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  1. Hey guys. So I just started volunteering at a kids free art school. When another volunteer was showing me around and introducing ppl to me we met a volunteer who worked in grant writing. He appeared cold and she told me that's how he always is, very serious about work, doesn't talk to anybody or joke around. 

    Fast forward for the past 2 weeks every time I'm at the school he initiates convo. He's asked me about my interests like movies food, where I went to school, about my parents. He also talks about himself without me asking. I come to find out we have a lot in common and now am kinda interested in him lol. 

    Unlike what others say he jokes a lot with me and we always end up laughing. Sometimes he looks at me and starts smiling so I ask him what's so funny. He says looking at you makes me smile for no reason. 

    However I can't tell if he's interested in being more than friends. He doesn't flirt much but tells me that he's shy and is not good with conversation that's y he doesn't talk to anyone.  Also says he's istj guess those types are very serious.He doesn't touch me other than poking me to show me something but doesn't mind if I touch his arm or anything. He also hasn't asked me out. But I'm nice and talkative to everyone so not sure if that confuses him? 


    What do u guys think? What hints can I give to move things along? 

  2. 25 minutes ago, CamelKnight said:

    I was wondering the same as @raymondc27 to be honest. It's a rather odd situation if he buys you stuff, treats you nice but doesn't expect a relationship or sex in return.

    Perhaps he really just likes you as a friend and wants to treat you well. 

    In the Netherlands we've got a saying "Voor niets komt de zon op". It's literal translation would be "The sun shines for free", meaning that nothing's for free in this world. It's something that is applicable in every situation. The question is what is it that he wants from you. If it's a friendship, that's cool too ofcourse.

    Do you mind me asking what age you are and he is (considering he's 11 years older I can do the second part of the math too though ;) )? If you're late teens, early twenties, he might have a crush on you but thinks you're too young to start anything serious (for the time being. He might wait till you're older though). If you're younger, run the hell away. If you're older than 23, it shouldn't be a real problem so what's holding him back?

    It's rightfully a confusing situation.

    Thank you for both of ur replies :) 

    i am 27. Yes I'm confused since he's not getting anything out of this really other than someone to hang out with, but he could just do that with other friends. I'm not sure if maybe he's keeping me as backup while he looks for more compatible girl? 


    If I continue to hang out with him would that make me look "easy"? Should I stop answering his calls and going out with him as often? 

  3. 18 minutes ago, raymondc27 said:


    Hmm you mind telling me where hes from ? Also one very personal question. Have you guys done it


    He is Chinese and no we haven't done it, he's very respectful and hasn't pushed for anything at all. We only hug and hold hands (which is even slow for me lol)

  4. Hi guys 

    I've been dating a guy I met through mutual friends for 2 months. During times we hangout he specifically call these "dates" and has refused to let me pay because he is traditional. He calls/texts me every day or other day. He also buys me small gifts all the time. 

    Recently I asked him if he was looking for causal or serious dating (this is because he's 11 yrs older than I am). He says he's looking for serious dating but only see us as being friends due to the age difference and that we live kinda far from each other (We only live 30 miles from each other!) 

    how am I supposed to interpret this? He still contacts me and wants to go out, with him picking me up and paying when we go out. I'm so confused, do guys do this for their female friends? 

  5. Hey guys, I just met a guy who is very outgoing and talkative, so I can't tell if he's interested or not. We went out to eat with a group of other guys, and he offered to pay for me saying "I got you, don't worry". He also talks to me the most, asking lots of questions about me, and makes bunches of jokes. When were talking about jobs, he offered me a place at his work. He said I have long legs like him lol. He recognized the perfume I was wearing, and said it was his favorite. He also gives me other compliments. And at some momments he just sits and stares in my eyes. He randomly asks for high fives and he touches my back when walking past. When we left, he tells me to ask him if I ever needed anything. 
    Anyways, or these signs of interest? or most outgoing guys like this? 
    Thank you :)

