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  1. I’ve liked him ever since Misty and Sunset in my hometown. He’s a great actor! He was superb in Misty! Where did you find the special episode? What show did they appear on? Crossing my fingers they’ll sub it!!
  2. I agree with you! it seemed that at one point it would turn a little romantic, and was looking forward to him leaving priesthood to be able to pursue a romantic relationship with the prosecutor/detective but the hit confused when then Pope cane Lol. Then in the last scene, I understood that they had all decided to fight crime but with a costume theme. The prosecutor said something like: you missed the theme for today since he came dressed as a monk, Lol and not a priest. So I guess I thought he can’t keep fighting crime as a priest, Lol. YES! I thought the rising moon reference was very interesting also, I caught on early on. If only all scandals can be taken care of by Kim tsunami! I’m really looking forward to a season two with the same characters, otherwise might not be as fun. Not sure when they’ll be able to squeeze it in though since I saw the female detective already has a new drama coming out. I bet offers for other movies/dramas are quickly coming their way....
  3. Loved the show! A few questions.... 1. What happened to the money? 2. Did he leave priesthood, it didn’t seem like it. 3. Where do I watch the special episode? please help!
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