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  1. Infact actresses who have worked with him praised him for his gentlemanly manners. Also the reason why they like him so much because he is respectful to them (ladies). I think this respectful mannerism could also be a way of drawing the line between him and the female co-stars when not filming. His way of don't come too close for comfort. Not all actors are like this respectful of female co-stars. Can his new thriller drama have this hairstyle? Yup it doesn't look that bad now compared to initially. I'm not surprised if her heart was pounding so loudly that it was almost going to drop out! Lol. But I think he also did this (asking the crew to leave) partly for Elva as he knows she is also shy. That bed scene was sensual though.
  2. Looks like the video clip I saw earlier. So it is ep 5 where YBW will make a scene outside while the father, stepmother & small bro in the room. my heart goes to YBW. So in total, is 3 boys + 1 girl. Yes, he's probably the biggest kid and probably messing up the kitchen too with cracked egg that goes on the floor (hahaha)! I recalled when an interview was done with Daegil (chinese subtitle), he was asked if he had any 缺点 (bad habit or bad points) and he said ask his wife.
  3. And probably telling the children "you must not make mummy angry" no doubt he is a superstar but any superstar is also a normal person like you and me, I bet he is the soft approach kind of father. Not like some typical fathers who just need to stare and the children gets scared. I'm beginning to like his westwood photos that @Prettysupposted. Initially couldn't stand it but as time goes on, it is fine to the eyes too. I've wanted to see him act as a flirt prince or flirt emperor but a very smart and skillful in martial arts. I guess there is no such combination. If one is smart and skillful in martial arts usually is a good straight person, not a playboy. Or I don't mind a playboy role as his role in Robbers - I didn't like it very much. I want him to play a rich playboy not a poor playboy. Hahaha!
  4. I saw a clip. Not sure is it ep 5. But in the room the father is seated, assume he is the king now. Stepmother and YBW little bro in the room. Little boy is seated facing the father (studying) and YBW made a scene outside and father had to come out to talk to him. I guess this is where the battle with father starts? Ep 5? In the clip, seems like stepmother is not nice to YBW. It's all in korean so I have no idea what's going on.
  5. Which do you like? Which do you dislike? I like the most bottom right picture and also like the left slightly long hair, beside the plait hairstyle. I dislike the Iris, FTLY and VOICE hair. Lol. But I like his hair in period drama esp YBW untidy half tied hair. @azureblue7That's a nice pic. Yes, he's so fatherly and his gaze so tender. And they're not even his kids. My heart is melting just thinking how he would gaze at his kids....remember he said he cut down filming time so that he can spend time with his kids, watch them with attention. And my weak heart melts even more thinking how he would gaze at his wife. His wedding WORD - looking at each other with caring and warm hearted eyes forever. I MELT. hahaha... Let's make a guess. What kind of a papa do you think he would be in this 2 scenario. If wife is angry with the children, do you think papa Hyuk will try to pacify his wife not get angry or do you think he will shield the kids, take them away to the room and let his wife cool down by herself...?? But I'm pretty sure he isn't the disciplinary master at home, maybe he got "disciplined" together with the kids. As what KJK said "a married man is one who gets fried by his wife"....and CTH said "a bachelor who gets yelled at is a married man".....these guys are just fun with their jokes.
  6. Arghh! So handsome! But I was hoping it is the BTS for the moonlight night. I am curious how many NGs it would be and bet he's going to laugh alot in those NGs. He looks like having fun. Pil Joo little bro has grown quite abit and lose some baby fats. He looked cuter as Pil Joo bro. Boo Choon son also looked cute.
  7. I rather he don't wear the cap. I'm quite liking his Westwood hairstyle now. Oh, so looking forward to seeing YBW tomorrow. Is it Fri and Sat or Sat and Sun? I hope the story continues from ep 4 and not jump to something in ep 5 and we have to be the director (ourselves) to figure out what took place. Coming back to the moonlight night thingy, I wonder how many NGs took place. Knowing how embarrassed JH is (although he is a married man).
  8. In healing camp he also said the same thing about wanting to have a family. @AquariusMYwe do not know why his parents think such way but it's not unexpected. Haha, he is healthy, so is she. Lol. Exactly what I said in my previous post about subtitles. The translation might have changed his original word meaning.
  9. yes yes I am drooling...the sleeve...the elbow....the arm. Know what, I am also liking YBW half tied up hair. At the end of ep 3, stepmother said she will not raise her sons like him and he asked if they could start on the journey and she said sure. So we know they left together. Hahaha, @Biology Lessonyour imagination is if his moonlight night is true which I don't think so, it must have been quite a MOONLIGHT NIGHT looking at his hair. He is a good seducer yo. Lol...another good imagination @Prettysupmaybe the boy got IBS. You know, when you are scared or excited, you really need to poo. Coming back to ep 4, stepmother gave girl the knife. At least show the attackers trying to capture the boy so she got no choice but to take out the knife. Add some tension. It's like so easy she took out the knife want to kill the boy. No tension at all. HAIZ and I think we can go on and on ranting.
  10. My question - why is YBW not with them when he is supposed to escort them. And what about the other man with YBW (whose hair is still neat). Even if YBW stepped out for awhile to lure the attackers away (I am assuming there are many attackers), YBW would surely know better than to leave the women/children to fend for themselves. So the question is, where is the other man? I like very much YBW scene - the one he asked the lady how about sharing a moonlight night together this man is very sexy when he said that, his eyes is so tempting. I would immediately say YES you know.
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