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  1. I was so devastated upon hearing that he was accused of ....... , his bestfriend Ji suk (?) openly said that Jin Wook is really a sweet guy, in fact ive seen them together in a show where LEe dong wook was the host and some guests were thinking that one of them was gay or something co'z Ji suk explained how they travelled together and how Jin wook really cares. That lady must have misunderstood his actions, hopefully it has settled already so he could come back to the big screen and the modelling now. Is there new news of him since 2017? Is that pics of him carrying a baby his latest?

  2. wow lots of pics of our favorite actor, loving his healthier look now that he looks sooo much younger. Is that tv show 3 Meals a day can be seen on  Youtube, i would love to watch it, i've actually seen his appearance on that show with Lee Hyori, host of Happy together, etc.(forgot the name of that tv show) and he was so funny co'z he was so meticulous of what cookware to use . I want him to appear shows like that. True TVN is his lucky charm, everytime he's with them his dramas turned out a hit!

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