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  1. On 1/18/2016 at 11:37 PM, kilaalaa said:

    The China Chunlan Cup was Oct 25th, so the JH confession was definitely before China. 

    Edit with picture:



    Happy SunTaek kiss anniversary. <3 

    To be quite honestly, I've been browsing around here since May, when I finished the drama, and I thought I had seen all the photos and links that were shared here and gone through every post thoughtfully and articulately put together. But when I had visited again some half a month ago, some things still surprised me. 

    Today I felt like Deoksun when Taek canceled on her, "nothing is working out for me right now." Today was just not a good day at work, and in my life, in general, so I came here to cheer myself up. And it didn't fail me. For one, I found kilaalaa's post there that I quoted. :) It was a good time to look at all the goodies here, again. I wasn't here for the Soompi Shippers Paradise contest and I feel a little sorry about that because the entries were all super awesome. The Blue Marble Game was BEYOND awesome! "Choice," the SunTaek film is so pretty and heartwarming, and brings back all the good feels. 

    I'm just now drying my hair after a good, warm shower to wash the bad vibes of my day away. I don't really know if my words reach any of you, but if you do, I just wanted to say a small thank you for the (virtual) happy company and helping me chase my blues away on this gray day. :) I'm about to put this very long day to rest, and will be taking with me some sweet dreams of a kiss some 18 years ago in a hotel room in Beijing. 

    You guys rock! Keep rockin'.


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  2. Guys, I tried. I really, really, really tried. 

    But I can't. 

    Refrain myself from actually commenting on this thread, that is. :)


    Just a short (or not) story

    I didn't actually watch "Reply 1988" on time--and as I frequently tell everyone who cared to listen, I don't usually follow dramas in real time, so my feelings about dramas are linked to MY seasons, not the actual timeline they've aired. I've always wanted to check out this one, but like everything else in life, I procrastinated on it and have not actually given it a deadline. It was enough for me to have it lying around, and I didn't need to watch it immediately. The reason I tipped over was because of a really good friend, who I saw for lunch after a really really really long time, and she said that she hoped I would watch it because she wanted to discuss the husband. I let it rest and though I said I would, I waited two weeks to actually do. I just happened to be sick with a bad migraine and I had a holiday/day off from work coming up. This was May.

    Flashforward to tvn10 Awards last week.

    And my feels are just all over the place.

    I'm sorry I'm not coherent enough to contribute to the discussion - and besides, being a latecomer (like Taek--or how he's perceived at least), I think there's nothing else I can add to make things more perfect. I'm looking forward to the DVD releases, and hope our fellow fans will share new content and interesting material from it. :)


    You guys rock. I'm still reading everything!

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  3. Hello @KDIK - I'm not sure, and please anyone, correct me if I'm wrong, but I do seem to remember that brief side hug scene that you just showed is when they talked about making the most of their time left as hubby-wifey.

    Yes, San Agustin Church is a pretty popular church. It's a historical landmark, too, and known for its architectural and artistic value. It sits inside Manila's Intramuros, which is also a heritage site and a district away from Manila's main Chinatown. A few corners away is the Manila Cathedral, which is the seat of the Archbishop of Manila. San Agustin is an active church - I don't know if I'm using the term properly, but I just mean that San Agustin is still being used for church services: regular masses and ceremonies and such. I've attended a couple of weddings in there, though I've not attended a bride who wed in San Agustin (yet, at least.) :) If the creators of the series or the story progresses such that Clark and Leah decide to get married in church, it would be pretty to hold it here. (But I also think it's one of the more expensive venues to hold weddings at, so maybe Clark needs to earn a little bit more money off his business :D And it would probably be more in character for them to marry in an intimate church ceremony).

    "Say You'll Never Go" with Rico's verses in the interlude is really beautiful. I agree, there doesn't need to be a rerecorded version of it. But that's how the ball rolled. *shrugs* 

  4. Hello @KDIK - I have to correct myself. In the mall showcase, Juan Miguel also performed "Sampung Bagay na Natutunan ko sa Mga Umiibig" (10 Things I've Learned from Those Who Love, the first one he performed on "On the Wings of Love") during the interlude for James and Nadine's performance of "Say You'll Never Go." I might be a little wheezy by that time, but I do remember seeing a video of "Mga Basang Unan," so I'm hoping they did have a separate segment for him. 

    Which hug at the fountain? I think I remember it happening in Leah's daydream proposal. :)

    I hope we get some airtime for those shot scenes, even in the form of extra features in the DVD. :) 

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  5. Hello @KDIK - I only just got caught up. No. Juan Miguel performed the first poem he did for "On the Wings of Love" on "ASAP 20." The one about love and letting go. I saw some videos that he performed at the fans' day/showcase - that was "Ang Mga Basang Unan" ("The Wet Pillows," roughly), a poem I've seen on YouTube. His themes are a lot about heartbreak and letting go. 

