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  1. Maybe dramawiki isnt accurate? But according here the drama is gonna air on nov https://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_KDrama#JTBC ?
  2. I'll be happy as long as everything gets verified soon, PD, writer and cast and when it'll be aired... It's listed to air in November 2019 in dramawiki *crosses all fingers* Jung Rye Won, accept already! They already seem to work well together LSK and JHJ seems like a really laidback couple with loads of sense of humor is great and JHJ's costar in Search WWW Lee Da Hee seems to have fallen in love with her hehe
  3. I forgot where it was mentioned but didn't they say that he'd start filming for the drama in August? The travel show would probably take them a week or so to shoot? If we compare it to the Youth Over Flowers timeline. What I'm trying to say is both still could happen this year... If only the lead actress would be announced already! Haha
  4. So excited for this LSK and KNG interaction
  5. Yes! Now I'm hyped with the possible pairing with Jung Ryeo Won in the lawyer drama (if she accepted already) they'd be cute together. I just recently saw pics of them going to an event together back in 2007 or 2008 some ppl thought they were dating apparently because of that haha
  6. Yes, Park Dong Hoon and all the praise from different critics of the great acting of the cast in Parasite. I gotta watch it once it's available... Speaking of romantic roles... I remember him being chosen as the lead of a movie titled Love Is A Virus with Shin Mina as the female lead I wonder why that didnt happen. I remember being excited for that one haha
  7. This is true he has been typecasted... I doubt they would cast him as the "handsome rescuer of the damsel in distress" copy and paste roles in kdrama... especially with him not being the conventional handsome guy in Korea. Funny, because the "handsome" roles aren't interesting... The interesting roles goes to the antagonists or the supporting roles and LSK is at the leading man lane now so he gets stuck with roles that the industry thinks what he is best at...I remember that Star Date (?) Interview they mentioned that LSK is the best at acting annoyed @_@ is that their reason for typecasting him? Sheesh. Hoping for King Maker, since he has more of a supporting role in it, a genius at political strategizing, that he'd show them haters that he's not a one trick pony. I mean My Mister didnt convince them yet? I havent seen Parasite yet but from reviews I doubt he looked like his other characters there
  8. Oooh maybe it's something like the "Youth Over Flowers" thing? A one off featuring them 3... That would be awesome, a working vacation type
  9. Ive been meaning to delurk in the My Mister thread but I have nothing to add to the amazing insights posted there heh. I watched KNG in "Live Up To Your Name" and liked him a lot there then went on a KNG movie binge, Memoirs of A Murderer was good (serial killer stuff is right up my alley ) The variety offer will probably take time before it starts shooting. LSK doesn't strike me as someone who'd burn himself down to stay on the limelight... He seems to be the kind whod go the opposite way when he feels bogged down, I remember an interviewer asked him if he'd like to be in Return of Superman and he said "No, my house is too dirty" or something like that haha love that man. He seems to say yes to projects that'd give him new challenges/experiences I'm hoping that the show would have a "normalcy" concept about it (i would love a relaxed everyday life kinda thing like Hyori's bed and breakfast, another person I freakin love) Hi @widala [Edit] Ooh seems like the show's gonna be a backpacking travel thing
  10. Hi! I'm a long time lurker of the My Mister thread... Just here to rejoice about the new collab of LSK and KNG, 2 of my fave dudes! LSK still number one though hehe I wonder what kind of show it'll be
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