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  1. Annyeong everyone I'm enjoying Cleaning With Passion For Now very much. Watch this drama mainly for Kim Yoo Jung and wow, she has turned into a gorgeous girl. I have been a fan since she was a little girl in The Gumiho's Revenge. I have a new fave actor from this drama and he is Kim Min Kyu as Lee Young Shik / Ph Dol's Taekwondo sunbae. I'm starting to like this actor because of his acting and cuteness . First discovered him in Gyergyong Fairy Tale/Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter as Park Shin Sun. This means he must be very busy filming both dramas at the same time as Mama Fairy is showing now too. 
  2. Annyeong everyone I have a new fave actor from this drama and he is Kim Min Kyu as Park Shin Sun. I have just started with Cleaning With Passion For Now and he's there too. Much cuter with short hair
  3. Hi @Lmangla chingu, I choose Option 3 because I like to think Oh Sunny is the one who recognize him first and by that time, Rocky Bear is in love with her.
  4. hahahahahahaha @Dramanoona Thanks for making me laugh. I too wanna shout PARK IL DOOOOOOOO. Hwapyung, Mateo Choi Yun and Gilyoung will cross over to fight the Crown Prince's evil Father-in-law and also his evil Step-Mum, the Queen.
  5. Hi @sushilicious I smiled at this question of yours especially the words in smaller print. I need to use a magnifying glass to read!!! Yup I too want to see if HP has any power or not.....so far his only power is to be able to see the possessed gonna kill a person. hahahahahaha i know what you mean...in fact The Guest reminded me that not all churches are good. Cult churches instead of having angels, they have devils. KJW makes a handsome and sexy priest. chingu, your ending is so sad....I would cry buckets if that really happens. Hello everyone, I enjoy myself coming in here almost everyday to read everyone's comments. Waiting for next week which is the finale week. Annyeong!
  6. Annyeong @0ly40 thank you for this thread I'm a big fan of Yoon Eun Hye since Goong days and never missed any of her dramas at all. So I'm very happy that finally she is coming back to dramaland. Will be waiting for 31 Oct to watch the 1st episode.
  7. Thank you @0ly40 for this thread. I used to be a fan of SS501 and Kim Hyung Joon. I guess I'm still a fan since I'm looking forward to his comeback to dramaland. Will definitely park in here from today onwards. Would like to invite my chingu deul to this thread.........something is wrong, unable to continue tagging the rest of my chingu....... @bebebisous33 @julie721 @vangsweetie637 @dimples21 @stargazer187 @Mau_Cherry @moodypie
  8. I think the main reason why the drama can't be extended because D.O will be super busy due to EXO's comeback in Nov.
  9. hi @pad-hari yup I never know D.O. can kiss well. He must have experience before I wonder how EXO-L feel after the kisses done so far by D.O. in this drama. Hope they will understand it's only acting. I'm an EXO-L too and I support every members who want to act and have kissing scenes. That's how they can be the main lead.
  10. Hi @aoikarin I can't help smiling when I read this part. Yup he is indeed a very handsome priest. I have never seen such handsome and attractive priest yet in person hahahahahahaha I enjoy reading your write-up on Hwapyung, Mateo (Choiyoon), Father Yang and Detective Kang. I think the part which the possessed partner drank water and the scene switched to HP drinking is a plot to distract us. it's to make us think that PID is indeed in HP but I don't think so. HP didn't drink the water all in one go as if deprived from water unlike the rest of the possessed. What do you think? @bebebisous33 I believe the Trio Hero will defeat PID in the end but I'm not sure if its a happy ending or not. If it is a happy ending then its a great bonus for all of us I agree that for some of you who like to watch hardcore horror movies won't find The Guest that scary. I find The Guest scary because of the story, I'm too engrossed in the story that goosebumps appeared. In the actual real world, I have to confess that twice I have seen "ghosts" and they were not that scary as they didn't try to scare me. Maybe if the lady ghost did show me her face, I might be horrified! Its by accident that I saw them, normally I'm quite immune to strange sounds and the unseen.
  11. Annyeong @uglypearl I'm sorry to know that you had nightmare after watching the horror scenes. In fact, I too worry I will get nightmare too but so far its good.....no nightmare! Certain scenes in The Guest really gave me the creeps that I need to peek through my fingers, sometimes a piece of transparent cloth . Episode 12 gave me the creeps as there's the ugly Park Il Do and the old Shaman also very creepy looking, in fact she looked more a ghost instead of a human. I salute the actress for playing that part so well that she looked so ugly and creepy. Annyeong @bebebisous33 chingu, what's your take on Ep12? I think I have not seen your insight about it yet or did I miss it?
  12. Annyeong @bebebisous33 happy to see you in this thread too. It seems that we both have similar tastes in the same dramas. I think I have seen you in almost all the drama threads I'm watching. Yup I think the same as you that Hari would be fine as he's the main character. I bet Chief Maeng will reach in time when Hari was getting injured from fighting with so many villains. I'm waiting for Jang In Kyu to find out that Hari is Choi Hyun Ki's younger brother whom he has been searching before.
  13. Hi @stargazer187 that's how I feel too when I tried to watch few episodes of the Japanese version. I prefer Korean version much more. And I love SIG's acting. I believe this Korean version will be different from the Japanese one even though the core story is the same. Looking forward to new episodes this week.
  14. Hi @stargazer187 yup I wonder too. If its the Japanese version, then yes. Korean version, not sure but maybe too since MY is a very complicated person and not a committed person especially in feelings until he met JK. But I would like to think that MY did not sleep with SA, if yes, then he's really a bad person because he's pursuing SA's best friend now.
  15. Annyeong everyone Hi @stargazer187 so the Japan version had a sad ending. I wonder if it applies to the Korean version. Anyway I think so too but I'm too involved in this drama so I will continue to the end even though it does not have a happy ending. Hi @AlexandraReid This is the first time I see Seo Eun Soo's acting. I got nothing against her. Maybe she's like that because her character is supposed to act like that. Poor her if she gets lots of criticism. Yup I remember MY did mentioned that to JK that SA didn't apologized for her mum's slap and scorn towards JK. Hi @redmists Yup I agree...JK is always the giver while SA is the taker and never really appreciate JK's friendship. I think for the next coming episodes, their years long friendship will be broken because of MY. MY even confessed to SA that he likes JK. Hi @diamondzr4eva Yup I took note of that too. It seems that MY listens very well to JK's order. Now I'm looking forward to how JK slowly falls for MY.
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