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  1. On 6/30/2017 at 8:48 PM, fdsa22 said:


    I've been looking for Ye Hua/Bai Qian fanfic for a while now! I'm so glad that you decided to write some. If you know any other fanfics that involve this pairing or is just set in the 3L3W world, would you mind sharing them?

    Glad to see a fellow reader of these fanfics! :)

    Here is a great story on Mo Yuan and him finding his happily ever after on the Problematic of the Unproblematic Site.

    Another story on Ye Hua/Bai Qian - about the story after. It's a short story. 10 Miles of Red Lanterns

    Another site - a slightly raunchy read about Ye Hua / Bai Qian or Mo Yuan / Bai Qian. You get to pick. Site Link. I think the author is writing a second story, but I haven't checked that out yet

    I don't know if you have access to kindle books on Amazon - but the English translation of the book : To the Sky Kingdom is also available. I felt the translation was sufficient (although native speakers do have issues with it). I felt reading the book gave me crucial insight into Bai Qian's character, which sometimes the drama lacked.

    Check them out. If you google Ye Hua and Bai Qian fanfics, I'm sure you'll be able to find more. I remember a couple more, but these were the links I had on hand.

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  2. On 6/13/2017 at 10:26 AM, lovehuche said:

    I was just into this drama this weekend.  I just wonder if this was discussed early or not.  I just wonder if BB's master has any romantic feelings for her.  I felt like it but not sure if other people think the same way.  Glad it didn't go that way in the drama. 


    They showed him definitely having feelings in the drama. But I loved how mature he was about it.  He saw that she loved Ye Hua, she was happy, and she had a child with him (seemingly), and he backed off without ever confessing.

    It's not as clear in the book, but that's because the book is from Bai Qian's point of view and she is just that dense. Although, from the small hints they throw out (shifu being extra quiet, hand freezing, spilling tea), it's also the same for the book.

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  3. Not sure if anyone would be interested, but thought I'd throw it out there. I am working on an Alternate Universe story for Eternal Love/3310.

    Some fans have argued that Ye Hua had an unfair advantage over Shifu because Ye Hua and Su Su loved each other, thereby making it easier for BQ to love Ye Hua.

    I'm trying to write a story on what would have happened if Ye Hua never met Su Su, how would he fall in love with Bai Qian? How would she love a reserved/cold Ye Hua? And what would their love story be like? And since I completely believe that Ye Hua and Bai Qian were meant to be, this will definitely be a love story.

    Please check it out: No Light: A 3 Lives, 3 Worlds AU Story

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    thank you, cute girl, for the torrents. you're a lifesaver.








    I'm interested in watching this drama, not because of any particular actor (since i don't know most of them in here), but because it's, hopefully, something light. and the need for a woman to get married before a certain age is so cliched, that I want to see how the drama handles this topic. I'm hoping for something fresh and new. I'll even settle for something not so melodramatic (currently watching Will it Snow?, so getting my full dose of that in that drama :D ).








    I probably won't get to see the first subtitles come out. well, happy watching to all of us.





  5. Hi, everybody. I'm a new fan of Lee Bo Young's. Didn't really like her in Save the Last Dance For Me, and thought that she was nothing special. But when I saw her in "Queen of the Game", I realized that I was just put off by her character in Last Dance. I loved how she portrayed her character in Queen of the Game. She went from a vulnerable girl, to a woman in love, to a mother, and made the transition beautifully. And she gets prettier and prettier upon closer inspection.

    As I was looking for Queen of the Game on DVD recently, I realized they hadn't realized any version with good english subtitles. As you can probably tell, I was highly disappointed, since I unfortunately don't speak Korean and don't know how to burn WITHS2's great subs onto a DVD for personal home viewing.

    I made a request at YA Entertainment, asking them if they'd be releasing this drama. They told me it was on their list of possibles, but that they release dramas based on how many requests they get. So, I just wanted to ask all you to go to their site and make that request, please. :blush: The link is:



  6. Hi everybody,

    I'm a new fan of Joo Jin Mo's, mainly from Queen of the Game. And I'm loving his character in Punch (even though I'm watching it without subtitles(except for the 1st three episodes).

