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  1. 4 hours ago, sejabin said:

    I only watch 2 kdramas this year Goblin and The King Loves.. Goblin still the best and perfect story for me and the lead actors can bring all feels and emotions perfectly on the screen.. But The King Loves is special because I meet you all guys in here and I learned very much from all of you..


    I am sory that I must to take my leave now.. kdramaswimmer eonnie I love u to the moon and back, and I'm sure u know that.. ( I called u eonnie because I was born 1 month earlier than u ^_*) but I must to leave ur beautiful household now.. and all of u guys.. I love u all. no exception.. 


    *sejabin bow down mode on..


    ~~~~ good bye my friends ~~~~

    Sejabin, honey I need you to finish your Rin fanfic. You can't leave

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  2. 2 hours ago, eunsan2017 said:

    :joy: Ha ha hahahahaha!!! I am literally going to die laughing...just now, to replenish my very low oxygen supply, I put my face in front of a very big industrial fan...inhale...exhale...:sweat_smile: :mask:   Omo!  I'm flying...! The wind...the wind......it's soooo stronngggggggg... !  

    When the wind  blowssssssssss  ...^^^^embraces a tree trunk for survival ^^^^

    Thanks for "entering " chingu... That shippy observation even became more insanely crazy...

    Mua ha ha ha ha!   :tounge_wink:

    Thanks, chingu...our crazy love for RinSan makes us do things we never did before.. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Yes, they are REALLY comfortable with each other and seem to be inseparable whenever they're together...as if they can't get enough of each other...


    @sejabin  my crazy twin, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU 

    Ahem.... ^^^ gets ready for a production number^^^



        If I can only TELL THE GENIE MY WISH...OH! Please, let it be real for HJH-Yoona...Then I will shout... GEE! GEE! GEE! GEE! GEE!  Because Yoona's GOT A BOY! who wants to be her MR. MR. Although he has a LION HEART-strong, loyal, fierce, but he is gentle and caring...bringing her INTO THE NEW WORLD of True Love..He says to her, " Everyday, I want to go on KISSING YOU, because ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU. My love is INDESTRUCTIBLE...

    So, chingus! Declare a HOLIDAY! Let's throw a PARTY that will last

    ALL NIGHT! Let's HOOT! Our precious couple is finally COMPLETE!







    My SONE heart :cry: I love it!!! Thanks!  :heart:

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  3. 1 hour ago, Eleonora said:

    Hi! New RinSan shipper here! ❤
    I just finished watching TKL and I completely fell in love with our OTP *__* I absolutely love everything about the drama and I was SO happy with the ending (but I cried a lot for Won, mainly thanks to Siwan's acting). Thanks to the BTS clips now I ship HJH and Yoona too (and I stalk breathlesssurvival's blog daily) ❤ ❤ ❤
    I wanted to contribute to the thread with two BTS videos with eng subs that I just found.
    (sorry if I made some mistakes but english is not my first language and I'm new to soompi)



    Welcome!! I hope you will have fun here! 

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  4. 2 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

    liked this clip, combining the Vlive with clips of drama


    cr. Ynk kpopkdrama


    in the bible, words that described affection, one of which i loved a lot, in a subtle yet very deep sense: Smitten.

    it spelled a total 'defeated' sense of being given completely, surrendered completely by an unexpected overwhelmed of feels, a utter committed affection.
    "smitten" is always the words the Bible used to described in ancient days how a man loved his woman, between RinSan, (in a certain sense at those bts) i felt "smitten" feels.
    that was how we always found in those bts... isn't.  smitten, is the words we described Rin and San,

    and HJH/Yoona. i do not want to wish too hard. if it shall be in God's plan, it will be by God's grace, and we shall know in God's timing.

    so just pray for them... while supportive. i mentioned to some good-friends i won't wish to ship real artistes, just want to ship characters. its hard not to i know. but the chemistry on screens is really no joke, chemistry bts also overwhelming . the feels of watching Healer, W2Worlds returns when you die-die feels like shipping them because of bts. its bts that created ships, i always believed.



    Yeah, God knows what's best for them. I just pray for their happiness, specially for my Yoona. Only God knows if they are meant for each other or not. I just enjoy their friendship.

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  5. Just now, KdramaSwimmer said:

    if you haven't watched Healer yet.. plz do try it once and i hope (and do believe) that you will like it.... hand chemistry is really great there too...

    its my all time #1 drama...hv watched it twice fully

    I tried to watch it like 2 years ago but I stopped at the middle of the 1st episode because I had so many things to do (homeworks, real life, ect..) But I will try again later.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

    indeed and that's the reason we all are here to appreciate her being the mastermind and we being the victim of that explosive RinSan chemistry...:wub:

    She is really good. I haven't watch Healer, people say it is good. I will watch it later.