    I have to decompress from a lot of things, and looking forward to Episode 56. :) 

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  6. Hello @JM1618 - thank you very much for sharing that translation. I've personally been long a lover of languages (and I try to study a lot), and I feel for the inexpressible, untranslatable aspects of one language or another. I've always loved Filipino, but it wasn't until Juan Miguel Severo as Rico started dropping verses in the "On the Wings of Love" universe that I feel truly and deeply sorry and sad for those who are not able to understand the language. 

    Re: preview for Ep 54

    I never knew how much I have wanted Leah to confess everything to her father until now. It's an act of desperation on Leah's part, in episode 53, which has done a lot of harm, but I'm glad that valve is somehow turned and she has released some of the secrets that have been burdening her. I like that definitive statement from Tatang Sol: "If you're worrying about having a problem with Jigs, DON'T." Finally, someone spoke up about that. And it comes from the most credible source - someone Leah looks up to and respects. I feel that this is the thing she needs to hear so she can let go of the guilt about falling in love with her husband-on-paper. I really hope to see Leah back and happy, so she can be Clark's wifey again. 

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  7.  i thought clark is an american citizen based from the oath taking scene.  you have to marry an american citizen in " marriage for convenience" not just an immigrant. leah has a temporary greencard for now and will get her permanent greencard when they/she pass their/her final immigration interview after two years.  this interview is done to double check if the marriage is fraud or not. 

    i missed the leah and clark's sweet interactions -the hugs and the kisses.  hoping they're coming soon.

    Hello @pepper2  - It was Clark's friend, Denzel who took oath to become a citizen. Clark said at the end, "Someday it's gonna be me." When Tita Jack introduced Clark and Leah for the first time, she did say that Clark is not a citizen, but a permanent resident. Permanent residents can petition their family members, including spouses. http://www.uscis.gov/family/family-green-card-holders-permanent-residents

    My work lately has been touching a lot of US stuff and legalities and so it has also become a little bit of an interest. :) I am no expert, but things do somehow check out.  

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  8. Hello @KDIK - ...or does not exist you mean. :D

     Divorce does not exist in the Philippines. I think it's also why Clark and Leah's relationship is kept chaste, as Leah prefers, because per Leah's values, they're not yet married "in church." It's old-fashioned and very conservative and I do know that in modern Philippine society it's no longer common practice, but I'm guessing that's how she was raised (look how traditional Tatang Sol is) and that's how Leah chooses to honor her upbringing. It's not that civil marriages are not recognized - they are legal and binding, but I have this sense that a church wedding is still the gold standard for Tatang Sol.

    Clarification - it's not that US citizens or other nationals in the Philippines are not subject to its laws - illegal activities and such are the same wherever you are, I suppose, but talking family laws. Like how same-sex marriage is still not legal in the Philippines, so gay couples, of which one party is a Filipino citizen who get married, for example in Canada or the US will not be considered legally married in the PH. That's how I understand it, at least. I could be wrong - I'm no legal expert. I don't know if that is the intent, but Clark's not yet an American citizen and how that was established early on, very first thing in the series, may have something to do with this implication. (Or a set up for a future conflict?) 

    Or. I could just be overthinking. :) 


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  9. Hello @AlexMao - I don't think it's likely Tita Jack is faking her injury. She did take a bad fall and the doctor did tell her to rest it up or it will get worse. At this point, at least, she's not faking. We can't tell if she will forever be using this to keep Jigs in the US. 

    Re: Tiffany and Sasha's conversation


    Sasha walks up to Tiffany when they chanced to be at the neighborhood store at the same time. Sasha tells Tiffany it's been a while that she looked for an opportunity to talk, to clarify her relationship with Tolayts. Sasha tells Tiffany that she and Tolayts are just friends. Sasha says she really just likes Tolayts (not in that way) because he's kind and a good person. Tiffany chides Sasha for having to explain, since there's no relationship with Tolayts anyway. Tiffany actually pushes Sasha to get together with him because Tiffany also wants to see Tolayts happy. Sasha says: but it's you he loves; you're the one who can make him happy. Tiffany says she can't give him that anymore - she's not going to be someone who will have a boyfriend or get married ever in her life.

    My two cents' worth (if they're worth any :) ) - I've been reading a lot of "frustrated with Leah" feelings all over. Feelings are feelings, after all - they are valid and never rational. And that is also what I would like to say looking at Leah's situation over all. Nanang's "deception" (or Leah's perception of it) has negated EVERYTHING she believed of her mother, her family, her dreams, her future, her very self. It's not easy to build yourself up again from that. Family has always been at the center of Leah's values, and if she chooses Clark, she knows that Tita Jack and Jigs will forever be angry at and more importantly, HURT by them. At this point, she sees it as: love for Clark = hurting a family. Which is also: keeping her relationship with Clark = doing it Nanang's way. Even if Clark probably doesn't think so. She's also trying to do everything she can to separate from her mother and her mother's choices. Add to that the woes of work; or in her case, not having any, a major adjustment of many who are underemployed in terms of skills abroad, but cannot find even the same gainful employment in their homeland. Clark is trying his best to be there for her, much in the same way that Leah tried to be there for Clark in the early days of their getting-to-know-each-other in San Francisco. She needs the time and space, which Clark does honor. Unfortunately, his RaksNotDed squad are such clumsy stalkers they are discovered. 

