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    To be honest I'm cool with it. All it need is some tweaks and it should improve.








































































































































































































    I'm not saying its wrong because people got their reasons. However, I just don't see how someone could pay somebody else just to spend time with them.
















































































































































































    I guess its just how things are now and days.
























































































































































    Mike D'Antoni has resigned. Interesting cause people are saying it was because of carmelo. Also a trade with the Golden State Warriors?








































































































































    this inspires me to write my own fanfic








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I know its early but I believe the Clippers are going to be in the top 5 in the west.
































































































































































































    I would say at this point in time I'm just coming to see what's happening lol.
















































































































    Back in the day I came because of certain people and I wanted to see, try, and hear new things.









  7. Ok. I just can't seem to understand what this guy's doing so I'll just ask you.

    I moved to this city about a month ago and I have a really cute neighbour. We got along really well and he invited me over twice but I always refused because I thought it was awkward. But two weeks ago I did go over and we watched a few movies together. After that (it was already 2am) we talked and he said really cute things like: 'it's hard not to smile seeing you.' and stuff like that. Then he took my hand, wrapped it around his neck and then we kissed. We kissed for a long time and kinda fell asleep but I was eager to go home cause I didn't want to sleep over so I left about 4am. We kissed goodbye and then I went home. So.

    That was the good part.

    The bad part is I haven't heard from him since this has happened. I visited him twice but he was never home and I'm not sure if his roommate ever passed my message. But I saw him on sunday last week when I was meeting a guyfriend of mine. He looked quite pissed and wasn't pleased at all to see me with that guy (you know...'if looks could kill'). He walked us to the bus station and stayed until my guyfriend went home. And then he left, too. Yeah. I couldn't even talk to him about it.

    So my question is: Why does he behave so awkwardly? My roommate told me not to mention the kiss thing because she thunks that he just kissed me because he was bored so I shouldn't mention it. So I followed her advide but I don't think that was the right thing to do. Besides I really do like him so I just want to talk it out so we can either be friends or start dating. I don't really understand what he wants. If it was no big deal for him then why does he run away all the time?

    Thanks in advance.

    I really can't answer because I can't put my finger on why it went down like that. He's interested but I don't know if its the interest that 'you' want. Just ask him to see what's going on cause I don't understand either.

    Hi Guys!

    I've been meaning to ask,

    >>what do you think of the girl's hair?

    >>If you like it would you play with it? (pull it slightly, tell her not to cut it..etc)

    >>And if you like playing with girl's hair..would you do it to anyone who just has beautiful hair?

    well like me and other guys, we're opportunists. If we get permission to touch a girl's hair then we're going to try to go to the moon if you know what I mean lol.

    but 'yes' to all three questions

  8. I asked this in the girls thread. I thought I'd also ask it here and from a guys P.O.V. Because a fellow guy would have an idea what they would do.

    It's about approaching a random girl. If she says she has a boyfriend, what would you do?

    Move on to the next girl. Sometimes they'll say that because they're not interested.
























































































































































    free post trol__lol_rol_by_noneth-d3ku8fx.jpg
























































































































































































































































    This was around 00-01: I went to a MLK Day concert that featured 3LW, Blaque, Christina Aguilera, and etc. I was only able see Blaque's performance because it was hot that day and on top of that, Christina left the stage because she was either sick or anxious.
































































































































































































































    98-99: In middle school there was a pep rally and the principal surprised everyone with a performance by a female pop group called Nobody's Angel. The group were featured in some Disney Channel film (which I can't remember) and the Parent Trap movie with Linsey Lohan. This group was coming out around the time when N'Sync, 98 Degrees, and etc. were being featured on the Disney Channel. Anyways, Nobody's Angel came out and performed not one but only two songs. The reason that they only performed two songs is that the students were picking up rocks from the ground and chucking it at the group while they were performing LOL. Don't get me wrong though, I felt sorry for the girls but it was just...........yeah lol








































































































































    Agree on hapless child. Other than that, I can't think of anyone else and its probably because the threads that are being made are 'stale' idk.









