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  1. Hello! First time posting here, been lurking till now :D

    Teaser is really nice, loved it, and i really love all actors from leads to super side characters ( this is happening for the first time i always have 1 or two i dont like).

    Okay i have one question that has been bothering me for a while. Could someone tell me did Kang Haneul`s character in chinese version die? I read somewhere that girl chooses  4th prince bcs 8th dies. ( i kinda dont wanna see my bias dying, it was bad enough with jcw in empress ki xD)



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  2. I have to agree with time being devided between all characters, but lets be honest with all my respect Shin PD should`ve admit that JH barely exist in last 2 episodes and if love story was not important why making episode 18 all about JH x DS and always giving us preview about love line. Either way i already moved on and do not care about R88 its known that sequells will never be as good as fiirst season. I am thankful bcs RJY oppa succeed thanks to this role and looking forward to all of his future projects. I hope he will get bigger and greater  than he is right now.

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  3. Glory Day vapp was awesome, seriously it was so much fun i could not believe. I love oppas interaction with boys in yof but i have to say i love his relationship with GD cast :)

    I took too many screencaps ( embarrassed to say number out loud xD) my fingers are still in pain lol

    Oppa and Suho white socks fashion style xD White sock strikes again 







    Bonus :D






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  4. 7 hours ago, cheetah88 said:

    Proudly present our first fanart for Soompi Shipper Contest :) Enjoy!


    (Made with love for our precious couple Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun)

    Jung Hwan and Deok Sun’s story started so unexpectedly. It was clumsy and awkward, because it was their first love, their innocent love. They made each other happy, hurt and sad, as any lovers would and they matured over that, together. Although their first love couldn’t bear any fruit, the flowers that bloom from it became a beautiful memory. That memory would stay with them forever, even if it was hidden in a box somewhere inside their heart. Because each time they think about each other, the box would pop open, flooding their minds with the hidden memories. Their bittersweet memories.



    ‘It was like an innocent day has passed by.
    Love is a coincidence,
    carefully we found it, just like that, unexpectedly.
    Because of love, we were happy, hurt and sad.
    And then towards love, we matured.
    Even though it never came true, it was beautiful, our love.
    Because it's our first,
    it was clumsy, cause we're innocent,
    wondered if it wasn't our head, but was our heart instead

    Though our first love couldn't bear any fruit,
    the flowers that bloom from it, was a beautiful memory.
    And I believe it so.

    - Deoksun’s reply to Junghwan’s confession at the Reply 1988 Concert -


    Special thanks to @hailaft for the beautiful intro ^^

    i was already in love with this box but i love it even more now that i saw closely all details. I love it too much :heart: U did great job Cheetah :)


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  5. This day was really special we were showered with oppa goodies. Loved r88 concert it was fun and emotional. ( Junghwana happy birthday and goodbye u'll always be my fave kdrama character).

    Oppa was so handsome and funny on concert it looked like he's having a good time i am happy for him. 


    Now my fave pics from concert :D


    Credit to: owner

    He is like big kid joking around i love him seriously xD



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  6. 1 hour ago, debieg said:

    I just notice this fan caught in a camera during the R88 fan sign. What is the english translation of the hangul? above the I Love you, Share To Love words?  The thing that caught my eyes is oppa's catch phrase the Share To Love. 


    can someone help me?


     It means good luck :)


    This morning was epic, i wish i was on that fansign! Oppa looked great and really happy. I missed JH look :wub: 



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  7. Omg i was looking whole day for this gif  and why do i like him so much in this scene :D@hailaft thank you :)


    Wooow our thread is pretty much alive and fast even now, nice seeing new faces here, welcome and enjoy *JB style* your time here :)

    Sometimes i miss fun we had here those times of spazzing and being happy were gold, and yeah i miss seeing some people from this thread. I am okay well pretty much okay since i avoid everything related to JH and DS, but when i see some pics or hear Little girl or other song from JHxDS fmv i am back to being sad and broken hearted. People avoid MT its a bad place devils cave, satans maze lol  either way people there won`t change no matter how much we try. I went there and tumblr_mcp52n4Mv51qasxjlo1_500.gif 

    but yeah i won`t go there again.

