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  1. Please check out our New Forum Tutorial and Tips How to post images *images must already be uploaded somewhere before posting* Click the “Insert other media” button on the bottom right of the editor, and click “Insert image from URL” Tip: When posting images from sites like Photobucket, be sure to remove the excess characters after the .jpg or .png before adding it to the post. Tip: Use the functions in the editor instead of bbcode to get a true preview of your post (once all the color & font issues are resolved :P) Alternative way to post pictures: Right click on image, select ‘Copy Image’, and press ‘Ctrl+V’. Original question: i know this is a dumb question...im a comp idiot... hey soz if this topic has already been made or if it's really stupid.... but just wondering...can you actually post images straight from your computer or do you have to enter the URL of an image that is already online? (um i dun really know how to post an image online either....) so can someone please help? Thanks ~
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