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but YA Entertainment is considering whether they will buy the rights to Queen of the Game and release an official DVD with their usual quality subtitles. I know for english speakers like me, that would be heaven sent. I want to see him on my TV :blush: and my old computer is ill-equipped for burning DVDs. :tears:

    But YA Entetainment only releases the dramas that get the most requests. So, anyone who wants the drama to be released in the US (I don't know if they'd also release it outside the US), then please go and make a request at http://yaentertainment.com/about.html.









    Well, let's see, I recommend all the authors I've listed, but I'd highly recommend the bolded ones.








    If you're in the mood for vampire romances, you can try:








    J.R. Ward's, The Blackdagger Brotherhood and








    Christine Feehan's Carpathian series.




    --she also writes magical and military/paranormal stories.








    If Contemporary romances:








    Jayne Ann Krentz




    Lynne Graham




    Christina Dodd




    Susan Elizabeth Phillips








    Historicals (don't really know what period) -




    Christina Dodd




    Julia Quinn




    Amanda Quick




    Stephanie Laurens (earlier novels).




    Johanna Lindsey (especially "Once a Princess" - I secretly imagine F4 and San Chai as the characters :blush: ).








    Futuristic -








    Jayne Castle




    Dara Joy
















    :w00t: Goongness gracious... lolz...




    hsinyi069, thank you again for posting this!!




    All Shin & CG shippers/campers should watch it......it's a MUST.




    ..... especially when you're stuck in your office and haven't even downloaded the LQ version yet,




    this is even SO much better than the LQ! lol!




    Just what I wanted to see.... all the scenes between Shin & CG only XD








    This is the clip of JUST the sweet scene b/w Shin and CG in epi 15+16:








    credit to Clare from koreanwind








    Thank you Clare for making this clip!!




    boy... my heart rate seems to be unstable since last nite becoz of Goong :lol:








    *relief&happy sigh* :wub:




    I'm so happy for CG... :tears: ... that hug scene is soooo sweet... the sweetest of all! and when he kissed her head.... *dies*..... *aaaaaaaaaaaah* <--- scream of joy LOL!













    THANK YOU!!!! thanks for posting this and to Clare for making it. It was so sweet and actually made me go "AWWWW!" We finally get a moment of peace in all the chaos going on. Can't wait to watch the episodes.








    Thanks once again.










    oh and btw,...


    I know that we're running behind on the subs. Mianhne!


    one of our subbing members had a computer problem, so yeah~~.... stuffs happen :D




    BUT... the good news is...




    Episode 10 subs is here!





    Episode 10 subs

    Main Translators: surreal_ellezier, liquidfir, yeohweping

    Spot Translator: yeohweping

    Timers: spring, J.Lee, ay_link

    Editor/QC: ay_link

    Special thanks to Jun Ji for the Thai translations ^_^










    THANK YOU for the subs. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy lives to make it so that people like us could fully enjoy the show with english subs. Thank you!!!!




    Episode 7 Eppie awards are here




    go forth and read!






    Thank you for the delightful Eppie awards. I absolutely loved reading these for PGSM, and I LOVE reading them for Goong. They bring back a lot of good memories of the episodes, and I love the "most romantic" category. Loved the awards for this episode, because i loved the episode. Can't wait to see more of these. Keep up the good work.



    I love the atmosphere in this thread!!! I think the only reason I started watching Goong was because everyone was raving about it, and doing it constructively. I love how all members are so quick to share the episodes, pictures, songs, eppie awards, mahnwa updates, etc. I am extremely grateful to everyone's hardwork. And I just wanted to take my first post in the thread to thank everyone that has worked so hard on this. Thank you for all the hard work!!!!




    I think it's so funny how everyone is united in their hatred of hyorin, but is peacefully divided over who should get Chae Gyung (sp?). I have to admit that I myself am equally divided between who should get the maiden at the end. I sense that Shin will be the "better man", but right now Yul seems much sweeter.




    This is the first time I've seen a thread grow from the beginning, and I hope that this friendly, yet slightly, happily obsessive, atmosphere continues until the climax of the drama.




    Once again, thank you for making the Goong-watching experience so fulfilling.


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