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  1. I finally decided to delurk because I need to vent my feelings for this drama haha hi everyone! :D I've been watching since the first ep and I gotta say even though I get why HS is so scared (even though she's being a little too much), I can't help but be disappointed in her sudden change of character. She's been threaten by WS before and heck he even almost killed her in the forest, but she was still not scared of him but after having this "vision" of him killing Eun and his wife, she's suddenly so terrified. I get that Eun is one of her closest friends, but is WS not her friend too? She should've known better that even if WS do end up killing any of his brothers, there will be a reason why (I'm not condoning murder in any way btw, just in the context of this era). Didn't WW tell that to her before? That he had to kill someone when he was 11 or something (cmiiw) and it was necessary because that's how they were brought up in the palace. HS was so understanding back then... why not now? :( She didn't even try.. she only told WS not to kill anyone when he's angry. At this point idk how the drama is going to show SoSoo love line, but they better make it believable. I don't want her to look sad all the time like in the preview. My baby WS deserves to be happy :tears:

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  2. 20 minutes ago, MrsSoJiSub said:

    I enjoyed the ride. My Deok Sun seems happy. Junghwan seems happy if his love story really ended in episode 18 then I'm fine with that. Maybe they have more to show with Taek and Deok Sun. Perhaps there are flashbacks to come. All I know is that both stories do not feel complete and I need Deok Sun to reply to Junghwan's confession of thank you like Najeong did for Chilbong then I can fully let go. That's the only thing hurting me right now. That lack of goodbye. And there can be no twist. It has to be goodbye because how does she happily date Taek for years then wake up and realize it's always been Junghwan. No I accept what they gave me here. I just need that proper goodbye between "thank you for being my first love" them I'm done. 

    This sums up how I feel. It's still incomplete, but there's no way back for JH-DS. I don't even want DS to be with JH anymore. JH learned his lesson, he is happy now and so is DS. I do feel a bit betrayed given how the show progressed through JH's POV I thought he would get his first love given the pain and misery he went through (which is why I think most of us are sad and in pain cos we actually SAW it happening) but hey its the writer's story. They journey has been fun while it lasted and I have no regrets!

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  3. I'm surprising not that bitter. If the show didn't show JH letting go of his love I would be mad. He's moved on, he's happy and that's ok with me. For me JH is still the star of the show, his character is still my favourite. At this point I just want them to show his love interest.  I still can't understand the narration of this story being so JH focused so maybe the writer really wanted to show unrequited first love. 

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  4. 15 minutes ago, balladblue said:

    I swear to god if we don't get ANY scenes with both JH and DS together, or any scenes shedding light on DS's feelings for JH in ep 19, I'm going to burst into flames.   

    I'm not even asking for a kiss scene, c'mooooooon. #desperationlevel1000000 

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    I think Taek and DS went to his baduk manager 's wedding together. She might have been talking about this with her colleague during the "why don't you date him" conversation. Maybe taek asked her "why did you come to a wedding with me? " And she responds, "because we're friends." She didn't mean anything romantic by going with him to the wedding.



    Omfg. I think my mind just went delulu. 


    What if DS's friend asks her why is she going to the wedding with TK, when a man asks to be a plus one that means he likes you that's why DS says 'huh?' and she's gonna tell TK after the wedding that that they're just friends. 

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha ok I'm sorry I'm going crazy. I have too much time on my hands.... Lol ok bye friends :P


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  5. THE PREVIEW. I knew something like this would happen. This is shocking coming from me haha but I'm really not that bothered as I thought I would. For the past few days I've been thinking a lot and it doesn't really make sense if JH is not the husband. All those angst, what are they for right? At this point I'm so positive that I just want to see how the writers plan to show us how they resolve everything. BE POSITIVE EVERYONE! :) 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Ladywhise said:

    I do not know if anyone have noticed this during the montage when JH asked NH to give his gift to DS, did anyone notice the GREEN Ribbon? This reminds me of the color theories.

    I read about this not too long ago from the MT COLOR THEORIES

    Yup. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere in this thread before that DS pink shirt gift to JH had a yellow ribbon  :)

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Kelly86 said:

    It's too early to start celebrating. 18, was a blow to us but how many episodes were focused on JH its always been about his story. Plus I want to believe the actor listing credits and relationship/family picture connections that were posted a while back. 