    @balladblue unnie great post i am touched :)

    @shunklunk dongsaenga nice gallery you have here , my heart is broken again :sweatingbullets::D

    @namunamuyeppeo dongsaeng2 great job there on MT :D

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  8. Hello everyone! I am eagerly waiting for DOTS to air so i came here to get informations on whats going on. I have to admit teasers for this drama are by far the best teasers for kdrama i have ever seen. Loving the cast and plot I'm soo excited and my expectations are really high, i hope DOTS will meet my expectations. Just to add i am pleasantly surprised with Onew from what i saw in teaser his expresions are good and cant wait to see Jin Goo here, i was quite disappointed that his previous role in drama wasn`t that big. Others are great actors no need to praise them each individual.

    b-AMLJ.gif      pqOTzS.gif

    sxHRBp.gif      XpcXJx.gif

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  9. 1 hour ago, b020 said:

    Hey guys - here's The Wedding Night scene that I wrote, mostly for myself cuz I can't let this ship goooooo........the more I keep re-reading the fanfics and think about what might have been, my heart just aches a little more.

    It's a bit long and to avoid any slaps on the wrist, I'll rate it R.  Hope you enjoy it as much I as had fun writing it:

      Reveal hidden contents

    Alternative Future - Wedding Night:

    Deoksun couldn’t sleep – tomorrow was her wedding day!  After proposing to Junghwan,(she’d never let him live that one down), they had run back into the Kim family house and announced their plans.  Their moms screamed with happiness and short notice, but they started talking about the meal.  Their dads brought out the soju and started drinking.  They would only be able to get married tomorrow -Junghwan had to go back to base later that night and she had to prepare for a flight to India.  He would put in for his leave as soon as he got back and she would apply for an emergency leave as soon as he got the approval.

    “Where are you two going to go for your honeymoon?”  Deoksun’s mom had asked.

    Junghwan got a startled look on his face, while Deoksun giggled.  She let him panic for a minute before rescuing him, “We’d like to stay here, if that’s ok.  That way we won’t waste time away from the families before he has to go.” 

    Ra Miran looked like she wanted to say something, but she looked away while Junghwan squeezed her hand.  The planning would run through the night, but she slipped away to make a call to her unnie.  She was getting married before her older sister, but she knew that considering the circumstances, her older sister would approve and support her.  Her sister insisted that they run to the mall in the morning to get a proper white dress and rings.  She looked down at the graduation ring and just knew that she might be putting on the wedding ring tomorrow, but she would never take off the graduation ring. 

    Deoksun rolled over on her side giddy, but then realized something else.  Her wedding night!  She won’t have her wedding night until almost 2 months later!!!  Well, maybe that was for the best, she had some studying to do…

    “Why aren’t there more details in these?!?!” Deoksun wailed as she threw another romance novel across the room.   Jahyun looked up from her novel, “What?”

    “Grr – I’m so frustrated that these stupid books only have flowery descriptions instead of what really happens on a wedding night.”

    “Why do you want details?  Haven’t you…Deoksun glared, “Oh.Right. But you’ll find out soon enough, right?”

    “But I want to know what happens, and how.”

    “Did you ask your mom?”

    “She said things like, ‘get really warm’ and ‘feeling of wanting more’ and ‘he’ll get on top of you’.  Then she got all embarrassed and ran out of the room.  I already knew all that from the romance novels.  Evan the hot mangas that Jungpal reads has more info.”

    “Really?  Hmm, maybe I’ve been wasting my time with romance novels…”

    “Can you stay focused, please?  I’m going to have my wedding night in a few weeks and I have no idea what will happen.”

    “Well….I did hear about something that might help…”


    “They call it porno…”



    “Oh my god – my eyes!!!!”

    “Shhhh!!!Its just getting good.” Deoksun’s cheeks flushed, eyes focused on the small screen.

    “They’re crazy – do they really think real people can do that??” Jahyun peeked between her fingers, blushing and horrified.


    “What is she putting in her mou…oh.my.god.no.  Ewww!!!!”Jahyun squeezed her eyes shut.

    “Do you think guys like that?” Deoksun stared at the small screen, eyes taking in the details for later pondering.

    “I can’t believe you’d consider it!”

    “But if he likes it…what…”Doeksun tilted her head, “how does that work?”

    “Yah!  You two shut it – I’m trying to take notes!” Mi-ok shouted.