  6. Hi guys,
     I ordered around $170 worth of items from Sasa.com and I tracked my packaged and it says "inbound into customs" (usps). The last time I ordered less than $100 and it did not go through customs :/Have you guys received this message before? Does it mean there are any problems or any fees will be charged? (im located in California btw)
    (I read online that some ppl had to wait a really long time b/c their package was stuck in customs :( )

  7. I'm going to get double eyelid surgery in two days. I'm quite nervous as one of my eyes requires ptosis as well.

    I had a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Kim in LA. The total came out to be $4000 for the dynamic method + ptosis. He was really calm and seemed to know what he was doing. He seemed to be a really observant and careful person. When he told me to open my eyes, he looked at my eyes as if they were a painting he was carefully studying. Something in me just told me to trust him so I did. I'm not Korean, but they can all speak English fine and I didn't feel uncomfortable. His assistant was pretty nice as well. I will update you guys with how the surgery goes later :) If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!

    Plz let us know how your surgery goes :)

    Elaine: thanks for all the after pics !

  8. Hi guys,I just met a new guy friend. Overall he's really nice and talkative. But the thing is, when he talks to me he doesn't make eye contact. If I talk he makes eye contact. But if he's the one talking, then his face would look elsewhere even if his body is facing towards me and he looks another direction instead of in my face. I'm not used to people not making eye contact when speaking to me lol. Any idea if this means anything? I doubt it's because he doesn't like me because he's the one that approached me and initiates convos first. 
    Thanks :)

  9. Do you guys recommend the nymph aura primer or volumer for oily skin? I have oily/acne prone skin but due to ance medication my skin is getting really dry and flaky lately so i'd like my BB cream to look more dewy so it's not so cakey looking on dry skin. Would the nymph aura help? 
    Thanks :)

  10. if a guy is always offering to help you / does favors for you, is that a sign that he likes you? One of my coworkers is always helping me with random things even though I never ask him, and even though we work in different areas I always see him roaming around my station. And what especially surprises me is that I'll be talking to someone or asking someone something, and somehow he just appears next to us and answers me/helps me. It's weird.. is he just super duper nice or is there something more? ( he doesn't do this to other female workers)
    thanks guys!
































































































































































    when a guy could be the hottest thing ever, but infront of you he still acts shy and nervous :wub:

















  12. I have class with this one guy. He came up to talk to me one day about class, he seemed friendly and even a little flirtatious. From that day on I noticed he keeps staring at me in class. But now he's extremely awkward around me, he stutters when he talks, speaks really quietly I can hardly hear him, and gives one-word answers. And sometimes if we accidently bump into each other around campus, he just stands still and stares at me not saying anything. I'd have to be the first one to say "excuse me" and move to the side to keep going my way. But he's still normal around everyone else, I don't get it. Why would a guy act completely different like this? lol

  13. hey guys,

    so I was just wondering this guy asked me out on date to eat lunch. When we were done eating I took out my wallet (planning to split the bill) and asked if the waiter was going to bring us the bill or we'd have to go the cashier. Now usually at restaurants like this you just ask the waiter for the bill, but he didn't even bother and told me I'd have to go to the front desk. So we walk up and he asks for the bill and then just stares at it blankly. I swear it was like a minute of no one paying lol. So I started taking out my money and he still wouldn't budge. So then I payed my half and said there's my half. Finally I think he got he point and took out his half.

    So basically am I imagining it all, or was he expecting me to pay for the whole meal? (when he asked ME out. Which btw I usually go by the "who asks the other out should pay" but I was definitely ok with splitting). Am I overeacting b/c I have never been so embarrased standing at the front waiting for someone to pay their share lol. And no I couldn't have paid for him even if I wanted to b/c the restaurant only accepts cash and ppl usually dun have that much cash on hand. Anyways he keeps on calling for dinner now but I don't think I would go if he thinks he's getting free food or something grrrr

  14. just wondering I was shaking hands with this guy and instead of shaking he just kind of held my hand for a couple of seconds and let go. Is that how guys usually "shake" hands with girls? lol. (if it makes any difference, he's not shy)

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