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  1. so i rewatch again ep 15 and 16. even though, Gi jeong already reaffirm that it is nice to be alone, she still stay with the relationship. perhaps in the beginning, she want to love anyone because of other perception. now, she decide to continue to love because of herself, she know she strong and able to face the hrdship. 


    anyone care to give insight on the last scene of ep 15. when CH said, he not the one won but the mountain itself?


    cause i kinda relate and understand on the explanation of mr. gu that we are just the people is just equal to one qon in a pile of 7.7 billion. 


    im an army, so there is lyrics in on of the  the bts song that said that compare people as star in galaxy. when listeed to it, kinda feel more happy compare to mr. gu comparison that kinda look negatively 


    so is it CH realize that he is worthy like a mountain not small and equal to one won? that is why she decide to break from the toxic relationship with her ex gf?  what do you guys think



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  2. mi jeong did not have any friend around her age in that village. maybe that is what make her introvert + socially akward and became dutiful daughter. since she do not have friend, i think that is why she at hone and help her father in the workshop and her mother in the kitchen. 


    for her friends at office, i think they are friends but not as close friend, there is a gap. cause you know whenever they have get together, mi jeong was not there. and probably they know that mi jeong would not follow them so it would be like akward to ask her to come together. it not like they outcast mijeong. it just that, they are not close enough. 


    the eldest sister probably the least that i can relate to. the drama should show the pressure why she want to find love desperately. cause i still dont get it why she so desperate. perhaps the peer pressure, or it is her dream to find one the ONE. 

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  3. just wanna express how i love this drama. a drama that can watch multiple time while waiting the new episode. my guess mi jumg cry because of his ex. maybe his ex do something taht make mi jumg embrassed or belittle mijung and that is why she cry


    kinda love how mr gu keep melting/warming up to the sibling. but we dont have his interaction yet with the nuna

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  4. me think that the dad scold the eldest son hearing the customer problem cause deep inside he wish his son to hear his own dad problem. kinda sad during that scene. maybe because of the culture, the relationship between the child and parent is far yet close. thus the akwardness. 


    the advise from the elder sister colleague is also seems right cause what we see now the sister seems desperate to found love. when she kinda focus on herself, then she reliase what are the type that she really want. 


    as im also sort of introvert. can relate to the maknae like 60%. 

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  5. there are a few scene that i cam relate make me like the drama. the only thing i dont like how the sibling search for love. like life would be any different if they found their life. but well each person have different definition of happines


    i wonder if lee ki woo character will relate back with the older sister. 


    and really want to know who is the one who borrow the money from the youngest sibling. her lover?fling?crush? friends?

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  6. the drama could have been one of the drama that i will recommended to my friend if it have a better ending. atleast it a break through drama for nam jo hyuk before he enlisted


    the writer could have make it better if they choose that baekdo is just a memory. both of them should be happy with their own partner in the 2021. my ending will be like both of them smile when remembering the past. min cahe is the one who go to tunnel and then flashback to baek do narrate their feeling/diary. minchae shoul represent us the viewer. she should be the one understand even though nothing last forever, she should live passionately like her mom cause now her mom is awesome and happy despite broken heart and some failure. i wish the writer can write something like that


    it does not make sense anyway cause the writer already show us that thier love so strong and just kinda breakk like that. so the ending felt rushed



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  7. rewatching again while waiting for the new episode. i still dont get it why the coach angry to hee do’s mother cause i think what hee do’s mother report is true. not sure if this issue will come again and we kinda get the whole story. or perhaps it no the coach itention to taking bribe, it just that the parent kinda forced the coach to receive the ‘gift’ cause she teach their children


    and i found that hee do become more prettier in the latest episode. perhaps the power of love? hihi




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  8. we already reach ep 11. from the teaser maybe we will get some conflict? i dunno perhaps not. i kinda wish we have a little bit conflict to kinda spice up the drama. if the conflict is in ep 13 i feel it kinda late and not so big of conflict cause they need to resolve it by at least ep 15. 


    and perhaps maybe we will not see heedo in college. cause if i remember they last shooting taeri still wear high school uniform. but perhaps they shoot not in order who knowss. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, mizv said:

    I cant recall watching a drama with a road to nowhere...  Oh no... I can recall the disappointment in Reply 1988. But that was 50/50. split depending on the audience. Me the later was rooting for Ryu Jun-yeol.  Nice getting a real life  hook up though. So I dont carry too much disappointment when looking back at that series.. :D


    i still cannot watch the last ep of reply 1988 cause i’m team RJY. cause they kinda give hope for me until the last episode. personally i keep my expected low to avoid feel disappointed. hehehe. 


    what ever their ending is. to be togther or not i hope the drama team ties it well


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  10. what do you think about the age gap? i read that some people in korea dislike that yijin confess when heedo is in high school


    not saying it is right but it depends on the person. how i should i say it hmm but atleast i can trust yijin. for me the way yijin confess is like, i like you and i will wait for you when you are ready and grow up. no pressure at all. 


    perhaps in the real world there are less people like them so that why we kinda reluctant when high school couple with older guy(not too much age gap). for me as long they did nothing wrong according to their believe and ethics, and priotize what is important, eg: student need to focus more on study instead of love then i got no issue


    i read in wikipedia, the song 25/21 is part of jaurim album that have theme grief. if you listen to the song, you kinda get the feeling even you did not understand the lyrics. perhaps we will have get a bittersweet ending? i kinda lowering my expectation so i wont feel sad if it is not happy ending


    honestly, with current progress i doubt we see them in 25/21. it just that only 6 ep left. hmmm i have no idea how they the story will proceed currently

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  11. i still cannot understand how heedo forget the trip. even if she forget, she got an album that was easily access. not like the album is in the box


    so i want to believe that heedo did not want to talk about it with her daughter and perhaps want to keep the memory with her self only


    haihh. i really hope that we will have the answer of all the question and the writer not left it hanging



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  12. ermmm is it possible yi jin is adopted?  


    his dad said yijin is the greatest consolation for him ten years ago? perhaps all this while baek do not use the surname of his current father..


    if we wan to look on the previos writer work, www. there is no real dramatic conflict so perhaps it will also applies ro this drama


    kinda sad that the grown up na heedo dont remember their trip. perhaps the 5 of them are drift apart. if they always in contact i think they will always reminisece the past when meeting up. 

    but i understand. im 31 this year. not rembering much about my high schooll but ofcus during that time, it is the best phase of my life. 

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  13. Just want to confirm. Either the world end or park bo young's character love one dies, she still die right?


    Hmm i foresee that they kinda end up together and doom's togegther. Perhaps that why the writer introduce us to second couple with love triangle for us to root. It is first for me. Usually the drama that i watch, there is no love triangle for the 2nd couple.


    I just hope the writer can make make a sastisfied ending either sad or happy ending

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  14. What if both of them are not pyscopath and the killer are some one else?


    Jaehoon little sister seems like not a normal kid. She can repeat what jae hoon said to his little brother and when jae hoon is hit by the father.. the little brother hide but the little sister keep drawing/playing.






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  15. For now, only King's friend are aware about the explosion weapon, the one who use sniper. Since other arw shocked during the shooting demonstratiin about the sniper/rifle. He also kinda inspect the table before he see the mask guy. So me think the explosion is the king idea. But for what.. i dont have any idea.


    But i think the concubine will have another misunderstand with Sobong. Maybe she think Sobong is behind the explosion since she smell the oil. I dunu maybe she misunderstand about other thing also. 


    About the food, we did not see the kwing fortunw right? I rwally want to know what sobong choose for his fortune:fullofhearts:

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