    <loud moaning>

    “That’s not possible!”

    “Why would he put his hand…oh!!!”



    “You did what?!”

    Deoksun avoided looking at her friends, she’d known them forever, they knew everything about her, but now she was embarrassed. 

    “I watched a porno with my Mi-ok and Jahyun, what’s the big deal?”

    “Are you crazy?  Why would you watch that?” Sunwoo burst out, forgetting the beer in his hand.

    Dongryong wiped the dripping beer from his chin, “Chingu-ya, wh-where did you get…”

    “Jahyun’s brother had one under his bed.  She snuck it out and we watched it.”


    Deoksun threw down the last of her pizza, “Yah!  Why do I need to explain?  You guys watch it all the time, don’t tell me you don’t!  Dongryong, I’ve seen your stash of ‘special’ videos you hide!”

    “B-but we’re guys…”

    “So what?”

    Sunwoo and Dongryong stared at each other trying to find a reason, finally Taek broke in, “Which one was it?”

    “Yah, that’s not the right thing to say right now!” Dongryong scolded “Chingu-ya, those videos aren’t really for girls like you.”


    “What he’s trying to say is that nice girls like you shouldn’t watch things like that.”

    “Why not?   You do.”

    “N-no way.”Sunwoo shook his head, desperately looking for backup from Taek who smiled a little, and nodded in agreement.  Deoksun sent them both a dirty glare and Sunwoo got defensive, “All guys do – even your husband.”

    Dongryong hit Sunwoo, “Yah!!! Don’t tell her that!”

    “But she’s going to tell Bora-noona!”

    Deoksun stood up, fed up with her friends, and glared “I wasn’t going to, but now, I think I better.  So she knows what she’s in for.”

    “Nooo!! Deoksun-ah!!!!!!!”

    Deoksun waited until she got to the end of the alley before sheburst out laughing, the look on Sunwoo’s face!!!  Wooohooo, she couldn’t wait until she saw unnie to tell her.  And Junghwan…if he watched those kind of videos, would he expect her to act like that?  Do things like the actors did?  Maybe she should watch that video again, just to make sure she understood everything…

    “What?  She did what?” Jungwan yelled into the phone, not believing what he just heard. 

    “But you have to stop her, if she tells noona then she’ll kill me.   You know what she’s like when she gets mad.  Junghwan-ah, you have to help me.”

    “Ok, ok, I’ll talk to her.” Junghwan hung up the phone to swear, “Damn it, what is that girl thinking!” Then he grinned.  Guess he wasn’t the only one anticipating their wedding night.  ‘Wonder what she learned…’ he grin fell, ‘She better not have learned anything with anyone else!’

    “Doeksun-ah, we’re leaving first.  You come with the dads.”  Lee Il-hwa shouted out as she snuck out the door.  Deoksun caught a glimpse of her back and wondered why she was rushing.  She put on her coat, checked her lip gloss one last time, and ran out the door.   This was it – her last day in her childhood home.  They were on their way to pick up Junghwan and when they returned, she would be entering the Kim house.  She still lived with her family, not wanting to move into the Kim house until Junghwan was with her.  She spent the last few weeks preparing his room into their room with their moms.  She had had a long struggle against both their moms wanting to pick out odd patterns and styles, but she was happy with the outcome - a new bigger bed dominated the room and the walls were now wallpapered into soft gray.  A new navy blue and gray bedspread covered the new bed.  The old desk and dresser was removed to make way for a new dresser and table that she had picked out with his permission.  Their framed wedding picture sat above the dresser and other pictures of their lives together filled the walls.  She couldn’t wait to add more.


    “Coming!” She ran to the car, anticipation filling her.  Tonight was night she would finally become a wife in the fullest sense.  Would it be like the porno or the romance novels?

    The families were all having fun at the hotel’s dining room – it was their first buffet and they had never seen so many choices.    She should have been happy – all the food she could eat, but Deoksun could only pick at her food.  She was too distracted looking at her husband who was doing his share of staring too.  Had it only been two months since their wedding day?  He seemed more handsome, more mature.

    If she didn’t stop staring at him, he was going to do something stupid.  Like kiss her, right in front of their families.  Junghwan tried not to look at her, but he couldn’t believe how beautiful she had grown in the last two months.  His wife.His.