    Is it the family-tree like picture? If so, me too. Oh and the fact that JH is on the CD/DVD (?). Let's just be positive!!!

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  8. 25 minutes ago, binnielover said:


    The only thing am worried about is the banmal JH speaks with No Eul during christmas gift scene and how the 2015 husband said that it took him 10 years to speak with No Eul informally. I hope someone will explain this and put my heart to ease.

    I think there are a few ways to see this. If JH is the husband:

    1) It's just a figure of speech. To say that NE looks so old that he felt weird talking to him in banmal. 

    2) When they showed JH asking NE to send to give to DS, they would've known each other for more than 10 years. Enough time for him to speak to him in banmal.

    If TK is the husband:

    I don't recall him talking to NE (lol) but I think I've read before that TK speaks to him in banmal too (If anyone knows if this is true or not please feel free to correct me). If it's true then I think the same rule applies. 

    Edit: Ok so they're both equal then since it's already mentioned in few posts above. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, janeadelaine said:

    I agree. there are lots of comments that I want to reply to, but it will be no use and people will probably see me as a blind shipper. so yeah, all I can do is just wait for Friday & Saturday and prove them wrong, I hope..

    Hahaha yes! I get the colour, doll and things in the background theories, they're fun. The ones that annoy me are those that are not logic.. Like how do you come up with that?! *side eyeing that long post on MT lol*

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  10. 14 minutes ago, binnielover said:


    Same here. I did a quick glance of MT and dramabeans....want to counter answer for each and every weird logic..but why waste time on that....I will enjoy the anticipation and be sad only because we only have 2 more episodes left. Ah, also stalk RJY on twitter/Insta and listen to OSTs. 

    Exactly. The way they are analysing everything was just... It wasn't even logic (legit saw a post where she was analysing the future husband's hair parting!!!). That's a bit too much for me. I'm sad there's only 2 episodes left too :( I stalk him on insta too and sometimes leave comments lol not that he will ever read it. :lol:

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  11. Why did I think reading the comments section on dramabeans was a good idea lol. I wish people would stop with their TR/CB/JH/TK comparisons. All the boys are different in their own ways. Doesn't mean if JH/TK does something similar to TR/CB that their outcome (at the end of the series) would be the same as them. It's just a parallel scene. God. Sometimes I really wanna reply to every single one of them but I'm just gonna waste my time because they choose to see what they want to. Oh wells. Sorry for ranting :mellow:

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  12. 1 hour ago, misshoggy said:

    The song goes (rough translation)
    With no regrets, I've sent you away.
    I don't know why it felt so empty today.
    When I opened my eyes,
    this bright sunshine, those past memories (of you) by my side
    suddenly just crumpled.
    Your smile, called out to my heart and revived it.
    My little heart pounded, though you never caught on.

    When I opened my eyes,
    this bright sunshine, those past memories (of you) by my side
    suddenly just crumpled.
    Your smile, called out to my heart and revived it
    In my empty heart, there was you ( or literal trans: I feel you).

    So sad!! 


    Welcome to the thread and thanks for the translation! I've been looking for it since it's all that I've been listening to all day. Now I want to cry again. :tears::tears:

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  13. 8 minutes ago, parkangel said:

    I agree with you. He doesn't show his love in a grand way. It's in the small meaningful things that he did for DS: the umbrella, the mittens, the "wear your seat belt", the way he ran from the movies just to be with her, the way he worried over her short skirt and her catching cold, the way he worried about her going to crowded place on busy Christmas season, oh I could go on and mention many others. When he said, "use your head and think why I did this." that's also a declaration of love. However, at that time DS was too young to understand that. Despite his "mean" exterior to her, he actually listens and very attuned to her needs and changes.

    During the scene while JH drove to the concert venue, I was screaming "come on DS, he loves you so much to do that! Open your eyes." However, we women, sometimes need to see the love shown in a grand way to realize that we are loved. 

    Like you, I also disagree with many who thought that JH didn't fight hard enough. It's just some men prefer to show their love in a subtle way.

