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  1. Hi @pad-hari chingu I'm not surprised that there were fans following CEW around, he's an idol after all. He's the most popular member of his group, ASTRO.
  2. Annyeong everyone I just finished Ep1-4 of this funny drama. I laughed a lot. I like Song Ji Hyo in this new drama. Park Si Hoo is one of my fave actors. I was sad due to his scandal and controversy before. I'm very happy that he has made a comeback to dramaland. I think I missed his previous drama before this. Anyway I want to say I enjoy this drama lots so will continue to watch and laugh. Hi @Mau_Cherry chingu, I'm here to accompany you Calling @moodypie @ruzikie @ohoheli @Ahpheng @jeonghyang @plappi @vangsweetie637 @YourHighness . @dimples21 @suchadiva42 @julie721 @missdey @angelwingssf @mslee @packmule3 @Kissy13 @ZarraJae @deandraluv @rain719
  3. You have misunderstood me. I never said JWR is not pretty. She is. Why I commented like that because I know korean group idols don't simply date. If they really want to date, then they will do it secretly unless caught.
  4. Annyeong everyone Sooh Ah the actress' real name is Jo Woo Ri. Jinja! She's dating CEW? There's 5 years difference between them. CEW is 1997 and JWR is 1992. Usually Korean Idols tried to not go public on dating. Cha Eun Woo is a member of ASTRO, this group is doing their best to stay popular, so far I don't think they ever won any 1st Place at Music Shows. And I'm very sure their agency would not allowed CEW to date since he's the most popular member of ASTRO. Unless he really fall for JWR which I doubted.
  5. Annyeong chingu, yup me too. Actually I have stopped watching live for months now. I usually watch RAW if I can't wait for the subs. Or I will wait for the subs the next day and watch. I started to watch live since yesterday and its all because of Gangnam Beauty
  6. Hi chingu, yup I'm having the same feeling as you. I think she's trying her best to win KS over which of course she would fail big time.
  7. Hahahahaha it's nice to watch Kyungsuk's jealousy. I'm sure he's aware that he's falling for Mirae. I pity Mirae's best friend, Hyunjung, because I think she has misunderstood Wooyoung. She somehow thought that he's interested in her after the card reading. Wooyoung is actually interested in Mirae. I hope Hyunjung won't turn against Mirae later because of that. @ohoheli dongseng, pity you have missed to watch today's episode live. Remember to watch the raw or with sub tomorrow ok? Hi @Mau_Cherry chingu, I'm so happy to see you active in here.
  8. Annyeong @amisyka77 i guess those people who criticized Cha Eun Woo have not read the manga. From what I have seen of the Webtoon, KS is supposed to be an unsmiling, cool, unresponsive handsome guy. Yup I agree that CEW nailed KS character. I'm beginning to like him more and more all because of his gorgeous visual. There's no angle that he's not handsome. He's handsome at every angles, eotteokke! By the way, I really found his response to the "Rain Kyung Suk" very funny, he wondered why the guys copied him walking in the rain which he had to because he don't have an umbrella.
  9. Annyeong @ohoheli dongseng, just saw your message. Mi an dongseng.....I don't watch live for quite some time now due to lags. How today's episode? Great?
  10. Annyeong everyone Just finished Ep9-10 and the drama is getting more exciting now. Poor Woojin, he can't help but slowly falling in love with Seori. Aigoo Chan too. Chan is so adorable but too bad he is having feelings for Seori which he will get hurt. Rian is funny when she's jealous of Seori. Waiting for the moment that Woojin realized who is Seori. And waiting for the moment when Hyungtae finally meet Seori again. Looking forward to Ep11-12 tonight. Gomawo @Yongzura for the clips above.
  11. Hi @jongski chingu, thanks for tagging me. I like Shin Ha Kyung, he's an awesome actor.
  12. Hi @stuartjmz your idea is very interesting. Its possible too in 13 years, Seori might not recognizer her aunt. Can't wait to watch more of Thirty but Seventeen.
  13. Annyeong everyone Just finished Episode 5-6 and I'm beginning to like this drama very much. I found this season fave Korean Drama in Thirty but Seventeen . It's great to know Shin Hye Sun has became a main lead twice now - My Golden Life and Thirty but Seventeen. I first saw her in School 2013 but only noticed her in She Was Pretty. It's good to know her acting is acknowledged. Will see if she becomes my fave actress after this drama. At the moment, I really enjoy watching this drama. I'm very excited to see when Gong Woojin would finally know that Woo Seori is his crush, Noh Soomi. And I think the nephew, Yoochan, will gradually fall for Seori. Also waiting to see when Kim Hyung Tae finally found Woo Seori. I wonder if Seori would remember him, most probably she will since he has confessed to her before in school. But as for Woojin, I don't think Seori would remember him since there was no seen interactions between them except for the accident day in the bus. Looking forward to Ep7-8 tonight. I would like to invite my chingus here @moodypie @rain719
  14. Annyeong everyone, I like this new drama very much due to the story and also the main leads. I like Im Soo Hyang from The Rose of Sharon has Bloomed. This is the first time I see Cha Eun Woo in a drama but I know him as a member of ASTRO. He is a very very very handsome young man. Looking forward to his acting. So far he has done a good job in Ep1 and 2. Hi @Sejabini Yup Park Min Young is not a natural beauty, I got a shock to see her "Before and After" but that don't stop me from liking her. I have always like her acting since Sungkungkwan Scandal. I especially like her acting in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim. Anyway there are a number of actresses and even actors who have done plastic surgery. I don't mind at all as long their acting are great.