    “Yah, yah, yah” Sung Dong-il quieted the families down as he stood up andpulled out an envelope, “Deoksun-ah, Junghwan-ah, even though it’s been two months since your wedding day, we wanted to give you two a real wedding present.   This is from your moms and dads,” he handed over an envelope to Deoksun.  She opened it to find a hotel key, and looked quizzically at her dad.  He cleared his throat uncomfortably and Ra Miran laughed as she explained for him, “Every new bride and groom should have some privacy on their wedding night.  We got you a room at this hotel for the next two nights.”

    “But I…”

    “I packed you a bag and it’s already in your room”Lee Il-hwa and Ra Miran shared a giggle. 

    Junghwan smiled with his whole face as he squeezed Deoksun’s hand.  “We’re going to settle the bill, so you two go ahead,” Kim Sung-kyun shooed them off.  Junghwan couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he led his wife to the elevator and Deoksun could only laugh along with him.  Side by side in the elevator, they stole shy looks at each other, both blushing at what was ahead of them. 

    Deoksun glanced around the pretty hotel room,  the bed…“Um…I’ll..um, shower.”  She grabbed her bag and rushed to the bathroom.  Her heart wouldn’t slow down, no matter how many deep breaths she took as she showered.  When she thought it was under control, she pulled out her nightie and found the extra little gift her mom and mother-in-law packed. 

    Junghwan paced the room, trying to keep his heart from beating out of his chest and his hormones from getting out of control.  He rubbed his hands against his pants and tried not to picture Deoksun in the shower…wet…naked…

    He grabbed some water and tried to swallow down his arousal, but then the water stopped.  She would probably take a few minutes putting on that lotion that made her smell like strawberries…he gulped more water.  He heard a small giggle and wondered at it as the door opened and he quickly sat down to hide his too tight pants.

    He choked on another gulp of water as she came out wearing a robe, her hair slightly damp and her skin glowing.  He avoided looking at her, to make sure she couldn’t see how his pants looked very uncomfortable…

    A towel flew in his face, startling him, and he looked at her smirking blushing face, “Go.  The shower is free.”  His eyes traced her beloved face and fell to the open collar of the robe.  Light blue lace peeked at the edges and he gulped, tried to distract himself.  He tried to look nonchalant as he covered his tented pants and gathered his bag.  He heard her muffled giggle as he closed the door and prayed for a little help.

    ‘He is too cute,’ thought Deoksun as the door closed.  His obvious nervousness as well as desire helped to make her more comfortable and she looked about the room again. Her heart fluttered with nerves and anticipation.  She closed the shades and lowered the lights, wanting to set the perfect setting.  The negligee her moms snuck into her bag was a bit scandalous and made her self-conscious, but there was no choice.  They had only packed two days’ worth of clothes and nothing for night wear.  She arranged herself on the bed and wondered how to proceed.

    Junghwan went on autopilot as he showered because all he could think about was Deoksun – she had showered in the same shower, used the same soap on her skin…he really had to stop.  He didn’t want to frighten her or rush things too fast.  He wanted both of them to enjoy it.    He wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom to find the lights dimmed and her in bed wearing nothing but…

    “What is that?” Junghwan pointed at her.  Deoksun had to tear her eyes away from a topless damp Junghwan and looked down at herself, “This?  Our moms packed it for me.  I think it’s their idea of sexy?”

    He couldn’t help but laugh at her expression.  It was a hideouslace and satin short nightie with some kind of animal print, but he couldn’t help but notice the long expanse of her legs, her delicate collarbone and round shoulders, her lace covered full breasts.  She laughed in relief that he didn’t think it was sexy because she hated it and then gasped as he slid into bed with her.  They sat side by side, letting the laughter die.

    She saw his heart beat in the veins of his neck and he heard her suck in air as his hand cupped her face.  He saw her lean into his touch and her eyes fluttered close.  He nudged her off balance and pulled her over him, her legs straddling him and her butt resting on his thighs, her short nightie barely covering the lower part of her body.  He lay very still, afraid to scare her, to move to fast, but savored the feel of her body on top of him, pressed together from chest to thigh.  It reminded him of the night they got stuck in the alley, hiding from Dongryong’s father.   He saw her eyes, startled, stare at him, “We’ll go slow.  At your pace, “ he barely managed to choke out as he struggled with his rising desire.

