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  1. Maybe I am just feeling introspective because of the news of Sulli's passing, but let's face it. CA is a victim of bullying at school AND at home. She had physical bruises from her treatment at school. But, she has emotional bruises from her bullying at home. From the first episode, I saw how her mother takes out her frustration with her husband on CA. Then, the dad just constantly looks down on her and dotes on the b*tchy older sister as if to emphasize to CA that she is a loser. Then, her sister lashes out at her at will. CA is in an abyss of constant bullying and her mother had the gall to wonder how she ended up bruised like that. Her father had the nerve to ask why she wanted to kill herself. I just... I am glad the writers gave us a time jump because we needed a break from all of the sadness and angst of the first few episodes. I really hope CA gets some sort of reprieve, but unfortunately she is going to suffer because of the choices her mother made to constantly cover up the suicide. I have a few predictions. 1 - SA is going to end up back home living like a regular person. If you want to "marry well" you have to play your position. She isn't being smart about all of this. Yes, a lot of people have arranged marriages and love may not be present, but she should try harder than she is. I don't dislike DJ, but I feel like him marrying SA is an act of a spoiled rich kid. Him having to have whatever he wants and unfortunately with her, he met his match because she has not fallen for him yet. 2 - CA is going to be a huge help to JW, who seems to have shut down a bit since his brother's passing. His mother should be able to find some redeeming qualities in her because of that as well. I don't think any of them have quite moved on or healed from it, which may help CA in the long run. Surely, the cover up of the suicide is going to come up again and his mother is going to take it out on CA, however, none of that is going to change the fact that she played a role in his suicide.
  2. A few thoughts Once again, we have a drama addressing the issue of suicide in SK and how often the families look at it from a selfish point of view. It really bothered me when CA's mom showed up and kept saying she had to lie about JK because "his mother" would not be able to handle the fact that he committed suicide. I kept thinking what about your daughter? She is in this situation right now because she wanted to commit suicide. Unfortunately, she ended up being left alone and having to deal with JK's death and last words. Also, how would CA's mom know what JK's mom would feel or think? Furthermore, CA, as a kid still in high school should not have been expected to carry a lie of this magnitude all the while dealing with the fact that she tried to kill herself. I was so bothered by her mother's quick thinking to discard evidence of the planned suicide and then taking JK's phone and even forcing CA to call it in. I kept wondering when she was going to ask her child why she wanted to kill herself, but she never did. The truth will inevitably come out. I keep thinking of the lady that checked them into the room. All of the people that probably saw them at that train stop. For all we know, someone saw him walking into that water alone. The truth re: his suicide is going to come to light and mommy dearest will have to come to terms with it. As far as the older sister, I am not bothered by her desire to marry well. Look at her parents. Her father sits around at home all day doing absolutely nothing but being gross and then ordering her mother around like she is the help. She is deathly afraid of ending up like her mother. She is probably traumatized by it. All the mother does is passive aggressively curse the father in her head or takes it out on CA. This is survival for the older sister. She is probably thinking even if the marriage doesn't work out, she can get a decent settlement and live her life on her terms. To her, anything is better than living in poverty with a man that cannot take care of her or support her like her mother.
