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  1. Yes very true , its just unfortunate that SJKs statements /press release somehow implies that he is the one who's hurt , the victim and wanted to let go as soon as possible which gives room for netizens /haters to blame SHK for everything. If this article in Koreaboo is true and accurate, i didnt expect SJK would go to this level of giving a warning and threatens SHK . SHK was not even informed that he will file on that day and to be reported by media , it must have been a big surprise to SHK coming from a photoshoot from Thailand greeted on her arrival in Korea with such hearbreaking news ! https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-joong-ki-reportedly-filed-divorce-without-telling-song-hye-kyo/
  2. Yes its a super BIG BIG mistake marrying a man whom you thought will stand by you forever , making fairy tale like promises on his wedding announcement and now grrrhhh.... , guys have you ever recall or witnessed that SHK did circulate lies or rumors for her own benefit and to put down other people???? Look who's making buzz that would make himself as the aggrieved party , i thought he wants his private life "private". Just hope his strategy for projecting himself as the victim will have a boomerang effect ! My heart aches for SHK being attacked by nasty netizens based on SJKs press releases and it hurts more the way he treated her, imagine giving her a warning and threaten to expose everything ???? With his statement SHK really is on the disadvantage side , if she keeps quite people would think she is the guilty party and if she speaks up which is unlikely of her , the more messy this divorce will become and they will just end up pulling down each other . SHK needs to be strong and hope she will be supported by wise people that knows how to protect her!
  3. Hi ! Is Koreaboo a reliable source ? based on the article as it was base on Channel A and if this is indeed true . OMG , there's one statement that's so unfair to SHK , SJK is saving himself and its implications makes room for more attacks on SHK and duh it serves as a warning to SHK according to SJK source????? what do you think with this? Just imagine SHK arrives in Korea from Thailand greeted by this heartbreaking news ? to add more insult to injury , media is digging more news about them and unfortunately , as SJK released news on his side , the more SHK is put in a bad light . I really hope UAA can protect SHK with this media play .
  4. My heart still aches for SHK , cant get over yet with the shocking news yesterday , though i somehow feel something is wrong with her marriage when the rumors started early this year and when she signs up for the chinese agency . Yes its very true that it is very unfair on her side knowing how some brands she is endorsing unfollow her IG and thinking over her replacement/changes for their ads , hope they will treat her fairly. Its too unfortunate that most of the blame is thrown to her , SJK could have issued more of "joint statement " about it or at least could have worded it differently as to protect both sides but his statement is more of himself side only that leaves room for rumors and speculations that puts all the blame on SHK as if he cant wait to get out of it as soon as possible. Hope SHK is doing fine and pls move on asap , you are still loved by your fans and loyal friends.
  5. So sad and heartbroken just like everyone here with the shocking news today , oh how i wish they were able to hang on and work things out ! Why o why there's no forever for this beautiful couple that all we have wish for is that they will live happily ever after ???? Just hope the proceedings wont be that damaging to both parties and they can handle it well and amicably. Its just so unfortunate that there are a lot of speculations and nasty rumors about the reason for their divorce .
  6. In times like this , i really need to go back to this thread to express how sad i am with the breaking news of SHK divorce today. Its so unfortunate that this thing is happening , i cant imagine that this is the outcome of that fairy tale like wedding . I am so happy then that finally SHK was able to find her Mr Right as what she said that time . From then on i am looking forward for her to build her own family but the very opposite happens with this shocking news. With all nasty rumors thrown at SHK , really hope she is fine and supported by her mom and friends. I'm in tears too reading an article that she cried when she talk about her marriage and that she lost weight . My prayers goes out for her that she will be able to endure this stage in her life and she can move on happily !
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