    I think the way Leah responds to receiving love at this point is the same as how Tiffany receives it. Tolayts has even been courting for a year. But since Tiffany has become very wary of that kind of love (she has mentioned Gabby's father in passing), and then this deep hurt from Nanang, she's totally closed off and jaded about love. Leah's stakes are higher because she's already married and her values, as instilled by her father about marriage being sacred. In that sense, what she's risking--her heart, her future are also higher. Yes, we know Clark will catch her, won't let her fall. But Leah doesn't know that at this point and she will need the time to get there, through Clark's constancy. She hasn't really thought past what happens beyond her nose or, as she says last night, her six-month deadline of finding employment. She's looking for peace in her broken pieces and it would be difficult to find Clark there, even if she wants to. I, too, would love to see the old positive-filled, bubbly, nurturing Leah back. But more than that, I would love to see a head-over-heels in love Leah, the Leah who is a proper wife to Clark. I would give her time, though. Maybe there are people who can bounce back from that kind of heartbreak easily, but maybe not Leah, knowing how inwardly joyful and secure she had been until now. 

    Re: some interesting tidbits I've picked up on legalities


    Leah really needs to go back to the US before a certain period or her green card lapses and she will have to apply for a temporary visitor's visa or some form of entry permit to reenter the US. At some point, she really will have to make a decision about that. I think this was addressed in her conversation with Clark in Ep. 52, when she gave herself a deadline. Her green card, I think, is still conditional at this point. I'm not an expert on immigration laws - it's just based on understanding and the touches I have with these kinds of things in my real life and my work. :)

    Lawyer-fans of the series talked about Clark and Leah's marriage and how they are practically married forever (I see their conversation threads and their arguments and such :D; they are so cute).  Neither Leah nor Clark are US citizens. Their marriage holds in the Philippines as it does in the US. But while their marriage holds wherever they reside, if they divorce, they will only be divorced in the US and their marriage holds in the Philippines. Why? Because the Philippines does not have a divorce law. (It is one of the only two remaining countries in the world without one. Yes, it's that rare). As both are still Filipino citizens, they are both still covered by the laws of the Philippines. I don't know if it's the right legal procedure, but if I understand correctly, if they divorce in the US, they will still need to file for nullity of marriage in the Philippines - which is very difficult to obtain barring any technicalities (age, for example; and not being of sound mind and body, or being already married at the time of marriage). If Clark was already a US citizen at the time of his marriage to Leah, he could file for divorce and should it be granted, then that is the only time the divorce will be recognized in the Philippines. Even if Leah petitioned for the divorce and it was granted, the marriage still holds under Philippine law because Leah is not a US citizen. I don't know if it's the writers'/creators' intent, but taken in this context, this puts another layer on the theme of the insolubility of marriage; and it underscores Tatang's words and his anger when he found out that Leah got married without him knowing anything of the marriage or the person she married. At the very least, it certainly is a legal impediment on Jigs' claims of marrying Leah after she and Clark divorce. If I am understanding the law right, marriage to Jigs after Leah divorces would make Leah a bigamist under Philippine law. Clark could technically  file an adultery case against her if it comes to that; but most importantly, the marriage to Jigs would automatically be null and void.

    Taken in this context also, Leah and Clark's earlier conversations about "divorce" and "separating" come to a different light to me. That phone conversation between Leah, while she was staying at Monette's place and Clark, when he said they needed to talk about their separation. I'm not sure if both Leah and Clark, or even Tita Jack knows this aspect of marrying-for-papers (having gone through her own, she sure picked up a lot of things, but since it's established that her character is not really interested in getting married again, it's probably not relevant to her), but it suddenly makes sense to me (at least in the Filipino dialogue--I don't know how it's subbed) that their heartbreak is over their "separation" not really about the divorce. It's their relationship being broken that breaks their hearts, not legally ending their fake marriage. 

    I guess we just have quite a bit more to look forward to. :)


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  10. I really would just like to take a moment to appreciate the creatives behind this series. I don't even know if this will reach them, but I just want to rave about them:

    - the parallelism of Clark and Leah's marriage in the US and the Philippines - how this marriage and their relationship is really just between them, but they have to keep "proving" it and making it count towards other people/authority figures

    - the parallelism (and one big difference) of Leah's and her mother's marriages; and how Tatang Sol's words of wisdom are often ominous and foretelling

    - the highlight of contrasts between Clark and Jigs. Here's Clark, to whom Leah has exchanged "I love yous" with, and he still respects her space. And there's Jigs, who Leah has broken up with, shows up unannounced and declares he will marry her. Clark's "Sa'yo pa rin ako" - "I'm still yours" vs. Jigs' "Akin ka" - "You're mine."  