  3. After watching episodes 3 and 4, I have some questions that I really hope get answered before the show ends. I understand that 20 years has passed. But to me it seems that EVERYBODY that was close to them have aged horribly. I think the writers have done this on purpose. To show the consequence of how they handled things. The only people who gave a valiant effort to find them were their immediate families, although I found it strange that GMR's family told her friends that she moved to the US. Why? What did they hope to gain from this lie? I also found the fact that MDC's father passed was indicative of how his family turned out. I noticed in the first episode that he seemed to be the only one diligently working besides the father. When they had that dinner where the brother was frantically playing the piano and the sister was singing, It was clear they were out of touch with reality. Were they even working then? I get the impression the father was hoping MDC would continue to do well as a producer to take some of the load off of him. The rest of the family was bleeding him dry as he appeared to be the only breadwinner outside of MDC. With MDC gone, I suppose it was just too much for the father to handle alone. With four able-bodied adults living together, it makes no sense they are all sharing that small apartment over the restaurant. They don't have to live in luxury, but they could be living better than that. As far as GMR, it is odd to me that her friends would believe that she up and left and NEVER contacted them, or came home for a holiday. That just doesn't make sense. I love her relationship with her brother and I also love that she has barely been awake a week and already she is looking to continue college and get a job. It is this quality that MDC is going to fall for. GMR is not like his siblings or even his ex. She doesn't feel that anyone owes her anything, except her lost time. She is very forward-moving and independent and that is going to appeal to MDC. I get the feeling in the past that the main reason his ex was involved with him was because he came from a comfortable family and was making a good living as a successful variety show producer. She wanted that life. I always got the feeling that she was more in love with him than he was with her. His job back then made it hard for him to really have a personal life. Since they both worked at the same network, it gave her more access to him, but given more options, whose to say MDC may not have chosen someone else. As far as MDC's sunbaes, the station, his colleagues, I find them all repugnant. They all worked together to cover up the experiment and now coincidentally, they all have positions and titles within the company. They sold him out for their current jobs, just like his ex sold him out to become an anchor. Their silence kept MDC and GMR frozen for all of these years and I believe that the truth is going to come out. MDC is clearly excellent at variety shows. He came up with ideas for shows that are already successful that he doesn't even know about. I believe MDC and GMR will end up producing a show about what happened to them and in the process the truth of the cover up will come out. There is definitely more to this than what has already been revealed. Look at what happened to the doctor. Not only does he not remember anything, he is acting as though he is suffering brain loss.
  4. So my bet is: Option 6 - I think SH's mom was killed by someone that she didn't suspect. In the flashback, she looked surprised as much as struggling to stay alive. It could've been a worker, contractor, delivery guy, someone she would come in contact with semi-regularly, but not someone in the family. However, I am adding Option 3, because they were probably paid to do it by Ms. Han. I think either way, it comes back to her. She knows everything that goes on in that family or she controls everything that goes on in that family.
  5. One thing that episode 11 showed me was the SH's mom was someone who had the potential to be BIG. She was young, attractive, talented and well connected. Her works had already garnered her acclaim and recognition in the art world. I think when Ms. Han came into the picture, she wanted to get rid of any and everything that would somehow get in the way of the father getting control of the company, which is why she staged the accident with grandpa, mysteriously SH's mom is killed and YD's mom is conveniently framed for it. SH's mother was seen as a threat. She had won the favor of the Chairman and she had an identity outside of having a child in the Mo family. SH's mother wanted to make sure SH was cared for, but she wasn't after money or power. She was caught up in her work and lived in her own world. I still say it was either 2nd wife or Ms. Han or both that killed her. The fact that SH's mom knew that WJ was a cross-dresser is also something to take note of.
  6. I am watching this drama late, but one thing I know for sure is that anytime amnesia plays a role in a story, if the person (especially if it is a lead) has amnesia for too long, it messes with the plot. I knew by episode 22 when she was still trying to get her memory back that this drama was going to get messy towards the end. The writers should have already given this girl her memory back and let's all move the plot forward. It is hard to write about even finding out something that happened in the past if the lead still can't remember anything. That's just lazy writing. I will forge ahead to the end though, but I find so many of the comments in here hilarious!
  7. If you notice, Ms. Han has dropped the ball a couple of times here lately. For some reason, her stern exterior is starting to crack, and I think it is because she sees what she perceives to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Part of her arrogance is the belief that once she has something on someone, some secret or weakness, she can just use that to control them. It worked with CNR, and she believes it worked with SH as well. She knows that Mr. Han is older and ready to pass the torch and so now she has set her sights on WS, who up until now has been relatively quiet and obedient. Even her finding out about the cross dressing is icing on the cake for her because it can be used to control things behind the scenes and get her way. This will definitely play a role in her downfall because truthfully WS is a ticking time bomb ready to explode. He has lived his life in hiding for so long and now he is expected to be a corporate puppet for the rest of his life? I get the feeling his older brother is going to step in and help him in some way. I really don't like loose ends in a drama. They bring about too much angst, and right now the biggest loose end are those two reporters and the fact that they know YD's real identity. It was really annoying how they ignored all of the things that were going on with the company but diligently went on a quest to find out about YD. If that double agent tells lover girl about YD's identity, I will never forgive him. YD came to them like a man and was honest about his identity and how he just wants to clear his mother's name. They owe him that much humanity to keep it to themselves and not put him and his mother's life in danger. I think SH and YD need to do some digging on Dr. Han, get on offense.