    Just now, beachesonthesky said:


    IKR! total handporn! Both their hands are beautiful but together... just guhhhh...so perfect, so swoony. No need for a kiss, the handholding is enough hahaha

    Yes! They have beautiful hands. I'm envy hahaha. You got the point. It's already intimate they just holding hands. Imagine if they do something more.......omg I would not handle it:D 

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  7. 2 hours ago, KdramaSwimmer said:


    @Alisson Rojas welcome to thread dear and we are on same page abt the Power of those handsome hands...and as in vlive HJH mentioned His hands are the most beautiful feature of his body. so i guess PDnim knew that before making his hands almost as important as male lead himself in this whole drama.

    and that scene... was so hauntingly beautiful. as is his hands had heart and brain of their own, wanted to caress her hair, wanted to hug her back,wanted to giver her everything he ever dreamed of...but all of a sudden he realized He Couldn't being RIN... so his hands had to back off...

    but i loved that scene so much.. 


    Thank you so much dear!! Yeah, the hands thing is so... idk like romantic and with a deeper meaning. It's so beautiful. I'm glad they decided to show us this because I think is something different. At least for me. 

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  8. 9 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    @KdramaSwimmer @sakura22 @liltash85 @cherryblossomzz @beachesonthesky @lolly84 @saanjh sena @louisawatson @rawrsaidmia @ktcjdrama @janglover @SakuraUchiha @sejabin @Callie Jung @yara530 @Juni Asat @syifa @hari_jo @kim_nuong @doraemimi  @Alisson Rojas @Dina Rensita @mili carvalho

    and some of the chingus here, which i will tag later.


    dearly beloved RinSaners, Selfless-shippers, (there should be more... sorry if i really missed out your names.)
    i delicate to you, my WangRin-Household, what i do best and enjoy doing for ALL my past dramas (Healer / W2worlds / Goblin /Remember)... i collects dialogues, and quotes, i treasured them above all because in my areas of ministry, the best honest way. is always

    'scripture interpret scripture', direct autograph instead of apograph, so collection of characters' quotes are my interests. Direct, simple, raw. Let the character himself 'speak' for himself .

    reporting to KdramaSwommer's tagging and gentle persuasion, i quit on my way out back to dramabeans, i return here.

    it shall be long, so it will be in spoiler;

      Reveal hidden contents

    Rin & San:


    Rin: “I commanded her. I was the one who put the men who were murdered in that house. I was also the one who ordered her to go to that house. She is the woman I love… The woman I love was captured… and is bleeding. What man would not interfere? – E5




    Rin “… a happy memory. You can often think about them, throughout your life. When life becomes difficult, and you need something to lean on, that is what memories are supposed to be.” – E6




    Rin: “you don’t forget things like that! Look at me, Lady San. I’ll find a way. If Han Cheon finds out about this, sure he’ll make a fuss, but we’ll find a way so… you won’t be able to endure it, being with someone like him, harbouring those feelings, you won’t last a day!” – E7




    Rin: “I should have brought a carriage… you’re laughing… I see it now, even when it’s covered.  It’s a relief i was worried you would be crying all the time.
    San: “I see... you were worried about me all this time…”
    Rin: “I was.” - E7




    San: “he wouldn’t be able to endure it.  He doesn’t seem like someone who can hold something back.”
    Rin (and me?... How do you think I will be?)
    San: “that person, I’d like him to continue to not know in the future. Go on living without knowing it and then come to forget it.”
    Rin (try to guess my feelings too.)
    San: “I suppose I will have to live the rest of my life with this covering. He wont be finding out where I am living and doing what anyway.”
    Rin: “But I know.” – E7




    Rin to San: “Because you were, the woman my master loved. He loved you from the start.” – E8




    Rin to San: “Any Injuries?... it’s a relief. That you didn’t get any beating. That you are not injured.” – E10




    Rin to San: “your father is safe with your Master Lee, he is now with Master Lee... are you hurt… I was so afraid of losing you.” – E12


    R “Wait…. Don’t move.… he’ll be expecting it.  He’s always prepared. Sometimes, I hope he doesn’t overthink things. But he doesn’t stop thinking. He keeps thinking nonstop…. you might make it worse if you touch it… Have a good night.” – E12