    I have so many thoughts but I also have too much work on my plate, I can't quite work through my own brain. Simple thoughts that I took away from this episode:

    - Leah is always torn between her values and her feelings. I can really feel the dark cloud above her and her somber mood even when she puts on the rah-rah and cheerful attitude, trying to be strong. 

    - Axel and Kiko are FTW; loving the ensemble cast. We have everyone we could possibly need--Mrs. Mills and the neighbors in San Francisco, the gossipy but well-meaning neighbors of the Tenement and Clark's hands at the carpentry shop. :) 

    - I feel for Tatang Sol. Like it really sunk in how in the dark he was and how that makes him feel. I'm scared for his newly-repaired heart!



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  11. After reading the synopsis of the episode and subsequent preview I kind of wanted Tolayts to confront Clark but then go and talk to Leah. Given Tolayts "Say Anything" moment it I would have had Tiffany answer the door with a resounding "What are you doing here?!" with Tolayts's firing back "I didn't come here to see you! Is Leah here?" throwing her into a kind of confused state. Leading Tolayts and Leah to talk and reveal who Clark is. In some kind of childish way may cause Tiffany to confront Tolayts (i.e., actually talk to him) giving the two (well Tolayts) and opening back into Tiffany's heart.

    Getting to the talk Mang Sol had with Leah, did I understand it right about marriage for a green card over my dead body? I'm not looking for parallels between her mother and her own situation, just wanted to make sure I got the basics of that chat down. 

    Hello @AlexMao - I'm sorry I missed this.

    Yes, basically, Mang Sol told Leah that he agrees about a marriage for a green card "over my dead body." The statement before that was Leah justifying that it was just a marriage "on paper," but Mang Sol argues that a marriage is a marriage and that getting married for a green card is doubly wrong because they're committing fraud against the government (of the United States of America) and breaking a vow that's supposed to be made (and in Nanang's case already made) before God and man. Everything he said is actually silently berating Leah and adds to her guilty conscience. Mang Sol also noticed that Leah hasn't been well emotionally and that something is weighing on her heart. He says he understands that she cannot tell him but that he hopes she has at least talked about it with Tiffany. She vaguely says she did. And then Mang Sol delivers yet another piece of wisdom: "It's OK to cry. It's OK to get hurt. The important thing is to have loved." I guess this statement will bite Leah (and us) back in the butt pretty soon. 

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  12. Hello @KDIK @AlexMao - the first time Clark's new squad went with him was to help him find the place because he didn't know how to get there. The subsequent times, they have already offered to come. A bit of the humor get lost in translation, but a lot of it remains immutable. Clark asked "Rock's not dead" Axel (he says it in a very colloquial way, "Raks nat ded") if he did drugs and Axel said it depends - if it's a fever, he takes paracetamol; if it's coughs, he takes antihistamines, etc. Kiko, the chubby/always-hungry guy was Clark's classmate in elementary school and he feels slighted that Clark was the no. 1 heartthrob and he was only always second.

    Clark and associates are hot to Tolayts' eyes because of all factors together: 1. Tiffany is cold to him lately; 2. He noticed the two new faces and asked the kid they talked to what they wanted (and the kid saying the two goons were looking for pretty girls in the Tenement); and 3. Tolayts' fellow drivers were teasing him on a made-up story that Tiffany is being chauffeured home by a guy in a car. It would make sense that he would be on the lookout. :) 

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  13. Hello @KDIK and of course, this goes out to the rest of our non-Filipino-speaking friends here.

    I don't have enough time to translate the entire article, but I can go with transcripts and summaries of the paragraphs (translating only OTWOL related stuff). From this interview http://www.pep.ph/guide/tv/20872/otwol-director-bata-kasi-ang-kathniel-samantalang-sina-james-reid-at-nadine-lustre-kasi-puwedeng-maghalikan-na

    Director reveals secret behind On the Wings of Love's success

    Basically an interview with Director Jojo Saguin, who shares directing credits with Antoinette Jadaone. He believes the secret is in the story (of OTWOL). 

    He said, "I think, aside from the giddy feelings that James and Nadine give fans, I can say it's really the story. Because the story of the OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) made a mark in people. The way they work hard in another country just to give a good life to their families; they sacrifice everything just so they could send back whatever to their families."

    "Like you saw that there was an issue about the balikbayan box (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/balikbayan-box?q=balikbayan+box - recently had a controversy with Philippines' Customs Offices) and Cherry Pie (who plays Tita Jack) about being an OFW, that Leah has the heart of an OFW."

    "And it's imperative in every episode, we have to have at least two scenes to excite fans." ("Excite" is mild - the word he used is kilig - there's no direct translation, but it's the giddy-happy-butterflies-in-the-stomach-excited-tingly feeling we get when we fall in love.)

    Direk Jojo admitted that they did not expect that the fan reception to the TV series would be this strong. He said that he knew JaDine [James and Nadine] has a fan base, "but it's also different...because it's not just the youth who patronize it. Even mature audiences, like teachers, they appreciate the show."