  15. hi @dramaninja I have started Ep1 of Witch's Love and I enjoyed it very much. Hope to see you at the thread then.
  16. Annyeong everybody I just marathon all 4 episodes of Thirty But Seventeen and I love the story so far. I really pity Woo Seori, after being in a coma for 13 years, finally she woke up at the age of 30 yrs. She felt cheated of the years that she has lost from 18 years onward. Most of all, I pity her for being alone. At this moment, Gong Woojin irritated me because of his aloofness and coldness towards people but I can't blame him as he felt guilty for the death of Seori. He thought she has died but instead its her best friend. He mistaken her name as Soomi because she wore her best friend's uniform. Seori would be devastated to find out gradually that Soomi has died on the day of the tragic accident. Now I'm looking forward to the moment that Woojin realised the stray ahjumma staying at his house is indeed his first love. And Ahn Hyo Seop as Chan, oh my goodness, I can't recognize Ahn Hyo Seop cause he has lost so much weight and gained muscle. Luckily I recognize his name, if not, I really don't know its him at all.
  17. Annyeong @0ly40 thank you for this thread. There are so few of us here currently, I hope more people will join us here soon. Hello @dotonly @feelbora @V I just finished Ep1 raw and I enjoyed it. I always like fantasy stories so Witch's Love suits me as its witches.
  18. Annyeong everyone Thanks to my chingu for the shout-outs @Kasmic @nonski Thanks dear @jeonghyang dongseng for the animated gifs. I did not managed to watch live yesterday as the line was very bad like most of you said. I just read all the posts and watched all the video cuts. Tonight is the finale.....a wedding is happening. Wondering whether the ending will show happily ever after for YJ and MS with kids. I would like to see happy ending for the other 2 couples as well.....
  19. Hi @bedifferent yup I'm also suspicious of Chief Kim. The way he smirked when he shot KHS. Maybe he's the Seoul Caller, anyway looking forward to next week's episodes. Yup I pitied KMHS too till he stabbed TJ. For someone who helped him, he still want to stab him, this means KHS is beyond help, he is a killer. The only person he loves is his younger brother, KMS. So that's how KMS killing habit came from.....painting fingernails and toenails, then makeup. hi @triplem chingu, I too have the same feelings as you. I would prefer TJ to stay in 1988 and become a couple with NY. I also love to see the bromance between the Captain and TJ. The Captain made me laughed countless times when watching this drama. I hope to have a good ending to this drama......
  20. Annyeong @triplem thank you for the recaps. You Jjang No waiting for the raw since i have missed live.
  21. Annyeong everyone Hi @Ahpheng chingu, I love your comic strips. Once I see it, I'm so glad you are here too. Hello @bebebisous33 chingu, yeah you have joined this thread that means I'm going to enjoy reading your comments. I love to read all comments posted by everyone but I'm a bit lazy to post because whatever I'm thinking or planning to share, are all shared by you all. Hi @rubie just want to say thank you for all the clips you shared here.
  22. Annyeong everyone Ooohhh I like Mr Sunshine mostly because of Lee Byung Hun's mesmerizing charismatic acting. Although I like Mr Sunshine so far, but there's one thing I noticed...the pace is so slow. It reminded me of Taiwan dramas long ago...that one moment can drag o n for few minutes before the next action starts. I do agree with some of our chingus here, the cinematography is ddaebak! The view is so lovely that I can't help but admire. By the time the long lost fiance turned up with the bouquet, Ae Shin has already fallen for Eugene. Curious to see how the plot going to unfold..............
  23. Annyeong everyone I'm watching the latest episode of Your House Helper and it makes me wish there's such helper at my area. I need one desperately too . I'm liking this drama more and more, I enjoy all Dayoung's 3 friends' stories as well. But most of all I fall for Lee Ji Hoon as Kwon Jin Kook. He's so adorable when he's around Sangah. I noticed Go Won Hee since Strongest Deliveryman. I hope one day soon she will be a main lead, her acting is great. This is my 1st time with Bona and I never noticed her at all in her group, Cosmic Girls. I like Jeon Soo-Jin as Kang Hye-Joo too. I suspected correctly, her live-in man friend is a gay. I'm interested in Seo Eun Ah as Han So Mi's story too. Can't wait for next episodes.
  24. Annyeong @kaoriharang chingu, thanks for tagging me to the hot video. Before this I was thinking Park Seo Joon most controversy kiss was with Uhm Jung Hwa in A Witch's Love. And in Fight For My Way, he had lots of kisses too with Kim Ji Won, so I was thinking his kisses with Park Min Young somehow were tame. But with the kiss from the wall to the bed in Ep13, that was hot. The kisses looked so real. Kudos to both Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young to make the scene so real. Hi @vangsweetie637 chingu!!! You are a fan here too. How are you dear?
  25. hahahahahaha thanks @jeonghyang dongseng for the gifs. Your screen is burning and I'm sweating over here. Later need to take a quick shower.
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