    Rin to Won: “Can you tell from one’s blood, how decent that person is, or how much he cares for the people, everyone has the same red blood, so I cannot tell. That is why I ignore the Bloodline, and focus on the Person.” – E3




    Rin to dad: “I only have to be careful from time to time, but I feel bad for the crown prince, He cannot show what is truly in his heart, to the king or the Queen, What kind of a son, would get so nervous whenever he sees their parents?” – E3




    Rin to Won: “There are countless people trying to bring you down at whatever the cost. But you don’t know what you shouldn’t say or do.... That’s why, why are you standing up for someone who may be out of the king’s favour... My own biological brother is eyeing your seat on the throne, Crown Prince! How can you be so sure I don’t feel the same way?” – E3




    Rin to Won: “There are birds that can’t smile within a cage.” – E4




    Rin to Won: “give it to her yourself, she will like that.”- E6




    (Remembering what Won said “That’s why I can make this request on you. To ask you to bring to me the woman, I behold in my heart. Me, as a man, to you, another man.”
    Rin to dad: “she is not someone I can hold romantic feelings for.” – E7




    Rin: “please send me instead of my sister. I will go there as a non-service hostage. I will go wherever you tell me to. I can go to the front line. Or I can even go to build a rampart or dig stone. I will go wherever you tell me to for as long as you want me there. Until you tell me to return. I will not come back… I prefer that he does not know… he will blame you for a few days, but he will forget me soon… he will not. He loves and respects you.” – E8




    Rin: “As I thought, His Highness does not have any idea. I wish to leave, not because of His Highness. I wish to leave… because of me… it is because my heart is crumbling piece by piece every day.” – E9




    Rin to Dan: “the closer you are. The worse you will feel. 12 times more… that is why, you must give up… No. I think we are so much alike. Dan-ah, I am sorry. I am really sorry. I came to say that.” – E9




    Rin to Won, “In that case, why did you hold onto her?... have you asked her, if she would stay by your side?...  what if she says no… when you ask her?… are you going to make a huge cage for her?
    … what if she is unhappy? What if she is unhappy in your cage? … How could you be so sure?” – E11




    Rin to JangEui: “I kept looking back, I was never like this before… I keep recalling, I am regretting why I told her that… how I wish I hadn’t let her go like that…. ever since then, I can’t stop thinking about it, keeps thinking in my mind.”– E12





    Won asked San: “Why did you ask me not to chose you as my wife?  Is it because you have someone else in mind?”
    S: “I found out that for Young Master Lin to stay, Lady Dan had to become your wife..,  Well, I will just go and …”
    “… Its fine… I am worried about my father, if you hear about him… Can I ask you to look after my father…”
    “… Master Lin fought with the king’s soldiers for me, So... “ – E11




    i am in the midst of compiling, not done, there should even be changes, i will rewatch a 3rd round completely this coming weekend, Sat/Sun nites. then i will do a weekly summary per ep touched on the quotes of that ep. note that i am not a good writer. i dont make senses, grammitical errors shamelessly plenty.

    but here i report to Rin's household, joinin u guys late.(oh, i forget, he is anonymous now. )


    ---a Mary that beg for patient as she is changing, hopefully a better mary, more lonelier, but hopefully will be disciplined.

    .will update the rest of eps by this weekend. 

    Thanks!!! Ahhhh I miss The King in Love so much!! 

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  9. Thank you guys for create this beautiful thread. I was feeling sad because The King In Love thread is no longer working and I didn't get enough of RinSan and WonSanRin. I'm glad we have this now. I'm not good at writing since english is not my first languague, well I'm not good at writing in my first language either lol however, I love to read people's thoughts about RinSan. I can't write good because I'm not good at expressing my feelings. I hope I will get beautiful thoughts in this thread. 

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    1 hour ago, USAFarmgirl said:







    When I look back at all those moments these three characters have given I am reminded of where they started the friendship that they shared.  The give and take and all the beauty in between.  The sacrifices that were made one for the other sometimes noticed often not so much.  Yet still there was a bond much thicker and stronger than any blood could have made them for they were a family of their own in so many ways...








    I have been a Ran & San supporter for some time but in these last few episodes it surprised even me that I felt my heart being pulled by Won not because I ever doubted his love for San.  Because I have none about that...  Even more was the realization that if I were asked which of the these two amazing men need her more I know the answer to that as well...  Won..  He said it best himself to San in so many words... You're the only one on my side left.  You're the only one I can trust.  Even more it's what he didn't say but I felt it in his body language.  You're the very thing that allows me to breathe in this place and the only thing that gives my very existence meaning...