    Some related points from the rest of the interview

    - OTWOL was conceptualized just for JaDine, which is their first full-length series for the network

    - Direk Jojo thinks it wouldn't have been as warmly received if JaDine weren't playing the lead characters. According to him, they have a different vibe, and that they are of age to kiss (I suppose he means to kiss properly onscreen. The Philippines is still relatively conservative about underage kissing and such.) 

    - They are reported to be extended until January, but he doesn't know for sure. 

    - On Albie and Jigs - They tease Albie that he might be in trouble when he goes out because of all the annoyance people have for Jigs coming between Leah and Clark. "But Jigs has a lot of deep-seated hurt. His mother left him, and he grew up with his grandmother. But he has a softer side and we will need to show that he has a heart too. So stay tuned for the development of Albie's character, if he will continue to come between Clark and Leah. Will he continue to pursue Leah or what? Stay tuned for that."

    - Stay tuned for Clark's old-fashioned courtship, how he will try to win Mang Sol's heart, and also how to get the tenement community to accept him. Clark will experience how courtship is in the old Filipino tradition of panunuyo. (Panunuyo is really old. I don't think it was even practiced in my parents' generation, when they were courting. It's basically the gentleman paying service to the lady's family to prove his worth as a life partner.)


     I left out all the other parts of the interview as they are contextual to other shows/actors and keeping this on topic.

    Re: Ep 44 


    I think Tatang Sol's narration explains a lot why Leah is the way she is: the value she puts in a promise, apart from her utang na loob to Tita Jack. I recall that when Clark saw her packing, that's what she said, that she's doing the right thing because she and Clark have already broken two promises. More than anything, I feel that it's the values that her father has instilled in her that is the source of her conflict. Nanang's narration and her story actually also parallels Leah's: entering a contract marriage for the benefit of a family member in need. The one major difference is that Leah's husband is a good man.

    It's a little sad seeing Tita Jack and Clark have this big wedge between them.  For all that I'm annoyed at Tita Jack, I also understand where she's coming from. She has said she's only loved two men in her life: Jigs and Clark. It must hurt to be there in between them, choosing one's happiness over the other, however misplaced Jigs' is. It was anger-inducing, the way she reacted when Clark told her everything, but looking at it from this distance, I also had an epiphany and finally understood the "But I trusted you" rebuttal towards Clark. 

    But most of all, I'm really happy that Clark going back to the Philippines is treated realistically. I mean, it's romantic and all to push for his love and get on the next flight, but he does have responsibilities. The break Diana gives him has already been building up, and all his hard work is coming to fruition. I guess we just trust that good things do happen to good people.

    We don't get the high emotions in this episode, after a successive serving of build-up and tension, and at least, to me, it's all right. I just have this lonely feeling throughout the episode. It feels like I'm lonely along with Clark and Leah when they're not together. And that, to me as a viewer, is a very good feeling. 

    More rave reviews coming in for "On the Wings of Love" 

    From the Philippine Daily Inquirer http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/209058/a-teleserye-thats-not-just-soap

    From the PhilStar http://www.philstar.com:8080/young-star/2015/10/09/1508533/serye-serious




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  14. So am I to assume we won't be hearing Erik Santos - Say You'll Never Go once Clark goes to the Philippines ?

    Erik's latest IG update :

    More BTS pics :-


    Hidden Content

    Hello @KDIK - Erik Santos' post says "Thank you for the good feedback on my song 'Say You'll Never Go.' Because of that, I recorded a new version that will be included in my new album under @starmusicph! Stay tuned for that on 'On the Wings of Love.'" 

    Actually the first hashtag is - I don't know if it's funny (like a joke he's playing with us) or a clue into the future, #morepainful 

    So I guess there will still be a round of pain.

    I hope more people will also get to appreciate more of Filipino pop music because of this. "Say You'll Never Go" first came out in the 90s, from the band Neocolours. I wouldn't call myself a worldwide music fan, but I am definitely a pop music fan, whatever country they might find themselves from.



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  15. Hello @xiashenghan @colcolyn1958_stv - I don't know if I'm reading this right, but I'm guessing that there is a considerable time passage between the break-up (that wasn't a break-up in Jigs' mind only) and Leah's departure for the US. I'm thinking we just weren't shown the details of it, but she was getting ready to leave for the long term, even on a tourist visa. There's a wealth of preparation going on in that (which also makes me think how this clues us in on Leah's and now Clark's affairs in the US are sort of put on hold now that they're moving to the Philippines) and she may be distracted with all the planning. Besides that, and what you have already offered - that she doesn't really love Jigs anymore, there was the choir competition, too and we have always known that finding her mother was forever at the back of her head. In San Francisco, Leah was always working and she had very tiring jobs. All that made for her to be able to quickly get over Jigs. When Jigs came to the US and surprised them, by then, Leah already has feelings for Clark so whatever memories she has of Jigs and their good times together would have faded and amount to nothing in her present. It could also be that Leah had those moments reminiscing about Jigs and her relationship with him, we just aren't shown it because it's not relevant to the storytelling? I don't know. I'm just guessing.

