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  1. As CTH fans i hope he never back to KBS after what they did to him and KJH but i know CTH-shi very good person so he maybe already forgive whoever behind that ridiculous news (it suppose to be private group chat that no related to JJY cases). Even more than 90% comment from K-nets support them but still there very few not good comment about them (even in this forum surprisingly). And i think it will take longtime for him to back to variety show (not bc he not invited but bc kind of trauma as we know our appa had panic disorder), maybe when the movie/drama airing (means next year) but i hope it not take that long. If CTH didn't join 1n2d i'm pretty sure most of others member also won't joining, and same as you, i also lost my interest to watch S4.
  2. For everyone who think there’s member leave, read comment on ilyoung pd ig, when someone asked no one going to leave right? Yap his answer(sorry i cant insert picture right now, just look his ig). And bc ilyoung pd leave the show, im sure no member will leave soon, they will help sung pd.
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