    The truth is on the flip side when it comes to Ran he also loves San so very much and has had to endure holding himself and his heart back not because his feelings were less.  No way!! But because his heart is large enough to hold Won within it too...  He deserves her just as much and could give her a more peaceful life and I believe her father wanted that more than anything for her. Ran was her fathers choice. Maybe because as a father he understood her nature who she was that happiness isn't easy to hold onto it's why he wanted to place her far away where she could live a life without the turmoil of a kingdom or a crown...








    I am at a place where I am no longer on team Ran Or team Won but more about being on team San and that of her own heart, her own feelings and what it is that lies deep within her...  Personally if I were asked to guess I would say she won't have to choose.  For I think Won will do the choosing for her.  After the expression on his face from stabbing Ran and how his eyes looked so full of unbelief and regret..








    I feel that this time he will be the one to make that sacrifice and step back.  Like Ran has done for him so many times...  And in the end gives San the ultimate gift her freedom. Knowing that when you really love someone you love them more than yourself.  Realizing it's about her happiness and safety no matter how hard it would be for him, still knowing and in the end being comforted by the fact that she would be protected by the one man he knew and trusted who had his whole life protected him... Ran...




    Just my feelings....:heart:  One things for sure I love these 3 characters and thankful that because of the actors who brought them to life I got to enjoy them.....




    I'm in tears!! I think this was the intention of SJN. This kind of love you know ❤ awwww



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    16 minutes ago, sejabin said:















    he is still alive, sis.. which is the reason Why I can continue to watch.. but still avoiding last night ep ..
















    this is the 1st time I see a man can love both the woman he loves and his friend as big as Rin .. unfortunately my heart is just too small to be able to bear last night ep. so I am avoiding last night ep until next monday. I can't think clear right now.. 












    I really hope so because if he isn't then there is no reason for me to continue.



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    Just now, KdramaSwimmer said:



















    i could feel that absolutely same as you said... Won was is no mood of seeing things from any others perspective. the moment he saw San there his ego hit him hard... she is here for Rin and what about me ? Am i nothing for her ? in that fraction of second he was not the CP won but the Won (who got pushed by san many times already) he was already angry with Rin for siding the king and San's presence there was the last nail to make him go ready for some bloodshed...












    he is very well alive... written preview for next week mentions San sitting beside unconscious Rin... so you can continue watching...




    Thanks God!!!



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  13. Just now, figchen said:


    The problem with Won all this time was that he didn't really listen. Yes, he said over and over again - come to me and talk to me. But did he really hear at least once what he didn't want to? No. It's unrealistic to conduct dialogue with someone who says that ready to listen, but rejects words that are not pleasant to him. Rin had no choice but to show to Won that he's on the wrong track. He made Won to stop and start thinking this his head again.

    True. This situation is so heartbreaking. Please, someone tag me if Rin is alive. I can't continue watching...

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  14. On 8/30/2017 at 9:34 PM, Bambiina said:

    Actually the way I see it - Rin is the better man for San. If we compare Rin and Won quality - Rin is far more better than Won. It is sad to say writer has written Won to be a man with flaws and Rin almost perfect. We can't debate about it - It's as clear as day and night. Even RIn wardrobes is prettier than Won's no pun intended (again subjective - could be because HJH wore them)

    If we call judges around the world - they will tell you that - Rin is the better man.

    So what I am looking for is actually signs in the drama - base on the material given to us - ie scenes, is there any chance at all for Won? (I know some people will find it hard to believe what some see in Won> But you have to remember even the worst conman might have someone that love him dearly - that the reason in real life we often see some people continue to be with the person she loves despite him being a scumbag). Love is blind and Love is not always right. Actually you shouldn't love blindly (not meant for the drama though - in this drama I want San to be 'blind')

    It is not us - it's who San like/love - like Mary said - It's San not us ... The WonSaniers are looking for -CLUES-. Those clues may or may not mean anything. May be we are being over analyzing (that the fun of Kdrama). Only time will tell. May be we will get our answer next week.

    Anyway - I think sometime we forget that we are actually defending a man full of flaws (since childhood Won is the 'selfish ones). Wahahaha I have to say - this to myself and my fellow WonSanier (whether you are half or trueblood WonSanier) - Accept that fact :D 

    *90 degree bow to yourhighness and my angel - LOVe YOU BOTH -

    *runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and hide




    Exactly. After all, it's San who has to choose, not us. I loved your comment and that you accept the fact. Sorry for my bad english! I'm still learning.

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