    Re: Jigs - I don't mean to defend him but I had an epiphany about him during that confrontation on ep. 41. He's still annoying as *#$K and I still don't agree with his actions and way of thinking, but I finally understood where he's coming from when he called Clark a liar as he threw those punches. He only found out about Leah and Clark that way - to see them kissing passionately in the dark. There's the bro code, you know, even if they're not exactly bros or have any type of close relationship. They had a gentlemen's agreement, in the form of Clark's promise to him. And even if he had an inkling or suspected that there was something between his cousin and his ex-girlfriend, for the truth to--well (bad pun) punch him in the face with a confirmation is bound to rush the blood to his head. I'm not saying I'm growing sympathetic towards Jigs, nor had I been ever, but I'm just saying I understood him at this particular moment.

    I like that the show just shows circumstances, and how right and wrong are sometimes, as Leah's friend Monette says, a matter of perspective. 

    That all said, I leave with this thought: That door is a character of itself. :D I'm a fan. Who's with me?

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  16. Monday's episode was definitely heavier than yesterday's one. The airport scene kind of lost it's impact for me because we've seen it so many times in the previews but still it was well acted by James & Nadine. I just can't believe she up & left without at least leaving a note or something, if Tita Jack hadn't come over Clark wouldn't have known til way later. The positive thing is they're both very much still in love, there was no divorce & Jigs is currently in the States still so he can't be a hindrance for now at least lol.

    Anyways I'm so excited for the next part in the Philippines, were going to get Olivar/Medina family moments. I'm going to assume the earliest maybe Friday or sometime next week Clark will be there.

    Edited :- Would anyone mind translating Direk Tonette's tweets ??


    Hello @KDIK

    1. "If he(/she - Filipino pronouns are gender-neutral) loves you, he will follow you to the Philippines. You really have long hair, Leah. I should use Creamsilk. #OTWOLFightforLove 


    - "You really have long hair" or "Your hair's really long" is a Filipino slang expression to say a woman is really beautiful or is seen as a romantic-interest-magnet, when a guy does big things and grand gestures to romance her. In this case (I am only guessing, as there is no literal way to translate the intent), Leah's "hair is really long" because Clark went through all kinds of extremes to be with her. "Haba ng hair" is really appropriate for Leah because she has two men fighting over her. And personally, Leah's most "haba ng hair" moment was her prom. :) 

    - Creamsilk is a conditioner brand. Nadine is a newly appointed brand ambassador.

    2. After the airport scene, it became my vow, GIVE LEAH AND CLARK A HAPPY ENDING FOR ALL OF US WHO HAVE LOVED AND GOT HURT (from love). Awuw! 

    Note - "Awuw" is just an expression.

    3. Come on board! P50 (fifty pesos) per ride, handsome and beautiful driver and assistant. Wuw! (Fare) Padded??


    - "Wuw" is just an expression, a new slang form, from "Wow."

    - She said "(fare) padded??" because the minimum fare is only less than P10.00 (though with a longer distance, fares can go up to P50/ride). Fifty Philippine pesos (P50) is about USD1.10.


    I feel really inadequate in translating all these, because there's the "acoustics" of it and the tone and the humor that somehow also still gets lost. I apologize for my meager effort.

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  17. @hazelnutthursdays I'm a little confused by your guess regarding Tita Jack "She also has it in her heart to see both Clark and Leah happy" how so? If her continued attitude towards her own son is to let him run rampant, putting her further into depth/building her up in an effort to score points with Leah, a person who has said more times than not that the relation the two once had is officially over continues to meddle ... how is this trying to see Leah happy? Tita Jack has even commented on Clark's own past and lack of love [outside of sibling or family-based], so to see him open up his heart to someone should in all honesty tell her more than she needs to know. Yet as I've said (and probably others throughout the run of the series) she continues to interfere by either doing nothing [Jigs] or by becoming Jigs herself [trying to separate the two]. 

    If Jigs is going to change it's going to be a two-front assault, Leah primarily telling him again that whatever they once had is over and then Tita Jack stepping up and taking Jigs out of the equation because nothing he's doing is healthy [breaking up is rough to say the least and it takes an emotional/physical toll on the mind/body] so he needs to do the whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing [for me this includes removing any/all contact really of Tita Jack and Jigs because we've been down this road but the constant contact seems to only exacerbate Jig's resolve to "win" Leah back.] and be introduced to someone else [bar girl or a San Francisco trolley :phew:]. I'd include Clark but as we've seen that's just testosterone and them beating the crap out of one another isn't really the answer here.