  12. I consider myself as person that can not sell myself. I see myself as shy, reserved, but friendly and I see that women pick up on it. Its like I'm cool enough to hold a conversation with but not enough to be a "interest". How can I improve on my selling? cause I know I got more to offer than just "convo".
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    SNSD: Can't be the greatest group ever. Talented but give me a break.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    G-Dragon: He's alright but not better than Eminem nor lil wayne
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    C.N. Blue: they sound dry to me.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Lil Wayne: He's not better than Jay-Z or Drake. IMO I thought he was in his prime before Carter 3 came out.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Jay-Z and Eminem: good rappers, maybe even great. However, to say they're the G.O.A.T. in the realm of "Hip Hop" is blasphemy. Hip Hop heads know what I'm talking about.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Michael Jordan: Legendary player but to be call G.O.A.T. out of all the legends is kinda media bias.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Kobe Bryant: He's not better than Jordan but one thing he kinda have over Jordan is making difficult jumpshots lol.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Beyonce: There aren't too many solo artists that are mainstream, so she have no competition. Also there are R&b/Pop vocalists that will blow her out the water. She a good entertainer though.

































































  14. hello.. i have never done this before and this is actually kinda embarrasing kkk but i would looove some advice right now...

    well just some backup info. he is a total fob and I am a twinkie with basically a total twinkie mindset, which I guess is totally different from fobs (therefore we have collided many times) and also I am in my early twenties and he is in his mid-late twenties, so theres a definite age gap PLUS he has a lot of pride.. and we have been going out for almost 2 years

    Well.. just to sum things up.. basically we have came to Korea together, (his sister, my bf, and me) and we got a studio together because we are staying here for a month... and I guess while I was here, I have been getting mentally stressed because although I speak perfect Korean, I was so lost as to how to live in this totally new setting without my parents to help me with every little thing (im an only child haha) therefore I guess I totally leaned and clinged to my bf, because he was here and he was the only thing I can rely on and feel safe with. Well.. this basically led to me TOTALLY depending on him and basically I ended up acting like a "princess" asking him to do every little thing and I didnt even lift a finger. A month basically went on like that where I guess I was kinda acting like everything was about me. We go where I want to go and eat where I want to eat (not THAT extreme but close ...), and he held everything in... until a few days ago.. we were hanging out with his best friend who leaves for school tomorrow and we fought.. really bad.. basically I blew up at him for a joke he made that really pissed me off, but he said he was sorry and we got over it... but we fought again because I honestly wanted to go home so I basically kept saying lets go home and drink and he said lets just stay out cause its his friends last day before school... but I insisted lets go home... and eventually he got really angry with me and said some harsh stuff... and I blew up too and said MORE harsh stuff... eventually leading to a BIG fight and him even packing his stuff saying he would leave... (thankfully he didnt) but ever since that day... he will not talk to me...not matter how many times I said Im sorry he completely shuts me off or hes like no, its just how you are you and I don't match or something along those lines... well to show him I changed I actually tried to do simple stuff for myself such as even doing our laundry (lol) and cleaning up the house and such... I guess it helped a little? b/c he would say one or two words to me now. such as sleep, dont sleep on the ground sleep on the bed, dont go outside at night. etc... but hes still cold... when I tried to hug him at night he would just turn away... but yesterday he has been acting strange... one minute hes cold, and one minute hes back to his regular self for like a split second.. and then he turns back to being cold (but at least not as cold as the first day he was mad)... I dont know what to do.... we only have like a few more days in Korea... I would really like for us to enjoy it plus im not ready to break up :/... what can I do to make this situation better...? is he even going to forgive me,,? ack... advice please T_T sorry this was so long... just so desperate.. we're stuck in this little house together especially since his sister left for America now... so its only the two of us... and its just so hard... living in this house and my bf will barely even talk to me.. sigh all he does is sleep now...

