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  1. What an amazing episode!! Today's episode hit 17.9%. It's highest yet and the highest rating OF THE YEAR among non-cable dramas!! The drama Return got 17.4%. What a great way to end the year. What was the rating promises that the cast gave? I forgot!
  2. Hi guys! New to the thread. I'm so addicted to this drama despite that it's a total makjang - But it's so ridiculously AMAZING. I can't get enough of it. About the OTP romance: we all know Wangsik x Sunny are endgame. They're the OTP, whether the Emperor ends up falling for Sunny is up in the air but WangSun are undeniably OTP. They have beautiful chemistry (CJH & JNR) but their romance has yet to sail. Hardly any moments, I know. To those waiting, I say be patient. I think the end of Episode 9 is a pivotal moment for our OTP. Sunny will know that Woobin/Wangsik isn't bad afterall. Now hopefully, they'll work together and we'll finally see their budding romance. Ironically, the slow burn romance is the most realistic thing about the drama. We still have 15 more episodes! More than enough time to build up their love story. Honestly though, there NEEDS to be more Choi Jinhyuk. He barely gets 8-10 mins in an episode.
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