    Hello @AlexMao - I don't argue that what you're suggesting is what's best for Jigs. What Tita Jack needs to do to set him straight on his path. It's frustrating to see her get in the way of the happiness of the people around her, especially Clark, I get that. I'm also just making an observation that Tita Jack goes through her own share of conflicting values. Or let's say, conflicting loves. Up until this point, before episode 41, she hasn't heard from Leah, directly, that she is in love with Clark. The last time they spoke, Leah has neither clearly stated anything. Tita Jack's assumption of Leah's moving out to stay for a few days at Monette's being part of the divorce script was neither confirmed nor denied. She didn't tell Jigs anything when she went home after speaking with Clark. She didn't shoot Jigs down because I just don't think she has it in her. She's tried in her way to help him along, but she's just much too guilty about not having enough time and presence with her son that she lets him get away with too much. I'm just saying she has it in her to see Clark and Leah happy - we are shown her treatment of Clark from the very beginning, and she has said at one point that she cares enough for Leah and what she feels (when she tried to discourage Jigs from taking Leah's pictures off his wall to bring to the US.) She has also said if she had a daughter, she would want her to be like Leah (OFW Family Day). It's just that what she actually does about this conflict between her love for Clark and Leah, and her love for her own son that would be the problem. She is a mother, first and foremost, and after "mothering" Clark and Leah at the expense of seriously mothering Jigs, she's bound to do things that side with Jigs. 

    That all said, I'm still just guessing. I'm speaking all this without yet going through episode 41, just from the past 40 episodes and a glimpse in the preview. And I will be very happy to see what the writers and series creators will do to flesh the conflict out. I've expressed my confidence in how they've worked thus far, and I still believe we will see all this play out with compelling drama. 

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  18. @summerbluebreeze Oh no.  Not the amnesia thing please!  I don't know but I swear I despise that kind of twist.  It sucks big time when one of the lead characters suffer from memory loss.   I hope they would be wise enough not to ruin the plot.  Fingers crossed!  :)


    @summerbluebreeze Oh no.  Not the amnesia thing please!  I don't know but I swear I despise that kind of twist.  It sucks big time when one of the lead characters suffer from memory loss.   I hope they would be wise enough not to ruin the plot.  Fingers crossed!  :)

    i really hate that amnesia thing. oh please noooo. for drama sake and the heart of ours... i cant imagine it. or if this happens, please dont be like Meteor Garden 2. Even one of them forget one another, but the heart wants what it wants, right? so producer and writer-nim.. pleaseeeee...


    @Jafstar thank you for posting those pics. really nice. btw, have you watched ep 36-40???


    Hello @mashedtomato and @SuperNastar - Please rest easy. There's no amnesia. :) It's clarified here: http://www.rappler.com/views/imho/107708-aldub-jadine-imaginaries-intimacy


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  19. I love your forum...this week episodes are more exciting...the director reveals the episodes this week is 'mas bongga'..a lot of complications...i dont know if its true that Leah gonna suffer for Amnesia...

    Hello @summerbluebreeze - I believe the news agency that published a line about the amnesia plot has already issued an erratum. :) Good going. I trust the writers and creative minds behind the series to have so much self-respect to not do this to their own work. :) Thus far, they have made "On the Wings of Love" feel true and while dramatized, still real and much more accessible to people of normal circumstances. 

    Re: Leah and Jigs

    I have this sense that Jigs could potentially be abusive to Leah if they had stayed together. If Leah hadn't gotten out of the relationship when she did, and if didn't amount to such distance between San Francisco and Manila, I don't see the relationship growing any further. And if Leah, who had already been on track towards improving, she might be stuck with a possessive boyfriend and potential husband who treats her like a house pet. I guess the relationship was relatively smooth-sailing because, of what we know of Leah so far, she's very willing to be humble and apologize and make amends when she feels that she's caused hurt (i.e., the early stages of her and Clark's marriage, where she pushed him too much to talk about his father).  It's also in her nature to be more magnanimous and expansive.  

    I don't think Leah will ever be able to disrespect Tita Jack openly, but I would really want to see Leah put Jigs in his place. I feel that the goodwill she extends to Jigs in the form of accommodating him, and to the point that she welcomes him in her (Clark's apartment is now conjugal, right?) home is borne of a combination of respect for their years together and that overwhelming gratitude, that utang na loob to Tita Jack. 

    In the week's teaser, Tita Jack has talked to Clark and Leah, giving them advice about separating - that if they are to do it, they should do it soon. With how sad she was saying that, I'm just hazarding a guess that she's also hurt by the turn of events. And not only because it's Jigs and Clark competing for the same woman, or even that it will be difficult for her to win Jigs back, but because she also has it in her heart to see both Clark and Leah happy. 


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  20. " On the wings of love, only the two of us together flying high " = As much as I want to hear a new song and all that, I still sing along like the loser I am whenever I hear it lol. Plus their version of the song hasn't played in the show right ? except for Napa Valley & I can't recall any other moment, so them singing a longer version makes sense. @hazelnutthursdays - Thank you for those points you brought up, from the business aspect it all makes sense & Emerzon Texon (did he by chance sing a song for That Thing Called Tadhana ?) there's different instrumental versions that we hear of the song in the BG that I love, which I wouldn't mind hearing a full version of. 