    YES! That's exactly how I feel, I just can't express it beautifully like you did hehe. I agree with the highlighted part too. In the case of JH/DS, something big must happen for them to realise their feelings (DS) and that they are loved (JH). Although I don't mind too if nothing big happens and they just make their way to each other. But this is a k-drama we're talking about so something big must happen...

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  14. I haven't finished back reading all the pages but I just need to let it out after reading the recap on dramabeans. I thought I was ok but when I read what JH narrated... My heart is shattered. I am crying again. Seriously, what do we do with him? It hurts me to see him like this. I've never rooted for a character like this. His narration was so beautifully written, I just feel for him. I need to hang his confession and narration in my room. Lol.  

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  15. 16 minutes ago, cherisshuu said:

    I think its referring to the scene when theyre going to school because DS is always waking up late and the chance JH to bump into her is a slimmer. 

    Downloading the sub version of the confession. Gotta replay it until next week because I like it, a lot. 


    Ah, I see. Now it makes sense. Thank you!

    Me too. I loved everything that he said, it's like a trip down memory lane when he mentioned those scenes that only him and DS know of. The way he paused between his sentences was perfect, and his eyes say a lot too. It was a big step for him to confess to her after so long, and in front of his friends too. He suffered too much already, I wanna give him a big hug. :tears:

    Edit: Oops just realised I said the same thing as @MrsSoJiSub. Didn't realise your post but hey it's good that we have the same thoughts. 

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  16. 12 minutes ago, wizengamot said:


    *hugs you back*

      Reveal hidden contents



    *hugs a little longer* Thank you hehe. I read that too but she was really disappointed, her face says it all :tears: (my poor biased heart could see it). Seriously, thank you for being everyone's positive pill throughout the whole thing. I admire your positivity!!! 

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  17. 11 minutes ago, lelee said:

    Sigh....  I just had to say this so I'm here in the shipping thread after all.... all this emotional abuse for me...My heart feels so frustrated and sad after seeing the confession but I can't cry...yet. Weird. Normally I would have already cried my eyes out at the confession but I didn't....Seems like I really think that it't still JH in the end. This is making me mad lol It's like seeing a path that devides into two paths and I have to choose which one to go on but only know what the right path is next week. I don't want to go down on the wrong part again like with chilbongie...But what is right? Hope my guts won't make me a fool next week as I'm slowly moving my feet onto the path that has JH-DS written on. This is mentally exhausting for me lol

    Anyway....My point was:

    I tried to watch the interview scene as unbiased as possible. And I still came up with JooHyuk is acting just like JH. And I mean trolling and red herrings are one thing, but would the writer make Joohyuk act like the wrong person on purpose to confuse people? I mean this is a drama after all. Not entertainment. If he's really trolling in making Joohyuk act as the wrong person then I don't think that's right....It's acting after all. Not a lecture on how to troll people.

    Also, the interviews are DS biased, right? Her hubby only occasionally sits down next to her and watches her or whatever. But if it were TK then wouldn't it be the other way around? He being the one that's talking, even though he hates interviews? I mean DS isn't famous so what should she say? Also then why is DS being interviewed anyway? What the heck? (I'm confused)

    I feel you! I'm mentally exhausted. My head still hurts from crying. 

    Maybe they're interviewing DS for the Olympics special? Maybe they'll interview everyone who participated that day. That's just what I think anyway but I'm not sure how her love story will be relevant though, but it could happen I guess. Unless DS does something extraordinary in the future.

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  18. Ugh guys I still can't shake off DS's reaction after the confession. She was definitely waiting for TK because when she turned back to face the guys her face fell. To make things worse, JH noticed this too :tears: I feel like my heart is gonna combust.. seriously. What did JH do to deserve this?? I salute those who can accept if JH is not the end game (Am I being too selfish? It's really not up to him now, it's all DS after this). I, too, am rooting for JH as a character outside his relationship with DS, I really really want him to be happy. I know the PD and WR will make him happy in present time with a loving wife, but idk maybe because I know I'm not gonna be seeing them being in love with each other, the emotional depth of their relationship, the angst. You feel me? 

    Why am I so negative? :( Somebody hug me... (RJY pls if possible)

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