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  1. https://mydramalist.com/article/pegasus-market-finding-the-easter-eggs-011013997 Wrote an article on MDL to make ppl a bit more curious about this genius lil gem
  2. The cast of Fiery Priest also guested on 2 separate eps of Happy Together One with Go Jun & the Chief prosecutor (sorry cant recall his name)! & another one with Anh Chang Hwan (Song Sac)+ his wife~ Both eps were really fun! Oho just realized there's also an episode with Chief Borough :O will have to check tht one out too lol Glad to see the whole cast is getting more exposed Song Sac is so innocent~
  3. Been lurking on this thread too~ I havent caught up yet tht's why ^^' I'm interested to see how these characters will develop...
  4. Hello there~ Yeah I do remember your username Enjoy! PS: Sorry I didnt know bout not sharing links, lmk if you can't find it! The show's called We Channel You Ep.22! Omo Go Joon on Knowing Bros? I'm so excited about this !!
  5. I've been lurking on this thread for a bit haha nice to meet you all~ It's been really fun and entertaining to read your thoughts I really loved the drama! & I believe my MDL article (azyjtevol's review) was shared too? Thanks to the user that did! I just really wanted to share this special that got subbed! It has Song Sac, Yo Han & Jang Ryong aka Long Dragon I'm still searching for the other special though! If anybody does find it subbed give me a sign
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