  8. So a few thoughts on the last episode I am really annoyed that the female reporter discovered YD's real id. And because she is working with that double agent, YD is going to get exposed to TOP and be in a position where he is going to have to continue working for them or risk a worse fate. I feel like that entire team is full of people that are smart but have pasts that Dr. Han knows about and has used to blackmail them and get them to do whatever she wants them to do. Honestly Dr. Han finding out about YD's true identity probably wouldn't shake her, but the fact that he is in such close proximity to SH is the problem. The dynamic going on in the house right now is very interesting. The 2nd stepmother and 3rd stepmother are fighting for control of the house. I do know if I believe that the 2nd stepmother ever married the father. I think that is how they have made it look. I always got the feeling the only woman he married was SH's mother because that is who the grandfather wanted him to be with. I think before he met SH's mother he was probably married before and cheated on that wife with the 2nd stepmother. Then when that wife left, the 2nd stepmother moved in before getting grandfather's approval, which we know she never got. Then SH's mother moved in, but they ended up killing her. Then afterwards, appa hooked up with 3rd stepmother. I get the feeling that his involvement with 2nd stepmother is for optics. Much like his second son's marriage, it is loveless and sexless, which is why he was swayed by the actress. I also get the feeling that the actress was liking the eldest son, but because of what people said about him, she went for the money. He knows this and that is the reason he has stepped up and tried to get people to take him more seriously than they have. The argument between brothers was very revealing. They are both in tune with one another. The 2nd brother knows the eldest wants the respect that the eldest son should have, which is why when he met with Dr. Han, he tried to get him more stock percentage. The eldest knows that deep down, the 2nd son doesn't want the responsibility. Personally, I think he is ONLY doing it for his mother. Speaking of which, I don't think that 2nd stepmother is the eldest son's mother. He literally has no relationship with her. I find Director Han interesting. She looks like she might be in her 50's. She isn't married, doesn't have any children, she doesn't have a significant other and she doesn't appear to have any friends. TOP is literally her ENTIRE life. That makes her vulnerable to me because she has nothing else to fall back on. She has no interpersonal relationships and she has such an incessant need for power, for revenge and for control that I imagine if her day in and day out routine is shaken up even a little bit, she would become unhinged.
  9. Since we are all playing What If, I will add mine to the frey. What if the second son is not the father's son? I don't trust the wife. She looks like the type that will lie for some type of inheritance and she is very determined to make her son the heir. I also thought it was interesting when she met with the guy from TOP and he tried to get her to sign over her shares, she flat out refused even though she herself reasoned that her son's shares were like her shares as well. It was like she needed some type of insurance. I think that is why she hates SH so much because SH is the only real true blooded heir. Someone also commented [sorry I forgot the @] that they think the mother knows something else. I agree. I also believe that she probably knows something that she may think is insignificant, but it is actually a really big deal. I cannot wait for things to unfold. I think SH and lawyer should shake up TOP from the inside. Get ALL of the dirt on everybody, then bring them down, one by one.
  10. I may be in the minority here, but I like the ending. I never looked at this drama as a romance or melodrama, because that wasn't the central issue here. This drama was very consistent about centering it around the practice of euthanasia, terminal illness and pain management. It just so happens the leads were attractive and had great chemistry. The three years apart is realistic. I cannot stand when a lead in a drama is legit sick or injured and they go overseas and magically everything is cured within a year. That is not realistic. Treatments take time. Often when it comes to drug trial and experimental treatments, this takes years. In the beginning, it was a lot easier for him to keep in touch and post his vitals, but as expected, he got ill. His health was vulnerable before he left, so it should've been expected that he would get ill once he was in Cleveland. Plus, you add in the fact that he is in a new country, new environment, around new bacteria and diseases, his system was very compromised. From day one KSY jumped in with both feet, YH did not because he has been told his entire life that he is ticking time bomb that could go off any day. He was still dealing with the death of the CIPA patient he could not save and relating it to his own health. I am sure he went through the ringer with all of the testing, and there were probably a lot of days where he could barely move or do anything. It also appears that when he returned to Korea, his health still wasn't the best, but he was in remission and learning how to work his way back. With that being said, we all know how KSY is, she would have been almost a nuisance had she known the second he stepped back in Korea. YH is a man who did not want to have a "caretaker" but rather a woman in his life. I can understand this. He kept an eye on here while gaining his strength and setting up a future for himself that would ensure he could be around for this woman a little while. Is this a glamorous or super romantic ending? No. But is it realistic? Yes. Now, he's healthy, he's found a new purpose and in a position to be the man that she needs in her life. I like it.
