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  1. dammmn DJ can kiss smooch smooch , and here I thought FJ was the one who needs to teach him how to smooch
  2. hi guys, i was wondering does anyone have the mini series link of the conversation between DH and Bai gun gun and FJ ??? I really want to read it.
  3. love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ALSO HAHAHAHAHHAHAH FJ said how abnormal DJ is for liking reading Buddhism and LS ask what did DJ did for him to be praised like that by her, and he replied owh CY praised you like this!!?? take note ZH and JH, you cant just be obsessively in love with DJ, there is also a healthy balance need to struck DJ down a peg or two to get his attention. HAHHAHAH YASSS this is gold mine for all the novel scenes, oh my god, to be honest im going through a rough time currently in my life, but watching TPB really soothe my soul
  4. OH MY GOOOOD, EP26, HAHAHAHAH DRUNK FJ here reminds me of drunk FJ in TMOPB, heheheheh also the scene of DJ being charmed of drunk FJ as well sorry guys, the site i watch just uploaded 25 till 28 eps, so im just starting my viewing now
  5. im happy that vengo is getting recognition that he deserve, seriously the way he portrays DH is as if DH was made for him. Those kind of characters where u cannot imagine anyone else playing. And playing more than ONE character in one drama, with multiple personalities. The Emperor's personality, DH Personality is soo opposite that I applaud Vengo, cant wait to see how he portrays the Aranya character next. You can see he truly practice to perfect DH characterism, hopefully after TPB we see more of him in drama and he gets more recognition. Unlike dilreba, unfortunately vengo is not yet that well-known.
  6. is it bad if I say that the JH actress if she wanted to avoid all the hate as well, instead playing JH she could have play CY, cause it seems CY has plenty of screentime as well. No hate to the CY actress, shes ok, but JH actress also could look good playing CY as well. and it seems they broaden the CY and LS storyline in TPB which I love as well. And CY being best friend with FJ would also give her lots of storyline chances
  7. i have just started ep 24, annnnnnnnd i feel like yeees our FJ is attracting DJ because this is someone who get annoyed with him and fight his richard simmons answers wittily, like LS and SM hahahahhaha thats a good start, that amused DJ. I think this is what ZH and JH should do if they want to attract DJ buuuuuut they dont know that hahahahahahha what I love is that FJ is composing herself and at the same time showing her sassy fox side to DJ, like yah I love you once upon a time but now I still like you but im not chasing after you so there!!
  8. i thinnnnk, another method if they at least want to incorporate and make TPB like the continuation of TMOPB, is to start TPB from ep 24, where in the BQ/YH wedding happens and FJ seems to have move on bla bla bla, but of course the writing would be change to fit the TMOPB instead of the TPB novel, but still can incorporate essence of TPB novel. But at the end of the day, we already have this awesome; in my opinion, awesome flesh out novel turn to drama which I absolutely love.
  9. if they call FJ has no dignity chasing after DJ, then what the hell did they watch in TMOPB, its THE SAME DAMN THING!!!! And now what, they gonna say DJ is OC cause he now starts to like FJ ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the same damn thing in a sense where after FJ chase after him for a while, DJ finally starts to weather down..and start being attracted to her in TMOPB This all boils down to the fact that TPB is not TMOPB continuation but a stand alone in the end, so they do this to bring it down,or cause they prefer BQ and YH which is fine, then just go WATCH TMOPB again and leave TPB ALONE!!!
  10. I have to admit, i cant get ppl who continue to say bad things about the pillow book. Once is understandable, but twice, thrice and fourth and so on, and im like................... I think its save to say some ppl just love to hate, thats all there is to it. They love hating on TPB, maybe cause it will make TMOPB look more better or what not in their mind
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