    The latest episode was good, my new favorite aesthetic is Jigs salty face lol. The guy is so dense and one track minded, can he not try to pull moves on Leah when EVERYONE knows she's married to Clark, seriously use whatever limited capacity you have for brain power and assess the situation. For someone who claims he loves Leah, he never thinks or cares about what she's feeling #FAIL. That preview has me hyped up, go Clark !! He was going to try and ride or die for his family BUT seeing Leah not liking the situation/position she's being put in by Jigs, he goes off. SOOO I'm assuming after that little altercation, Leah decides to go to Monette's place & maybe that's when we get the Clark scene with Tita Jack.

    Clark & Leah just look so blissfully happy when it's just the two of them & yay !! to the other OFW's shipping them as much as we do lol.

    Hello @KDIK - I really wish it would be in the stars to release a full soundtrack album for this series, because Texon's score is ear candy, too. Yes, I believe, with all the power of my limited memory, James and Nadine's cover of the theme has not been played again after that little moment in Napa. I think any new song to be introduced will have to happen organically - like composed in the series from one of the characters or such. Unfortunately, while Clark is portrayed as musically talented, it's more on the endearing amateur level and his artistic inclination is more carpentry; and while Leah's a talented singer, she sings in a choir--she's an interpreter, not a composer. Another option is a commissioned composer to work on a new song, but I'm just not sure if that will not dilute the very pretty memory of Clark and Leah in a sweet moment. I don't know about you, but when I hear "On the Wings of Love" the song now, I'll immediately think of Clark and Leah. Also

    whoo, lucky you asked about a movie I know about.

    :) Yes, I believe Emerzon Texon has composed music for That Thing Called Tadhana but I don't know if he sang for it. (Forgive me, I'm such a nerd like this - if I like something, I look up that artist's entire filmography and/or discography and will keep busy with it for months on end. Last year, it was Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jin Wook :D). 

    Re: Ep 38

    I think I get it now: Clark has found his reason to fight for Leah not only because Jigs is annoying as *@!K but because he senses that getting back together with Jigs is truly what Leah DOES NOT want. I love that this couple also works in subtexts and contexts. That whole conversation while dancing and their little conversations leading up to where they are. 

    Also, maybe I'm making a big deal of it and it wasn't the creators' intention, but in the previous episode, Clark got notified of Jigs' photos on Facegram (still LOLing at this hybrid of a social media thing) and he already felt the urge to walk into the fire, so to speak. But it wasn't until he got the "go-signal" via that text message from Tita Jack that he moved his butt. I've found Clark to always be as proper as he can, even in the face of Leah's willingness and especially towards his family.

    Which brings me to:

    Tita Jack. And that entire conversation with Leah in the bathroom. Ugh, that darned utang na loob. 

    But, can we talk about how cute it was that Leah was spacing out there? How genuinely happy and giddy she was to have a few stolen moments with her very public husband (wow, what a paradox, huh?) 

    And Tatang Sol: go P-R-E-A-C-H! :) 

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  21. @KDIK - I saw the international trailer. It looks like it's being geared even more or now more quickly for international distribution. I have this sense that it has always been the intent and glad to see that that side of the business is picking up.

    I know "On the Wings of Love" is being used over and over, but things like these are business things as well. Songs are covered by rights and anything used for something as big a commercial endeavor as a TV show is wont to be acquired for a pretty significant outlay/investment. It's also branding: themes are themes for a reason - it's meant to stick to the head. I'm not saying this is ideal, but it's the (sometimes?) sad reality of having to balance business with creation of great content. There are really a whole stuff going on behind it. 

    On the good side, the show does have an excellent scorer by the award-winning Emerzon Texon from the world of film. It's something fresh and new, from what I know in TV in the Philippines' context. That, I think is a baby but good step forward in the additional layer of raising quality of produced content. 

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  22. Quick thoughts re: Ep 37, just needed to get some thoughts out because I can't seem to rest.

    I like Clark's line: "If you have to ask me, you mustn't love him." It's frustrating and painful to be where Clark and Leah are right now, but that's life. (And thank you, Show, for always showing us


    Beautiful scene of Leah always trying to see if Clark has arrived. I loved that it mirrored somehow when she sent him on a date and Clark kept checking the door to see if she walks through it. Then that entire progression when he did come but he didn't come over. Ouch. 

    Tita Jack senses things, the shift between the marriage on paper turning out to have real feelings. Her worried looks give her away and I think that's also why she brings up the One Big Fight and the next step. But I think what she holds on to is exactly what is causing the conflict in both Clark and Leah: the value of a promise. Like @KDIK, I would be interested to know how Tita Jack will behave and make her own choices of conflicting values once there is a clear indication of how Clark and Leah decide to proceed with their marriage.

    Hmmmm. I still hate Jigs. :D It niggles me no end how territorial he is when Leah has made it clear how many times that they are no longer together. With the biggest bombshell of all: she doesn't even love him anymore. I hated the presumptuous way he barges into Leah's life - partly because he comes in between Clark and Leah, but on the whole just because it feels like an invasion of everything. As a woman, or basically, just a person, I'm sure we all agree we don't want other people running or making us feel hostage to ours.

    From the preview, looks like there are sweeter times ahead. :) Enjoy the flight, my friends.

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