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  1. Annyeong @ayoko094 I'm glad you like Seo Kang Joon because of this drama. He's a good actor, right? Yup his eyes' color is different from most Koreans because his eyes are light brown to hazel. In fact, Gong Seung Yun as Kang So Bong also have the same eyes color as him.
  2. I like this drama will look out for Episode 2. Enjoy the singing and acting so far.
  3. Hi @bohmi this is a movie! Aigoooo I thought it's a drama. It's ok I will still watch it once the movie is released. Thanks for telling me.
  4. Hi @Latte_Anyday I suspected that Somi was a victim of sexual assault too. She is too scared of men. Was it because of her brother? The minute her mum told her the brother is coming back, she asked her mum to let her be independent. She said her mum promised that she can move out on her own one day. I wonder what's Hye-Ju's relationship with them, the "3 the best friend in school". It seems that she is best buddy with all 3 throughout the years during the 3 persons don't keep in touch. And she did a great job to get them all 3 together again. Yup I'm wondering too why is she keeping a secret of her boyfriend from her 3 friends. But I noticed from the last episode, she felt uncomfortable and sad when her bf kept on admiring another man. I have suspicions on this couple.....will talk about it next time.
  5. Annyeong everyone I have yet to catch up with all the latest episodes of WOL. Plan to do that today. Regarding the above comment, I don't think Jang Hyuk would do that because his wife was his long time girlfriend. After he came back from army, he married her. And now they have 2 kids? or more? If he's not married then I will ship him with Jang Nara but he's married, so end of the shipping. As for Lee Jun Ho and Jung Ryeo Won, I don't ship them but they have good onscreen chemistry so I'm not surprised fans of this drama would ship them. I don't think JRW wants another scandal with an idol so soon. Her recent scandal was with an ex-member of Winner. By the way, any chingu can tell me what's the code to hide comments? I used to be an expert but somehow this time, suddenly I have memory loss I forget how to do it. You can reply me here or PM me. Gomawo chingu in advance.
  6. Omo omo omo so many new dramas to look forward to. Because I like Kim Young Kwang and also Park Bo Young, definitely i will watch this drama!!! Ahhh its gonna show next month (Aug), alright I will be waiting patiently then. Hope this drama will be a good one.
  7. hahahahahaha me too @dramaninja the title misled me. I just clicked once I saw the title, thinking its a fantasy genre drama but........aigoooooo
  8. Annyeong everyone I adore Park Bo Gum and like Song Hye Gyo too so definitely I will park in here once this drama starts. Waiting to see PBG on screen again.
  9. Annyeong @larus thanks for creating this thread. Its So Ji Sub, so definitely i will check this new drama out. I'm also a fan of Son Ho Jun, Kang Ki Young and Sung Joo. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim has turned me into a fan of Kang Ki Young finally. First time saw him was in High School King. And I like Sung Joo because he can sing. He's the main vocalist of UNIQ, the group he was in. As for Son Ho Jun, like him since Reply 1994. Hi@plappi chingu, you are here too Let me get more of my friends to join here...@Sarang21 @evie7 @rain719 @moodypie @Mau_Cherry @nonski
  10. Annyeong @marykarmelina for creating this thread. I'm gonna watch this new drama because of Lee Min Ki and also Seo Hyun Jin. I'm happy that both leads are my fave.
  11. Annyeong chingu deul OMG episode 10 had me laughing so much. I think I like ep10 the best so far except that in the end Miso fainted in shock. But of course, I like the kissing scenes the best too Many thanks to @jeonghyang dongseng for all the animated gifs. I clicked like a mad woman to save all the kissing gifs. @saved2K @darr I'm enjoying Chansung's acting in this drama too. He's good. His acting is getting better now. Out of 2PM members, the best actor i like is Junho. But Taecyeon is my 2PM bias @ohoheli dongseng are you joining the fun too to watch this great drama with us?
  12. hi @celebrianna i think that's the reason why Rain signed up for Sketch because there's not much romance and kisses. He wants to keep his wife, Kim Tae Hee, happy furthermore he is a new dad. hi @coolbett1357 if the ratings for Sketch is good, I'm sure there will be Season 2 after my experience with Mystery Queen and Secret Forest. There is another crime drama that has Season 2 too, I think, but at the moment I can't recall the title. Unless the ending of Sketch finishes satisfactory and no open ending, this will mean no Season 2. Anyway either way is still fine for me.
  13. Annyeong everyone I love Yeo Jin Goo, so I will watch this drama Also to watch Minah and Hong Jung Hyun's acting again. Hopefully Absolute Boyfriend would be great.