    She looked into his eyes, nothing held back, and remembered the moment she became aware of him as a man, in the alley, when they were pressed together like this.  “I want to kiss you,” Deoksun whispered as she savored the feeling of his damp skin against hers.  She wiggled a little closer, trying to get a little leverage and he had to bite back a groan.  The feel of her so close…too hot.  He was getting too hot!

    She leaned forward, hesitant with the feeling of being in control, and brushed her lips over his.  The sudden jolt of desire that rolled through him and made him grasp her hips, desperate to not rush her. 

    Deoksun gasped lightly at thestunning sensations bombarding her before becoming bolder and molded their lips together.  She felt him wrap an arm around her, bringing her impossibly closer, making her completely aware of his body. 

    Her sweetness, her scent filled his senses making him desperate for more.  A moan rose from her as their tongues brushed and then entwined.  Having a barrier of clothing between them was torture, but he was glad something helped him to hold back.  He broke off their kiss and sat up, her still straddling him and looking intoxicated with eyes half closed.  Her eyes fell to his naked chest before she reached down to caress the lingering water drops on his skin.  Her light touch tormented him even as he silently begged for more.

    His hands lightly stroked her neck and shoulders, savoring the silky feel of her skin under his hands.  They traced her arms, skimmed the sides of her hips before sliding down the length of her thighs on either side of his body, causing her hips to arch.  She gasped from the sensation and heard his moan before she leaned back in for another kiss.

    He was on fire, desperate with need as she helplessly ground herself against him.  His hands went to the bottom edge of the short nightie and he fisted the material, “Please.  Let me take this off.”  She leaned back, giving him her silent permission. 

    He slowly pulled of the nightie, worshipping every inch of revealed skin.  She blushed and moved to cover her nakedness, but he caught her hands.  He whispered, “You’re so beautiful” as he touched her reverently, stroking from her hips to waist to the swells of her breasts. 

    She sucked in a gasp as he gently touched her, his thumbs brushing against her hardened tips. Too much, she felt too much and yet not enough.  She arched into his hands, craving more.  Slowly he lowered his head to her tightened tips and kissed one, drawing it into his hungry mouth.  Her fingers dove into his hair and tightened, holding him to her. 

    She tasted so good, felt so good in his arms.  Her flavor raced through him and drugged his senses. He ignored the driving impulse to roll her over, to cover her body with his and instead, slid his hands to her back, stroking the smooth creamy skin, and made his way back to her lips.  They kissed hungrily, exploring each other’s mouths, necks, chests – tongues stroking, licking, their hands moving over bare hot skin.  He wasn’t sure how much time had passed, didn’t care – only she mattered.

    Her breath grew more rapid and she squirmed against him, reaching for something she wasn’t sure of.  At his limit, Junghwan grabbed her hips and ground them into his groin, both moaning at the erotic sensation, and flipped her over on to her back.

    Her silky legs slid up his sides and sherocked against him, opening her legs wider.  He grasped desperately at the towel, wanting nothing to separate them.   She ran her hands up his chest, over all the smooth tight skin, leaning up to brush their lips together.  The thrill of connection shook her to the core as their soft kisses turned harder, hungrier.  She needed to touch him, feel him.  With her lips she traced his shoulders, his biceps and he went still, letting his head fall back and enjoying touch of her lips.  She remembered all those times on the crowded bus when he stood behind her and protected her from the other boys pressing against her.  Love filled her as kissed each of his biceps, then his chest and stroked her hands down his stomach, to his waist where the towel clung and tugged at barrier.

    Finally, he whipped off the towel and they both gasped at the naked contact.  They lay skin-to skin, his erection pressing heavily against her belly, letting each other get comfortable.  They stared at each other, not wanting to look away.  It was so intense, she could barely breathe and she couldn’t help but arch into him.  He kissed her lips before they moved down her neck, covered her breasts and his hand slipped between them, sliding gently until he pressed a finger into her depths, hissing at the heat and wetness. 

    A whimper turned to gasp as he stroked her, teased her before he plunged back in, making her burn, crave more.  Her thighs trembled, her knees clenched as he stroked her faster, harder, she cried out as he dragged his other hand up her body and cupped her breast.  Burning, she whimpered and arched her hips into him, gasping for air…then shattered as sheclimaxed. 