  11. So this is my issue with the whole SJ being terminally ill trope. It messes up the rhythm of the drama. MPDITW has been following a rhythm since the drama started. We got to see the drama with MS/JS/in-laws/DB. We also got the whole drama with MH/WJ/JB, which provided lots of comic relief. Then we have our OTP and all of the angst they are up against with his crooked family, and her biological mother. Killing off SJ was just so unnecessary. At this point, that story line feels thrown in and now it is dominating everything happening with the drama right now. We are no longer getting a balance of all of the happenings in the three daughter's lives. It has just been episode after episode of them crying over SJ's illness. The other worn out trope has been with the Chairman's wife. She has been conniving since she stepped into the picture. It's like we get it. You want ALL of the Chairman's money for yourself and your son. There has been no character development, no moving of the story line with her, just the same plotting over and over. She has been exhausted in this drama. I am disappointed because this drama started off so well, and had so much potential for an epic ending. Now, it has become predictable and it is always a bad idea to end a long drama with a really sad ending. I sincerely hope these last few episodes get better, but I am not holding my breath.
  12. I really enjoyed this drama down to the very end. It was nice to see the prosecutor back in the story line. She seemed to have woken up and really decided to just hand it to Deputy Yang who really thought he would be able to cover for the assemblyman. However, MH was two steps ahead of them. I was glad he was able to talk bad cop/flunkie out of taking the rap for the whole thing. The look on their faces when he confessed and told the truth was priceless. MH's hacker friend was also a favorite character in this drama. I loved how he had the other prosecutor and his team eating out of his hand when they were trying to recover the lost video. He is hilarious. Once the truth came out and they showed the kids back at school, I felt like they dropped a few story lines. But I suppose they weren't that important. Wanne be popstar will never get past her role in bullying TR. I get the angst of being a teenager, but some of their actions were just downright cruel and unnecessary. We knew the BJ killed SA, but actually watching how it played out was so heartbreaking. That poor girl didn't stand a chance. She was already dealing with the fact that she had a sponsor because she got abandoned by her adoptive parents, but to be confronted like that and then killed...I can honestly say I didn't feel bad for BJ when he got shot in the neck at the end. What goes around comes around and with his father no longer around to protect him, his demise came quick. Overall, this was very well put together. I feel like this corruption in schools theme has become more popular with all of the real life school scandals going on. While I enjoyed the drama, SKY Castle, I also liked how well- balanced this drama was. While there were some definite darkness to this drama, there were also some brilliant comedic moments too.
  13. So, I have kind of fallen off the MPDITW bandwagon. Ever since they gave SJ this death sentence and MS quit her job, my interest dwindled. So, let's just deal with the obvious. SJ is going to die and I predicted down to the unnecessary drama how this was going to play out. I knew SJ would find out alone. I knew she would keep it from her family. I knew that she would approve of MH and WJ. And, I knew that she would try and go away somewhere to die. This is the makjang bible right here and the writer is following it to the tee. I wish MH had gotten more character development before she and WJ got engaged. She is still terribly immature and she tends to speak first, think later, which often results in her putting her foot in her mouth. WJ is in for quite the ride. Like I said before, TH is not the chairman's son. It makes sense. This is why HM has been scheming since she returned to Korea. She wants to ensure some type of inheritance or payoff before the truth comes out. But her and her brother aren't smart enough to keep up this ruse. The chairman deserves getting scammed by her. He is an old fool. MR and TJ need to just focus on their growing family. The timing of SJ's death couldn't be worse. MR will need lots of love and support, after all she showed the most love to SJ and will miss her deeply since SJ so freely took over the role of being her mom. TJ needs to step up more at the company. His wife is pregnant and cannot take on everything by herself. MS can still kick rocks. I just can't stand her and her constant whining and complaining. She NEVER speaks up when she needs to such as when she is dealing with evil mother-in-law, but then she can't shut up when dealing with her mother. She usually says something mean and uncalled for. Even though JS annoys me, he has more sense than her. She is the absolute worst, and I don't feel any sympathy for her. I really hope the writer ties everything up nicely. SJ deserves a nice farewell, but I don't want to dwell on it for 5 episodes either. We deserve a cute chubby baby and renewed energy in the family.