    Even though he's not doing too much talking, you gotta talk it out. If it takes a mediator to break the ice then go for it. Key thing is to ease into talking cause he could resent. I also believe that admitting the mistakes can go a long way.








































































































































    This girl drew a cartoon pic of me and I was like shocked and appreciative cause usually people don't pay me no mind. So I told her thank you, I appreciate it and kept it on my computer since.
















































































































    P.S. i have more head and hair than that lol









  16. What indicates that a girl is friend zoned? :o or not thought of in any romantic ways :o

    a guy liking you from a distance (literally or figuratively).

    a guy might do whatever with you but if he doesn't claim you as the "girlfriend/fiance" around friends or family.

    You know whats infuriating ? When you get 'close' to a guy to the point that you are always talking, and he tells you that he likes you, and then after that suddenly stops talking to you.

    ..man fury.gif

    understandable, I did that with some girl a while back and I regret it.

    Instead of understanding how I really felt about her and then tell her immediately; I lead her on and on until I snapped.

  17. I know this girl that is pretty sweet and kind in general. However, when she faces something that is negative (whether its big or small); its just overwhelms her and she ends up cursing or moving away from the situation entirely. It seems like this happens every week and I'm just concern for her.

    I'm trying to figure out what's she's going through because she keeps her feelings to herself and I definitely want to encourage her to not let these negative events affect her.
































































































































    Anything plant based could have pesticides on it. Also these plants that are being harvested could be done by the hands of low paid farmers, illegal citizens, or slaves.









  19. If a guy sends you self-cam pics of him dressed nicely or wearing a certain shirt, or showing off a new hair-do, asking for an opinion, does this mean anything more than asking for an honest opinion?

    most likely yes. A lot of guys do that to impress a girl.
















































































































    If Miami wins the next game then its definitely going to be a NBA Finals: Heat v Mavericks part 2.
































































































    I'm picking the Mavericks to win it all.
























































    Is it me or does controversial topics get resurrected every month?








































    Anyways, I was talking to a friend about something of this nature last night and I pretty much said this:








































    Society put people in these 'boxes' and as long as they 'stay with in the box', they are okay or considered normal.








































    Anybody that decides to move outside their 'box' gets questioned, persecuted, or even exiled.




















































    I really don't have a list per say but this is what I made up.








































    1. Super Mario Bros








































    2. Final Fantasy 7








































    3. Shadow of the Clossus








































    4. Zone of Enders 2








































    5. Super Tecmo Bowl








































    6. Pokemon Gold & Silver (even the remakes)








































    7. Sonic The Hedgehog 3








































    8. NBA Live 95








































    9. Crazy Taxi 2








































    10. Super Smash Bros 1





  23. Do guys hate it if a girl's hairy? Not overly hairy, but if she's got like hair on her legs, or arms etc?

    And do guys prefer a girl to approach them if she's interested in them, like to flirt? Or the other way around?

    ^_________^ Thanks

    1. far as hair as concern I'm personally not into 'hairy'. However, there are dudes that don't mind hair at all. Overall it may be a culture thing for some or personal preference.

    2. This is my belief: I believe if a girl give the signal for a dude to introduce themselves then most (not all) guys will do so. Its like holding out your hand for a hi five lol.

    Other than that, some dudes like the challenge of getting a girl that is hard to catch. Some dudes are desperate and/or aggressive and will approach a girl even if she clearly not interested in the dude.

    Why the hell do guys find it amusing to fart on their girlfriends, with or without their friends around? Not even their girlfriends, their chick friends too. My guys friend have been doing this to me my whole life and I'm still baffled as to the amusement behind it all from their perspective. They're lucky I'm so laid back and instead of getting mad I just wrestle them into submission. LOL.

    cause its funny lol

    humor does vary from person to person but it 'seems' to be a common thing.

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