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  1. Hi everyone


    Wow its been a long time since the last time I watched a Taiwanese Drama. This drama is excitingly hot even though originally I dislike cheating partners.


    I love the chemistry between Jasper and Puff, its so hot that you just put a match in between them, they will caught fire. :D


    Is this drama the 2nd drama for both Jasper and Puff as leads? I know they have another drama called Pleasantly Surprise / Love Myself or You, together before.


    I saw @Ahpheng is here :).

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  2. Annyeong everyone :)


    OMG Lee Jong Suk is melting my heart whenever I see him as Eunwoo showing his jealousy and adoration at Dani. Recently I have been missing in action from Soompi but now I'm back because of Romance is a Bonus Book/Romance is a Supplement, Touch Your Heart and The Light In Your Eyes.


    Yeokssi Lee Jong Suk's acting never disappoint me. I like this drama lots due to him. It's my first time watching Lee Na Young in a drama. The only time I watched her acting before was in a movie with Cha Tae Hyun. The movie's title "Please Teach Me English". Have to admit Lee Na Young is a great actress.


    Inviting my chingu if they are not here yet ~~~  @bebebisous33 @Ahpheng @Mau_Cherry @Kasmic @Hana Budiman @onnififi @plappi @Sarang21 @evie7 @moodypie @nonski @maplekist 

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  3. Hi everyone


    It's been a while since I'm active in posting at Soompi. Usually I just lurked around :rolleyes:. This season I found 2 fave dramas and they are Touch Your Heart and Romance is a Bonus Book. Watching the main leads, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, as main couple in this drama, made me aware why so many fans wanted to see them as the main couple after Goblin. Their chemistry is great.


    Just checking if  my gang is here or not ~~~  @bebebisous33 @Ahpheng @Mau_Cherry @Kasmic @Hana Budiman @onnififi @plappi @Sarang21 @evie7 @moodypie @nonski @maplekist 


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  4. Annyeong everyone :)


    Ep5 and 6 captured my interest now. I want to watch this drama due to Han Jimin and Nam Joo Hyuk. The first few episodes were slow and bit boring for me but now I like the drama so will be watching till the end.


    I have to say this drama really gave me another view of Nam Joo Hyuk's acting. He's getting better and better. Han Jimin is always gorgeous. Love her since Rooftop Prince.


    I wonder any of my chingu deul are here or not ~~~ @bebebisous33 @Ahpheng @Mau_Cherry @Kasmic @Hana Budiman @onnififi @plappi @Sarang21 @evie7 @moodypie @nonski @maplekist unable to tag all, mian chingu

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  5. Annyeong @Sarang21 chingu for tagging me. I have not been active recently in Soompi. Your tagging brought me back today.


    Soompi is the only Forum that I frequently visit and my most favorite place for discussing dramas, Kpop and other topics as well. Soompi brought me many international friends that I adore. Many of you I have known for more than 5 years or even more now.


    As for food, let me dig through my collections to be shared here. Oh? Only 2 pics?


    Noodle soup with beef assorted

    Image result for sabah's good food


    Tuaran Mee

    Image result for sabah's good food


    Buttermilk Prawns

    Image result for sabah's good food


    There are more food but I have forgotten how to put under hidden. Any chingu, please refresh my memory. Gomawo in advance :D


    Calling  @mslee @dimples21 @suchadiva42 @nonski @moodypie @rain719 @Mau_Cherry @ohoheli @ellelyana88


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  6. 8 minutes ago, Crystal Kim said:

    My friend said she wouldn’t be surprised if sunny ends up being pregnant.

    Hi @Crystal Kim Wow your friend is observant about that. We can't forget that Lee Hyuk and Sunny did consummate their wedding night. Was it their wedding night? Who knows she get might pregnant later, right? Wow....that's very interesting.

    7 minutes ago, Matilda_Anne said:

    *sobs omg what did i miss?!! my sister went into labour last night and we had to fly out suddenly coz she lives in diff city..


    will catch up today after all the craziness..

    Hi @Matilda_Anne how's your sister doing? Baby is safe and healthy? Boy or girl? Congratulations :)

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  7. Annyeong everyone


    I'm new to this thread, just started this drama 2 days ago and got hooked. I'm now on the latest episode which is E19-E20.


    Main reason why I watch this drama is because of Shin Ha Kyun. This amazing actor intrigues me since Brain, the 1st drama which I saw him acted in. This is the first time I watch Lee Seol in a drama. So I still don't have any opinions on her. Hopefully by end of this drama, I might become a fan.


    Hi @mrsj3n @sushilicious I just want to say Hi so that this thread won't be so quiet :D

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  8. On 1/5/2019 at 4:00 AM, knuts said:

    why why why :crazy:.......was WB so careless, which has made Min Yu Ra find out that he is Wang Shik ...whae whae whae..!?!?!?....:crazy: 

    Hi @knuts :D same feeling here...I was thinking why is he so dumb! Don't he know that Yura is so cunning and sly. I wonder the next episode will reveal actually Yura didn't hear his cries. And maybe she only think that he's frustrated not finding the body to inform Lee Hyuk about it.