  14. Oh, how I hated to see this drama end. I knew it would be good because all of the lead actors were my faves. I think the writer here really wanted to show the dynamic of relationships. The importance of loving yourself while you are in a relationship and the importance of knowing when to let go. KH had fallen into a very controlling situation where he allowed ZY to control too many aspects of his life. Even if the whole abortion story line wasn't present, those two didn't stand a chance. KH was an alpha male who was more than capable of navigating his career and making a success of himself. Even though he broke up with ZY, he still allowed her to control his life. Same thing with WW. She lost herself in her relationship with HY. She allowed him to control every aspect of her life, and even though she wasn't happy about all of the sacrifices, she was willing to do it if it meant the end game would be a lifetime of happiness for them. The problem is that control doesn't just end. It continues. It suffocates. It stifles, and after awhile, WW couldn't breathe. Then she and KH found each other and their meeting one another made the light bulb go off in both of their lives. Suddenly they both became uncomfortable with their relationships. Soon they were both questioning their happiness. I like that the writer didn't automatically put them together. Yes, KH had been there for WW and showed that he was worthy of being in a relationship. However, WW had to find herself again, because she had certainly lost it with HY. Men like HY don't need real love, they just need someone to play a role in their lives. They will be the director and run the show and they want a subordinate who will play along. Unfortunately for him, WW needed love in return, which made their coupling impossible. I really like how the writer showed WW struggling with the dynamic to take more control over her life, all while being friends with KF who had complete control over her life, her desires, and her happiness. KF represented the other side of the coin. Her character is typically frowned upon because "women aren't supposed to be like that". But as we saw, KF was not as promiscuous as people thought. She carefully chose who she hooked up with. She didn't delude herself into believing that sex equated to love, and she put her happiness before everything. KF was loyal and fierce and sweet, and it was endearing to me that once DW got to really know her, he fell head over heels for her. She was honest and content by herself which made her perfect for him because he knew she would never sacrifice her independence to be with someone just because they had money. She had no problem telling him about his behavior and she was a great friend. Even I fell for her. I also really enjoyed watching KH and WW's friendship. They respected and supported each other. They got along really well and they communicated well with one another. This type of healthy friendship/relationship was a breath of fresh air to witness. It was nice sharing this forum with you all. Til the next one!
  15. I haven't watched tonight's episode yet, but I can clearly see where this is going. I will go back to what I said last week, BJ knows too much. Why did TR have to tell him that she was aware that he left the theater for a while. As soon as she revealed that, I knew she was done. And how perfectly aligned is it that at the same time, YR chose to get people to call and harass her. So now BJ has the perfect alibi and motive for suicide. If those other students who called and harassed TR admit what they did and that they were coerced by little miss popstar, he will have even more help. If only she listened to HM, she may have lived. One thing for sure, another death of a student at the school is not going to help. That is two students and a school administrator all in a couple of months? Her death is going to change the dynamic among the scheming adults. I got the impression that TR's mother was a major player in all of this. Now, she is going to be angry and desperate for some type of revenge. HM needs to shift his focus to the adults. As far as BJ being a psychopath, I believe that he had been a ticking time bomb his entire life. Living under the harsh scrutiny and high expectations of being the son of an assemblyman, and then things began to unravel when he started liking TR. However, I bet she outright rejected him, and when BJ found out LTS was pimping her, he tried to use that to get leverage and get her to like him. Then she dropped the bomb that she was involved with his father and he went crazy. We will see, but this all falls back on BJ and his relationship with his father. The most infuriating character for me right now is Kim Han Soo. He wakes up and could easily be the key to the right person being convicted and instead he is keeping his mouth shut and following orders to protect SA, when in reality, there is a lot about her that he just doesn't know. Clearly he doesn't know that SA was involved with BJ's dad, otherwise he wouldn't be allowing him to manipulate him. As it stands, he has perjured himself again. Also, SA would want the world to know what happened to her. She would want justice, but instead, he is protecting some childhood image of her and it is so frustrating.
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