    He didn’t wait for her to come down off her high, instead he thrust quickly, knowing he was going to hurt her, and pierced her virginity.  Her tense body let him know she hurt and desperate to distract her from the pain, his mouth covered hers, tongue stroking hers, teasing it to respond.  He kissed her without stopping, needing her to know his total love and commitment.  She smiled against his mouth and flexed her hips tentatively, “You feel so good inside me.”

    He wasn’t going to last, not when she said things like that, and pressed his fingers against her swollen bud.  Her moan sent an electric buzz up his spine and as she bit his shoulder, he let go his control. 

    “Ouch!” Junghwan jumped awake as Deoksun pinched him again “What was that for?”

    “Yah, where did you learn how to do all that?” Deoksun glared at him.  Anger radiated from her still naked body. 

    He couldn’t help but laugh.  She was too adorable.  He rolled her unto her back and kissed her pouting mouth.  She held herself stiff before she melted against him, arms circling his neck.  He loved the sensation of her fingers in his hair, lightly scraping his scalp, grabbing…

    “Ow, ow, ow, ok, ok, let go,” Junghwan whined as Deoksun lightly shook his head, “Yah, it’s not what you think.”

    “Oh yeah?  Then tell me, how are you so good at sex?  How many girls have you done it with?” Deoksun demanded as she slapped his bare shoulder.

    “None!  I swear, none.”  Junghwan carefully pried her fingers from his hair.  He kissed her once before settling her against him and rested her head on his shoulder, “Don’t ever repeat this, promise me.”

    Deoksun cuddled close, “Promise.”

    “My mom gave me a bunch of romance novels to read, she wanted to make sure I knew how to treat a woman when the time came,” Junghwan confessed with reddening cheeks.

    Bursting into laughter, Deoksun sat up to look closely at her husband, “Really?  Romance novels?”

    He stained cheeks told her the truth and she laughed even harder, making him embarrassed.  He lashed out, “Yah, at least I didn’t learn from porn!”

    “As if you’ve never watched it!”

    Knowing he wasn’t going to win, Junghwan did the only thing he could think of to shut her up.  He kissed her.  And she let him shut her up, besides, there was something from the porno she wanted to try…


    Wooooow this was something special *dr style*. Great job loved this fanfic, i laughed so hard on few parts, it is great i totally can imagine that family branch, mi ok ja hyun and ds watching p**** that part was comic xD i love it *clap clap* thank you for writing fan fics and sharing with us.

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  10. Hi everyone its been a long since my last post here. I really hate r1988 for making me so patetic, today i accidentally played little girl my eyes become watery lol its like listening my break up song which i dont have for a long time, drama ended like 3 weeks ago and i am still broken hearted. This ending is so not fair at all.

    @ihate0ni0ns you killed me today, not literally you but your fv i am 110% gloomy so you better cheer me up with 100000000 bananas xD


    this video wasn`t this sad before...:tears:

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  11. Wow its really hard being fangirl, i am studying and coming here like every half an hour just not to miss something :D I wanted to see Glory day even before i knew RJY but now i cant wait to watch it, i am so excited with all that promoting of movie. I am sure that we`ll get subs for Glory Day faster than for Socialphobia coz when all those Suho, Jisoo and RJY fangirls ( i am not sure if Hee Chan has big fanbase) unite someone will translate that pretty fast. I agree with @pluie625 about RJY`s script reading. Maybe he is not on picture bcz  he is now pretty much on spotlight in entertaiment industry so media would probably concetrate on him... Eitherway cant wait to see all of his future projects, and cant wait to see YOF.

    Dont know if someone had already shared this pic but this is so cute lol :D


    credit to: ink361

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  12. 3 hours ago, emy_rose said:

    WOW, so many amazing photos... keep them coming please :P

    The one with long hair... I love man with long hair and then here he is :wub::wub::wub:

    Anyway I have a question about one photo that @ihate0ni0ns posted... this one

      Reveal hidden contents



    Did he usually walk around like that sometimes?

    Lol i l've never noticed this before :D i dont see well is he really naked or not but one thing is for sure and i just saw that thanks to you he has cute little behind in there :lol::lol::lol:

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