5 More coming up... Cheers....!!
  13. A bunch of people I know, don’t know much about Korean entertainment, let alone K-pop, and how massive it is. Help me show them what a big part of our lives it has become.... How and what got you into Korean entertainment (if it doesn’t relate to a k-pop group as already discussed in a previous thread)? It could be the time you saw a music video playing at McDonald’s in New York City or your aunt was watching a Korean drama on TV, or your little sister insisted on watching a Korean variety show and you had nothing else to do……or you were traveling and came across a K-pop product. What do you think differentiates Korean entertainment from other countries? What about it makes you thirsty for more? Would you consider it a gateway to Korean culture? Have you looked into other things about Korea and Korean culture after you were hooked on K-entertainment? Is visiting Korea on your bucket list? Do you semi-understand Korean and have you added random Korean words in your daily language? Have you ever bought something because you saw it on TV or your favorite K-celeb wear or use it? SHARE WHY IT’S SO SPECIAL AND WHY YOU LOVE IT ALL. THE REASONS WHY YOU’RE HOOKED ONCE YOU START (don't hesitate to pm me too!)
  14. Do you watch K-Dramas? Take this short survey and let me know how you watch and how you pick which Dramas to watch. This survey is part of my research for my thesis project on the global appeal of Korean Dramas. Reach out if you have any questions! https://link.medium.com/TPVZTKubQU
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