  14. Annyeong everyone I'm starting to enjoy and like Wok of Love lots now. And this drama made me realized that Jang Hyuk's eyes are brown. Maybe there were lots of close ups on Jang Hyuk's face. I didn't even remember his eyes are brown from Fated to Love You. I adore that drama to bits. Anyway my main reason to watch this drama is because of Jun Ho and Jang Hyuk. Ok I'm going now to finish off Ep28.
  15. Hi @snowquality chingu, if you like crime and investigation drama such as LOM, you should try the dramas I mentioned
  16. Hi @celebrianna me too have watched both seasons of Mystery Queen. I love Choi Kang Hee and try not to miss any of her dramas since I discovered her in "Sweet Buns". I'm waiting for Season 3 of MQ to see the romance at full swing, if there is Season 3. At the rate Sketch is going now, I'm very sure with you all that there will be Season 2.
  17. Annyeong @snowquality I just saw your comment here. For me I think Si Joon's ability to see the future saved Si Hyun. He just changed the circumstances of the person to die. No doubt Si Hyun's sketches are always right, if without interference. But because Si Hyun is Si Joon's sis, so he changed the future just to save her. I believe if Kim Do Jin was not there at that moment, Si Hyun could have died with a bullet through her head.
  18. Hi @bedifferent chingu I seem to come across you in few other threads too. You are busy as I am watching few dramas at the same time. I think I have 11 dramas which I'm watching in between now. Yup I did noticed that aunt Mal Sook complained about her makeup case been searched, I think coming episodes will reveal the case. I think this is the first drama of Jung Kyung Ho that I really like.
  19. Hi @celebrianna and @snowquality Yup I agree that there might be a Season 2. I noticed that Kdrama Crime seems to have Season 2 and so on for example: Mystery Queen and Secret Forest. Would love to see romance between Kang Dong Soo and Yoo Si Hyun but.......
  20. Annyeong @Dramanoona hahahahaha I was thinking the PD has chosen "Fake Love" for this scene from so many songs out there. The PD and Writer must be an "army". I am
  21. Hi @snowquality you are right. Episode 12 focused on Lieutenant Oh OMG i hope she won't die. Pity her mum.
  22. Annyeong everyone Wow I just finished Ep8 and can't help tearing up at Han Tae Joo's father's death. Yup agree with @bedifferent that no matter how many times HTJ rewinds that scene which the dad got shot at, he failed, he can't changed the past. I enjoy watching LOM, one of my new fave drama currently. Waiting for next Saturday to see what's next. Poor Han Tae Joo, he always looks pale and deadbeat. I wonder if he will stay in 1988 or goes back to the present time. But I have a feeling he might stay on in 1988 because he found a new love. But again, who knows the writer might write him back to the present time and meet someone who looks like Officer Yoon Na Young. Just want to say I'm beginning to really like Jung Kyung Ho now after watching few of his dramas. He is really great in acting but I feel sad to see how sad and haggard he is in this drama whenever I look at his poor beaten face, I remember Sooyoung
  23. Hi @snowquality @celebrianna Wow Ep12 is so intense that I don't want it to end abruptly like that. Gosh next preview.....I hope Kim Do Jin won't harm Lieutenant Oh. I also hope Mr X will be safe if not it would be so sad for Yoo Shi Hyun to lose her last family member. At first I thought Yoo Shi Joon is a bad guy together with Jang Tae Joon, but after carrying on watching, they are not the villains. The villains are the Elder and his followers. Mr X needed to do certain things that involved innocent person such as Kang Dong Soo's fiancee. Somehow he's not altogether good too. I understand he needs to such things to achieve success in order to find out who is The Elder and to bring him down together with this whole organisation. Sketch is so good even though no romance. As the story progresses, Kang Dong Soo seems to care more about Yoo Shi Hyun but then it might only be as a team member. In Ep12, Lieutenant Oh asked Kang Dong Soo to take care of Yoo Shi Hyun. And before I sign off, I hope Mr X would be safe and that he foresee this scene that he's been kidnapped by the Elder's hitman. That its only a plan for him to get kidnapped. I hope the person who's gonna die won't be him.
  24. Annyeong AYH chingu deul Got news to share with everyone Monday, July 2 Both MBC and KBS2 will be covering the Brazil vs. Mexico match. As a result, “Partners for Justice,” “Are You Human, Too,” and “Hello Counselor” will not be airing. Tuesday, July 3 “Partners for Justice” and “Are You Human, Too” will make up for the previous day’s cancellations by airing two days’ worth of episodes. From 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. KST, “Partners for Justice” will air episodes 21 through 24, and “Are You Human, Too” will air episodes 13 through 16.
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