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  1. I understand Namshin had got mad cuz everybody surround him seems prefer Roboshin more than him.. Especially his Mom, secretary Ji, and his grandfather... and at the last scene, when Roboshin grabbed Sobong's hand, Namshin look startled. Sobong was his bodyguard after all.. So maybe he want to get her back to him. He used get everything he want... I'm scared he would do everything to get Sobong.. Maybe he would act like Roboshin... Or what if Namshin later will be fall in love with Sobong while doing that??? woah.. Love Triangle (exclude YeNa ) Sorry, I'm too excited with my imagination Maybe I should write fanfiction
  2. The reason I love Monday is because of them so cute... Hai, guys...it's been a long time... I'm back cuz this lovely OTP I just want to share this BTS drama...Monday please come faster
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