    I have always enjoy Shin Sung Rok's acting. He's a great actor. From most of the dramas he was in, there was only one drama which he played the good guy. In that drama, I found out how attractive and good looking he can be. His smiles are infectious and charming. Mi an chingu deul, I forget which drama. Let me check it now......................errr I can't remember which drama. Was it One Mum and Three Dads?


    Anyway.....I wanna say that even though Choi Jin Hyuk is supposed to be the male main lead, it seems that Shin Sung Rok's screen-time seems to be more. By looking at the drama's main poster, both male leads are standing at the same row indicating they are both main male leads....maybe.....


    Whereby we can see that Jang Nara is the main lead.



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  9. Annyeong everyone


    I have been lurking in this thread since this drama started and only occasionally I will join in the spazzing.


    Hi @kaoriharang chingu, Welcome! and long time no chat with you in threads.


    Anyway I just want to share my thoughts. Since Crown Prince Lee Yoon and Oh Hello are in love, they will be a couple after the kisses. Then I don't think Emperor Lee HyuK and Empress Sunny will get back together. From experience of watching too many Korean dramas, its usually a taboo for the Koreans if 2 sisters married to the same family. If Lee Yoon and Hello are confirmed a couple then there's no hope for Lee Hyuk and Sunny to reunite. I do ship the OTP in this drama which are Sunny and Woo Bin aka Wang Shik but somehow I can't help liking Lee Hyuk with Sunny. Yup I know.....Lee Hyuk is very cruel towards Sunny.....I'm just saying :P

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  10. 6 hours ago, packmule3 said:

    I didn't know you were here, too. How's it going in your neck of the woods?

    Hi @packmule3 chingu :D I somehow like this drama, that's why sometimes I sneaked in here to read everyone's posts.

    But lately I have been busy with Hallmark Christmas Movies, so I put "On Hold" on all the Korean dramas that I am watching currently. Now I'm back to Korean Dramas again. How are you?

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  11. Annyeong everyone


    Wow! @jeonghyang dongseng you are here! So happy to see you and your animated gifs. Gomawo dongseng!


    So the OTP couple is female main lead and male 2nd lead. Right? I seldom watch a drama which the OTP is not the main couple. This is new to me but I like Kim Geum too. Although the main reason I watch this drama because of Moon Chae Won and Yoon Hyun Min but I grew to like Seo Ji Hoon too. I hope Professor Jeong Yi Hyun will have a happy ending too even though he was the cause of the woodcutter's death.

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  12. 18 hours ago, chubby^green^ said:

    i find him too adorable in go back couple and kinda not ship them two in the story but was hoping that they could do a drama together as a couple

    Yup me too. That's how I discovered and like Jang Ki Young from Go Back Couple. I still can't forget the way he stared at Nara's character in the drama. Looking forward to see both Jang Ki Young and Jang Nara as the main couple soon. OMG I just realized now that both of them are "Jang". So funny that I never realized it before.


    21 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    here's another poll: "who put yura in jail?"

    option A: penguin's mother --- she doesn't need an excuse; she will cook up something if there wasn't one...

    option B: the sister bird -- she is mad she lost her CEO position and is cawing like a crow

    option C: grandmother -- she is sad her hairpin didn't kill her and decides to cool her in a cell

    option D: sunny! -- the fangs have arrived.

    Annyeong chingu deul :) hi @Lmangla chingu, I will choose Option D :D

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  13. Annyeong everyone :)


    I must post something in this thread because I love Top Star Yoo Baek. I'm enjoying Kim Ji Suk and Jeon So Min's acting. I laughed at every episodes I watched. Great drama! It's good for stress reliever.


    I wonder if there's any of my chingus are in here or not  @nonski @Ahpheng @evie7 @maplekist @plappi @Sarang21 @onnififi @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 @moodypie

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  14. Annyeong everyone   I'm enjoying Cleaning With Passion For Now very much. Watch this drama mainly for Kim Yoo Jung and wow, she has turned into a gorgeous girl. I have been a fan since she was a little girl in The Gumiho's Revenge.


    I have a new fave actor from this drama and he is Kim Min Kyu as Lee Young Shik / Ph Dol's Taekwondo sunbae.



    I'm starting to like this actor because of his acting and cuteness :wub:. First discovered him in Gyergyong Fairy Tale/Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter as  Park Shin Sun. This means he must be very busy filming both dramas at the same time as Mama Fairy is showing now too.



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  15. 1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

    option 3: sunny may be ditzy because of her fan girling but when she's not fan girling, she does have some brain cells. so she will find out the owner of the chain and locket is rocky bear and he used to be chubby bear... full-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862505

    Hi @Lmangla chingu, I choose Option 3 because I like to think Oh Sunny is the one who recognize him first and by that time, Rocky Bear is in love with her.

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